Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Comment She Was Bankrupt


Brandi Glanville alleged on her podcast last week that Lisa Vanderpump was living in the Valley and nearly bankrupt at one time. Glanville claimed that Lisa doesn’t really live the way she portrays on RHOBH. “On our show, there are certain people who want to project this perfect persona like there’s nothing wrong in the world,” Brandi said. “Like Lisa Vanderpump used to live deep in the Valley and was filing for bankruptcy, and she doesn’t want to talk about that. That’s interesting to me.”

Now, LIsa is responding to Brandi’s accusations, and she isn’t pleased about Brandi’s claims.

Lisa tweeted, “Thank you for all your Tweets, although I never normally respond to negative stories, @radaronline needs to retract this last one. My husband and I have NEVER filed bankruptcy. That is slander and damaging. Also, Calabassas ‘deep in the Valley as you say’ Never Lived. There also – I have no need to fabricate the extraordinary journey my husband and I have taken. ” She added, “It’s an attack on my character, what my castmates say about me I have no control over, however @radar_online needs to be responsible.#slander.”

Photo Credit: Bravo