Lisa Vanderpump: I Am Not Stupid Enough To Erase The Past


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to react to her run-in with Brandi Glanvile at Kyle Richards’ BBQ. Lisa says she is not stupid enough to erase the past and forget what Brandi did to her, and also shares why she was upset about Kyle’s comment that she holds a grudge.

Lisa writes, “How sweet and poignant it was to see Lisa R. going home and closing the house that held so many memories. Life is punctuated by moments of closure, goodbyes, and hopefully reconciling our past with moving forward into the future.

I had been invited by Kyle to come to her house after many months of little interaction with the group.

I wasn’t sure about going to the barbecue, but it seemed as we were attempting to move forward, maybe this was the answer.

I knew arriving as they all greeted us, things might be a little uneasy, but I was with my husband and just hoped for the best.

At this point for me to greet each and every person politely was not a problem. I had been frantically busy and preoccupied and now realized how ridiculous it had been.
Yes, as Brandi says, I understand it’s a challenge, and you want something you can’t have, but remember, you had it and you threw it away after you trashed it and ran to everyone who would listen.

When Yolanda introduces Eileen Davidson as my friend Eileen, that’s funny. I thought you only just met her and she was Lisa R.’s friend, but I understood the message.

I hadn’t seen Yolanda except only once for lunch. It was a huge ask to expect somebody to give up two days and one I wasn’t comfortable doing.

I think it was vaguely suggested to invite Yolanda, but since Puerto Rico, I had hardly seen her. I have many friends a lot closer, and I was reticent to put that pressure on them.

It was a difficult situation for me going back to that group of women at that barbecue and immediately to be cross questioned by Yolanda in a passive aggressive fashion…I am sure many things have transpired since last year, and I haven’t expected to be invited to any of them. As if…it’s almost too funny…I know we haven’t really spoken since
last year, apart from one brief lunch since we started the season, but would you give up two days of your life in 115 degree-heat and make a speech like every one of my friends did who had known me for years? Um no.

They had all been interacting, and I was on the periphery. They were all enjoying time together, but wow, does that change really quickly as personalies clash, lives become entwined, and tempers flare.

I saw Ken’s reticence to engage Brandi, then her saying, “Remember me? You used to love me…” is too funny. Yes he remembers, oh so well…how he would defend her to his detriment. Ken has a similar perspective to me–fiercely loyal to friends, but when they calculatedly try to destroy you, civility is maybe the best you can hope for.

I thought it was a bitchy comment from Kyle saying I hold a grudge. I feel just to engage with many of these women at all shows that I don’t, but I am not stupid enough to erase the past. I have the knowledge, and that is what protects me.

This season really gets started next week when all the relationships start finding different levels and opinions differ, some friendships are strengthened and others, well…”

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  1. I have a lot of respect for you Lisa. You are intelligent, hard working and beautiful. You are by far the best of all the housewives. I don’t blame you for not trusting these women. Trust has to be earned, and once it is lost it is hard to get back!

  2. I also am English and maybe that’s part of the problem! I do not understand some of these women crass behaviour. Namely Brandi, Yolanda, Kim and Kyle. Maybe our sense of humour is different. Reading a lot of comments on this website I see lots of people feel the same about these women as I do. I am sure most of these are from American Women. It must just be some of the women on the show!!! As for Lisa holding a grudge, Kyle also must be holding one as She keeps bringing the subject up.

    1. Sumack, I hope you aren’t right that good manners and dignity are a British thing, and that we Americans don’t possess either. Because that’s the difference between Lisa V vs. Brandi, Kyle, Yo, and Kim. Kyle was given a really loud wake up call when she and Lisa V sat down and agreed on not talking behind each others backs, and she STILL blew it with the ‘holding grudges’ comment. The petty, impolite picking and whining from Yolanda is just childish and annoying. Kim just flat doesn’t know how to interact like an adult, whether it’s because she wasn’t allowed a childhood experience or that her brain is pickled. Brandi is an aberration, I have to believe, of womanhood from any culture. She needs to realize that whatever behavior she thought was cute and acceptable when she was 15 was neither cute nor acceptable even then, but it’s downright disgusting in a grown woman.

      1. I wasn’t suggesting that in general good manners and dignity are just for the English. I did say that I thought a lot of the comments seem to feel the same ad me and they were probably American. I think I was suggesting these women on the show, apart from Lisa are all crass, even Yolanda and She is Dutch. I didn’t want to upset anyone so apologies! Love Ls but She isn’t perfect!!

  3. Bravo Lisa, you summarized it quite succinctly. Yolanda was rude for confronting you in the first place in front if people at a party, and acting like you two are close enough friends (especially after last year!) to warrent an invite to Palm Springs. Kyle clearly is the one holding the grudge as SHE is the one who cannot stop mentioning it every tuned she opens her mouth. And Brandi- oh my, the poor delusional dear, must have had alcohol poisoning somewhere along the way and it’s affected her thinking. She has blacked out the entire last year where she stabbed you in the back, betrayed your true and deep friendship between you AND Ken, tried her damnedest to lead all the ladies around you to “take you down”, made up outright lies and spread vicious rumors about you, and virtually spit in your face. None of those ladies seem to understand that there are real consequences for their behaviors- that you have to earn the right to be trusted. It’s really amazing how ignorant the choose to remain.

  4. So much for Kyle having Lisa’s back. Yo is a rude lemon head for her behavior towards Lisa at Kyle’s party. the women of BH should actually read Lisa’s blog and postings to understand where she is coming from. She makes sense–unlike the rest of the women there.

    1. Oops–exclude please Eileen and Lisa Rinna–sorry ladies–you are not mixed in with the others I am referring to–I knowLisa Rinna reads this stuff.

  5. Kyle is green with envy of Lisa – She is everything she is not and never will be. The only thing she has in her arsenal is saying over and over “Lisa holds a grudge” she believes if she says it enough people will believe it.
    Really! Lisa just doesn’t tolerate idiots and when they attack her and show no loyalty the kind she provides for them then she’s out of their lives by choice. She doesn’t need you guys. Ya’ll effed up.

    1. If Lisa doesn’t tolerate idiots then why oh why does she put up with the idiots she employs? Now those people are worse then Brandi on a good day.

      1. I agree they are grossly immature with over inflated egos but they are also 15-18 years younger than Brandi. I think Jax is closest to Brandi’s age and he’s a total twit. She tolerates them because #1 they are probably good at what they do and have a longer history w/Lisa than Brandi. Their bad behavior is what the shows about w/o them being idiots there is no show. Lisa can and has been civil w/Brandi while filming and at events. Those two will never be the same – Anyone who gets burned by a so-called friend and goes back for more is a fool. Lisa is no fool and that’s not holding a grudge. It’s learning from the experience moving on but staying aware of what this person is capable of-Brandi’s loss

  6. First of all, Lisa shouldn’t feel any pressure to be friends with Brandi. She made her bed now she can lie in it. Brandi keeps saying she’s not gonna keep kissing Lisa’s a** but she continues to beg her to talk. Kyle shouldn’t have made that comment….when is she going to learn. Yolonda has obviously forgotten about her part in last season with taking Brandi’s side on everything. Lisa R is awesome and I love watching her especially with Lisa V. Eileen seems really cool. I can’t wait to see her involvement with this group more. My loyalty as a fan is always with Lisa V. Brandi will continue to disgust me and I don’t see that changing.

  7. geezzz… I would not want to have Brandi in my group of friends. She is nasty and disgusting. I think the two Lisas will rule this season!!!!! Both have grace, sensitivity and class. Also like Eileen….

  8. OMG. Old Lisa VanDerCow is now throwing shade at Yolanda. Saying Kyle made a “bitchy” comment saying Lisa holds a grudge is laughable, seriously, it’s not, it’s the truth. Lisa proved she holds a grudge. Such a hypocrit it’s crazy. The Brandi talk I can understand, I like Brandi but I didn’t understand why she trashed Lisa (bankrupt thing etc…) BUT we don’t know what happened behind-the-scenes, so you guys keep judging brandi but you don’t know a thing about their relationship except what is shown on TV. And we all know that when she’s not playing chess, Lisa’s on RHOBH!

  9. Hmmm? And who was it that said “check-make bitch”? Oh, yes, that would be the twat trampon/brandi. She is just a sad fool. vyle is just 2-faced and back stabbing out of sheer jealousy for all things Lisa V., and lemonhead is trying to deflect away from her hideous behaviour last season and her bad parenting (the kid with the dui), and the other kid (allowed one almond a day). yolanda is delusionsal and jealous of Lisa V..
    These BH’s HW’s are so uber jealous of Lisa V., because she is the real deal, success in business, career, family, marriage, etc., and they are all lackeys/ wannabe’s filled with jr. high school jealousy, all wanted to be the “star”, but none but Lisa V. hold that spot with the viewer’s…….

  10. Sorry, I’m the minority here, but I think Lisa is catty and she DOES hold a grudge. She never lets anything go. I’m not sure why she always gets a pass on the board.

    However, when it comes to her relationship with Brandi, I think she should steer clear of her in every circumstance. She should never have befriended her to start with. You lie down with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas.

  11. Lisa does hold a grudge. There’s nothing wrong with holding a grudge, but she shouldn’t get upset when someone says you hold a grudge.

  12. Kyle is the one who holds grudges. Yo is a passive aggresive mean girl! Kim is so boring. Love the new addition. Lisa is the one and only loyal, down to earth true lady! She is voted the favorite every year and that makes the rest green with envy!

  13. I see Lisa being strained when filming with Brandi. I am sure it is due to the contract that makes Lisa have to film with the Trashy Skank.

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