Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What Plastic Surgery She Has Had Done


Most women with a 90210 zip code are known to go through plastic surgery whether its botox, fillers, implants or any other kind of cosmetic procedure. In the media there has been some speculation as to whether or not Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, 54, has butt implants. LOL. Now she is coming clean.

“At least my ass is real, contrary to a lot of reports, everybody says I have butt implants. I’m happy to offer it up for x-ray like Kim Kardashian,” she joked to Yahoo Style.

As she went through pictures of her once 20 year old self, she pointed out similarities she still has from then. “Now you see I haven’t had a nose job right? You can see that. The only thing I’ve had done to my face is I put in a little bit of filler.”

So there you have it! I don’t know about you guys but now I’m not just envious of her closet and wardrobe!

Checkout these throwback photos of Lisa and her family.

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Meg123

    This show would be nothing without Lisa! Last season was tough for Her but She came back fighting. She looks great not all plastic! I do wish She would change Her hair or pin it up. She looks ten year younger than Kim! Hope you come back next season.

    • I hope Lisa V., Kyle, Lisa R. Yolanda, and Eileen come back and a new “classy please” person for S6.

  • DebBrenn

    Lisa has something we all wish we had – really good bone structure. It will mean she will always be pretty and look beautiful for any age if she doesn’t mess with it too much. I do hope she does no more fillers. For some reason nobody seems to be aware when they’ve crossed the ‘overfill line’ and start looking puffy and weird (i.e. Brandi, Adrienne, and most of the Miami HWs).

    • Jo

      LVP looks puffy and weird, she can’t even turn her head anymore. Her lips got blown out like crazy, her entire face is like was, it’s off the walls! Look at pics from Lisa season 1… and compare…. right! Not a good look!

      • You’re an idiot Jo. And mean too.

    • Karen’

      Yup, I agree, she is still beautiful, but mostly it’s her personality and genuineness that make her a true beauty. Something that plastic surgery, fillers and implants can’t buy.

      • DebBrenn

        So true, Karen! I’m kind of sick of the ugly insides of some of these woman being ignored over their pretty exteriors. Lisa is pretty inside and out to me.

  • Cin

    love Lisa!

  • Jo

    No one gives a shit about her ass. She’s full of herself if she thinks we care! Bye granny

    • RHOBHLover

      People DO give a shit about her ass, because she has a great ass. Let me tell you something though. What we know about Lisa is that she is sitting pretty in her $15million-mansion with $150million+ in the bank. What we know about people who come on these threads and say nice things about people who are genuinely good people is that they tend to be normal people who make positive passing comments. What we know about trolls, like you, who go through threads looking to be intentionally horrible about those same people is that while Lisa is sitting at home in her mansion, you are living a sad, lonely life, only being able to make yourself feel better by trying to take down those who absolutely have it all. Lisa is 54, has a great body, and is widely regarded to be hugely beautiful? You? Best stay a keyboard warrior behind that screen, boo. Now check that.

      • Karen’

        Preach! RHOBHLover!

      • starr sabga

        YOU GO RHOBHLOVER, You said it all. Great job. I second all you said. I hate when “haters” finds fault with the good ones, & rally for the evil ones. They must have similar personalities to be sure.

      • apple

        Bam! You go girl!

      • Wow…nice! Keyboard warrior…lol… What a loser Jo is! 😉

    • No matter how hard I try I can’t stop time, can you. Every single day the sun comes up and goes down and another day has passed. When you are 54 remember that. People act like being over 40 is some kind of character flaw. What a sad empty life you must have.

  • Jo

    If she’s really 54, which I doubt, she looks like a 60 year old woman! Either she’s lying or all that surgery didn’t help!

    • Karen’

      Your hate his SO deep. SMH

    • apple

      I don’t think even you believe the drivel you spew, you just do it for the attention.

      • Agree. Which actually makes her a bigger loser.

  • Queenie

    I think that Lisa seems older, because of her voice. She’s probably a smoker like Kim and that not only ruins a woman’s face, it’s damaging to vocal cords as well. Her filler looks very natural, not at all obvious like Brandi’s.

  • patricia

    Love Lisa V!