Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What Changed In Her Friendship With Kyle Richards & Why Brandi Glanville is Such A Good Friend!

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On Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Andy Cohen publicly fired Adrienne Maloof for not attending the Season 3 Reunion, but Adrienne insists it was her decision to not return to the show, and as we previously reported Maloof tried to quit the show in the middle of shooting Season 3. RHOBH Star Lisa Vanderpump is coming forward saying she doesn’t think Adrienne is being honest about her departure from the show, reveals what changed in her friendship with Kyle Richards, and what makes Brandi Glanville such a good friend.

“I think you have to understand that when you sign up for something, it’s a job, you know?” Vanderpump told Us Weekly after competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars March 25. “The reunion is where you go and everything comes to fruition and you hash it out. And viewers want that the same way they want us to blog. . . So yeah, she got the hoof! She says she walked away, but she didn’t. She got the big Maloof hoof! And you can quote me on that!”

Lisa also commented on her strained friendship with Kyle Richards. “I’ve been through the reunion last year and I was ganged up on and I had a huge amount of support from the audience,” Vanderpump told US. “And I really felt this time I wasn’t going to take it lying down. I was going to stand up and say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on,’ and I felt the way the whole thing played out this season — you saw it — the loyalties were divided. And I’m not like that. You’ve got to pick one side of the fence. You sit on the fence too long, you get splinters in your ass!”

Vanderpump states that Kyle’s refusal to support her publicly “changed” the nature of their relationship, and she would never blame Bravo’s editing. “I think this production company has so much integrity that they do tell the true story,” Vanderpump explained. “So you know, that’s what happened.”

While a reconciliation with Kyle would take some time, Lisa’s friendship with Brandi Glanville is better than ever. “She was coming on as kind of my nemesis!” Vanderpump told US of Brandi. “But look at her! Straight forward, straight shooter, and I like that. I don’t want to be blindsided. And I think the audience knows me well enough to go, ‘Okay, she’s a good girlfriend.’ She’s a great girl.”

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7 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What Changed In Her Friendship With Kyle Richards & Why Brandi Glanville is Such A Good Friend!”

  1. Definitely believe Maloof got the hoof. But please explain to me how Andy can justify letting Wacko Jacko come back for doing essentially the same thing! I think he should fire any of them who refuse to take part in ANY aspect of the show, i.e., trips, blogs, reunions, etc. It shouldn’t be an option.

  2. What seemed to come across in the reunion last year to me that behind the scenes, most of the cast, with the exception of Brandi, got together and ganged up on Lisa out of jealousy. I suspect at the time, Bravo had mentioned to Lisa by then the possibility of Vanderpump Rules and the bulk of the women were jealous that Lisa was the one getting a spin off series. That comment Adrienne made about Lisa selling stories to the tabloid was malicious and underhanded. It was the kind of comment that in Hollywood could wreck someone’s entire career. I think it was made to try to destroy Lisa and Ken’s lives. Just plain mean and the fact that Lisa was insulted by it and found it rather unforgivable, was not at all surprising to me. I think most people who have integrity would have reacted similarly. And I too would have felt some animosity toward Kyle for not standing up for me in some way. That is the definition of a fair weather friend. Kyle didn’t want defend Lisa because there were other opportunities for her husband in real estate that would have been affected by defending Lisa. That’s the way I view it.

  3. That makes two Ouiser. Mauricio had already sold the Lisa and Ken home, so that commission check was already made. Kyle is offended by the insinuation, but in S1 Kyle was fighting w Cam, Mauricio told her to make up because it was hurting his business relationship. Kyle invited Adrienne to her daughter graduation party and said they were glad to see them, missed them and Mauricio has been sticking up for them. “He really let Brandi have it.”
    Once Mauricio listed Adrienne’s home (it sold in Oct 2012), Kyle says she doesn’t even speak to Adrienne. She claims they were never close friends. What does that say….
    Lisa put Kyle in the same category as Cedric…user.

  4. I beleive Adrianne walked away, by not showing up at the reunion, that was walking away, and allso how could Bravo fire one and not the other for doing the same thing. If that happen to me on my job I would have a law suit.

  5. A friend to Lise is someone to kiss her A#*. If Brandi ever not kiss it she will diss her to. Ok. if you have two friends and one friend accuse the other of something, and I don’t know if what she is saying is true or not I wouldn’t jump in, and my and if I’m friend with both they’re not a friend if she exspect me to jump in.

  6. Kyles back stabbing antics were apparent this year on the reunion show and in prior episodes, she was stopping at nothing to try and smear Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda, even using her sis, Kim as a tool.
    I just hope Faye does not return, her bad mouth/behavior over the last many, many years shows a very troubled woman who will stop at nothing to make money.

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