Lisa Vanderpump Retweets Comment Calling Kyle Richards Fat, Kyle Responds


After Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards took their feud to Twitter. It all started when Lisa tweeted, “I don’t normally retweet… however everybody else is so here we go…” Lisa retweeted a mean comment from a viewer about Kyle, and the tweet spoke negatively about Kyle’s weight. Lisa retweeted a viewer’s comment that said, “Talking sh*t about @LisaVanderpump when she’s not there is really sucky @BrandiGlanville, especially to fat Kyle. #BadFriend #RHOBH”

RTThis prompted Kyle to confront Lisa for egging someone on that was calling her fat. “Thanks 4 the RT calling me fat. #mean,” Kyle replied to Lisa’s tweet. Lisa quipped, “Thanks for your piss talking… #evenworse” The ‘piss talking’ Lisa is referring to is the limo ride to Carlton’s home for lunch where the ladies discussed whether Lisa fake fainted or not…


Was Lisa wrong for that RT?

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  • chrissy

    enough with thw two wicked sisters from the west. love that Lisa is standing her ground with these nasty girls.

  • Carol

    I think Kyle blow the thing out of proportion, Lisa RT that because of the backtalking, not because of the fat comment the person wrote. The only “mean” person here is she, who was saying that Lisa was not really sick and fake fainted.
    I know, Lisa always joke about things and makes sarcastic comments towards others, but i don’t recall her doing that when the matter is something serious as a health problem.
    BH was my favorite show from the franchise, but I don’t like the bitchness in this season. Lisa and Kyle need to get their friendship shit together and solve their problems, they were friends for a long time before the show, and if it they were so close as they say, they sure can work out their issues.

  • Aunt Bee

    Ladies you left high school soooooo long ago so stop this nonsense. Losing a lot of respect for both of you stooping to Brandi’s very low level.

  • DebBrenn

    It’s indicative of Kyle’s lack of character that she was more concerned about being called ‘fat’ than she was about being called out for her underhanded, gossipy nature.

  • deonn

    when i saw that on twitter yesterday i knew there was going to be a problem. i really dont think lisa was concentrating on the kyle fat part. she was more so saying that shes a shit talker. i would feel a certain way if someone retweeted that tho because it did have that part but i mean come on kyle doesnt even have to worry about that fat statement

  • AnotherRHO_Fan

    Oh, quite clearly, this is a case of hormonal “adolesents” who believe: “all’s fair in love and WAR”! Grow. Up.

  • Money can’t buy you class! Kyle’s so trashy, she needs to go!!!!



  • Tamara

    There were many tweets alluding to the same message (that Kyle was wrong for trashing Lisa behind her back). In true Lisa fashion, she chose the most hurtful one and gets to keep her hands clean because she wasn’t the one who actually called Kyle “fat.” Shadiness and manipulation at its best……But then what else would you expect from this woman?

    • DebBrenn

      Tamara, If you’re going to say being called ‘fat’ is worse than being called out for trashing someone behind their back, then (like Kyle, who is upset about that part) it follows you think it’s worse to be fat than to be a back stabber. Nobody thinks Kyle is fat, so it is a non-issue beyond being a ridiculous slur. What is an issue for me is that those of you who are agreeing with Kyle seem to think there’s nothing wrong with her two-faced, dishonorable, and cowardly habit of smiling at whoever she’s with and trashing them when they turn their back.