Lisa Vanderpump: I Love Both My Children Equally


During the finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards made a comment that Lisa Vanderpump only cared about herself, her husband Ken, her daughter Pandora and her beloved dog, Giggy. Noticeably missing from the statement was Lisa’s adopted son, Max, who has been featured on the show several times. An angered Lisa took to Twitter to confront Richards over her “low blow,” explaining that Max isn’t interested in being on reality TV.

“My son is not sure that he really wants to be involved in reality [TV], he works 5 days a week at SUR tho, yes I love both my children equally,” Lisa tweeted. “It is his decision and after this season I can’t say I blame him! However @KimRichards11 low blow. My children regardless of how they got here, are equal in my eyes… they know that, hate for anyone to intimate otherwise.”


It is unknown if Kim’s comment was an oversight or a dig at Lisa. What do you think?

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9 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump: I Love Both My Children Equally”

  1. Kim is another disaster waiting to happen. She has become very vocal this season and unfortunately most of it is negative. She is very juvenile and desperately trying to stay on the show.

  2. that was a nasty comment ….. Kim is certainly not being sensitive and smart… then maybe she does not have neither of these qualities in her.

  3. First Ken–now Lisa and Ken’s kids! Giggy will be next! I think Kim just lets whatever awful things pop in her head fall out of her mouth! Recovering from substance abuse is no excuse but I can hear Kim’s whines now about how important her recovery is to her and it should be but Kim is “recovering” badly. Are any of the disingenuous four(Kim, Brandi, Yo, Kyle) watching their handy work on past episodes??? Doubtful or their in serious denial!

  4. To me Kim has always been painful to watch. I felt sorry for with the addiction, disgusted with the person she was with that boyfriend, happy she went into treatment but now totally confused by her child- like mentality with her dog, with her kids and with the wild animals she loves so much. I am an animal lover but she takes no heed of safety with the squirrels etc… When not spewing about Lisa, she giggles and squeals like a 3 yr old with a new toy. I still think she needs help.

  5. I don’t think kim meant the comment in the way it’s been taken. It wasn’t a “she doesn’t love her son” more of a “she only loves her family” -she just didn’t mention the son.

    Guarantee a majority of casual viewers probably forgot lisa has more than one kid. I know I do some times!

  6. Team Lisa & Ken.
    Kim needed to leave RHOBH in the first season, she is such a sloppy mess, and as Ken said—you never know what is going to come out of her mouth—-and when she does offend or lie about something, she always uses the “alcoholic” card. she is disgusting and should worry about her poop pillows… is just like her vile sister, they are both, stupid, mean, juvenile and jealous—they never grew up (socially or emotionally), and are stuck at age 13…………

  7. I think it was probably an oversight on Kim’s part but its a sensitive topic since she’s not the first person to imply Lisa loves Pandora more since Max is never on the show and is adopted.

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