Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Lisa Rinna’s Behavior

This season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon have had a lot to say about Kim Richards’ sobriety and the two came face-to-face on this week’s episode where they couldn’t agree on who said what and when. Lisa Vanderpump appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen following the episode where she shared her thoughts on Rinna’s comments.

“I mean, come on! How can you say someone’s near death and then not remember?” Vanderpump said. “That’s the kind of thing you’re gonna remember. I mean I like some parts of Rinna, like her husband [Harry Hamlin]. But I just think with this situation it shines a light on her inaccurate recollection.”

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    1. I am thinking it may have something to do with Max finding out about his birth parents. It may be something else entirely, like maybe something having to do with one of their pets. We shall find out. It is hard to watch.

      1. I know it was hard to see him upset like that even for that brief moment. I thought I heard him say “saw….lying there…” I rewound it a couple of times but couldn’t make it out. We shall see..I love seeing Lisa and Ken together.

        1. Just watched the ending again. Ken said, “I saw it. It’s etched in my brain forever.” Lisa asks, “How bad was it?” Ken responds with tears, sobbing, “Sh. It was terrible.” (I had captions on.)

    2. I just love Ken but he is really starting to look old. I remember when this show first started and he seemed to enjoy his brief scenes with everyone. Maybe all this intrusion into his family life is just to much now. He seems to be pushed into scenes with no enjoyment at all. I don’t know, maybe it’s my imagination. Next week looks to be awful!

      1. True I am wondering if after the last season LVP was hounded by the others if he was just like. ..yeah done…he may hate the catty and bitching…I know I do…I watch for the fabulous life I don’t have. ..I live through them. If I want bitchy and catty I can converse with the gals at work as they seem to act like they are in high school or jr high vs being grown women

        1. Don’t you know he just hates all the petty stuff. So do I. But the women on this show and all the other Housewives Shows, do act like a bunch of bitchy high school girls. I think I now watch these shows out of habit and not enjoyment any longer.

          1. No, but wouldn’t that be so fun to watch! I can’t even imagine how over the top she will be. We would all be so happy to see them enjoy that! Now THAT’s a story line and stop this fighting nonsense.

            1. That would be lovely. I bet ya the Iron Queen would melt with tears and not have a problem showing them. I swear if I’d know being a grandparent was going to be this good, I’d have skipped being a parent and gone straight to grandparent! It’s the very best. No rules. No obligations. Just love, love, love………

              1. Yes, I do love being a parent and having my grown kids all grown up now….that relationship is so good, but damn. Ya gotta work hard at it. Being a grandparent is just easy. And when they’re little, they think you are fantastic. Best part.

    3. I think it might have to do with the dog killing festival in China which they are fighting. I wonder if part of their testifying in Congress also included someone showing slides or photos maybe?

      1. Yeah…I think you’re right but they better not show it to us! I won’t be able to take that. I’ll be prepared just in case……..they wouldn’t, right?!

  1. So right LVP but try to hold back the vindicated smile just a little. Not that it’s not entirely justified. Karma does do drive-bys more than once. I like you better not playing the role of victim.

  2. You are a girl after my own thoughts, RAIN! All that you said I totally agree with. LVP is not in the wrong, but she needs to be the lady that so many people think she is.

  3. Rain, thanks for the apology, but still! How could you? You are in trouble, yes.
    I always watched this show from the beginning. Other characters came and went, but Lisa Vanderpump has been there from the start, and she is one that always provided witty comic relief, intelligence, and lots of fun in general as well as showing us her beautiful home with her impeccable taste IMO. I admire her for all of her humanitarian work and work with animals that has taken her now to not only opening her own animal shelter but to trying to stop a horrendous dog massacre in China.
    Sure, she is not perfect. Yes, she is the Queen of this show, and she knows it, but still she has ethics. I did not like it when Rinna went off upset, crying and Eileen followed her and no one else got up except Erika. That seemed so grade school. Erika showed the most class that day. Rinna was so wrong, but even so, that upset me to watch.
    So, Rain, we disagree. I will watch LVP on her new show and no longer watch BH if she is not on it. I am tired of all of this.

    1. Whats with all this “granny insult”? I’m a granny and I’m neither bitter or angry. We are actually really lovely, loving, sweet, cookie making ladies………………NOT!! I’ll kick your ass into next week if you keep this up! And don’t you doubt that for a minute.

  4. Don’t apologize at all. I have been feeling this way about her for the last two seasons. She used to have such an air of class and wisdom. Not anymore!! She is manipulative, bitchy, and vindictive. She’l rip you to shreds and claim to be just joking. She has fallen off that pedestal that I had her on for years. The best thing about LV is Ken and her love of animals. That’s it! Time for someone to claim her crown. I vote for Erika!!

  5. I totally get the differences between the British and American humour…..but LVP uses that to stick a knife in whenever she can. Now she is good. Gotta give her that. Nobody can do an insult, a knife jab with a twist while smiling and telling you it’s not personal, like LVP. I think I find that to be the most amusing about her actually. It may have been why I liked her from the start but she lost me when she kicked Kyle under every passing bus for the defense and likes of Brandi. And she did it because she knew she could hurt Kyle real bad. It’s lesson 101- On How to be Lisa’s Friend.

    I agree with you about Eileen. She does take it all too personally and seriously and I too roll my eyes and shout at the TV. But I disagree about why she defends Dorit and PK…..they are her friends (at the moment) and that’s what she does best when you are in her good graces. There is no way that PK doesn’t bug her on a some level but she can insult him with a smile and he just thinks….she really likes me! And Dorit is an air-head. LVP is a very smart woman. No way she can relate to her.

    I have found that the nice thing about this board is that we can disagree on this particular topic but agree on another and have no judgment and bad blood between us. It’s all good ASHER. I do enjoy most everyone here.

  6. Your assessment of LVP’s friendships seems to make sense. You really think she’s that naive? I don’t know if I believe that but everything else you say seems to ring true even though LVP’s actions are ringed with a bit of control and dare I say…….manipulation? Maybe that’s what we all see and pick up on? It’s the translation of what she does? And I so agree with you that that’s one woman I would not make an enemy of.

  7. You’re right about “flinging words around” and how they can be misconstrued. I’m a year older than the lovely LVP and it’s happening to me now. I’m getting comments from my husband and kids!! It’s like….where have you been for almost 58 years? Hiding behind a rock? I’ve spoken like this the entire time and it’s now you choose to misunderstand the meaning behind it? What can I say……ROCK EATERS THE LOT OF THEM!! It’s their fault. Not ours :0 🙂

  8. Hurrah!!!! If I were LVP, I would put a large placard in the middle of the ocean stating what a liar Rinna is. Yup, she’s having her moment & I’m glad she is. Truth is something that always surfaces. Liars be aware. As for LVP not finding an excuse for Dorit is simple to me. It’s a big difference from what Rinna said to Dorit’s denial. One was an outright lie & denial of it, the other just did not want confusion & she knew that’s where it would lead to. Simple as 1-2-3 to differentiate.

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