Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why She Was Hesitant to Return to RHOBH Season 7


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is revealing that she almost didn’t return for season seven of the show, which is set to air next month on Bravo.

“I felt badly beaten up,” she shared in the latest issue of FOXTEL magazine, referring to how she was treated by the women last season. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back for the seventh season.”

“I had a lot of discussions [with production] because I felt badly beaten up last season. A couple of the other women just didn’t stop – they were relentless,” Lisa said. “I felt it wasn’t a good season and not a place I wanted to go back to.”

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76 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why She Was Hesitant to Return to RHOBH Season 7”

  1. I believe the show NEEDS her, not the other way around. She is only doing this to bring attention to her charities, not promoting her brands for profit. If only the other ladies were like LVP…..

  2. lol every year she’s bitten up by the other ladies, go figure why! (That’s sarcastic if anyone was wondering, of course she’s bitten up, because of the horrible plotting she does behind the scenes and every year there’s people calling her out. Don’t play dumb, you all know she’s horrible)

  3. Lisa Vanderpump is RHOBH for me. I am sure others feel the same way. If she goes, I go.
    I wish she could pick the others she wants on the show with her. She should have a say in who is hired, in my opinion. It would be easier to watch intelligent women who have a great sense of humor and great taste.

      1. Yes! I used to like Eileen, and I watch her on a soap, but I cannot stand her now. Even watching her on the soap is different now. Rinna is no one’s friend…loony.

                    1. I’m still trying to figure out if you can be unwashed AND overfed, or even overfed, but be washed…and I wonder what is a bigger travesty!! lol

                    1. What is absolutely the most hilarious part is that they don’t even realize that what they are saying to “us” is what they know of themselves, and they are such witless, cretinous imbeciles that they don’t realize what joy we get from their ignorance.

                    2. ❤️3D. You forgot one adjective – my favorite one of yours actually, the truest one.


                      Total cowardice, this sad aimless one. They’re deaf, dumb, and blind in reality. I do feel for them can’t help it. Especially when they think they’re cagey and brilliant. They just don’t have a clue at. all. Poor Rae. Poor poor poor Rae.

            1. You got it, Real Sandy. Well said. I watch the soap, Y&R, Eileen is just as cold & uncaring, she’s so suited to portray herself. Cant bear this woman or her Bff Rinna.

    1. ITA! It would make for a lot better show & more interesting. Things we are interested in watching. Instead of nonsense of Eileen, LisaR, Yo, & Erika.

  4. 1. I have a feeling Lisa has been through a lot worse in life (with all her business dealings and dealing with CRAZY employees for years) than those birdbrain co-stars threw at her.
    2. She is the only reason I watch RHOBH so if she’s gone, that’s it for me.

    1. Well, maybe. I don’t know how many employees can gang up on their boss and make her cry though, but maybe.
      Lisa is one tough cookie, but anyone can break under enough pressure.
      Also, when you own a business, you have to deal with what happens, but in life, you can pick and choose your friends…but not on a reality show. You are stuck being around people you would rather not socialize with on the show, and if you are successful and wealthy like Lisa is, why bother if it is not for fun? I can see why she would not want to do it any more, and I would understand.

      1. I do think she enjoys being involved in certain parts of the show, and as everyone ( well, mostly ) mentions, her charities get a lot of attention.
        I will never forget when that bitch, Eileen, said to her when Lisa was saying she is vulnerable by recalling her work to stop the Yulin Dog F. and Eileen said “I think this proves you have much more compassion for animals than you do for the women sitting here.” I thought to myself “maybe Lisa thinks you BITCHES can take care of yourselves, unlike the dogs she so valiantly works for.” They don’t have any say whatsoever how they are treated, whether they eat or are loved. God, I wish Rinna & Eileen would be gone. Looking at Rinna actually gags me, no joke. The fact that Rinna is still there kinda proves that none of the housewives, no matter how popular, have any say about who stays and who goes.

        1. Yes, I know you are right.
          Lisa does do tons of charitable work for animals and for people, and others are just plain jealous of her. She really does have it all.
          I just don’t know who chooses the cast and how. They were lucky to get LVP to do the show in the first place, let alone stay as long as she has thus far. I guess most very successful people want no part of this circus, and I can understand that, too. Former actresses and models may like being in the public eye a bit more than the others, especially if they need the income.
          Lisa does it for her charity exposure like you said, most likely. She gives a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves like our animal friends near and far. I commend her for her work. She and Ken are both amazing people.

        2. 3 D’s, I agree with you on Eileen’s horrible comment to LVP, a nasty comment, just shows her cold character. I’m 100% like LVP, I LOVE ANIMALS MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE, they are so unconditional unlike most people. WIsh both Rinna & herself werent returning. Rejoicing though that Yolanda is no longer on the show, could not tolerate another season with her & her artificiality.

    1. Countess/Hootesville, comparing her staff to dogs, is supremly a compliement, not an insult in my opinion. If most humans loved like dogs, the world would be a happier place.
      My brother called his dog after me & I was so thrilled.

    2. IKnow, Correction here. You are the laughable one. Put a lid on your immature & silly comments. You’re boring. If you have nothing of worth to offer, say nothing for that would make more sense than the dribble you present.

      1. LOL (It is a nice cushion really.) 🙂
        I guess that R. did not volunteer at the homeless shelter, giving out T. Day dinners either.

        1. No doubt that it doesn’t even know the meaning of volunteering or of giving back . Oh and we’re unwashed . Hahaha I guess 2 showers a day isn’t enough to make this dirty girl clean . Oh well

  5. Lisa V. says that she is hesitant to come back EVERY season. We know that she’s gonna be there cause everyone feel that she IS RHOBH and so production will do anything to make her stay. But I wish she could stop saying that she is basically the “victim” of her co-stars because they say she’s manipulative : it’s like for Kim and alcohol, if everybody

    1. I post to quickly !

      I was saying that if everybody says there is a problem, maybe she should do a little introspection before saying that everyone gang up on her. For me, it’s very different than season 4 where she was, indeed, a little bit “beating up”..

        1. We’ve had a few…not sure which one. We do have the one with alliterative names…like VV. Then we have the royalty names like Princess of..Duchess of…etc. I don’t know which one you are referring to…(I am from Club 89…don’t tell.) 🙂

          1. Definitely not sidewinder. He does not sound like that. He has not come back as himself though, so he may be amongst us or not.

  6. Lisa V says that she’s hesitant to come back EVERY SEASON ! That’s exasperating how she tries to play the “victim card” all the time. Every housewives of BH said that she was kind of a manipulative person off camera. If everybody says it, maybe you should take a step back and look in the miror, just to understand why people feel like that.

    I don’t think that she was “beating up” last season, I just think people were tired of her attitude just like she was herself with Adrienne, Brandi, Kim or Yolanda… The other ladies didn’t do anything different than what she did to Adrienne or Kyle in season 3-4…

  7. Yea RH of B H is back again. I hope it’s nothing like last year. Lisa was a trooper . She sure did take it
    Like a a lady. I would never be as nice. Hoping the producer learned something from last year and listens to us viewers. We love Lisa and don’t like her miss treated.

  8. Oh geesh not this again!!! I am over Lisa. She is very calculating . Sure she does charity work, a lot of people do. I just find it odd that people she was so close to her now dislike her so intensely. I think she is not how she appears on tv.

  9. LVP stands alone. She is pure class & the others knows it & are obviously jealous & threatened by her. Yes, she is not perfect–like the rest of the world, but her good works shines & her flaws fades. Those women should bow down & beg her forgiveness after the way she was treated by them. I’m grateful that there’s no more Brandy or Yolanda to add to Rinna & Eileen. That trash needs to be taken out as well, one by one.

    1. I agree Starr and I hope we are around long enough to see her become a grandmother to Pandora’s children. She loves her pups so much I can only imagine what she will be like as a real GLANDMA.

  10. Is this a repeat interview from last season and/or season before? Come on, man (ladies)…we’ve read this at least two times already. Lisa trying to come off as weak – we all know that is not true. Last season, Lisa was a snooze fest. Yes, her clothes are beautiful, her jewelry is outstanding, her dogs and passion is commendable, her hubby is cheek (Suze you pick which ones) pinching cute….Lisa, herself hasn’t had much of a story line – IMO. I have a like/dislike relationship with Lisa…LOL

  11. As much as I love Kyle, if Lisa V walked, I fear I would be right behind her. Kissing her royal ass to be her friend, and I’m not joking. I love her. In case you missed that, I love her.

  12. Lisa always plays the victim when she is the one behind the scenes doing things to pit everyone against eachother. I believe Kyle is only friends with Lisa because it’s better to be her friend then her enemy. EVEN though Brandi is crazy she actually stood up to Lisa and look where it got her.. I’m surprised Eileen was asked to come back.

  13. I agree with you Emily but it seems we are the minority. I used to love Lisa but the victim role gets old especially when Lisa instigated it . If she didn’t mean to be hurtful then why not apologize sincerely.

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