Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Jax Taylor Cheating Rumors

The season premiere of Vanderpump Rules was explosive, as allegations of Jax Taylor cheating on Brittany Cartwright arose at Scheana’s birthday party. Not only was Jax accused of cheating on his girlfriend, but SURver Faith Stowers admitted she could be pregnant with Taylor’s baby.

The entire cast was on edge and couldn’t believe that Jax would have slept with Faith while she was supposed to be caring for a 95-year old woman.

Even SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump spoke out about the issue.

You can re-watch the drama here:

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9 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Jax Taylor Cheating Rumors”

  1. Don’t understand why an intelligent businesswoman like LVP would want to televise, much less hire, such a vile group of young people. It’s one thing to appear on RHOBH where everyone is a mature adult, but putting herself out there with a staff of losers in one of her restaurants only brings down her established reputation. But I guess the notoriety brings in lots of customers which is money in her pocket.

    1. I understand whey she employs them now that she has VR – I absolutely cannot understand why she employed them BEFORE the show. I wouldn’t want a single member of that cast touching my food.

  2. I didn’t watch but VPR’s seems rehearsed. Also, they seem to really Highlighting Jax ( Ick), the Spin off Series and even on this site they have had him featured for his “thoughts” etc
    I used to kind of enjoy VPR’s it was almost like an ” Upstairs/ Downstairs” from the RHBH to the Sur-vers .
    Now, it’s like the OC. You have these ridiculous Women fighting over whatever.
    Jax, will be getting a Pension from Sur. Talk about the Eternal Peter Pan!
    Yes, it has to be scripted!

  3. “Jax” is a walking std.
    I don’t watch anymore. Same ol shit with the same ol dumbasses. These aren’t kids. They’re 30 something’s w the exception of a couple. Shallowness at its “best”.

  4. Jax may have “had Faith” literally. Nothing is a surprise with Jax, really.
    I really thought he was into guys as well as the girls. Who will be next?

  5. I have a feeling this is just a story line that is based on bs. Not that I would be surprised that he cheated – I just think it would have surfaced before this and Brit would have left already. At least I hope she has it in her to walk away from it.

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