Lisa Vanderpump Opens Vanderpump Dogs in West Hollywood

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd are crazy over their dogs, especially Giggy and so it only makes sense that Giggy is the rep for their brand-new dog rescue, Vanderpump Dogs in West Hollywood.

“He is like an ambassador,” Vanderpump said.

Lisa and Ken opened the doors on March 1st and it was decorated exquisitely from the pink chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to the Vanderpump chew toys and a furry pink and black squeaky bra to a Starbarks coffee mug and Barkin handbag.

Lisa shared, “You’ve seen all year [on the show] that it’s been our mission to create a more human life for dogs worldwide. We thought one of the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle would be to have a rescue center, but totally different. People can come here and adopt a dog, but it’s also a place where the dogs wouldn’t want to leave. There is a great enthusiasm and energy. Look, all shelters do a wonderful job—it’s very hard—but we wanted to create more of a lifestyle where everyone is bonded by their love of dogs.”

Check out these photos from opening night below.

Congrats Lisa and Ken!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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God bless the Todds for a great use of the platform the tv show has given them.

I love them too. Just to clarify, I believe Ken goes by Vanderpump as well as their children. He is Ken Todd Vanderpump from what I have read, taking his wife’s name. They are awesome human beings.

He Does? Didn’t know that.

I read that somewhere a while back but cannot find it now about Ken Todd using Vanderpump as his name. I am certain the children have always had the surname Vanderpump.


I double dare someone to say something negative about LVP and this wonder thing she is doing…Jealous Haters beware.

Rain, I’m with you all the way. All I can say over & over is GOD BLESS LVP & FAMILY. She is my hero.

Well said, Rain. Yes, the circus has not been good to the animals, and the poor things live an awful life. It upsets me how humans expect animals to perform for them and do things animals should not do. I feel sorry for the marine mammals as well, that ar made to perform and live in unhealthy environments.
I did not think Sandoval ever had normal hair! Wow. That is a surprise.
Yes, Lisa and Ken are amazing for their fight for those without voices. They are true humanitarians and animal lovers.

I know Rain. Trying to eliminate circuses that does that to animals & I 1,000 % agree that humans are beyond cruel. My opinion? they should be abused.

Cute doggies! So cuddly and lovable!