Lisa Vanderpump Promises Viewers The Truth Will Emerge About Lisa Rinna

Lisa Vanderpump is sharing her thoughts about why Lisa Rinna has had so much to say about Kim Richards in her blog this week. Vanderpump says Rinna’s selective memory is pretty convenient and also promises viewers that the truth will emerge. Lisa also admits that of course she felt vindicated watching Rinna caught lying.

“And so we rejoin the festivities in Mexico. A confrontation was obviously needed. The bubble was about to burst, and the simmering pot was about to boil over. It had just been a matter of time.

What is sometimes difficult to remember as you, the viewer, follow the trail of these complicated scenarios is the fact that you have much more information than we do at the time.

I obviously had little knowledge of Eden’s character. How reliable was she, as she reiterated her conversations with LR to me?

You have witnessed LR stating her opinion regarding the Kim “close to dying” and also the enabling comment, but I was slowly watching the layers of this unfold, wondering if when confronted LR would cop to the fact and admit it. She had so much conviction as she denied all the assertions it was almost convincing, but I drew my knowledge from past experience. A past experience that still resonated, that was pretty traumatic, as I battled all of them last year.

We didn’t see the tears outside, but it was disappointing once again now to see Eileen try to deflect from the crux of the matter and point a finger at me. I understand the need to defend a friend, but sometimes real friendship is guiding them in the right direction.

I hadn’t interrogated Eden. I had actually pretty straightforwardly warned her to stop inserting herself in others’ business, but she felt it necessary to include me.

Was there some sort of feeling of vindication? Hell yes. How could there not be as Rinna vociferously denied her statements that she carelessly made just a few short weeks ago about a precarious subject, including Kim’s sobriety that she worked so hard for? The ramifications of those comments emotionally could be potentially huge for Kim and her family, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

It was difficult last year as she claimed to have an accurate recall of a sentence which had transpired months before she brought it up, a sentence where we argued over three words as it changed the meaning and intention, but now she has no recollection of stating publicly such ludicrous claims. Selectively convenient one might say.

We had giggles on the bus and light-hearted banter, which was the poultice we all needed after a draining night.

I was relieved to be leaving, even though I had to tackle the intimidating and daunting task of speaking before Congress, a mission we had fought for many months.

A chance to stand up and speak our truths about the atrocities and crimes against humanity as thousands of dogs are slowly tortured during the summer solstice in China, known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

To me, that is what life is all about, having the courage of your convictions, standing up for what we believe in and having truth in your heart.

When you are secure in the fact that your intention is well intended, you don’t need to have a good memory. You can rely on your objective.

When you speak the truth, you are not challenged by questioning yourself as your intent will see you through.

And that is what is happening here. LR still has residual feelings against Kim, and that motivated her to speak to Eden. If she relied on her truth, she would remember those statements she made.

Eventually—you might have to show great patience—the truth will emerge.

So do keep watching, and we will get there eventually.”

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30 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Promises Viewers The Truth Will Emerge About Lisa Rinna”

  1. Excellent, Lisa Vanderpump! That was so well stated. I totally agree with all of it.
    Lisa Rinna has selective memory. She is a trouble maker pure and simple and still is no friend of Kim Richards in the least. If she had an ounce of a conscience, she would have remembered what she said or at least known if she had any malice intended. She even called Harry for support. He was not there and has no idea what his wife said.
    We shall see how this all plays out. I am no fan of Rinna or Eileen really, though I used to like Eileen. I see enough of her on Y and R, and would not miss her if she left BH. She is so supportive of Rinna most of the time, no matter how wrong she is, and I am not loving her at all.

  2. Another occasion for LVP to play victim card from last year. You were not a victim, you’ve never been.
    That being said, we know the truth about Rinna, since her first season we saw her go after Kim, so it’s nothing new. LVP was laughing at first, when rinna was attacking Kim at the s5 reunion, LVP is full of sh*t and picks her battles whenever there’s an angle for herself. Right now the angle is taking down rinna. They both are horrible people.

    1. True words Jay, especially about LV. Used to love LV, but I’m now so soured on her. Rinna, I could take or leave. I really have no feeling for her one way or another.

  3. I am so glad to finally see Lisa standing behind Kyle as a loyal, supportive friend as compared to previous seasons. It’s really refreshing, and she’s earned a lot of bonus points from me as a viewer in comparison to the the Maloof Hoof Hubbub, Eiffel Tower Stalemate, Tabloidgate, and other stumbles. That said, while I understand her compassion for animals suffering as part of China’s traditional dog meat festival, just WHAT exactly does she expect the American government to do about it? It’s not as if we can force them to stop, be it by sanctions or boycotts (which could contribute to other factors that may potentially rock already fragile diplomatic and economic relations), and we certainly won’t be knocking on their door and marching into their territory to bend them to our will. At best, all private citizens can do is decry the act as we find it atrocious, and if you feel that strongly then perhaps boycott anything made in China until they stop eating dog meat…which after some 400 years of this tradition – may likely be never. But that’s pretty much all we’ve got.

    1. It won’t be easy to boycott everything made in China, since some things are not even made here any more. It is sad but true. I do try not to buy some things made in China, especially any food items, dog food or toys with Chinese ingredients or made there, and large purchases like my washer and dryer. It is not easy…but I try.
      I also have said in the past that this is their culture and festival and how can we make a difference at all, yet, after seeing the atrocities (in gruesome photos) and reading about how absolutely barbaric it is, I can only say that I stand behind Lisa V in whatever she does to try to end this. It would be better to humanely put all of those dogs in China to sleep than to let them suffer the unbelievable pain as they still do every year.
      If we can enlighten just a few and save just a few, it is better than doing nothing. Just knowing it exists makes someone like Lisa VP feel like she has to do something and not just try to ignore it. I do not know what our government can do or would do in this situation, but if we can educate the people somehow, maybe they will change the way they celebrate each year and not include animal torture, etc., as a tradition any longer. I may not protest, but I have signed petitions, and I stay environmentally active that way in other areas as well.
      I agree with how impossible this seems after 400 years of tradition and can only hope for a better future.

      1. I think another thing we can also consider is that like in any society, not everyone will take part in every cultural or historical tradition, and in this case hopefully translates into more Chinese citizens choosing not to eat dog meat. China has a population of about 1.3/1.4 billion people, with a vegetarian population at roughly 50 million and growing. Some people do it for reasons of compassion or in the interest of wildlife protection, others are motivated by their spiritual beliefs as Buddhists. So even when it comes to boycotting there is that slippery slope of not knowing who you’re affecting, what province, etc. Will the boycott hurt those who are innocent and share a compassionate view towards animals, ect. it’s definitely a multi-layered issue with many nuances and a lot of grey areas. But, as you said, hopefully the push for awareness will have an impact where hearts and minds can be changed one at a time.

        1. I don’t think the issue is eating dog meat. The festival is about torture and it’s a fairly recent festival. I’m sure some cultures think us eating cows is revolting and disgusting. But we don’t run into a field of them setting them on fire and disemboweling them to celebrate our love of steak. Of course, I have limited knowledge of the festival but it’s not about providing food. I agree, not sure what Congress can do but….

      2. This isn’t 400 years of tradition. This festival started in 2010. There are many issues with it including many of the animals tortured are stolen pets, some even slaughtered with their collars still on, cooked alive! Anyone have a dog or ever had a dog and think what that would do to you to know that was their fate? That’s truly as much as I could stomach researching. I’m in tears and I only have cats.

        1. You are right about the Yulin Festival starting in 2010, but the eating of dog meat began in China app. 400 years ago. That is a long time. Changing what people eat as tradition is not easy That is what
          DaysofWineandRoses meant by 400 years which I repeated in my response to her.
          I object to the extreme torture and the killing of dogs at all and the numbers of animals killed is outrageous. The festival should end.

  4. LVP lost me the last couple of seasons. It started when she befriended Brandi and shoved, kicked, pushed Kyle into the middle of the road and under every bus that went by.

    Having said that……I’m in agreement with this article. Shocker of all shockers….I’m also beginning to believe LVP that maybe last season didn’t go down quite as LR said it did. And she’s right of-course that we are more knowledgeable of the events as they are being aired but they are not. I thought the same things when I watched the episode. If I hadn’t seen or known about the “shop gossip talk” she had with Eden would I have thought Eden was lying?

    Oh LR…….not good lady! Not good at all!

    And I won’t believe she didn’t remember. I think she thought she was talking privately with Eden and that Eden wouldn’t not repeat it……but what gets me frustrated every figging time is this……YOU’RE FILMING!! It’s gong to come out. You can’t stop that train so why pretend and believe bad things are not going to be aired?!

    And again, I have to agree with LVP……Eileen takes her friend’s side 100% of the time without push back. Maybe I’m not a good friend but I don’t accept anything from friends, husbands and even my kids 100%. Sometimes it comes with push back and if you know someone, you know when you have to question certain moments.

    Didn’t think this would happen but I’m beginning to stand with the Britt. Right is Right.

    1. I know!! There is even a trailer of Rinna saying to Erika that she was having a private talk with someone she trusted. I mean the 4th wall is one thing, stupidity is another. I’ve always been a fan of Lisa, although I didn’t like her at all in the seasons she sided with Yoyo & was saying such demeaning things about Kyle. I believe she made “friends” with BG to show Kyle she didn’t need her. And, I know exactly what Kyle was talking about way back in Paris, when she told Lisa that she was acting differently toward her. Lisa has a lot of tricks in her how-to book. Passive-agressive recipe’s being just one. Very subtle ways of freezing a person out, making sure no one else can see it. I am also happy to see her stand correct for her long time friend. I wonder if it has anything to do with the growing friendship between Erika and Kyle? Knowing that Kyle has as much ability to turn her back as Lisa does. I think she, Lisa, equates this power with money, that Kyle and Mauricio now have. I am an Erika fan also, Rain was the one who I saw as the first fan here, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t others that I didn’t see. Rain was right. Erika is a straight forward honest friend. I never disliked her, don’t get me wrong, I was just waiting to see. She is not an elitist, or a snob. She loves her husband, and I see nothing but a passionate person who actually enjoys her life. She is very good at keeping herself out of the dirty ways of people like Rinna, even with her compassionate nature, she keeps herself far enough away so she doesn’t get splashed with the filth Rinna and others can throw.
      I’m with you, Michelle, in that I don’t accept whatever anyone feels like saying or doing. Like you, that includes friends, my husband, my children & my extended family.
      Kim is a total bitch. I have never been a fan, from day one, but that doesn’t give Rinna license to keep this old, old feud going. Geeze, as I have said before, when Rinna speaks of the Amsterdam argument, she gets this far off look as though she has P.T.S.D. and it was a shooting she was a witness to instead of an argument. Kim was being her usual self, had that been me & she said “let’s talk about the husband” I would have laughed with true joy and said, “yes, lets.” The conversation would have gone to what a great lover he is, what a wonderful hard working husband and father he is, and then mentioned that the rest was private but too good to ever forget. Kim wanted that reaction, and she got it, bitch that she is. She is the cruelest person & sister ever. The things she has said to Kyle since the beginning, while Kyle takes it and takes it, wow. I would not take that shit, I DO NOT take it from my own sister who has the same personality defects Kimmy has. Cruel, hurtful, mean, lying bitch. That still doesn’t give Rinna the right to say anything at all. Kim is a guest, not a cast member.
      And I am glad everyone can see how easily Rinna doesn’t recall what was said, and why Lisa feels vindicated. I would too.

    1. I agree. of all these women, Erika would be the only one I would trust. Rinna denies saying nasty things whenever she is caught. what a wimp. why not admit it and say that is how I feel. you were filmed saying those things!! you look so stupid faking memory loss (like anyone even believes you).

  5. Okay, LVP…you feel vindicated. I get that. Except whether or not Rinna cops to what she said, she is right. Kim is very fragile and is one drink away from the next relapse, and possibly death…and her family, Kyle included, have been enabling her most of her life. Kim is also a nasty little piece of work and scarcely an innocent victim. Rinna was also right about Yolanda magnifying and using her illness to gain attention and get out of doing stuff she didn’t want to do… and she is right about you, LVP…and now you are proving her point by “handling” Kyle and Eden and trying to control the narrative… yet again.

    1. Yes, LVP has been vindicated and is loving every single minute of it and loves how Karma is as big a bitch as she. Nevertheless, LR walked right into this one. If LR was so concerned for Kim she wouldn’t have said what she said. Sorry. That was just plain mean, nasty and deliberate. That was LR venting. As far as Kim’;s family being enablers, I think every alcoholic will say their families enabled them unless the family ties them up and takes them physically to a AA or rehab, their families are enablers. Kyle is definitely secretive and doesn’t like to share with anyone, publicly or privately. We do not know what goes on behind closed doors so we cannot assume they turn a blind eye to Kim. Kim said herself that her kids will walk away from her, so there can’t be too much enabling going on. I knew her presence on this show again would not go down well. She should not have come back. Not yet. As far LR, she is/was liking the nasty talk about Kim because it vindicated her. And no I don’t agree with you about Yolanda. LVP at this point is just sitting back and letting it all fall where it wants to fall. She doesn’t have to do anything. LR did it for her.

      1. They all say mean and nasty stuff. They are in fact paid to say mean and nasty stuff…and to vent. Lisa Rinna just should have admitted what she said.

  6. Love LVP. Loved the blog. Praying for the little animals. LR & ED are so full of bull*hit. LR did this same thing to LVP last season. LR & ED have no story line except Kim & LVP.

  7. Is Lisa R that stupid that she doesn’t realize that she’s on a live Reality Show I wish she would find another show to go on she’s such a pathological lier!

  8. I kind of think that at this point, they all know how to maneuver. LVP deserves an MVP and LR…oh gosh….why did you say that!! But this is not what I wanted to talk about.

    Has anyone noticed LVP’s hair and wardrobe this year? I think because so many of the girls like pink, she’s trying to change her look…Anyone else notice this? And the Ariana Grande hair?

    A.S. Rose

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