Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid Friends Again


Last April, Yolanda Hadid alleged that Mohamed Hadid was no longer friends with Lisa Vanderpump after Lisa claimed that Mohamed said that Bella and Anwar Hadid do not have Lyme disease. Yolanda said that they hadn’t spoken since the incident in 2015. “They haven’t spoken for eight months since she made that statement that Mohamed said the children aren’t sick,” Yolanda said on Watch What Happens Live. “He hasn’t spoken to her since.”

But Lisa and Mohamed seemed to have repair their friendship, because the two had dinner together in Los Angeles over the weekend and Mohamed even shared a photo of the outing. “The more things change the more they stay the same,” Mohamed captioned the photo.

Dinner with the ladies @sharonahadar @lisavanderpump @shivasafai The more things change the more they stay the same

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17 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid Friends Again”

  1. I knew it. I knew their friendship would outlast Ho’s desperate attempt. Poor Ho, stuck in a little condo on the creepy Wilshire Corridor with her ex-hooker assistant, fake Dr.’s, drug-addled daughters and no marketable skills.

    1. Either that or we are going to talk about every time they are spotted out now. Again I fail to see why some would think this is all done JUST to piss off Yolanda. . Sigh!

      1. I here you, Rain. Personally I don’t understand why strangers are so invested as to whether or not the two are friends, or why they are so obsessed to connect it back to Yolanda. Friends fall out, they make up. There’s nothing new or earth shattering about that. At the time when Yolanda was interviewed, she was speaking of an invested relationship ( a REAL one, with REAL conquences to HER life) regarding her ex-husband and a co-worker with collateral damage extending to her children and how it affected her ex. She had every right to answer the question simply and succintly when asked…and I really don’t get how people actually believe they REALLY know what’s going with all these folks…or the nuances of everything that goes on behind closed doors every second of the day and night. We don’t. Let it go. All are adults and will make the best decisions for how to move on with their lives going forward.

    2. freedom that other pic was a birthday celebration for a past housewife-friend of LVP. So happy they are good friends again. That was wishful hoping on Yo’s end that the friendship was over.

    3. There was another story about same but ths was three days ago. Like Rain says I hope we aren’t going to get a story each time the are out together. I’m glad they are friends again but enough.

      1. I’m glad they’re friends again too. They worked it out and moved on , we should too ❤️❤️❤️

          1. I think the issue with social media is that everytime friends get together for a meal or a walk, there MUST be some catty or hidden motive behind it lol. They’re friends and I’m sure they have dinner a lot . These people can actually differentiate between the show and their real lives ❤️❤️❤️

            1. oh I agree, Rain…I just don’t think a publicist would miss the opportunity on making this a ‘story’ when contracts are coming up. Just like Erika and her defining a certain word. I did not intend to infer LVP, Yo or Mohammad themselves posted.
              Don’t get me started on social media – my soap box is stacked very high these days.

              1. I know you weren’t implying that ❤️❤️❤️ But yes every day it’s a story lol. Is whoever coming back?? Blah blah . I think only Andy knows and his choices lately have been questionable . I do hope for her own sake, that Yolanda doesn’t come back and just try and regroup away from the cameras. But if the rumors are true that Brandi is coming back, then Yo will definatey stay

              2. Social media is so out of control at this point. If someone passes gas and someone else claims they heard it, a public scandal will be made out of the “issue” with people choosing sides and attacking others to near death over it. It’s a very interesting phenomenon, but on a larger more introspective level…a little…weird.

                1. Social media annoys me lol. It opened the gate to the flood of rude obnoxious people who can say what they want anonymously . Most of the time , they are not discussions, they are merely exercises in atrociousness and venom spewing. But if you’re a celebrity, I guess it’s a necessary evil
                  For me, I don’t even have FB anymore. No Twitter or Instagram or anything . Nothing that exciting happens in my life daily that requires that , nor do I want to know about every friend of mine who passed gas (as you said) , or see pics of what they had for lunch , or selfies of them stuck in traffic etc etc etc. 🙂

  2. So does this mean that Yoyo wasn’t truthful? What a shocker!
    I do agree with the other comments. LVP and Hadid were out together not too long ago and we don’t need to know every time they are together as that is what friends do.

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