Lisa Vanderpump Opening Bar with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz

Lisa Vanderpump is looking to add another restaurant to her family and this time she is opening it with Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval.

On last season of the show we saw a moment where Lisa sat down with the two Toms to talk about opening a restaurant with them and naming it Tom Tom’s.

Lisa’s newest venture is going to be located on the same block as SUR and PUMP, two of Lisa’s other restaurants.

According to TMZ, the restaurant is supposed to open in November which is right around the same time the new season of Vanderpump Rules will air.

As of right now Lisa is still working out a deal with the Toms about ownership and management.

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7 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Opening Bar with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz”

  1. The combined IQs of the Toms may be 100?! I don’t know why anyone would want these two as business partners, really, but rather acting as hosts, since they have some fans. Tom Schwartz is a sweetie, but I see him as basically lazy…but up to occasional modeling jobs and the reality gig alongside his controlling Katie as her adorable sidekick.
    Tom Sandoval could not remember lines…or should I say the line…ONE LINE, in a commercial. He could not even find the words to talk to LVP about helping sell her Sangria or whatever, as an assistant….which was his idea at one time.
    Now, I repeat, why would anyone want these two pretty faces only, as business partners…unless they have a very small part of the ownership and LVP and perhaps another partner or 2, have the control and the major ownership and all the say in what happens, with very little control in the hands of the Toms. However, I doubt their lawyers, and even Tequila Katie, will not go for more and more control and stake in the company…if they could get it…greed can get the better of reality stars, it seems.
    Also, these pretty faces will age…then again, maybe the community likes the pretty boys, and LVP feels they will really bring in the customers???? I just do not get it. I think it is a stupid move…by a brilliant businesswoman…and it boggles the mind.
    Just m opinion.

    1. I think the 2 Toms will simply be the face and the work horses . LVP and her partners will make the decisions and claim most of the profit .

      1. Yes, most likely. Now tom-toms are drums…two smaller drums. Tom Tom’s will be named after two empty heads…similar. 😉

  2. Nice couple….I am wondering who’s the top and who’s the bottom…perhaps both are versatile, what do I know

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