Lisa Vanderpump Named Woman Of The Year


According to the California State Assembly, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has been named Woman of the Year.

Vanderpump received the honor Monday morning for her work as an entrepreneur, as well as for her activism in the gay and lesbian community. She received the honor from Assemblyman Richard Bloom, RumorFix reports.

“Sacramento thank you for welcoming me, so honored to be amongst these incredible women
#womenoftheyear,” Lisa tweeted. “Leaving Sacramento, going home, in awe of some of the women honored here today at State assembly Women standing up for what they believe in.”


Photo Credit: Bravo/Twitter



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  • Karen

    Wow, the accolades keep coming! I’m so happy for Lisa Vanderpump! I mean honestly, what a wonderful life. Last week she was speaking at the United Nations to raise awareness about the Ebola epidemic, a few weeks before that she was the Mardi Gras Queen in New Orleans, the summer before that she received a Star on the Walk of Fame in Palm Springs, she holds numerous charity events as well as lending her name to many others. Congratulations Lisa! Well deserved.

    • Confused5

      I keep having to agree with you ditto to all your comments.

      • Karen

        I’m cool with that! 😉

  • Congratulations Lisa. You deserve it!!!

  • mama

    Good job Lisa. No matter what BS anyone says, you are doing good works. and that’s a FACT!

  • One Rotten Egg

    So done’ might jelly right now!!! lOVE LIsa VP!

    • Karen

      We have to toast her with some Pump Sangri, Cheers!

  • Out of all of California, a housewife of a reality show got and award, yes lisa is nice but come on think about this, with a little sense this is Laughable really!!! I’m sorry that’s how I feel……

    • SidewinderVX

      It’s not really fair to dismiss her cuz she’s on a reality show she uses her platform to do a lot of good

      • starr sabga


    • RHOBHLover

      A woman who owns three restaurants in LA (contributing massively to the local community), has done immeasurable work for the gay community and who has used her housewives platform to raise awareness for a number of charities (ranging from animal shelters to serious medical conditions). Yeah, not worthy at all…

  • Cin

    I think it’s great!!! Go Lisa!!!!

  • Jo

    Yeah, PR crap, meaningless award given to useless old hags. She’s no angel nor employee of the month. She probably bought the award like she always does

  • kt

    This is VERY cool!!!

  • Confused5

    I am so pleased, missy6343 you are so blinkered, Lisa does a huge amount for the local community, the gay community in particular. My daughter works with a lgbt charity and it’s not easy, there are always blinkered people around that put down others!! Well done Lisa you deserve it.

    • Karen

      There are always going yo be haters and detractors that will never EVER give anyone their due praise- even if it were Mother Teresa we were talking about. Usually it’s because of something lacking (minimally grace) but usually a lot of times they have a good chunk of envy and jealously. I would hate to be like that.

      • Karen

        Like Jo.

  • DDN

    Congradulations Lisa!!!
    Well deserved I must say.
    I live down here in Austin, but if I lived out in LA I would go to your restaurants all of the time.
    I totally respect you. I hated the way you were treated on the show last year(somemore of Brandi’s handy work).

  • Karen

    Okay snark alert! Did Lisa invite her “good friend” Yolanda to the ceremony when she got her plaque? If she didn’t, she is in SO much trouble!!

  • starr sabga


  • And Lisa Vanderpump’s (QUEENDOM) continues to grow—-kudos Lisa. Now let’s see the other jealous HOwives attack—–3,2,1……..

  • Rusty Bumper

    Congrats Lisa. How come this was never announced by any one on the RHBH. They all must be jealous . This was 2015.