Lisa Vanderpump Releasing Album for Charity

Watch out DJ James Kennedy and Erika Jayne, Lisa Vanderpump is preparing to release a music herself.

Lisa recently spoke with The Cut and talked about how she is releasing an album for charity. “Smile,” the writer says about Lisa’s vocals, “such a nice, husky jazz voice.” In which Lisa responds, “It’s a sweet little voice, isn’t it?”

Lisa also sent her album to Tyler Perry, who doesn’t just produce movies, he does music as well. “I did a recording of ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.’ I sent it to Tyler Perry, and I said, ‘Tyler, I’d love to do this song for Alzheimer’s, because it’s like— [Lisa sings along again] ‘Will you still love me tomorrow?'”

Are you excited to listen to Lisa’s album?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Countess of Long Island

    I am as excited as I would be about the idea of having a total mastectomy or a radical hysterectomy

  • Lady of London

    I am glad the album is for people with Alzheimer’s disease….they won’t remember anything about it the minute the music is over