Lisa Vanderpump On Adrienne Maloof Emasculating Paul Nassif! Reveals She & Ken Supported Him Through Divorce!

Lisa VP

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to sound off on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa says the footage of Faye Resnick disgusts her, and Faye’s reputations speaks for itself. Lisa also discusses the way Adrienne treated Paul, which led to their separation in this episode. Lisa reveals Paul reached out to her and Ken, and they have supported him through his difficult time.

Lisa writes, “We are almost at the close of what has been a turbulent season. Friendships faltered and relationships divided. . .but some went from strength to strength.

I loved watching the massage we had. It was so funny that it confirmed why my friendship with Brandi continues to flourish. Yes, I know I can’t support everything she says. We have established that. But I believe that her intentions are good. However if she truly believes someone is hypocritical, they will not have a chance in getting away with it.

I had decided not to attend Adrienne’s party. I wasn’t welcome there, in all honesty. Her chef has been vicious about me on social media and in the press numerous times and was clearly directed by somebody. Also, Adrienne, I can no longer regard in the same way. Another party paid for by sponsors capitalizing on the publicity that ensues from these parties was not for me.

I viewed with sadness the patronizing manner in which she continues to address her husband. The high jinx of him clowning around was one of the reasons we always loved him, but her efforts to emasculate him constantly baffle me. He is basically a good guy and although he has been thoroughly detrimental about me in the past, I am aware he was coerced. He reached out to me after I voiced a modicum of support in the midst of some serious allegations. He apologized profusely and has repeatedly come to my restaurants and attempted to resolve things. We have supported him in our belief in standing up for what was right and try to support him through what has been a difficult time.

We then witness Marisa exposing the obviously playful text from Brandi until Yolanda stepped in. This is why I love her. . .her no nonsense type of attitude. Faye shows up with her input, which when I saw the footage disgusted me.

I was the one who knocked on the door, opened it as they were all gossiping outside at the party.

Yes she was having a good old snog as we say in England. What is wrong with that?However I knew this was a fuel for many if I didn’t intervene. Now would she have taken it further? I don’t know you will have to ask her. . .but she didn’t.

Anyway onto more important things like arranging our party. Kevin Lee trouser-less was one of the reasons I adore him — he’s an avant-garde eccentric character that never fails to amuse me.

This was our anniversary but we were all aware that it would also be our final party of the season, where we do include many who have been involved in our circle. Taylor had a plus one and had invited Linda, which worried me for a second but Yolanda quickly reassured me all was well.

Yolanda and Brandi confronted Marisa on what went down at Adrienne’s party. I was intent on staying as far away from that conversation as possible but Faye, of course, comes and inserts herself in the middle of it. I would hazard a guess she was looking for trouble.

It worries me that she perceives the definition of a lady can be defined by a handbag. There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady — Resnick is not one of them. Her reputation precedes her.

Anyway you will see what transpires next week. Until then…I always read your comments. I love your support in regard to DWTS and thank you for watching. . .”

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14 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump On Adrienne Maloof Emasculating Paul Nassif! Reveals She & Ken Supported Him Through Divorce!”

  1. Faye Resnick’s behavior was so appalling and down right tacky. She has no right to insult another guest of the house when she herself was also a guest. It was not even her fight to begin with. I don’t know which is more uglier in Faye, her face of her character?
    She is one classless bitch.

  2. As always, Lisa is the voice of reason, dignity, and fairness, with enough wit thrown in to make it even better. Yes, it would appear that Faye’s idea of being a lady is to carry an expensive handbag! She’s just jealous she’s not relevant enough to have Chanel loan her anything to get her cooties on.

  3. I just love you Lisa and your wonderful husband Ken.When he got on top of you in the middle of your massage it was so obvious that your love and affection for each other is very real.I also get the same feeling about Yolanda and David when they’re together,it’s very sweet and refreshing in this day and age when some celebrity marriages don’t last more than a few months.


  5. Lisa, Yolanda, and Brandi are the only nuggets of gold on that RHOBH dung hill. I hope the rest of the witches are seething over being exposed for what they are – wretched hags – in front of the viewing public.

  6. Lisa and Ken are loving and caring human beings and Paul is fortunate to have retained them as friends…no thanks to Adrienne. That train wreck of a marriage between Adrienne and Paul is well documented on miles of BravoTV footage…so how that ugly, old hag Faye Rastnest can even venture to accuse Brandi of breaking up there union is completely laughable…almost as laughable as Faye Rastnest herself!

  7. It looks like there is a definite line being drawn down the middle between these women. The differentiation? Brains! Some people just don’t get it. Lisa, I’m afraid it’s best if you write Kyle off; she just doesn’t get it. I’m on your side along with Brandi and Yolanda.

  8. I was so appaulled by Faye and Marisa’s behavior. If either of them become regulars on the show, I too will have to stop watching. There is very little difference in the way Marisa Zanuck treats her husband and the way Maloof treated hers. If Dean had any sense he would leave with the child or children and not look back. Does he really want his kid(s) growing up with thetype of values of not respecting your mate, lying and back stabing. Also, what other children must be saying, unfortunatly we know some parents do not monitor their kid television, when they hear your “Mommy” wants to have sex with other men. Talk about emasculating a man. Faye is a whole other can of worms. This is a woman who sold her soul to cash in on her “Best Friend’s” death. She wrote a book and posed for Playboy. Both would have never happened if Nicole had lived. She has the gall to tell Brandi she is not a lady. Using Channel bags as the example, is a great example of her value system. It really show’s class to insult someone in their own home, as we see she does in the clip of next weeks show. Both these women give other women bad names.

  9. the only reasons I am still watching the show: Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda. This season has been an eye-opener for sure!! I would really love to know why Camille turned back into a big ass after turning over a new leaf in season 2?? and when did Mauricio grow a vagina?? I was shocked at the reactions and actions he had toward Brandi… weird!! But Faye is the worst!! I clearly remember her from my younger days and cannot believe that someone like her is even allowed anywhere near any of the HILTON family members!

  10. Lisa, I love you and I wish Faye would get on her broom and fly away. And if Adrienne treated Pual at home like she did at hoe that is why he left. And it is HARD to believe that Paul was abuseve to Adrienne or she would have treated him that way on tv. You cannot be abuse at home than come out in front of 1000’s of people and treat him like that.
    Yolanda, should have wated until some other place to bring up the text between Brandi and Marisa, it was your party she could have set up a date for them to talk it out. And Faye should not even have been at your home she is a cow I would call her someting else but my mother tought me better. I wish Kyle would stop asking her around the women that do not like her, ok her and Faye are friends they can have their own parties with out you ladies.
    And Brandi is a grown lady and she needs to learn ro stand on her on two feet, you are a Lady teach her how to think before she specks. I could like Brandi if she would leave her ex and his wife off your show,, and if she would not use the “f” bomb so much.
    I am not Brandi’s fan BUT I have not ever seen her flert with any of your husbands except Ken and like I said I am not her fan I know that she is just picking with Ken and would NEVER do anything with him. I do not know were Faye got that peice of info from but it was so WRONG…..

  11. Agree with so many of the comments above, Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda are amazing – Respect all those ladies and love their honesty and how they hit things head on and try keep drama to a minimal but still keeping it interesting. (We all love a bit of drama) But the thing i like is they are genuine friends, there is never drama between them just with others and their comments which I find is a cry for attention, which brings me to Faye Resnick – I can not stand this woman and am so surprised on how good of friends Kyle is with her, can she not see what the viewers see.. I understand TV can portray someone in a different light but It really doesn’t excuse the disgusting comments Faye continually makes about Brandi and to the ladies. What her intentions are is still mind boggling to me.. Does she think the drama will get her a full time position on the show?.. She needs to be liked before that is a question as right now, I have never seen a nice word said about this lady..
    Do enjoy all the ladies but Faye shouldn’t be filmed, all I see is negative comments about her on the show, why does she want to still be filmed? She must see the backlash..

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