Lisa Vanderpump Says Mohamed Hadid Doesn’t Believe His Children Have Lyme Disease, Mohamed Speaks Out


During this week’s episode of RHOBH, questions among the ladies arose about Yolanda Foster’s children’s Lyme disease. Yolanda has revealed that her children Bella and Anwar are also suffering from Lyme disease, but some of the women seem to be confused about that discovery.

While at Kyle’s BBQ, the ladies discussed how they were glad Yolanda had made an appearance. Lisa Vanderpump also suggested to Lisa Rinna that she has a conversation with Foster as soon as possible about the Munchausen allegations when Kyle Richards asked about Bella and Anwar’s condition.

“I have never heard that,” Lisa Vanderpump says of the children’s diagnosis. “But that’s what she says.”

When Kyle asked Lisa what Mohammed, their father and Lisa’s good friend, says about his children’s Lyme disease, Lisa said, “No. He just said no that she [Yolanda] is the only one that has it.”

Lisa continued, “He has said he doesn’t think they have it.”

After the episode, Hadid took to Instagram to speak out about the controversy. “Not everyone’s reality is the true reality! @bravotv @bravoandy @bravowwhl,” he wrote along with the statement below that reads,  “I do not wish to make public my family’s private matters, but I would like to make it clear that I completely and unequivocally support my children and their mother.  I can only imagine that my response to a question at dinner asking how my kids are doing with “fine” was misconstrued.  I have too much respect for all 5 of my children to speak about them publicly in a restaurant or otherwise.  I will not speak further on something that should be put to rest now.”

Not everyone’s reality is the true reality! @bravotv @bravoandy @bravowwhl

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67 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Says Mohamed Hadid Doesn’t Believe His Children Have Lyme Disease, Mohamed Speaks Out”

  1. You should update this article now that Mohamed has released a statement in support of his children and Yolanda. He also confirmed on Instagram he is no longer friends with Vanderpump.

    1. I just saw his Instagram. He just said his statement was misunderstood and that he stands by his children and their mother. Where did he say he’s no longer friends with Lisa V.?

      1. It was in the comments. Someone made a comment about how LVP was not really his friend and only using him and speaking about his children ect and he said no longer. In context it ready like LVP is no longer his friend. Also please know I’m paraphrasing those weren’t the exact words of the comment.

    2. I looked on Instagram as well. He said he won’t discuss personal matters about has chlldren. And supports Yolanda and all five of his children. He didn’t say they had or hadn’t got Lyme just that he said his children were fine. Nothing about LVP at all.

      1. Am I going nuts? I went to Instagram to look! It’s above, that’s really worrying!! That will teach me to wake up at 8am instead of my normal 6am!!

          1. I know!!! I feel like a new woman today!! I guess it’s the anti sickness pills, maybe I should take them every night! Xo

              1. Sure is Rain, I’m a lousy sleeper so a night like last night has had me grinning and motivated all day! Let’s hope it lasts! Xoxo

  2. Lisa V was being pushed…she didn’t want to talk about it. Lisa R on the other hand was a total sh*t stirrer at the “BBQ”. First she starts a confrontation between Lisa V and Faye, then the second Yolanda leaves she starts a convo bout her, then the second Faye leaves the table she starts talking bout her. She isn’t kidding that those giant lips were made for talking. What a bit***!

    1. i think she’s definitely under the producer’s thumb this season and is being majorly directed on what to do and say.

      just last week: she “bumps” into someone who’s already mic’d up and “randomly” brings up OJ… bullshit.

  3. I saw the old sneaky Kyle at work here. Fay is never invited to the girls stuff unless it’s to cause havoc. That book she wrote was using her “best friend’s” death to try to get famous, and in that book she also gossiped about things she didn’t know (like the new girl of RHBH). Kyle should not have given nasty Fay an endorsement at the table which was embarrassing to other guests. And there was Kyle (once again) badgering the discussion from Lisa V. She knew it was uncomfortable, but she was trying to shove LVP under the bus… She’s done that so many times to so many people, and somehow never gets called on it. Kyle is a nasty piece of work.

    1. Really, the behavior you assigned to Kyle in your comment is so much more Lisa’s behavior all the time. Although I do agree that Kyle was acting a bit Lisa-like this past episode. And not being that good of an actress, Kyle’s questioning came off as producer driven. (Ask this, ask that, etc) Lisa always makes horrible comments to Kyle regarding Kim despite Lisa understanding how painful the subject is so let’s not forget Lisa likes to hurt others a lot.

    1. i honestly don’t see her as one. i know she did some shady things 20 or so years ago.. but honestly, that was before my time lmao. i only judge her on what i see on the show.. and the only thing she’s done that i consider BAD is when she called out brandi for being a mean, cheap, slutty bitch haha. and, to be fair, we (and the other housewives) were all doing the same thing… just a year or so later than faye !

  4. This is why I am getting so fed up with these programmes. Nothing is left to happen naturally anymore. It’s all producer driven or s..t stirrers like Lisa Rinna. Why was Faye there? Soon I will have the blogs and nothing else! Aghhhhhh!!!!!

  5. I find it very telling that Mohammed didn’t say his children did have Lyme. Why that ridiculous endorsement of Faye?? Trying to get viewers to like like that skank??? I can’t stand that vile piece of trash, hopefully that’s the last time we see her!!!!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, it might not be LVP’s season but I can think of two who are showing as worse than LVP!

  6. There’s a pic on another site of Yo-Yo laying in bed with Bella why Bella is hooked up to an I.V. I thought their health is private and nobody’s business. Now we’re going to start seeing Yo-Yo’s selfies with her kids hooked up to IV’s, this is going overboard, I thought she wanted everything private!!!

    1. My thoughts exactly, naynay. If Mohammed wants it private, he should loudly express that to the #1 culprit, Yolanda herself & not LVP who was just voicing what M said–I doubt she got that from listening to the wind. He has retracted stuff he said in the past, so he will say what suits the moment.

        1. Yolanda wants it private!!!!! Yet she’s posting pics if her sick children and nobodies allowed to say anything???puhleeeze

  7. This is the whole “smelly pus$y” comment situation. Mohammad states something about that other HW chick, then Brandi reveals it on air, then it is rescinded by Mohammad. He may have said he didn’t think they had Lyme disease, LVP comments about it, then Mohammad reverses it and says, not that it’s not true, but that he supports his ex YOYO and their kids.

  8. LR is like a gnat or a mosquito. You swat it away and it keeps coming back. Kyle needed to get a good smack across the head yammering on about Yo’s kids. She FREAKS out if ANYONE asks questions about her drug and alcohol addicted thief of a sister, but she needled away at LVP about the Lyme disease. Clearly LVP didn’t want to have a part of it, but Kyle just kept being annoying. And Faye is NOT at every event Kyle has. Kyle brings her around to stir shit up or when she thinks she needs a bodyguard. Then Yo shows up looking like she just crawled out of bed again. Who knows. Maybe she did. Or maybe she’s just exhausted from constantly taking selfies of herself. And Mohammed is a creepy looking thing. He says things and then denies saying them to save his ass. Mo and Yo are both arrogant and act like they are above the fray.

    1. I agree Gigicat, to be honest I’m sick of the lot of them! There is no fun anymore watching and BH was always my favourite. I don’t think any of them are coming out of this season well. Yo gets on my nerves, Lisa R is a s..t stirrer, Kyle is trying so hard to not talk about her family she is throwing anyone else under the bus. Lisa V, I feel is checking out and getting her own back for past slights, I don’t blame her although I would have preferred her to go out on a high. Bringing FR back is producer driven, in my opinion, can’t stand her! I think that’s it!! Xo

      1. I was so looking forward to BH Sally after watching that disgusting season of the OC. Instead if Brooks we have fu#khead Faye. What illness does Yo-Yo have? I think it’s obvious it was her boobs, now her kids are hooked up to IV’S. Lisa V. seems like she could care less about anybody. Lisa R. is acting phony and throwing everybody under the bus. Eileen just looks uncomfortable all the time!! However so far I’m loving Erika would like to see more about her. After Kyles glowing compliments about Faye well that just disgusted me as it did most viewers. Ugh…OK I’m done

    1. It seems that filming these shows puts a heavy burden on any friendship. I loved the first season of this show with them together. I agree with those saying it is a produced story. Lisa being offended by Faye being there? She knew Faye and Kyle had been friends for many years before she met Kyle through Mauricio. Staying loyal to a friend is a quality I rarely observe in these shows and I am so pleased that my girl has been loyal and speaks out without hesitation for Faye. The dynamic certainly is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

        1. Yes, that sticks in my craw. Producers be damned. And Sheana telling Lala “I was the new girl at SUR, thought of as a slut because I dated a guy I DIDN’T KNOW WAS MARRIED !!” Wow. Just last season when she was trying to get Ariana to believe Tom was cheating, she says she remembered Eddie “texting his wife with every excuse” Her memories of their “love affair” all the while watching him lie his ass off to his WIFE when they were together. Makes me sick. What an effing little liar. Stassi was right about her from the get-go. It would maybe be a little different if she admitted she knew, which of course SHE DID. Then shoving it in Brandy’s face the diamond earrings, the boat, the friends. What a little bitch. Turning on her “best friend” because Ariana had a bad year. Real loyal friends these kids have.

  9. Lisa V. stuck her imperious nose where it doesn’t belong on this one, and Mohammed ain’t having it. Good for him for sticking up for Yo and his and her kids.

  10. When Kyle asked at dinner what Mohammed thought, I saw her to mean what does he think about the fact that they both have Lyme Disease. She was shocked at the park when Yolanda told her that the kids had it. When Lisa said “he says no” and Kyle asked what she meant, I took it to mean, what are you saying, not that she had any idea he had said he didn’t think they had Lyme, if that makes sense. Again, she was surprised at the entire thing. The chances of all 3 of them contracting Lyme disease at the same time is infinitesimal. Lisa has been saying that all over about Mohammed and now she says she is offended by Kyle asking. And offended that a friend of Kyle’s for 25 years is at a BBQ with no BBQued food! Produced or not it is an interesting play on this group of women.

  11. If LV is such good friends with Mohammed, she would stay out of that discussion. Why are invoking his name and discussing his children?? She can defiantly have that conversation with Yolanda if she wants to, but nobody should discuss other people’s kids at a dinner

    1. That is what Lisa v kept saying. How many times did she tell Kyle don’t talk about her children, ask him, ask her and finally just redirected kyles questions. Kyle is the one that kept pushing. Did Lisa v let something slip? Yes. Should she have? No. But Kyle was pushing and Lisa r is blabbing munchausen AGAIN! Seems to me this is the season to push Lisa v and throw her under the bus when you get one little thing out of her.

        1. Hi fellow Gemini, xo I agree, I had warmed to Kyle but her old self seemed to come out this week, whether it’s just skank being back I don’t know, that’s when I disliked Kyle the most in the past. Xo

          1. Hi fellow gemini sister!!!
            Right!! I felt the same way! The biggest thing I give credit for was Kathryn actually confronting Faye when she came back to the table instead of bad mouthing her and hushing up when she came back. I liked that. What Faye wrote about her was awful and I’d have more than a bone to pick with her if I read that. It was plain mean. Her trying to say it was a difficult and trying time for her was complete nonsense when she capitalized off of it and still is! The only reason we know her name is because of this!

  12. Rinna says whatever pops into her head…and thinks later. She has ALWAYS been like that…and it has always been an issue at times. I figure everyone in the group should just know that by now. Sometimes it is a good thing and she brings stuff out from the shadows…and sometimes she opens Pandora’s Box (LVP…what were you thinking with that name?)…but it is what it is. I don’t think she is malicious or calculating, just very direct and outspoken.
    LVP was obviously very uncomfortable discussing Mohamed’s kids…she may think Yolanda has taken this Lyme disease to a whole new level of wack…but doesn’t want to discuss her friend’s children on a reality show.
    Kyle should have stopped.

    1. The difference was that they were discussing Eileen, not someone else’s kids. Eileen could have just as easily stopped talking about herself, which she didn’t.

      1. Well it’s exactly the same thing since she did speak and spread lies… If she really wanted to avoid the subject and “protect” her friends kids, she and anyone would answer “I don’t know” to a sensitive question, especially in front of a camera crew… #sheknowswhatshe’sdoing

      2. I’m sorry GG I don’t see the difference. If Lisa didn’t want to talk about Yo’s kids she shouldn’t have said anything. So she’s in trouble with Mo now? Her fault. It works both ways, so I don’t care to see another drawn out victim act from her.

        1. True friends expect you to protect their privacy , ESPECIALLY their kids!! Whatever Mohamed told her in confidence, should not be thrown around a dinner table . Why are any of these women incapable of saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m not doing to discuss my friends kids health’ ???? They all pat themselves on the back for being strong , straightforward blah blah blah, well then just say NO

          1. it’s because they are fake and love the drama…LVP and Kyle…and don’t care who they step on, and if they are caught they play victim.

            1. Hi kt, LVC plays victim more than any housewive I’ve witnessed. She can dish it out but has the thinnest skin of all of them. And God, someone help that woman with her dropping lower lip as well. Rinnas look more natural. LVC is vile.

  13. Lisa wasn’t pushed. Kyle did keep pushing, but Lisa had no problem saying Mohamed said “No” without any pushing, Kyle only pushed after that.

    It just showed both of their worst traits.

    We had Lisa Vanderpump dropping a drama bomb and then trying to clear her hands of it, and we saw Kyle try and stir as much shit out of the situation as she could, just like she did with Faye and Kathryn.
    Everything about this dinner was horrible and awkward and not in a good way, Bravo need to majorly fix this show.

    It really is time for Kyle to go, I don’t like her, but she had been involved in good TV but it was all connected to her sister. She had a chance to prove she could be good tv without her sister, but she has nothing to offer the show except sticking her fingers in her mouth while putting on a deer in headlights look after she’s caused drama, and dropping her hoo-ha to touch the floor while doing the splits every season when she’s decided she’s not getting enough attention.
    Vanderpumps game is tired and she can’t manipulate people elegantly anymore.
    Eileen just doesn’t connect, Sonja spreading her dogs ashes had more emotion than the show the actress put on in this episode.
    And Lisa Rinna is so desperate to be the next Brandi but she can’t do it half as well.

    Glad to see the facade of Kyle and Lisa pretending to get along slipping more, but they don’t even dislike each other anymore they are clearly just sick of each other, they don’t care, so we watching can’t care.

  14. Hi friends — as I am sure you know, the term is ‘vow renewal’ — not ‘vowel renewal.’ I love LVP though – and only put that in as I am a copy editor, in my nature, pet peeve. Yeah about Faye, she shouldn’t be included in the Real Housewives events. Not only did Faye have unresolved conflict with LVP, she also did with Kathryn, Camille and God knows who else. Kyle, as the hostess, should have considered the comfort factor of her guests and leave Faye off the list. I read once the definition of a lady, or gentleman for that matter, is someone who makes others feel comfortable at all times — my mother was a true lady and certainly that was her primary goal at all events she hosted and attended for that matter. Just because Faye does interior design for Kyle and her family, so what, Kyle doesn’t even talk to her family half the time…in fact, Kyle is the one who put LVP in a weird position re: Yolanda and Mohammed’s kids…what the h? Also someone said on here that this season Kyle seems to be slamming LVP in her ‘talking heads’…do you think those two are really friends, and just attempt to ‘stir up drama’ for ratings? Bethenny pretty much said that’s why she came on. Also lately do you all notice how they seem to be draaaaaaging ‘drama’ out two or three episodes – and it’s not even that big a deal anyway – example, we have heard Kathryn whine about Faye not knowing her, etc. for two episodes now and next week, more of the same… surely something else going on? Without bringing up oj simpson, for God’s sake…

    1. Mousie, Friend, I wish I could have a vowel renewal! Whenever I type on my iPad half of them are missing! I know it’s because I type to fast but a renewal would be great!
      These fake dramas are getting ridiculous! I’m certainly losing patience with the shows now. BH was my favourite and I really looked forward to it coming back but I am almost done. I will watch the Dubai episode as lots of memories and the reunion but I’m not sure about any more! Xo

    2. I totally agree, Mousie. FR doesn’t have a design business without the Richards/Umansky/Hilton connection and Kyle has no obligation to invite the staff to her social events. I think it was an intentional and calculated choice by our hostess to put Kathryn, LVP, and Camille all in combustion range and then have FR light the fuse.

  15. If they’re going to include Faye they have to include Brandi and Kim. That would be great TV. What a free for all it would be.

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