Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Dorit Kemsley’s Bizarre Behavior

Lisa Vanderpump introduced us to Dorit Kemsley last season, and while Dorit’s behavior seems off this year, Lisa is sharing what she really thinks about her friend this season on RHOBH.

“I mean, I kind of try to defuse it by laughing,” Lisa said of that awkward dinner where Dorit called Camille Grammer the c-word. “Because there’s no really appropriate way you can call Camille Gramer a ‘See you next Tuesday’ and get away with it.”

Lisa says she knew something could go very awry at Kyle’s dinner party. “I was kind of, like, a little wary,” Lisa recalled, noting that she warned Dorit to think carefully before she said anything, a moment also captured at the same dinner party on the show. “I think I tried to put a napkin over her mouth, like this. So how far can you go? I’ve given you the signals that you need to pay attention, but ok, you’re on your own.”

Remember Dorit’s odd reaction while being photographed for a magazine that Lisa is in charge of?  “We were just highlighting the jewelry.” Lisa added to her explanation, “I didn’t think it was a big deal about hair and makeup and all that, and she made it a bigger deal than it was, and she knows that I feel that way.”

Will Dorit redeem herself this season? Lisa said on The Daily Dish podcast, “I think you’ve got to really take responsibility for what you say in a reality show.”

How do you feel about Dorit this season? I have to admit, her behavior is definitely bizarre.


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  1. Doritos. Dorit oh. Dorit is so happy when she has become the center of attention because of her antics. She is rude, crude and disrespectful. I don’t think she is funny, nor do I think she has a keen wit or humour that is Brit. I think she is just nuts and probably extremely frustrated that she is married to Humpty Dumpty. (I almost typed Cumpty…typo, but caught it!).
    I think she drowns herself with alcohol (and perhaps drugs) when she has to be seen in public with her hubby while the others bring their hunks to the parties, because she is envious of them. Of those she is the most envious of, either for their lives or their looks, youth, husbands, etc., she finds one target to attack (at a time) to seek out to irritate and humiliate. She really needs to find something nice to do and not just play victim and talk behind the backs of others who cannot defend themselves against her many lies.

    1. OMG. That was so funny. One thing is your name shows on “Recent Comments” so I came to look for your comment. But when I was in the other room after watching episode 9 I was thinking of PK as a little piggy, then I came and read this again before I realized it’s almost 3 weeks old. I think Dorit likes PK because he mirrors everything about herself back to her. And he has money. Naturally a spouse should always side with their partner, but when they act like her, he should privately tell her that when she drinks she gets vulgar and sloppy. Nothin’ worse, IMO, than a sloppy drunk. I hope, hope, hope Camille replaces Dorit next season. D is a trouble maker. It looks like Camille is on the way back from her being on so much. I also agree that Dorit shows definite signs of being on some upper. I know few people who talk as much as her and just repeat entire days past, and REALLY exaggerate every word. Like Teddy said, Shut UP.

  2. Dorit’s face in the above picture says it all. And she calls Teddi a psycho. I’m sure Andy will play back footage they have of Dorit at the reunion and she’ll still deny she did or said anything wrong.

  3. I really want her gone. Her MO actually is to label someone as crazy (which is VERY disgusting considering mental illness is not something to joke about, take lightly, OR ridicule someone else with). She’s extremely fake and pretentious. I wonder if Lisa R. is right about Dorit being a drug addict because her own behavior – flipping out and calling Teddy a lying, psycho, *itch – makes her seem that something is off about her. Gotta rewatch the scene to see if her eyes are dilated or normal.

    1. So were here pupils dilated? If it was dark and not with bright lights in her face, they would naturally dilate, but in the light they would not be…unless drug induced.

  4. So, she took on Erika and lost. She took on Lisa Rinna and lost. She can’t touch LVP because she’s her minion and Kyle is too powerful. That leaves Teddi as the only one Dorit thinks she can bully. I think she’s once again bitten off more than she can chew. She’s going to push Teddi too far one day and then all hell will break loose.

    P.S. Her song for P.K. was embarrassing. Look at how gracious Erika was to help her out.

    Oh and Dorit’s behaviour isn’t “off this year”. It was off last year if you’re able to read people.

    1. Yeah but now with the last episode the biotch was taking on LVP………LOL…..this is going to be a great knock down drag out fight! Tickets anyone?!

  5. Thanks, Rain. 😉

    Yes, Dorit is acting quite crazy. I would think that all the money in the world is not enough to truly make her happy. She talks about all of her things and how happy she is, but deep down, I think she is frustrated and wishes there was more, and she and PK only feel good together when they can put down others. They do have that in common…They are both pompous asses.

    1. I think that’s the problem. They don’t have all the money in the world and I think the pressure may be getting to her. Notice the “rehearsal” was held on a huge yacht? The actual party looked like it was being held on one of those dinner cruise things. Not nearly as large. I think it was all for show like everything else she does.

  6. Oh no! Maybe she wants to be like Luann? She married very wealthy too…and then she started singing…for her supper?
    Well, that would be something. Maybe she wants to be like Erika?!
    Dorit will go by one name…Dodo!

  7. Thank you! I thought they came in while your in your late teens or early 20’s. But nope not mine. And no pain meds bc I take kolonopin. xoxo

  8. That’s just for my anxiety. Ibuprofen is doing wonders. My 15 yr old said mom what’s for dinner? I gave the I’ll choke you look, so everyone is staying away from me.. Lol

    1. You could try soaking a small piece of cotton gauze or cotton ball with oil of cloves and putting it in the sockets. That is what they gave me and it really helps. You can buy it at the drug store. I had dry sockets when I was young after extraction and severe pain for weeks…but the clove oil really does help. You only need a little.
      Also, I recommend a homeopathic called Arnica Montana. It has no side effects. You just put 5 nearly microscopic pills under your tongue and let them dissolve. It is great for muscle aches and may help take the edge off.

        1. You’re welcome. I know how it feels…remember it even many years later.
          At the time, my oral surgeon recommended the clove oil for the sites.
          As for the Arnica Montana, it comes in the under the tongue very tiny pills and the gel, but the gel is not for the mouth, it is only to apply to muscles, so it is not for dental pain. The tiny pills do help for pain, even if it is hard to believe…but not a narcotic or even an NSAID, so it can’t hurt you. Hopefully it will help. Hubby takes it since he cannot take any NSAIDS, and we avoid even Tylenol as much as possible.
          Take care and feel better soon.


        2. Clove oil is not the same as the dry socket paste that is now used by professional dentists/surgeons. I did have a dry socket as I mentioned at that time…but clove oil can help after extractions for pain. You may want to check with your oral surgeon to be sure it is okay to use. You use very little.

          Take care.

  9. Yup, I was thinking the same thing. I did not see any other children of his mentioned or shown at all. I wonder how much PK does actually see of his children. Are they living in the States or are they in the UK? I thought he lived in the UK before he met Dorit.
    No comment on how the suit looked on him. Honestly I don’t look at his body if I can avoid it!
    Love ya Rain!

        1. Thanks for the link. That was interesting read – but when did he get involved in the music industry and friends with Boy George? I was under the impression that PK made his money in music.

            1. He is straight with a beautiful wife [Dorita]. We are all doing a reality show together with the same people who do the Kardashians. It is called Paul, Dorita and I.

              That article was in 2015…………..was Dorita on HW by then? I think so, right? Is that how Boy George looked at it? The show was about the 3 of them? It would explain a lot.

                1. I’m sure the Kemsleys thought HW was more profitable. I wonder what BG thought when they threw him to the side for something better? I guess nothing, cause he’s still hanging out there.

      1. No sure, since PK has a pic on his Instagram of one of his children, a daughter who looked about 17 or so, with him, embracing. I don’t know when it was from, but saw it on a site about him.

          1. Yes, I mentioned that above. I have seen the pictures. I just did not look or remember specifics about dates. He has tons of pics of Dorit and the young kids.

  10. Yes, isn’t it an odd name for an English girl, especially.
    It turns out that PK moved to Florida with his family about the time this article was published or shortly thereafter. His family moved back to the UK in 2012 from what I found out, anyway.
    Yes, I thought the same thing. He looked even worse 11 years ago!

  11. Did you notice that the article stated that PK was a regular in the poker circuit? Maybe he is gambling a lot of their fortune away? That would explain some things, though it is not necessarily true, of course. I don’t know how much he still gambles. Maybe Eileen Davidson’s hubby would know more?

    1. I really hope he’s no longer gambling ! But with only one client , I don’t know how serious he is about his career or how hard he’s working! Reports are they’re still not solvent

  12. We looked at the moon here last night from when it first shone,and it just looked like the moon. From what hub said, the lunar eclipse was not visible where we are on the East Coast…so it was nothing here. Oh well…I can always find pics of it online!


    Doing fine. I hope you are too!

  13. What will Dorit’s new song be named? “I am your shrink, your shrink!”
    “Don’t use that glass you ass!” “I was not late for the date!” “C U Next Tuesday…” “My love, I love your money, honey.” “Believe me.”

  14. I agree in that it was the closest we’ve gotten to see PK as a nice human being. By the way, I also thought why so over the top?! When was the last time they saw each other? Crapola…don’t they have enough money to fly to the UK on a regular basis (I do it twice a year and I’m not even close to rich), or fly the parents to the US? (We flew my husbands aunt from Inverness, Scotland and his mother from Canada, every Thanksgiving until the lovely ladies died). Ugh. I’m getting a headache…..these two people physically affect me.

    1. Not that I am pleased you have a headache, but thank you for being the other one who is so disgusted by them that it is physical. Yes, as parents get older, it is now the kids turn to do the traveling, the Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners etc. I did them from 1975 to 2007. Done now. If they don’t want to do those type of dinners, I am cool with that for real. But don’t wonder, after I have said so, why I don’t just do it here. Because I don’t want to. It is more than just cooking dinner. It is a week long job, and then 3 days after. We can exchange gifts with a latte as far as I am concerned. As long as I see and hear from my kids, I am happy. But…..I am done doing the big dinners forever.
      At least PK shut her down during her vulgar flood gate tirade toward Camille. When she sees it on camera, she will say it was a joke. Maybe a bunch of hillbillies at a bachelor party would drink and speak that way, but not at one of those beautiful dinners. Learn how to behave and carry yourself Dorit.

    1. I thought I replied to this twice last night but neither is here this morning?

      I saw. Thanks for dharing that tidbit. I feel sorry for lover boy. James is a drunk mess.

  15. WAY WAY WAY over the TOP!!! She is one big ball of stress and cannot see herself clearly at all. I run from people with that kind of wacko energy.

  16. Yes – it was touching I agree – I got a little teared up watching it. I believe PK is a kind,loving man to those he chooses to like and love. I just think he has no decorum with anyone else outside of that category.

    1. YEs, I agree. Yes, the bankruptcy is public knowledge. It was right about the time he divorced his ex wife. At one time he was worth closer to 200 million from what I have read. I guess wife number one has about half of his former wealth, whatever that was at the time.
      Yes, his ex wife is nowhere to be found in images. I did find her name but no pictures. She must really want her privacy. I can’t say I blame her.

  17. My gosh, compare the breast augmentation she has now to the lead photo above: Dorit definitely went overboard with the surgery.

  18. Just read that Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda’s ex and best friend of LVP has been accused of rape by a model. Kate Upton seems to think the director of Guess is complicit. This could could be huge.

  19. Date rape happens. The victim at the time feels as if no one would believe that on a date a actual rape could occur. The rapist is counting on the victim being too afraid to be further victimized by those who will say she (or he) was asking for it and it just had to be consensual. Even well respected people in society are rapists…but no one knows unless someone talks and is believed.
    So it is her word against his. Is it true? Only they know what really happened.
    The sad part is that so many are date raped and never report it because they feel no one will believe them.

  20. I WILL NEVER DOUBT THE VICTIM. People say,” Well, what about the false reports?” If people say “My house was broken into.” and it isn’t true, do we doubt every other person who’s had their house broken into? NO! We believe them. Why should this be different? Until men stop this BULLSHIT that has been going on for thousands of years, we must stand with the VICTIMS.

    Mic drop!

    1. UnrealHW,
      I agree, with you.
      I think you missed my point?
      Almost every Woman has been raped, which is a travesty.
      Women are afraid to report Rape for fear that they will not be taken seriously, defiled in a court of law infinitum.
      Men, have been getting away with Date Rape, On the Job Rape, Marital Rape etc for decades because of power, intimidation and because the Court System will ask? Why didn’t you file a report, where is the rape kit, why did you go into a hotel room with him.. You were dating him, you were married to him, bla bla bla.
      Now, with Powerful High Profile Women coming forward and sharing their experiences, it is creating a Hopeful Positive Change.
      Did you read my post after Sandy’s below?
      What I was referring to is how the Courts handle rape ( which is a joke).
      I gather, I should of worded my response differently.
      Read the post below after Sandy..
      Have a Wonderful Day!

      1. I wasn’t responding to anything you said, I just kinda lost my mind for a minute. I apologize if you thought I was upset by your comment.

      2. I don’t take abuse or rape lightly whatso ever. But from I’m reading, not too sure on this one.. And I’ll stick to innocent until proven guilty. Just sayin.

  21. Thank you! I’m calling in the morning bc my boyfriend says he believes I have a dry socket or something. Hurting worse now then ever.

    1. You’re welcome. I know the feeling. I had my first two wisdom teeth extracted and had no problems. Then two years later the other two wisdom teeth came in and were extracted under general anesthesia, and I had pain that lingered and dry sockets…nasty feeling and terrible discomfort.
      It was many years ago, but I sympathize with you. I wish I had them all extracted at the same time…I was actually awake for the first two extractions…not heard of today.

  22. I know the feeling. I too am usually good with pain. I get my teeth drilled with no novocaine. I can take pain but not for that long of a duration. I won’t even take a Tylenol or Motrin. It has to be severe. I find the Arnica helps a lot if I do get pain. The oil of cloves helps dental pain. My oral surgeon packed the socket and placed oil of cloves that I reapplied. I remember going to work with that packing in my mouth as a nurse…no fun.

    1. I have been using that on a cotton ball and it does help some, but I’m thinking I need an antibiotic. Sick of this!!

  23. Hi Minx!! Long time no see. This is a deep subject that I’ve had a cocktail or two too much to offer an opinion. That damn super bowl game going on!!! I hope you have been doing well.

  24. So sorry, Amanda. I remember when I got mine out. It sucked and takes a few to get over the pain. I hope you got some good meds!! I finally got (1) tooth implant finished on Wed. It’s been going on for about 9mos. It wasn’t a quick process in the least. Nothing hurt during or after, except for the cost. Absolutely ridiculous that the dentist just expects you to open your checkbook to them !! I’m talking thousands…..Now she’s on the hunt to try and find any other “problem” she can. I’m done.

  25. OMgosh, Mink, you’re killing me! I had to read your longgg post at least 3x’s. Hahaha!! Golden is good, but hubby has had “early on-set pneumonia for 2wks. and I have been fighting a freaking pink eye issue since Jan.6th…I’ve been through 2 bottles of antibiotic eye drops, then 1bottle of steroid eye drops. Everything is so resistance to meds. I hate this time of the year. If my golden gets sick, I’m blaming in on HIM!!!! He’ll pay one way or another, lol!!

  26. It’s always cold up your way. It sucks, I remember!!! I need warm! Golden hasn’t been on her usual walk for weeks on end. She’s pissy with the old man.

  27. I completely disagree with Dorit & the way she is acting this season. Kyle was only trying to help Teddi. Dorit was late, she should apologize & drop it. Last night Kyle & Dorit were both wrong on so many levels. Dorit was 2 hard on Kyle. Why didn’t Kyle ask LVP if she thought she was being Teddie’s mouthpiece. Then Kyle wanted to know why Dorit didn’t do the same with LVP. Then to top it off, they both turned on LVP. LVP did deserve a little conversation about the law suit being dropped.

    1. My thoughts on Kens lawsuit being dropped was…. So your doggie assistant is who tells you the news??? You mean to tell me a lawyer didn’t call them and say the accuser is accepting the pay off amount your offering??? Lol… Too much

      1. Yes, as phony as a $3 bill. I agree with Kyle (for once). Any time it’s not all about LVP she gets in a snit. Go back to season 1. Her friendship jealousy was obvious from day 1.

        1. I don’t feel the love for LVP, never have, never will. That being said, I don’t feel the love for ANY of them on ANY of the franchises (that I actually watch). My life is way better than any of theirs, wouldn’t trade even if a pony and a puppy were thrown in. None of them have peace of mind and to me, that’s the secret of happiness.

  28. Yes, I know. It seems the comments after Imposted the first one above, are not visible. This is my comment from the other day if it posts again and does not disappear.
    a day ago
    **I believe she had a large home in Malibu while with Kelsey that was sold and now has two homes…or did, one in Malibu, but the one in Malibu is pricey at 2,000 square feet.

    1. They all need to find their “center”, learn to love and embrace their blessings, and use it to their advantage. Peace of mind is so empowering and it enables you to embrace others and just strengthen relationships. A drama free life in other words. Anyway, my life tutorial for today, lol!!!

  29. Who wants Camille back full time?

    My vote…No. I find her boring. She is just different now. She has been through a lot with the men in her life and her health. I think she should focus more on her health and her children, etc. She does not need BH, and she adds nothing to BH.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. No Camille!! I’d rather watch grass grow than see Cammy. She has nothing to add and she only has to remember 1-2 lines per episode. What is the point to have her on?? Here’s to you having a great weekend as well!!!

      1. I think maybe it is hard to cast wealthy BH women for a show like this. That may be why they bring back the former Housewives who have a connection to the characters, like Camille.
        In NJ they are looking for very wealthy women only from Bergen County who have a connection to the characters. (My own sister is all of that…well, indirectly knows one character…the family, but she is too old…but actually she would be fun to watch…nothing like me, but wrong generation.

    2. I like Camille, but I agree, she doesn’t really add anything to the mix. I actually like her better now than I did when she was still with Kelsey and going through her divorce. Teddi adds the “Nice Girl” to the mix and anymore might just be plain boring.

      1. Yes, I agree. I hope Teddi is able to show more of herself and not always have too be in defensive mode with all the attacks from Dorit and those who defend Dorit. At least Kyle tried to defend Teddi when Dorit attacked her the last time.
        Really a glass is just a glass. Teddi is more laid back and easy going. She is what I picture a California girl to be like.
        To me Camille is always putting in an act. I really do wish her well, but she is not interesting enough or likeable enough to be added FT in my opinion.

        1. Teddi is so a California girl unlike all the others actually. At least in my mind. It’s probably why I’m liking Camille better now. She’s not putting on a show. She’s actually being herself.

          1. Maybe that is Camille. When she was with Kelsey, she had an air in her voice. Now she speaks differently…more down to earth, but she was more snobbish before. She has been through a lot with that last horrific boyfriend and her health.

  30. Ha! Golden still waiting for her daddy to walk her!!! She’s pissy with him, ’cause she hasn’t been walked for 2 or so wks. I think he’s finally well. I really have tried, but I don’t have the control he does and she walks me. I’m not as good with commands. She doesn’t listen to me, damn it! This weekend though…..

    Wow, Ballet sounds fun! Never been. Does this evening out include dinner as well?? Have a fantastic time!!!!!

    P.S. I’ma thinking we are gonna have to write our own synoposis, j/s.

  31. bluebell, I do believe you’ve possibly hit the nail on the head. She’s behaving so out of character, crazy like Rinna. Only difference is that I dont believe she’s as conniving as Rinna is.

  32. Well I saw that Lydia is not returning to OC. I like Lydia a lot but all that drama just isn’t for her. I’ll miss her mom too.

  33. Hiya! Everybody doing good. Doggie got walked this morning, yea!!! How was the ballet (sp? doesn’t look like I spelled it right). Hope you had a great evening!

    Something’s gotta give on this site!! I love it too! We crave gossip!

    1. I think they need an ethnic chick !! A Latina , Asian or AA woman.. someone like Eva Langoria because she’s so involved politically and socially or someone like Jessica Alba

  34. Hi Sandy,
    I would love to see someone from Betsy Bloomingdales’ Family…
    Lots of juicy scandal but non the less very Hollywood. Some one related to “Old Hollywood Royalty”…

  35. I love Jane Leeves!!!
    No, these people are not desperate enough.
    That’s the Problem the Old Monied Families would find the Show Crass. I would love Off Spring from Real Hollywood Royalty..
    That’s just me..

  36. I know! I would love to see them interacting…just for fun!
    I can only take Chelsea Handler in small doses. I used to watch her show some of the time. She never holds back.

  37. I am trying to spark discussion while we wait for more feeback from the site owner about what is happening with All Things.
    Does anyone watch Vanderpump Rules? I watch but missed some of it.
    What happened at Stassi’s birthday party. I did not see what it was that made her so upset? That was some horrendous theme…Death on your Birthday? I liked Ariana’s party much more…very glam, though Tom Sandoval was freaky looking. He always gets into costumes…a lot!

  38. Patrick is a dick!! I don’t believe Sandoval is that sexual either if you ask me …. subconsciously people like Ariana always pick a partner like Tom who won’t hassle them for sex too much . But yes her issues are deeply rooted poor thing and I hope she finds some relief

  39. Watched old RHONY today and it made me miss Jill and Bobby. Season 3 really reminded me how much those two loved each other.

  40. I did reply to this earlier…not sure where it went! I don’t see it.
    I said, in case you don’t see it, that she would be good, but she is spreading herself thin now with two shows. She is married to a CBS exec…nice perks. I think she is too busy for BH, but good one. I hope this one posts.

  41. I watch some…not too much. I love the ice skating. I cannot believe the scores the American skater received who did not fall at all…Rippon? Some of the scoring is unfair…
    I get nervous when anyone falls…especially with the couples.
    Yes, Julie would probably laugh at the thought, but she would be fun to watch.

  42. I know! It is clear that he does not want to be exclusive with her. He was such a jerk on that episode. He and Jax are both her types…doesn’t say much about Stassi.
    Then again a Birth-day becomes a Death-day..and that is her idea of a fun party theme?! I know someone who was born on Halloween, and I don’t believe she ever had a birthday like Stassi did. What was that with the ranch dressing dripping fountain?
    Oh, and Stassi is a party planner now…. What was LVP thinking?

  43. Thanks. I love your attitude!
    I have never been one for crowds or lines. I think that may be a Gemini trait…or not. I do like the simpler things, really. I don’t enjoy big dinners out much any more. Lunches are great and brunches too.
    There is a restaurant that is known for omelettes and breakfasts…like a diner really. They have the best breakfasts. I recently discovered their California Benny…California style Eggs Benedict. I never even tried eggs Benedict before…not sure why…the Hollandaise sauce…but it was impressive..came with avocado…and crunchy bacon…and fresh fruit. Yum.

    Well, that is all for now. I just watched Sean White kill it on the slopes with his snowboard! Wow! He is something else…older than the rest now, but he scored 97.75!
    Ice couples on now.
    Take care. XOxoxoXO

  44. In, order to keep our Social Interaction alive..

    1) What is your First Valentine Day Memory?
    2) Your Best Valentine’s Day Memory?
    3) Your Worst or most Comical Valentines Day Memory?

    Anyone want to, Play Along?

  45. Well that makes me sick!!! Really thought she deserved a chance to show who she is without battling cancer and grieving the loss of her father. Ugh!

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I think it was on the Bravo site.
      It said , that Peggy decided not to,
      Perhaps, she is concentrating on,
      her health.?
      Looks like major ” Re-Casting”.
      Megan, Lydia and Peggy- all not returning..

  46. Thanks Rain. I don’t think it was too lovely. He was so sweet, handsome and brilliant as well as funny. Yes, he had it all. I think his dad worked on Wall St. Anyway, it was not meant to be, and I would not break up a couple..if he was still a couple with that girl…who was the younger sister of a guy in our graduating class. The guy, her brother, became a doctor. I don’t know what happened to her, but clearly he did not marry her, anyway, and married another veterinarian.
    I did the right thing by telling him to stay with the other girl. He may have bought the bigger card for me, but I could not be with someone who was seeing more than one…go figure. I just want someone to be with me and me only. He was too young. We were just in high school.
    Have a great Valentine’s Day Rain…Tell us your story! XOXOXOXO

  47. At that time I only dated guys with long hair, and this guy did not have the long hair like the other guys…not real short but not long like shoulder length either! He was the only guy my mother liked..after seeing him once. She was all about looks and he had them…and a sweet smile.
    I could have pursued him, but I knew I was so allergic to animals. How could that have worked? Oh well.
    I did not go to the last reunion. I went to one five years before and he was not there since his wife was in the hospital..another injury. Anyway, no one worth seeing at this age…none of my old friends were no more reunions for me.
    My mother did not like any guy I dated. She never lived to see the one I married, but I don’t think she would have liked him…not what you call a hunk..and I mean that. She was all about the looks..more than anything. I was into bright types…more than anything, and I had to be able to have a conversation..can you tell?
    Love you.

    1. What grown woman doesn’t like to have a conversation ? ❤️❤️.. Valentine’s is brining out a lot of nostalgia and I thank you for sharing xoxo

      1. Nostalgia…yes. I don’t remember much about Valentine’s Days. I am sure I had a few dinners. The spouse worked years as an emergency doc and they made him work all of the holidays. I did make some nicer dinners for us back when..not so much for V Day now. It is just another day.
        I dated another guy for years, a med student. We were to marry, but someone made up an awful lie about me (his sister) and he believed her, so he broke it off. I told him she was lying. He dated another nurse…and she got preggo within the first month..They married and she was nearly giving birth, just a few months after we broke up really..maybe 9 or 10 months…very soon.
        I bumped into a nurse’s aide from her floor and asked about that nurse who just married. She said, “Oh her. She said she would hook a doctor anyway she could and she did!” I did not say I knew him….but I left that hospital when I saw his new wife very pregnant with a huge name tag that she must have had made herself..not the normal hospital ID, with her new last name…I went to another hospital further away…to get away from seeing her there. I even bumped into him waiting outside in his car to pick her up…sad.
        I found out many years later that he told someone he made a mistake listening to his sister. He is now on his second wife..and has very young children.. and a total of 7 children…and he ran for governor of my state years ago.. He is very very wealthy..all self made…a child of immigrants. He was the one that got away, but he is a changed man now. I am changed too. I admired that he opened car doors…so chivalrous, loved children, loved seniors…sweet guy. I never saw him as the politician type…not the same guy…but always friendly.

  48. I know.. Live and learn as they say. If I could do it all over, would I do some things differently? I think most of us would…or at least I would.

  49. Ha! I know it could not have worked unless he did not want to be a vet or love animals so much. How could that ever work?
    I was not in love with him then, but I did want to see where it would go at the time, but I felt hurt that he would date me and still be dating someone else at the same time…not right. I did the right thing.
    I mean, other choices in my life when I say do it over. I did make a stupid choice in college changing my major to psych…not doing the nursing from the start…but actually, my biology professor in my freshman year of college asked me to become a biology major. I really should have listened to him. I loved the sciences and did well in them. If I did it right from the start, I would have gone to med school had I planned it right, and I actually almost did that at a later date…long story. Then I didn’t..because my mom passed suddenly. I became a RN, but I did it over several years, working full time and then going back to college again…even becoming an LPN first. I worked and went to school at the same time…and wasted a lot of years. I did not become what I should have become..then married and put it off…for the spouse…and never did enough career-wise.
    Oh, and he did not not put hands in cows or horses. His wife did that kind. He just did the regular pets and pocket pets (gerbils and such?) though I am sure some of them have issues with childbirth too.
    You are not a cow! You kill me!!!
    I married a doctor…He had a lot of experience with that..almost became an ObGyn…when he lived in Europe, before he came back to the US.

  50. I remember that my father always remembered Valentine’s Day. He used to always bring my mother flowers and candy..those big hearts filled with chocolates…cheesy, but also with a nice card. I know he took her on dates on date nights too. My parents loved to go out to dinner shows. I got them tickets once for Duke Ellington at a dinner theater. They loved the big bands…and loved the Duke. They got all dressed up too. I loved how nice they looked. Those memories are the best for me.

  51. You would be awesome! I would watch you in a nanosecond!!
    My new arena would not be writing, or maybe…. I used to write for a grassroots environmental paper for a few years. I did like it at the time, but it was time consuming with all of the research, and it was not too much fun, really.
    I could start a blog about what exactly? I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I can wire an outlet or switch or lamp or stereo system. I can install some plumbing…not fun, but we did install our toilets, sinks and all faucets. I recently repaired the windshield washer on the back window of my wagon. I know how to follow directions?
    I was thinking of learning a language. I know a few words in Spanish and Italian. I would love to be fluent in either language.
    Now, we are keeping this blog going sort of, but have you heard anything yet about what is happening with All Things, Rain?

    1. I think you should do a blog that is all encompassing and non specific ! It has to be fun so everyday write about whatever YOU want to write about !! This way you’re enjoying it and you’re not burdened by sticking to any one topic

      No I haven’t heard anything! I know Cin emailed too and was supposed to say if she heard anything so I’m assuming she hasn’t

      1. You should write the blog with me. We could call it Rain and Sand? Think of something…Bicoastal, the Bi report? LOL. You could get political, of course.
        San Fran Hottie and Jersey Girl?

        I don’t understand what is happening. Someone should have responded by now. This is so strange. I hope for the best. Fingers crossed that all will be resolved and we will have this site up and working like before.

  52. You would probably have a lot of fun with a vet, especially if he gave you discounts! You are a true animal lover. Now, you have to find a horse vajayjay expert?!

  53. My parents got married on my father’s birthday…also in February, so Valentine’s Day and their anniversary were only ten days apart.

  54. My opinion of Vanderpump Rules latest episode: I believe that Stassi got all bent out of shape bc a chick she invited a (stripper) was getting more attn than her. In Stassi form she told Katie, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY”,like a 2 yr old, was ignored so like her other birthdays acted like a Bimbo. We all knw what a child she is! It was a stupid birthday. Then her bf Patrick said he didn’t care who she,”banged”, etc! What a prick! Bravo cud of spared us that waste of airtime! Ariana’s birthday had Sandoval in all his closeted splendor! LVP didn’t attend any with the pretext that she had the dog charity! As if that has kept her away in the past.She knew these parties were going 2B ridiculous so she kept away! She’s the producer! What a sh_t show!
    Then Stassi goes on WWHL & apologizes 4her stupid behavior after even Andy thought it was stupid! This Bimbo doesn’t learn!
    See ya!

  55. I watch a show called Poldark on PBS Masterpiece. On it, a very wealthy titled English woman named her child Valentine. This is a show based on a novel that is set in the 18th century. Valentino in Ireland would have been unique. On that note, I used to have a pair of peach faced lovebirds. I bought them on Valentine’s Day…just remembered that when you said Valentino. I named one Cupid. The other was Chubby..yes, it turns out Chubby was a she…and she laid eggs. We got them on our first married Valentine’s Day. I had nearly forgotten. They lived 14 years…the same as the day we got them, 14th. Weird…but true.
    LOVE U 2

        1. oh nooooooooooooo don’t tell me that! I moved houses and didn’t remember to put that to record. Damn! Where would I find it now?!

          1. I think maybe if you donate to PBS, you can watch. Otherwise I believe you can purchase the season on Amazon. I am not sure, but would check there.

  56. If you could cancel one Bravo show, any show, what would it be and why?
    If you could change any show or location somehow, what would you change if you could?

    This is not a two parter…just answer whatever if you choose.

      1. I missed that one! I know I tried to watch the RH of Aukland…but that was just not for me. I believe RH of Chelsea was on for a bit years ago..and I could not understand them. I kept the captions on but it was not enough.
        How about RH of Rhode Island…Wealthy Rhode Island? Maybe some New England housewives would be a change…not sure how good…but a change.
        Real Housewives of Hawaii might be good. I would enjoy the scenery.
        I just would not want RH of Alaska.
        Did anyone watch Bethenny and Fredrik? I watched the first one…yup. Since the olympics, I am not caught up.
        I think Bethenny is a tough cookie to work with. I would love to see the behind the scenes fights they had! Fredrik says she is too brutally honest and he hates it…since she will say the truth even if it hurts.

        1. I liked the Auckland and the Melbourne HW’s and I also liked the Cheshire ladies but yes it’s been awhile since they’ve been back on. I think their accents were too much for the American market. I had a hard time too but I could catch enough. I get stuck with the Slang phases and words. I also love TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) which we don’t get here. I get it on HULU. Now their accent is hard going! No offense to anyone from Essex!

          I did catch Bethenny’s new show, the first one, and my thoughts are that I have to watch another. I like home design, hence the reason I’m watching. I wait and see what it brings me.

        1. I’ve boycotted too but I admit that I will watch to see how shannon does post David !! I wasn’t planning to watch if Lydia and Peggy were still on

          Having said that , I’m fine if they just cancelled it

          1. Shannon is doing tons of infomercial ads online, on FB etc. She endorses all kinds of stuff. She has a big online presence. She does live shows on FB at times.

  57. I stopped my FB again. I thought I told you. I only have Messenger to talk with Barb and one other friend. I was tired of all of the stuff. I got addicted to a site about my dog breed…just too much back and forth.
    Maybe someone else can. I would have to put it back on and try to locate her. I know 3 D’s has contacted her (N) numerous times and she has FB. Maybe she can try to reach her?

    You are not lazy. It is just not something you want to spend time on when there are lots of other things you could do with your time off work! I don’t blame you!

  58. I looked on Twitter. Last Tweet from All Things was Jan. 31. Nick’s own Twitter is private, so there is no way to write her there.

  59. There is absolutely nothing attractive to me about PK. No one will be able to convince me that Dumdum married him for anything more than attention and money.

  60. Frankly I am kinda disgusted with BH this year. All the situations seemed staged and this nonsense about Dumdum telling Erica what was said when she left the house the night before. Such a bunch of BS.

  61. The shows are all getting a little bit boring and repetitive, maybe some new blood as in seasoned, wiser and funny (menopausal) ladies would do a better job. Hey, it couldn’t be worse than what’s there now.

  62. LOL…..maybe Boy George didn’t know here well enough at the time and only thought her name was Dorita…………………… or…………………or her real name is Dorita and she hates it so much she changed it to Dorit!

  63. Okay, Luann turned down a Plea Deal..
    (There is no word on what the Plea Deal was.)
    The most Stupid Move she could have made..
    They showed the Photo of the Officer that she Assaulted. Man, he was bruised..
    She is going to Trial..
    She is going to do jail time..

    1. I imagine the Plea Deal involved some jail time – can’t state you’re going to kill a public servant – and Ms. Xcountess thinks she’s too good to be with commoners?! She thought hiring a sober team would give her credit.

  64. I couldn’t watch it..Too many popups not allowing it, and I have popups blocked….Some fake Amazon popup prize thingie…

      1. It may be my iPad…not everything has it happen and my settings are right. The browser may have an issue. I tried to read around it…something about the psychic Allison not being a friend anymore?

        1. You can go to . Basically it’s a respone to what Camille said about that dinner when she was on Wwhl a few nights ago

          1. I just did and found it. Wow. So Allison is saying that Mauricio frequents WeHo…and I think I know what that means, given where Pump is located.
            Well, after watching MDLLA and NY I don’t want to group all men in one category who work in real estate, but a lot of them seem to have something in common.
            I would be afraid to have Allison on my show if I were Andy
            Speaking of psychics, my sister has a “friend” who is a psychic and my niece said she got a reading. My sis says, no, I never got my reading…and niece said it was about me…not so good really…but she would not tell all, just about an issue I mentioned to you last year not being resolved fully…but my sister tells this person so much info…I know she makes up things to fill in blanks and seem believable. She is not talking to the spirits, and even they cannot predict the future..can they? We just don’t know.
            I used to watch a TV show about the real Allison…and I loved it. After seeing the real Allison, I could not stand the person. She was also quite inebriated that night.
            Yes, my sister should be on the show…if only she were younger! She would bring a lot of (almost wrote crazy) uniqueness!

            1. I never actually saw that episode because I wasn’t watching the show then

              But her insinuating that about Mauricio is LOW and enough to make me disregard her

              1. OH, you should watch that one! Allison was like the wicked witch of the west in that episode. It appeared that Camille invited her to dinner to start trouble, and Camille had a sinister smile and laugh along with the truly sinister laugh of Allison who became more drunk by the moment.
                Allison sees spirits since childhood. She also seems to predict the future. She lashed out at Kyle out of the blue saying she would never be fulfilled by Mauricio..
                Anyway, they all were seated at a huge ornate table at Camille’s mansion which she had when still married to Kelsey. I wonder if Allison told Camille that Kelsey was shacking up with a flight attendant in NYC back then?
                Allison was eeried and frightening. Camille, back then, looked like she set it up to intimidate Kyle and just be nasty..not right.

                1. Kyle was being a nasty bitch that night. She kept asking for a reading. Allison was there as a guest and said, “I’m off the clock.” Kyle then said, “I’ll bet if I whipped out my credit card she wouldn’t be off the clock.” Kyle was making rude, ignorant remarks about Allison all night. Camille is right, you should see the whole thing, not the way they edited it to look. Kyle was worse than she was the night her she and Kim went after Brandi. Allison was drunk, but Kyle and LVP were rude and arrogant.

                  1. Yes, Kyle can be a mean girl. I hate how she and Kim went after Brandi, stealing her crutches and laughing the entire time. I know when she and LVP are together they team up and can be quite critical at times too.

    1. Hi Daisy ! Any person dying is tragic but children dying is a whole other level of heartbreak
      It sickens me and I’m sure nothing will be done and the Republican respone will probably be ‘ well if the other kids all had guns this wouldn’t have happened ‘

      We are the worst when it comes to protecting our children from any crazy person with a gun. It’s pure evil

    2. Daisy I am so heartbroken over this too. I have a child in high school and it’s horrifying thinking she isn’t safe trying to get educated. So many prayers and thoughts for all victims, families, and friends.

      1. I understand completely. I don’t have children but have nieces and nephews still in school and I’m worried so much for them. Just today a child in my area was caught with a gun at school

    3. It is so horrifying. I feel for the families and all those affected by this terrible tragedy. I don’t like to think that we have to make schools into prisons, but it seems like the way they have become in many places as a defensive measure. My sons are out of school for years now, but when they were there, there were policeman full time in every school in the district and this is a very safe town. No one even lets their children walk to the bus stops any more in this area. I see all parents drive their children and wait in their cars, even on beautiful days for very short distances to the nearest corner. The bus stops 4 places in one pretty small circle of homes. Years ago it was one bus stop on the nearest major street only for this area. Everyone has made their children afraid, which is frightening for them. It is a scary world, sadly.

      1. Sandy dear, other than you’re totally right I don’t know what else to say. Just a horrible time in our country and unfortunately I don’t see it improving

        1. It is extremely upsetting. Maybe hire our veterans to protect schools?
          Keep your chip up Daisy, for every wrong thing in our country, there are 100+ good, we are just having to look a little deeper or open our eyes…XOXOX

                1. I have my moments – I just refuse to let the dark side control my life. I see and run into situations on most every shift that could cause people to become jaded and quit. I will never EVER allow someone else’s actions to deter me! I wake up every day confused, shaking my head on why there is so much anger in our country, I don’t have all the answers, I can only control myself – so I hug tighter and love longer!!!! XOXOXOX

                    1. We all have to be who we are…I cry for people and families I have treated…I hold a piece of them in my heart I just have to stay strong for the next person who I lucky enough to care for…! I also am a CHL holder for anyone who dares to harm my loved ones – course they are all CHL holders to – protecting me…

                    2. God bless you lovely. I could never do what you do. I would be a emotional mess and not helpful to anyone. What’s chl?

                    3. Concealed Handgun License – no worries I am well trained – I would not carry without. We are not allowed to carry on the job and I never carry where not allowed by law. At the same time, it is never too far away so I can protect others.

    4. Hi Daisy,
      We had a mandatory Emergency Meeting at the University this Early this Morning regarding the epidemic of school massacres.
      Recently, several Schools in our State have had Shootings, one earlier this week. We have had Shopping Malls under seige.
      The University is located in a dicey area, we have had Peaceful Demonstrations turn onto Riots. One a few weeks ago.
      What the Board voted on is insanity but under the lack,of responsible gun laws in this era of violence, necessary.
      I am an Artist.
      I didn’t go to College to work in a Military Microcosm or in an atmosphere of fear.
      I Formally submitted my Resignation a few hours ago.
      I have seen enough.
      I do, not have to Teach for Financial reasons.
      I have my own businesses, investments and my own Fine Art Career. I, taught for the pure joy of it, to nurture and help brilliant
      talented young adults cultivate their talents to hopefully achieve their dreams.
      I am sickened.
      I have my own panic/anxiety disorders, thus it is time for me to pass the torch on..
      I am sorry for this dark post.
      I have had some in-depth discussions with other Proffesors who feel the same way.
      Twenty of us have formally Resigned. It feels like a Death of sorts .
      During my sabbatical I knew, deep down inside that it was a time for a significant change in my, life in, numerous ways.
      I have spoken to my Friends, my Therapist and my Gentleman Friend, “The Sherrif” who offered his professional insight.
      This is the best descision for me.
      The World has truly gone mad.
      No, Student should go to a sanctuary of higher education looking at their fellow students as potential snipers.
      No, Parent should have to, make funeral arrangements for their Children.
      This is wrong.

      1. Oh Minxy, I’m so, so sorry that you have to stop teaching. It’s heart breaking that you have to give up something that you love so much because of safety reasons. I believe if I had children I would now choose to home school. Trust me I understand the anxiety issues. Mine are pretty much over the top now. I don’t go to the movies at all anymore. I only go to the mall if I’m out of something and then it’s just a quick trip to bath and body works or ULTA or Sephora. I’m constantly in panic mode if I’m away from the house. I tell ya with everything going on in my personal life and our country I’m a completely nutter butter

  65. I’m good, yes – the hubs practically had a floral shop delivered. He’s so crazy! YESsssss….not a good look. It’s very early 90’s (?) Christina Aguilera.
    How have you been?

  66. XOXO
    I haven’t been able to keep up with Olympics this year. Hubs has been working a lot and with flu season I’ve been pretty busy too.
    Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on with Erika – don’t like this alliance with Dumbit. Erika also seems to be acting a little too much?!

    1. There is definitely some acting going on with Erika this season ! And the way she rebuffed Teddi when she tried to hug her was tacky and embarrassing… I hope she works on being at least a little more congenial . Even her friendship with Dorit seems calculated and serves Erika absolutely no purpose

      1. I’m calling this season…we have nothing better to do than get upset with the little stuff – all the while Dorit arms have to be worn out from all the shi! stirring. IDK it’s been kinda boring – again – last year was too?!

        1. I agree !! Not much to look at here ! Rinna isn’t even interacting much with the cast, she’s just promoting her girls and her side gigs

          1. Hmmmmm…wonder if Rinna will leave? Maybe she will take Dumbit and her nasty husband with her?
            Also…Ken doesn’t seem right?!

            1. Hey kt. How are you? I was thinking the same thing. It is like Ken is aging all at once. Lisa said that Ken had kidney stones at one point. She also was anxious to get home to her husband, saying he would appreciate her more than they would. Maybe there is more to the story. Maybe she just wanted to spend more time with Ken and was preoccupied with his health perhaps and wanted to get home to be with him.

              1. I’m wonderful – how have you been? Ken seems very preoccupied and at times angry – I do not like to diagnose however, I think LVP should keep a watchful eye! Ken putting the puppy in his shirt and more so his reaction was odd.

                1. I am fine, thank you. I got flowers too…but not as many as you!
                  Yes, that was weird. Didn’t Lisa say that Ken wanted to have Gigi cloned too? I think that is really weird. No matter how cute the little guy is, he suffers from a skin disease and cloning…really. Maybe it is age related or memory issues, but whatever it is, he has been acting a bit strange more and more, I agree. That puppy in the shirt was odd. I think the puppy liked it…sort of, the poor thing.

                  1. My hubs is the romantic one…and always goes overboard…so I give him everything he wants and more – wink wink! We are having 80 degree weather, gonna get the bikes out as soon as he gets home – because tomorrow — 44 degrees – God Bless TX. LOLYes, she did say he wanted Gigi cloned – and had even check on the price?! Puppies like to be warm, it was just the way Ken was acting…IDK…my training tells me something isn’t right?!

            2. I think Ken is in a snit and refusing to talk while being filmed. I think he’s had a falling-out with the producers and it’s his way of protesting while Lisa still gets to use the show to promote her agendas.

              1. He does seem to have a temper. Something is off with him?! Could be why LVP was so emotional at the dinner with Kyle and Dorit – she’s worried about Ken?

                1. Hi kt,
                  I have noticed Ken’s unusual behaviour..
                  I know a great deal about Dementia & Alzheimer’s..
                  My late Mother’s Behaviour changed in a manner similar than Ken’s..
                  I, hope this not case! It is a long difficult road..
                  Just felt he was off and the beginning stages of Dementia seem familiar to me.
                  Dark Subject, I know..
                  Have a Lovely Weekend!

                  1. My mother’s did as well although not similar to Ken’s. It is a horrible disease. I hope this is not what is going on with Ken.

          2. Yes, she is always on the move to do another gig selling her wares or promoting her daughters. I could tell her younger daughter really just wanted to be a kid and be with her mom and not think about traveling for work more than Delilah. She really pushes them a lot.

      2. Erika should align herself with Teddi. I like Erika and Kyle together too. Yeah I’m feeling she’s trying too hard to be the nice girl and have the focus taken off her, but being friends with Dorit is not a good move.

          1. Maybe she just likes playing on the side of a person with an agenda? I always thought she sided with Yo a little too much and too soon. Was she ever really Yo’s friend, or did she just like to be up against the majority, standing up for the one who wants the most attention.
            Negative attention is still attention. Yo wanted attention all of the time, and so does Dorit, and any way she can get it. Dorit does her best to get more visibility. She probably feels she is the star of the show.

          2. Yeah I like Erika and Kyle and add Teddi to that mix and it would be fun, sexy, outrageous and real. LOL what a show that would make……and even though I’m not an LVP fan, I do like her sense of humour as long as she can keep the knives sheathed, she too would make a fun edition. Dorit is a horrible creature and not a good fit, she needs to go. I truly believe that they don’t need another woman in the mix. I’m hot and cold about LR so I would vote her off the island.

  67. Maybe because mom didn’t go to college, so she feels it is not necessary? I am thinking some people are all about the money you make and may say, why do you need college when you can make more now as a model or whatever?
    I know people who think it is all about the money you earn, and not an education. I think it depends on the person. If the child is clearly not college material, then maybe engage them in a trade, but if they are bright enough, then higher education is always a plus in my opinion and should be encouraged.

  68. Minxy Poo, of course I rembure our conversations. I really love and admire your ability to grab the bull by the balls and face up to all the challenges that life throws at us. Love you cutie pie

    1. Response to self on that clip. I think Dorit is a trouble maker. She purposely did not work out with the other women, so she could stay behind and tell Erika that the others were mad that she left. She put Teddi on the spot and made more out of the situation than it actually was. I was one hundred percent sure of what Dorit was about to relate to Erika when she stayed with her and not the others. She is a trouble maker. She came on to this show with an agenda…to be the backstabber to all and no one’s friend. She thinks maybe it will guarantee her a spot as a regular, and so far, she is still there.
      I am happy that Camille called her out. Why were the others so afraid to say a thing to Dorit after Teddi just made a little comment about it being weird that Erika picked out a room and then said she was going to a hotel that Dorit made into something much bigger and more vile. It was an insult to the host with the way Erika did it. She could have said from the beginning that she did not want to stay there for whatever excuse she could dream up, menstrual flow or not.

      I wish we could have seen more of the happy moments of the night before and not dwell on giving Doreek so much air time. She is the worst.
      Also Erika was wrong to shun Teddi like she did. After all she was Teddi’s houseguest and should have been more receptive to Teddi being friendly to her. It brought Teddi to tears and then she said Let’s call it a day…end of a nice time because of Doreek’s big mouth.

      1. Excellent post Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ As an Erika fan , I think she behaved badly when Teddi tried to hug her . That was rude and petulant and unnecessary . I was embarrassed and ashamed

        But I don’t think it’s ‘weird’ she left . Maybe she knew they were going to stay up all night and she needed to sleep . Instead of people simply asking her the next day why she left , she’s confronted with being ‘weird’ … I like Teddi a lot but she needs to stop frigging crying every time she has a discussion. And kicking people out is equally as rude as Erika rebuffing her

        But the real villain is Dorit and her big mouth

        Happy Friday darling ❤️❤️❤️

          1. But she didn’t try to bear hug her or invade her space so much. She just carefull placed a hand on her arm lightly as a a sort of don’t make so much of it Erika; everything is cool with me. Erika treated her as if she had the plague.

              1. I am not a touchy feely type either. I like my personal space, but I tolerate the ones who hug if I have to…but this was just a tap really.
                I am not into kissing or hand shaking…germaphobe here.

                1. as I get older – I hug more. But it didnt look like Teddi was going to hug her… I though she just touched her arm in a “I care” way.

            1. Regarding Miss Pantless Ericka and Teddi…..I had a friend do this to me once due to the fact things didn’t go her way…. sticks with you… it’s ugly.

  69. Wow, that’s a lot in one day. I hit every light red. I’m like don’t even look at the people in the other cars. They may be cray cray and not like the way I look at them. I know in time we will get better. Things have to improve. Right? Yes life does go on. We live and learn. Sorry, I had to take allergy meds and feel a bit loopy. Please forgive any mistakes and my ramblings

    1. Daisy,
      No, Problem.. I took 3 Xanex!
      They haven’t even hit me!
      So, stressed..
      Can hardly wait for all of them to kick in!
      Love & Hugs!

    1. I haven’t watched Golden Girls in a while. I did watch all of the Hot in Cleveland episodes at least twice.
      My sister keeps asking me why they don’t make a reality show like that! I said, I don’t know how many older women actually do live together like that, but I don’t think the sponsors are as into a show like that if it is not going to attract its target audience which is the up to 49 year olds. That is the part that bites. No one cares so much about show that attract those over 49 maybe.
      I used to like the Golden Girls when I was young too, so I don’t get why we don’t have shows like that. As for senior reality shows…unless we have Betty White, I don’t know. (She will live forever!). I would watch active seniors. I am sure there are fun people out there, and they would probably love the income.

      I would be happy if we had another show like that, a comedy about older women and men too.

      Have you ever watched Better Late than Never. The first season was funnier…just older men (William Shatner, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw..)
      They travel all over Asia in the first season, then Europe and Morocco this year. The first season had me laughing hysterically.
      They need to do a female version of that show really. I would love watching that.

      1. I’m with you Sandy. I watched Golden Girls when I was in my 30’s. I watched a dating show for the older folks not that long ago and I so enjoyed it. These were people much older than me ………I think the young audience might be a wee bit under estimated. I so wanted to watch Better Late than Never and I never did catch it. Thanks for the reminder. I shall go looking for it and at the very least, DVR a new season. That’s a fun group of men.

        1. Yes, the guys had a lot of fun. I am so amazed at Bill Shatner. He is in his 80s and then quickest of the bunch. He is brilliant and has a fantastic memory about facts and all things. I think George Foreman is showing his age the most. He had to stop a lot during their trips and needed to sleep a lot…just not able to keep up with the rest so well…worse this recent season than the one last year. I think you will enjoy it.

          Dating for seniors? What channel was that on?

          1. I’m definitely going to check it out.

            I don’t remember the channel. It was awhile ago now. It was cute though.

    1. Hello kt! Sunshine posted on the other site that her husband passed away ! She didn’t think anybody was posting here anymore so she posted there!!!

              1. When I went to answer you in the appropriate site format, my answer was put into moderation. So then I took the words of the site and spread them out above. All About The RH. You will find it if you look.

  70. Yes, I saw that. I responded to her too. She lost her husband so suddenly and another younger family member as well within a short time.
    I do hope she visits here. We are still here, even if the site is not updating…as long as the site is here. I hope it does come back to what it was soon.
    Either way Sunshine is always nice to see here in our little online family.

    1. I knew about her relative but didn’t even know that her husband was ill… I hope she comes here because it’s much easier to say what we want and she is part of our online family like you said

      We love you Sunshine ❤️❤️❤️

  71. I didn’t realize you guys were still posting …. Glad I checked. Wishing that we knew what was happening and if this is going to shut down. I like seeing familiar names.

  72. Oh no no Minx, I’m sorry . Not Erika’s husband, it’s Sunshine’s husband , the lovely woman who posts here .

  73. I beg to differ with you Minxie. The ladies dod not make a big deal out of it as much as Doreek made it appear.
    It is common courtesy to tell the host that you are planning to stay elsewhere. When someone expects guests and makes plans, they are not a hotel, and they deserve a heads up for whatever the reason unless it is an actual emergency. It is manners and respect. Erika lacked those in every way. She could have been nice about it, but she wasn’t. Of course Dorit egged her on, but in the end Erika was downright standoffish and rude.
    “…don’t have to pet me,” to Teddi…rude comment the way she said it in tone and body language.
    Teddi could have tried to laugh it off in the end and not take it to heart, but she had enough. She was not as receptive to all the cattiness around her, and from what I have seen from this last episode, she is not enjoying this at all…and she looks uneasy. Granted she is a freshman among the clique, but I don’t know that she is tough enough to stand the test of time and be fun to watch. She should chill more and try to fit in of she wants to stay.
    Erika was a b…ch.

  74. Been gone for a few, just checking back in. No word on what’s happening yet? If something has been explained, sorry, I have not gone through all these posts.

    I hope everyone had a happy (belated) valentine’s day! I know I’m late…..My husband and I only buy golden retriever cards, no matter what they say (You’re 2 today, So sorry for your loss, Happy retirement, etc….lol). Sometimes, we recycle them yr. to yr. (just line through the last sentiment) if we can’t find new ones. This year, he couldn’t find a new one, so he actually bought a poodle card and cut out the face of a golden retriever from her dog food bag, and pasted it over the poodle face. Gotta love that man! Oh, he also bought me a bag of chewable Wether’s carmel candy – yeah, really.

    I will now go forth and read all these posts!!

  75. Have a HaPpY PaRtY!!!! I know you’re going to have some good food!!

    I only like to be hugged by people I know – friends and family. Not strangers, like in church when the preacher tells you to greet your neighbor. Some people gotta hug…no thanks! When the dental receptionist feels she needs to give you a hug. When people you’ve only met 1 or 2 times say “Gimme a hug”, nah.

  76. Rain…. I find something to do outside of the house when my husband starts on the taxes. He mentioned he needed to get busy this weekend on our taxes. I’ll go shopping.

  77. Big hugs and kisses right back. You all are a balm for my soul, and I know that many of us here have experienced grief in its many forms. This is a very special, tender, loving group.
    I thank you all for your heartfelt condolences . My husband and niece were tremendous people, and heaven is richly blessed to have them.
    God bless.

    Now back to our snark fest, what the h is up with Dorit?! Bitch be crazy,,,,

  78. So sorry for your loss Sunshine. I don’t know how you handle it. I’m not sure I could. That’s a tough pain to deal with. Condolences to you and yours.

  79. Sweet words, Minx……

    How did your party go? I know you’re 3hrs. behind me, but it’s over?? I would have pulled an all nighter! Sweet dreams, girl.

    The old man is asleep on the couch with the golden. I’m just going to leave them be and go to bed here in a moment or two. They both snore.

      1. I went to the Facebook site, unless I’m doing something wrong, there is nothing new there except a YouTube video of Bethenny on Feb 4th.
        It’s perplexing and worrisome.”

      2. I tried searching her name online in case there was any newsworthy event, but nothing came up.
        I would suspect she is not herself with maybe a bad case of the flu perhaps or someone in her family has taken her away from this because of her concern for their welfare or other family issue, and she has put it on the back burner. It is very worrisome, since this is so unlike her.

          1. I don’t know what to think. There are online sites where you can pay and get phone numbers that might be correct, but I did not want to go that route.
            She lives in Missouri and is married. I don’t know too much else except she said somewhere that her hubby has a “cool job.” I don’ t know too much.
            I believe some others had more of a rapport with her, so maybe they know more. I don’t know enough to say anything really.
            I would think that if N knew she would be away from this for an extended time, in advance anyway, that she would put out a post saying she would be away for X period of time due to a circumstance of some kind or beyond her control and unable to keep up with the site but would return when she could and send a memo out to us or just tell us she was not doing this any more.
            Nothing like that was done, and the site is still here, not gone, so I am as puzzled as you and many others here are as well.

  80. Ridiculously fake and ridiculously jiggly tit team,what a power couple they are.
    How can a man sitting on a sofa in a t shirt that looks like you’re going to mow the lawn think he’s going to be taken seriously as a businessman? He does realize there are cameras ? I want his magic mirror. What a schlub.

  81. Minx, Minx, Minx.
    What a beautiful and bittersweet love story. Thank you so much for sharing.
    To love and be loved like that is a true gift, indeed.
    You have warmed my heart, and I thank you for your compassion.
    Hopefully your gathering was a major success, so sad that the University has lost you, but teaching as you well know is not limited to the classroom.
    Blessings to you.

    1. I know, haha….What in the world is going on??? I just can’t. Something is going on. Jan. 31st is the last update. Not right.

            1. Maybe if we all go there en masses we can add our own vibe…until this site is back and working. I like this site best too and always have.

                1. We all want this site back. I was only mentioning it because it is updated, and there is a place to talk about current events, not because this is not my most favorite site.
                  I am as worried as you about N. This desertion is not right and makes no sense. I don’t understand it. No notice whatsoever.

                  I don’t like thinking the worst either. I just don’t understand. I do hope we have this site back the way it was sooner rather than later, and I hope our little family sticks together. I will miss it dearly.

                  Love you.


          1. I understand. We had a hard winter compared to most years. Cleaned up and replaced some of the things we lost after our last freeze

              1. Oh gosh sweetie. I’m so sorry. We had Harvey. Thankfully we didn’t have any damage. In 2008 we had a direct hit from Ike. That was 10 year’s ago and some people are still dealing with repairs

                1. In Florida, if it’s hurricane related, your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t apply. Hurricane deductable is separate. It’s 2% of what you home is insured for. In our case, it sucked.

  82. Lol, glass blowing, is that what it’s called now. Just kidding. The party sounds great. Happy y’all had a chance to properly close the chapter

  83. O gosh, that sucks. 27? No, just no. I am a warm weather gurl. F L O R I D A. I need my sunshine!! I remember your weather from my youth. I don’t know if you remember I posted at one time, my family lived in Port Orchard, WA….I get it.

  84. My old man told me the other day that I have a dirt mind/ mouth. He also assured me that he loves it. Love Eric Clapton. Lay down Sally is one of my all time favs. Enjoy. Me and the pups are watching walking dead

    1. Love Clapton too. Names one of my sons after him…
      Wonderful Tonight is my fave amongst others. I love his music. The more I found out about the person, not so much.

      1. Wow Sandy love, I’m so happy. I never thought that we would agree on music. I don’t know much about him. I can only imagine

        1. Why not agree about music?
          I do love rock and always loved amazing guitarists. Eric is awesome. I love his range of music too. I loved him when he was with Cream, etc.
          I also saw the Allman Brothers when both brothers played together before Duane passed, and several times afterward.
          I met Johnny Winter and he played for me and my one friend after hours at a club. He was a blues guitarist and amazing.
          I also loved Santana…Carlos Santana was the best. Jimi Hendrix was out of this world, but such a short career. I can go on, but I won’t….now.
          Have a great day!

          1. No worries, I just thought that we had very different taste in music. Perhaps not so much though. My Shadow’s first name was Jimmy. Named after Hendrex. It didn’t fit so I changed it. We have a great day also sweetie

            1. Never assume a thing. I always loved rock music growing up, and living so close to NYC, so I saw a few concerts in my time in NJ and NY. I saw Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull, The Stones, Seals and Crofts, Arlo Guthrie, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane (not my most fave), America, The Beach Boys (several times), Allman Brothers (several times), Pink Floyd etc. I know I am forgetting some now.
              Jimi didn’t fit? Shadow is a cool name. I like it.
              When I got my Corey, his name was Sammie..spelled like that and he was nearly 5 months old. I am Sandy (sounds similar) and inlaws’ last 3 dogs were Sammie (Samantha), so we changed it. The breeder said to pick a name with the long E sound at the end, so we picked Corey. After we had him I thought Rory might have worked too, but did not think of it. He does look like a Corey to me…a short cute name for a short (toy breed) little pup. It fits for him. He still is pup size to me at 9 lbs and low to the ground.

              1. Lol, I’ve been told many times in my life to not assume. Hopefully one day I’ll listen. I like the name Corey. It fits him perfectly. Wow 9 pounds. Such a little cutie I love music but I’m not much of a concert person. I did see Ozzy once. When he was finally allowed back in Texas

  85. Luv that you teach! That takes a special heart. My daughter has her masters in teaching. We paid dearly for that degree!! I have been to her school and helped out, given money, yeah…

    1. I just have to add, while I’m on the subject, I’ve seen it all (as far as teaching goes)….j/s , it ALL begins at home. Teach your children some respect.

  86. That is exactly what happened to us last year..
    I don’t remember ❄ bit super cold Weather..
    Mama Nature forgot to send out the Memo;
    Sorry, PNW we are skipping Spring this Year!
    Last year we went straight into an unusually Hot Summer!
    I, suppose this is the new abnormal..
    Have a Great Day!

  87. Hi Minxy Poo, so happy you liked the doc. Sorry was busy planting stuff in the yard again today. That’s wonderful that your weather is improving. I didn’t have a bad experience over there. Just don’t like the vibe. I don’t even read the comments to often anymore. I just can’t. Have fun with the art projects. The ladies are blessed to have you. Big hugs. Take care

    1. I have posted there. Rain goes there and interacts with me. A couple of the others do too. I give them a chance to warm up to me if they so desire. I have never been shunned.

    2. Yeah, it was weird. I am,not sure how long ago it was.
      Lot’s of flame wars and such.
      I, was able to post.. I,just put two Minx emoji’s..
      I don’t like the vibe there..
      Have a great evening Amanda!

  88. Because you said hello? Well, you could always change your handle and email address and post again. Let us know if you do…but you won’t have to, since if I see more than a few emoticons, I will know it is you.

    1. I was able to, post there..
      I, just put 2 emoji’s..
      I, wasn’t about to change my, name for them..
      I still don’t like the vibe there.
      Thanks Sandy..
      I, don’t remember how long ago, it was that I was bannned,
      but there were a lot of flame wars..
      I will stay here and read page 6 and such..
      Have a good evening.. Just Checking my msgs..

    1. Really? I have found that more than a few of mine go missing at times as well. I have to go back to my notifications to find them, but they are not in the comments….

  89. I’m just watching the latest episode where LVP and Dorit are walking in the park and Dorit is having a confessional moment with her……WTF?!?! Was Dorit trying to say Kyle said some things and she Dorit only jumped on board because her head was rudely pulled out of her ass right at that moment? And she babbles on and on and says nothing she’s meant to say. In fact she says a bunch of words but none connect. What a cowardly little shite she is!

    1. I was proud of Kyle, loving Teddie, and not really liking the “new” Erica who I love. Dorit makes me need a puke bag every time she speaks. She’s a liar, a pot stirrer and will do anything for a story line.

    2. Was that difficult to watch or what? Oh, and did Dorit get the memo that this is about Beverly Hills women on vacay in NYC. Could she not have brought nicer clothing to wear to the park? I don’t care who the designer was, but LVP looked like she was walking with a street person she just picked up in the park. I guess maybe Dorit figured she would never be mugged in the park dressed like that?
      Why holes everywhere? I just don’t get the look.
      That actually took away from the conversation for me! And she made fun of Erika’s T shirt? Okay, it wasn’t a formal event, but it was the worst. She lied through her teeth to LVP the entire time too. Then LVP chose her over Kyle later in the show…wanting to go with her if she took a cab back? From what I saw, LVP has an allegiance to PK and is nice to his wife for his sake…because he is an old friend of hers, not Dorito. I cannot take much more of Dorito, the liar.

      1. Liar liar, why didn’t those ugly pants go on fire?! I can’t even write anything more because that woman infuriates me. Grrrrrr

    3. LOL!
      Maybe her torn up sweatpants were part of her new fashion line,(available soon at the Dollar Store.)
      I just tried to watch, the episode and I couldn’t get through it..
      I read that next week, there is a Cross Over appearance from Bethanny Frankelstein..
      She is close with Kyle.

      1. How exciting is that? Hopefully Bethenny and her sharp tongue will call out Dorit. How satisfying will that be?! I can just hear it….oh c’ommon Miss B let her have it!!! LOL LOL

  90. I watched a documentary about him years ago.
    I love the music, but the more I found out about him over the years, I am not so in love with the man. (My youngest son is Eric…and I played so much Clapton years ago…all the time.)

  91. She is a repeater too – she wore it last year! I wanna say it was at her house when one of the ‘girls’ stopped by for a visit. I was glad to see Kyle stand up for herself, but I disappointed when she said ‘there are things I told you that should have never been repeated’ – uh, I guess she forgot the cameras? And Dumbo, wants to be center of attention and my dog can carry on a better conversation. Anyway, I’m sad there aren’t any new stories posted, I sure don’t want to lose touch with my HW friends.

  92. I will check it out! Her bug eyes and expressions kill me – she stirs all this crap and plays victim. She does ramble as if she’s on something, I agree! I work with a girl like her, she’s intake and always causing drama always gossiping, she started in on me – walked straight up to her and said ‘stop it right now, leave my name off your lips unless it’s work related’! I get it, I’m married to a Physician and people always think there is some back story. Truth be told, we met at a pool hall and had no idea who we were flirting with till we saw each other in the halls couple days later. It was fate. Anyway…I just pulled a Dorit totally off subject…XOXOX

  93. I clicked on the FB link under N icki’s About page (above) and the link did not link to anything, like her FB page was removed. Her last twitter post was the end of January. Something is very wrong. I just don’t get it.

  94. Good morning Sandy dear . I’ve looked around and can’t find another place that I like so unless it picks back up here I don’t know if I’ll be going to one of the others . I’ll miss you all

    1. Daisy, None of us want to lose this place. I have been going back and forth in my head as to why N has not posted a thing, and one of the things I thought about is that she may be in a deep depression over a great loss of some kind. She cannot bring herself to write here…perhaps. I don’t know her reasons, but to not even print a sentence means it is not something that will blow over easily, if one month just about has not touched it. It may take months and maybe she will be back.
      In the meantime, if we all move to one place, we can have an influence on they dynamic at that site, perhaps, and we can still be together posting.
      Of course this has been my favorite place too. I am not saying it has not been that way. I just am worried that maybe one day it won’t even be here for us to post, and that is why it is important to get the word out that maybe we can meet at another site. Rain and I have been at all about. There are other sites to post at too, but not specifically for housewives shows.

      I hope you don’t stop posting Daisy. I hope we all can stay together.


      1. I’m also really worried about N. This place and all of you helped me so much when I was in such a bad emotional place in my life . I think that some of the other places are full of condescending and extremely pretentious people . Just my opinion of course but, I find it hard to deal with people like that

  95. Yes, I am aware. It is not always easy to recognize you with all of the different names you have used here in the past, but I am aware of that site, and have seen you there at times. I have gone online and found some info as well. I just don’t know what to do at this point. It looks like the link to FB links to nothing now. Does that mean something?
    I don’t want to be the mother hen here either. We all lost direction when this site stopped being tended to, and we all want to know why.
    I struggle to figure out why someone would not update us, and the only reason is because she can’t, and whether that be due to psychological reasons, physical or emotional ones, or other reasons, such as no access or time, or whatever, I just don’t know. I just know it is unlike N to abandon us. She must really be in a bind for some reason, and if so, I know it has to be a tough situation whatever it is, most likely.
    Take care yourself.

    1. Sandy, I don’t know a thing about Facebook bc I’m not a facebooker so unfortunately I’m not able to answer that question, sorry. I noticed N has a twitter account as well under her name but it’s very quiet since 10/24/17. Everything points to she’s off the grid for her own personal reasons probably. At any rate if you or Rain or someone close to her want to try snail mail it’s available.

      1. Also, I had seen that N i cki (I think it was her) had last tweeted on her AllThingsRH on Twitter in January but just now I checked it and there are two Tweets from today!
        N i cki also has two Twitter accounts in her name and one is private.

  96. I don’t know of she posts on that All Things or someone else. It is the first Tweet since January. I responded to the Tweet but no of yet, anyway.

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