Is Lisa Vanderpump Planning To Leave RHOBH For Another Spin-Off?

According to a new report, Lisa Vanderpump is tired of the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and wants off the show.

“Lisa is over all of the fighting going on right now, and has only stayed on the show this long because it gave her a platform to raise awareness for her animal activism causes,” a source explained. “But she cannot stand the cattiness, and she really does not care what anyone thinks of her anymore.”

The insider also tells RadarOnline that Vanderpump is opening up a pet rescue and adoption center in L.A. early next month and Lisa wants reality TV cameras to capture the journey.

“Lisa is now in late stage talks with the network executives about starting another spinoff reality show, focused on her new pet place,” the source revealed, adding that she could leave Housewives. “She has gotten so incredibly wealthy off this, but she is tired of the stress that the show causes her.”

Would you be surprised if Lisa left the show?

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Is Lisa Vanderpump Planning To Leave RHOBH For Another Spin-Off?”

  1. Not surprised if Lisa VP left the show. Of course the other ladies would be having their “orgasims” about this–especially Rinna and Ed. Everytime I think of those two, PK hit the nail on the head with the hecklers of the Muppets.

    Good for Lisa LV if she leaves–she’ll take the crown with her, as her charities outweigh ANY of the pettiness these women have and does much more for charity than I’ve seen any of the other women.

    1. I think she should leave ! All these OGs need a break . That just MO! He whole HW thing is fading anyways and I would jump ship while I’m on top. Nene did the right thing by getting out. I mean how much mud slinging can someone endure year after year after year. I hope Shannon was smart enough to drop OC

    2. I think LV knows she doesn’t have the the unquestionable loyalty of fans and cast members, that she once had. I hope she does leave the show. However, if she opens up an animal rescue and it’s filmed, I’ll be all over that.

  2. I hope she does leave RHOBH, and i’ll enjoy watching the ratings plummet as well as look forward to a show about her journey with her animal activism endeavors. Wide exposure to this issue is sorely needed in mainstream television. I would greatly commend Bravo if they took this on.

    1. Martie, Love this picture. Is that your dog? I agree about the exposure, etc. but I’m not a fan of LVP and wouldn’t watch.

  3. LVP is so beautiful in this picture. She was beautiful on WWHL. I don’t believe she is leaving RHOBH. The fans would revolt.

  4. I hear ya ❤❤❤❤ HW in general has lost its way and gone downhill ! It’s now mostly trashy people like Kelly, cancer scams and exposing people painful secrets. Not on board with that

  5. I imagine she may ditch the faux Brit “ish” accent and speak with a totally different sounding real accent…and it would be funny to hear the real Dorito screaming OMFG frogs!

    1. And Eileen would be directing everyone what to say and how to say it and Rinna would be lying about what they said…Oh the look of shock when they get sent to exile island! PK would do well cause his boobs would shade his belly.

  6. Nice photoshoped picture! She looks nothing like that though…
    And let her leave, so we don’t have to watch her anymore, and a show about her charity? lol it’s going to bomb, no one wants to watch her puppies lick her mouth or wear ridiculous outfits. So please do leave RHOBH! As usual it’s probably not true, every year she says she’s going to leave lol

  7. Well yeah but let’s be honest, there’s a difference between a subtle and professional photoshop job and the obvious photoshoped photo that’s ridiculous like it’s the case here. Everyone knows LVP doesn’t look like that.

  8. Below Deck, Southern Charm, Summer House…These have replaced housewives for me except Sur and BH for LVP. Ready to drop housewives altogether if the spin off happens and unlike Jake, I don’t care what she looks like.

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