Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Dorit Kemsley’s Bizarre Behavior

Lisa Vanderpump introduced us to Dorit Kemsley last season, and while Dorit’s behavior seems off this year, Lisa is sharing what she really thinks about her friend this season on RHOBH.

“I mean, I kind of try to defuse it by laughing,” Lisa said of that awkward dinner where Dorit called Camille Grammer the c-word. “Because there’s no really appropriate way you can call Camille Gramer a ‘See you next Tuesday’ and get away with it.”

Lisa says she knew something could go very awry at Kyle’s dinner party. “I was kind of, like, a little wary,” Lisa recalled, noting that she warned Dorit to think carefully before she said anything, a moment also captured at the same dinner party on the show. “I think I tried to put a napkin over her mouth, like this. So how far can you go? I’ve given you the signals that you need to pay attention, but ok, you’re on your own.”

Remember Dorit’s odd reaction while being photographed for a magazine that Lisa is in charge of?  “We were just highlighting the jewelry.” Lisa added to her explanation, “I didn’t think it was a big deal about hair and makeup and all that, and she made it a bigger deal than it was, and she knows that I feel that way.”

Will Dorit redeem herself this season? Lisa said on The Daily Dish podcast, “I think you’ve got to really take responsibility for what you say in a reality show.”

How do you feel about Dorit this season? I have to admit, her behavior is definitely bizarre.