Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Scheana Shay’s Divorce


With the shocking news that Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay has filed for divorce from her husband Mike, Lisa Vanderpump is weighing in on the news and how she feels about the situation.

“I’m very protective of Scheana, and with what went down last year — you know, what she talked about addiction — I felt really quite incensed because I have a lot of sympathy for people with addiction,” Lisa told Entertainment Tonight. “I was a little upset with the fact they entered into this marriage without [Scheana] being aware of what she was taking on. Scheana’s a great girl, she really is, and to see this fairytale come to an end, it was quite disheartening, really.”

Kristen Doute also posted a message of support for her friend on Instagram.

@scheanamarie love you

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  • Real Sandy⛱

    Lisa is protective of Sheana, but even she saw how insensitive Sheana was when Mike Shay started having real problems with addiction. Sheana said she could not be around people who did not drink (alcohol) at all…etc.
    Maybe her bubble was burst when her husband did not end up being perfect and came with flaws, but Sheana herself is not perfection. She is in love with herself only, and she really is very immature with her catty remarks all the time.
    Oh Lala asked how my (Sheana, etc.) weekend was…and she is not my friend or I am not her friend.?! She felt justified in that statement to Lisa too.
    Really, she cannot even make small talk for the sake of a work relationship and be on good terms with a co worker. So no one can talk to her without a special invitation, I imagine. She really needs to grow up. She is a spoiled princess with her attitude.

    • I agree, it’s actually embarrassing to watch this grown woman grovel to stay in with the” cool crowd”, and she even admits that is what she is doing. She WAS Lala just 2 seasons ago (even to the point of also being shunned for seeing a married man), so she should know better. I will concede that she was never as ratchet as what comes out of Lala’s mouth, but her ass kissing on the show isn’t a good look at all.

    • Rain

      Very funny sandy 🙂 I think they’re spinning this till the wheels fall off. As I told you the other day, I’m sure he dumped her and not the other way round. She doesn’t need a husband , she needs a worshipper .

      Ah poor LaLa, the ONLY sunscreen she can tolerate is $400!! Hence all the dick gobbling lol

      • Real Sandy⛱

        I am allergic to sunscreens too, but there are those that don’t bother me…and not 400.00 either. I have to use baby sunscreens of certain types and some like Neutrogena have a kind that is good.
        I get a solar dermatitis where the sunscreen and sun rays are on my skin. It looks like the chicken pox instead of pink or tan. First time it happened I was on Maui on my honeymoon…many moons ago. Yup!

  • Cin

    Can’t imagine none of them were surprised. Sheanna is one strange girl… I never saw support for her husband. Yes… I’m sure he dumped her self centered butt. His family must be on top of the world with this divorce!!!

    • Rain

      Cin, I hope you’re warm and fuzzy this morning 🙂

      • Cin

        no more warm and fuzzy days for the next 6 months. lol….. having coffee and looking at the gloom outside…. no sun. When the sun is out it doesn’t matter to me about the cold but we have so many sunless winter days in Wisconsin!!! Going south at the end of January for a week.

        • Rain

          Going south as in where? Sorry to be so nosey lol.

          I am exactly the same , as long as there is sunshine , I’m fine. But having days go by with no sunshine is difficult for me

          I hope you’re enjoying your coffee?

          • Cin

            yes… my in-laws live in Georgia. No worry – you’re not nosey!!! lol… It’s 6:30pm now so I’m sitting here with a glass of wine – actually it’s now empty and needs to be refilled.

            • Rain

              Have a great evening Cin and we shall discuss RHOBH tomorrow ❤️❤️

        • They have these full spectrum lights for S.A.D., which might sound like a hoax, but my Daughter has it. Anyway, they make one believe you need this very expensive light in a special case, etc., when really you can g to any bulb store, ours here is called “The Bulb Man.” The lights are just a little more than a regular light bulb, and you can google how often and how long you should have it on near your eyes. It gives some people insomnia and makes them hyper if they use it too long, and you probably already know all about this ( off topic UH-OH ) way of replacing the light we don’t get when we reside where there are few sunny days. Hope this makes a difference if the lack of sun depresses you Cin. ♥︎


    Lisa hit the keyword “FAIRYTALE”
    Marriage and life is NOT like you are living in a Disney movie, with cute little rabbits hopping behind you and a bird on your shoulder.
    He has addiction problems, and she didn’t help.
    Doomed from the start.

  • Joy Rengaw

    Wonder when Lisa was giving James his notice why didn’t she recommend AA which is free . He was telling her he didn’t know how to stop.

  • Joy Rengaw

    Also it may help Shay as well .

  • Starr

    LVP I Love you, but Scheana is no peach, & if she is, that peach is rotten.