Lisa Vanderpump Says Dorit Kemsley Was Just Having Fun With Erika

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump says she wasn’t fully aware of how embarrassed Erika was over #pantygate and insists that Dorit was just having fun with the situation. Lisa also suggests that Erika let the situation go.

“Hello. As we reconvene for number four, I trust and hope you had a fulfilling Christmas, filled with love and laughter.

As most of you are now aware, the fight against the Yulin dog meat festival has been forefront in my mind for many, many months now.

As we first entered into the pet world creating Vanderpump Pets, we became slowly enlightened of the brutalities that transpired each year against dogs in China during the summer solstice. So in an effort to draw attention to it, we marched to the Chinese embassy, we sent placards around the world, the slogan Stop Yulin Forever was plastered over many t-shirts, a resolution was formed, as we managed to garner interest and support from a congressman and hopefully pass through congress a resolution that would draw attention globally and end this barbarity once and for all.

So this week we visited Spot Rescue. Initially we wanted to participate in their rescue center, and so we donated personally in their hour of need to help sustain the center. After much consideration we formed The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and have since taken premises of our own, which will open shortly.

Witnessing Ken immersing himself in the often desperate plight of our furry friends is so touching. He has been an indomitable support, leading the way as we endeavor to end brutality to man’s best friend globally.

So Knickergate rears its pretty little head once more. Dorit felt she wanted to address the situation personally with Erika, so she lightheartedly engages in conversation with Eileen and Lisa R, who playfully encourage her. I believe Eileen states that she “wanted to be there if she confronts Erika” and giggled over the prospect of a fascinating conversation…yes, that was the term. Well, so one can safely assume that there was no discouragement that ensued from any of the women. Kyle initiated the conversation during shopping with lighthearted banter between them, saying she wanted to witness the delivery of the “gift,” which was obviously provocative, but for the most part it was a humorous, and albeit ridiculous, situation that was about to transpire.

I don’t believe it was Dorit’s intention to chasten or remonstrate Erika but instead to playfully acknowledge the faux pas. In all honesty I was never fully aware of the depth of embarrassment that was obviously so palpable as I watched this. Even as I arrived, a little late to the game so to speak, I was jovial in my approach, jesting that Ken wanted to swap places with PK. There was much laughter in regard to snatch chat after it was brought to the forefront.

I believe that Erika should’ve brushed it off, but that is her prerogative to deal with Dorit how she wants. However, this evolves into a bigger problem, and in my humble opinion, an unecessary scenario, as Dorit navigates her way through the minefield of this complicated group.”

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This doesn’t sound like Lisa…ghost writer for her blogs, maybe? I know…I know, it’s hard to type when you’re holding the spoon and stirring the pot. LVP trouble making ways are very apparent this – boring – season.

So it was Eileen encouraging this confrontation, yet LVP is the one stirring the pot? Um, okay.

Oh, I forgot everything is Eileen’s fault. I think I remember LVP bringing it up twice – upon her arrival at Escape Room and lunch…I guess she’s never watched Frozen…”Let It Go…Let It Go”….

For LVP to utter the words ‘now we know what Mr Girardi has been munching on’ is vulgar and repulsive. Again NOT FUNNY. I expect that kind of language from Brandi or Kelly but not LVP . She’s really falling in a cesspool this season

Not only not funny, but classless!

Hello, my soul sister. I am again having difficulty remaining a fan of Lisa, one reason by implying anything to do with this was Kyle’s idea, because Kyle said, AFTER Dorit picked out the panties that she wanted to be there when the gift was handed over, which she wasn’t BTW. Now that part, where she wanted to be there was “lighthearted.” I very much dislike how Lisa tends to not only include Kyle in anything negative going on, but makes an innuendo that things somehow start with her “friend” Kyle, when really, it was Lisa herself that started the… Read more »

Rain, it started last season.

Everything isn’t Eileen’s fault. She is usually not interesting enough for anything to be her fault. But when she is seeking a reason to stay on the show, she goes in and stirs everything up, as she did here. That is the difference…LVP is actually interesting to have a storyline. If not for stirring the pot, Eileen’s storyline would be replacing dining room curtains again.

or dumping ashes off the balcony

try watching without LVP blinders…you might see a different angle…and if I may, interesting how Eileen isn’t interesting enough for anything, yet you’ve mentioned her twice…

She is mentioned because she starts messes. If not for that, she would not be mentioned at all. As for LVP, try making the show without her. It would have the ratings of RHOM.

I’ll have to re-watch – all I remember is her sitting there listening to LVP’s boring little side kick babble on and on…
This isn’t the LVP show…I don’t dislike her…I see her faults though.

I have to agree in part Christopher, without her the show wouldn’t be what it is today. Do I love everything she does,? No I don’t but I don’t get why she gets the blame for others. They are all grown women and any woman of their age that is easily led is pathetic. Eileen is like a wet weekend she is so boring, but that is my opinion and we are all entitled to like whoever we do like. I just happen to agree with you on Lisa. Xx

Good morning Suze! That’s just it…I’m not blaming LVP for anyTHING, I’m saying she’s stirring the pot – big difference in my mind! As I have always said they – we – are responsible for our own actions and words. I have to disagree in that some opinions are people who are manipulated as weak – there are people who are master manipulators and can manipulate without anyone even being aware, until it’s too late. These masters’ come in all shapes, sizes and ages. I’ve seen the most educated man I have ever known be manipulated and not even think… Read more »

I get what your saying. But, Eileen’s point was go ahead and bring this up and watch my good friend slap you down. LVP does stir the point, Christopher. She is manipulative and what others have said, she doesn’t want friends, just followers and worshipers.

It was playful and fun until Dorit COULDNT LET IT GO. Yeah, Eileen was all on board and honestly the gift could’ve, and almost was, cheeky and funny until Dorit brought in the fact that her husband couldnt stop staring at it.

Dorit is such a liar and a phony. She acts to her husband like it isn’t a big deal to her and then whines to the rest of the girls like it was the end of the world.

Oh is it eileen’s fault when dorit went around ALL the women talking about it and planning her attack, probably with lvp in her hears saying ‘oh give her a pair of panties next time it’ll be fun darling hahahahah’ ………. it’s obvious lvp is still playing chess

Kt lovely ❤❤❤❤ LVP needs to stop already worth the ‘this was just fun’ crap!! Baloney! ITS NOT FUNNY!!! She’s incredibly mean this season and now she has a new minion. She has zero desire to be friends with anyone. She wants subordinates not friends

Good morning, lovely!!! Exactly!!! I’ve been saying this for awhile…LVP wants humans to behave like dogs, that’s only going to happen with Dorit. Even Kyle is onto her!

She’s a very smart, charming and obviously does a lot of chartiable work but she does odd needless things like sticking her hand up someone’s dress!!! I’m still not over that.

Yes she is…and I appreciate her charitable work. Right…who does that???

And you can be sure Kyle will pay big time for any truthful comments made in talking head by those who believe Lisa to be the coming. I have a lot of respect for Lisa, and what she has done all these years with her time and her money. But this last couple of years she has gotten to where she refuses to admit any wrongdoing of any kind, even to those who have been loyal friends. I do not understand why some people see a sincere admission and apology as a weakness. I do forgive a lot in others,… Read more »

I happen to believe that Lisa is very jealous of all the ladies and can’t handle not being the housewife that everyone wants to be. She’d have to change a lot from who she’s become.

Besides that…Is it just me or is Lisa losing her Glam? She appears so still and stodgy now.

I loved that LVP knew she’d marry Ken when he was kind to a dog when they first started dating. I’d say that is a pretty good standard of judgment for people.

Yes, I agree. Anyone who loves animals and kids are tops in my book. Do you have any animals?

LVP is going to stop a tradition in China that goes back thousands of years, albeit a disgusting one, just because she says so. Wake me when that happens. I’m over her and those dogs. I love animals as much as her, but they are not accessories. They don’t need clothes. Put them on the friggin ground for the love of goodness. I haven’t liked LVP for a few years now. Snob! I wish she would leave this show and concentrate on her other endeavors. What she said was gross. I wouldn’t even say something like that to my husband,… Read more »

I agree with something 3Ds said here several times, which is that LVP and Kyle should’ve quit the show by now

I would be bummed if Kyle would quit. She really is a nice person. Doesn’t she look especially pretty this year. I love her hair cut. The outfit she had on when she got home and was talking to her assistant, was so gorgeous. LVP needs to go and I wish she would. SNOB

Yes Kyle is gorgeous. She’s a radiance about her now that Kim isn’t sucking the life out of her. She has the perfect life , husband , kids etc

I was just thinking that about Kyle’s blouse myself! That looked so pretty on her. I am so glad there is another Kyle fan here. I did want Lisa and Kyle to leave before the show got ugly. Rinna and Dorit ( almost can’t write it……….) make things ugly. What Lisa said was vulgar, I am really let down. I have heard her say risque` things many times, but that was truly vulgar and crude. She is stepping over the line of what is acceptable in polite society, and I am surprised and disappointed in her.

Exactly, at least join Peta on the fight, don’t create a lame charity and yeah no, lvp isn’t going anywhere in this fight. Wish there was something that could be done, but again peta was probably the ones who could have done something when they started fighting it 10 YEARS AGO and still are to this day! Get a grip LVP!

Yes, that would be very smart to align herself with Peta. I didn’t even think of that. Could you stand the scene where Kyle says something about not going to the gym or some such just as her dog Bambi comes up to her with the ball. It was a really cute scene. I love dogs; just not manipulative, snobby bitches….tee hee!!

Right on, girlfriend!!

It’s so obvious to me that all of this is being orchestrated by LVP, Dorit and possibly Kyle: 1. The mysterious phone call from Kyle about needing panties for the white party likr Kyle has no clue what to wear to a white party (hello seasons 1-6) 2. The completely inappropriate hand-up-skirt thing with Erika 3. Dorit’s inability to let it go (probably being hounded by LVP to continue to bring it up) 4. LVP’s insistence on Dorit not being able to let it go. Listen, im not sayin’, i’m just saying. But this is the THIRD time something has… Read more »
I so agree! LVP is behind this for sure. She jumped at the situation and was probably in dorit’s ears, telling her what to do and all. But Erika is no dummy, she knows who she’s dealing with. We all do at this point. LVP is a giant fake facade made of money, pink dresses and dogs to make herself look good and nice. Oh and in you list you forget that she tried to push her friend kyle under the bus too with the ‘I thought she was going to drag YOU into it’ to both lvp and rinna….… Read more »

OMG…you guys are good. Yup, she’s back to her ways. I also think LVP doesn’t like the fact that Erika has more money than her. Remember how last year when she first met Erika she said something to Ken along the lines of…”oh, they have a plane, not bad” or some such snobbery. Sorry, but I don’t do well with elitist.
Erika can read people. She knows LVP shots from the side.
Jay, you’re hysterical. Money, pink dresses and dogs….love it. Happy New Year.

The “White Parties” are at Kyle’s house. Telling a friend that your panties show thru, has nothing to do with it turning into this. This is exactly what I mean when I say Lisa slipping Kyle’s name in where it doesn’t belong, tiny changes in what really occurred pointing the finger at Kyle, none of that is Kyle’s doing, it’s Lisa Vanderpump’s doing. Lisa started the entire thing. Kyle never stated to the group anything about her too white panties, Lisa did. Lisa asked Erika for some, put her hand up Erika’s skirt??? None of that comes from Kyle.

Haha, don’t anybody find it surprising that the only people attacked this season are Eileen & Erika ? 2 people that didn’t get along with LVP last year What a coincidence. I’m sure pantygate happened naturally, but I’m SURE that lvp encouraged dorit to confront Erika & make fun of her in front of everyone with that fake “oh let me gift you underwear” scene…. that is such a lisa move. That and the fact that LVP was all ‘Oh I heard about that’ when Erika said Dorit gave her panties, and at the tabble later when LVP was stirring… Read more »
As soon as one of the ladies on these shows begins to dominate the show and claim themselves or by popularity, The OG, that should be a warning to the head honchos to restrict their scripts (yes loose scripts) to ensure a takeover. This in my opinion us where the shows start to get bipartial and fuel the asinine machinations of these women. As far as LVP I respect the woman for her causes, for the actress, she’s turning quickly into a caricature of her former self. She’s become very haughty and jaded now, hence, the hand up the skirt… Read more »

Ha ha ha ha…oh, goodness! You nailed it!!

Very good points. We think alike, Lisa has the green headed monster. I honestly don’t think Lisa has ever truly had one in her. Add on that Kyle and Erika are friends. Then Erika got a part on Y&R, the public sees her true love for Tom, a lot of wonderful things are happening for Erika. Also, Kyle and Mauricio have made it. Not to the super rich place Lisa is, but let’s not forget that Ken had a lot of what “they” have before she married him, too. She absolutely helped him build his fortune, but Kyle and Mauricio… Read more »

Happy New Year Miss M. Yes, FH looks very nice and so does Boston Common.

Love LVP! Erika is making such a big deal about something that should have just been a joke. Oh wait, does she not wear underwear to her husband’s events?!

Damn I hope things change soon. Beverly Hills used to be fun to watch and now its just haughty snobs. I had to start these programs over three times and still fall asleep. Used to love Lisa Vanderpump. What the hell happened to her? Dorit is as phony as fools gold!!

I keep imagining how Erika and Brandy would have gotten along. Now that would have been a hoot! 😀

they do get along so it’d have been fun! 🙂

Can’t agree that Lisa R. is anywhere near as bad as Lisa V. Also, Lisa R. was big enough to apologize to LVP. I hope that all the housewives get close and enjoy each other and leave LVP and her OLD f–t husband behind.

I cant even believe they are still talking about this. It really wasnt funny. Dorit is so jealous of Erika and she is trying to get the others involved in it. You could clearly see that the other ladies do not agree with Dorit but no one is really saying anything to stick up for Erika…. not that she needs back up but enough already. And what man wouldnt stare. Hang it up already Dorit.

I’ve said it before, will repeat. Dorit is threatened by Erika because of her husband’s eyeing Erika the way he did, that’s the bottom of why she’s doing what she’s doing. It’s boring & ever so stupid. Move on.

‘GOT IT’ was epic, you could tell by her face she was getting pissed.

The moment Eileen (or anyone says for that matter) say, I want to be there when you give her the gift should be a tip off that this might not be funny!

Dorkit could have simply given Erika the panties with a smile and comment to the effect about maybe these will help avoid panti lines and then DROPPED IT

And there you were Lisa V trying very hard to stir the pot. Lisa you are not the person I once thought you to be.

Sadly, I agree.

I agree with everything, accept the lawsuit brought against McDonalds. My Daughter went to school to become a Para-Lagal, Legal Aid, 3 years of tough schooling. She showed me and told me what really happened to the lady who sued McD’s, and won. Many customers had complained about the temp. of the coffee. Normally the required temp for a restaurant is 160 D. to 190 D. That coffee was over 340 D., and the woman in question had 3rd degree burns and spent months in the hospital. She had skin grafts, just horrible pain and infections, which are the number… Read more »
I love it that your post pointed out everything. I see that as very honorable. I would hope we would be friends if we ever had the chance. Not just the opinion you hold, but the possible theories too. It reminds me of Viki and Tamra, where Viki, from the get-go, whispered in the ears of everyone, knowing Tamra’s rep was such that everything would be believed. It doesn’t take much to start a rumor train. If you keep feeding it wood, it keeps on the same track. On the OC, the entire Brooks thing in Bali was because of… Read more »
You too honey. I always like a new year. I hope this will be a great one for all of us. ♡⭕️❌I don’t recall reading about it in the news, only jokes being made for years. Then, when my Daughter was telling me about studying past cases, because they are presidents, and how a lot of her job would be looking those up for cases and preparing documents for the attorney’s court room time, that came up. It was so interesting to hear the truth about the actual court case, and when she told me how really injured the woman… Read more »