Lisa Vanderpump Says Friendship With Kyle Richards Changed After Mauricio Sold Their Home!

Lisa Vanderpump

Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has featured the tumultuous friendship between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. When the subject was brought up at the Reunion, Lisa revealed she felt like Kyle constantly defended Adrienne throughout the Season and not her. Lisa points out that Kyle was never close with Adrienne before, and suddenly Kyle was “cozying up to Adrienne.” Kyle insists that was an “illusion,” and that she has never been close with Adrienne. Lisa says she believes Kyle’s friendship with Adrienne was based around a “business decision,” because they [Kyle and Mauricio] “wanted the listing on Adrienne’s house.”

Kyle says that has never stopped her from being honest with Lisa or Camille, and Lisa points out that Mauricio had already sold her home before the Season 2 Reunion. Kyle says, “I don’t give a sh*t about that!” And gets very upset by Lisa’s accusations. She says she has been trying for a long time to mend things with Lisa, and that is an attack on her character.

Andy asks Lisa if she feels like her relationship with Kyle and Mauricio changed after he sold their house. Lisa answered, “Oh yes, very much so, and so does Ken.” Kyle asks Lisa if she feels like Kyle has been trying to mend things after everything that happens and Lisa says, “No, when? I never hear from you!” Kyle insists, “Lisa, that is not true!” Kyle goes on to say that Lisa so badly wants people to think she’s this person she’s not and maybe if Kyle looks worse Lisa looks better.

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  • Lola

    I knew there had to be something more to the story of why they didn’t get along.

    Lisa is smart and she needs to pivot next season. Brandi and Yolanda are coming across as her goons. They have come across as fan favorite foils for the whole season but they didn’t come across as well in a less scripted reunion setting.

    And the lighting the used for a Lisa at the reunion – she looked terrible. Her face looked plump and weary.

    She needs to decide which one (Yolanda or Brandi) is disposable. Dump them and team up with one of the new housewives and remain passive aggressive with the other housewives she doesn’t like. This way she can remain a fan favorite and still assert her dominance.

  • Another RHO_ Fan

    Yes, Kyle…that is an attack on your character…because your character is in question… and under heavy scrutiny…you are not the high moral fiber individual you try to portray to the viewers. Those that deserve… get.

  • RHOBH wannabe

    I haven’t watched the reunion, but I am glad to hear that Lisa is calling out Kyle for her phoniness. Kyle worshipped the ground Adrienne walked on because Adrienne is rich. She claims that Mauricio’s business does not dictate her “friendships”. However, I recalled that he told her to fix her relationship with Camille because she was his client. I think the same holds truth with Kyle’s relationship to Adrienne.
    Lisa can do better without Kyle.