Lisa Vanderpump Has a lot to Say About Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to explain her frustrations about the cast trip to Dubai and the drama among the women. Vanderpump says it’s mean girl, bullying mentality and she doesn’t understand how Rinna can conjure up stuff from a year ago to bring into an argument that’s happening today. Lisa says that it’s obvious Rinna and Eileen Davidson have been talking behind the scenes and has a lot to say to both women.

“I was becoming increasingly irritated, and I was exhausted by the negativity that has spewed from this woman for weeks now. I sincerely have no understanding of what I said to ED being so reprehensible that it would provoke so much negativity. However the nastiness that had ensued was contaminating our group. Dubai was an awful experience…apart from the sea lion party and dressing in our MOO moos, it was pretty damn negative.

I had noticed a coldness from LR and ED but had not an inkling of what lay ahead. I am culpable for inadvertently making a statement that hit a nerve, I am culpable for investing in a friendship with LR, and even supported her as she had an outrageous physical outburst and sent threatening texts to somebody struggling with addiction.

I have no comprehension how a year later…a year…LR can conjure up the ridiculous assertion that she was manipulated into going shopping in Amsterdam. If we cast our minds back, it was a fractious situation after the explosive dinner, and hypothetically, if it would’ve been me, I would’ve welcomed the fact that anybody would’ve wanted to spend time with me at all.

I lament my choice to be so supportive at that time, but hindsight is 20/20. Foresight would’ve been better.

A text had been sent from LR (I bring this up at the reunion), to Kyle and I that was extremely aggressive towards YF, questioning why YF wouldn’t go to NY to see her kids in a fashion show but could go to accept an award for Lyme, a rant that was asking for a response as she was unduly concerned in regard to YF’s choices. It seems much enrages LR that has little to do with her, as we have seen in regard to YF not being present at the disastrous EJ dinner. She stated she was “enraged” by that, she was also enraged by a picture with YF and BG at lunch. Nt a lot “enrages” me, so go figure.

I responded I had no thoughts I was willing to share with her, as she would accuse me of “manipulating” her, LOL. I was being sarcastic but really didn’t feel comfortable engaging in this tone of conversation with LR. She responded, “I can only be manipulated if I am manipulable, and I want your thoughts.” I curtly responded, “OK you want my thoughts?…I don’t like this one iota.” And that is when everything shifted between LR and me. I believe when I chose not to support LR’s accusations against Yolanda, she then began targeting me. Kyle also defended YF as she was also still included in the group text. I have to say LR should’ve been grateful I had such loyalty to her and didn’t show YF the lengthy text which was pretty nasty and unfairly judgemental.

I think she felt alone in her assertions regarding YF and somehow wanted to include all of us. I absolutely have been guilty of occasionally remarking on sick selfies that had been shown to me or we had seen on Twitter and didn’t really understand her actions regarding her illness, so many inconsistencies were baffling to say the least. But I had no problem in saying that to her face.

So clearly much has been discussed between the soap actresses, with one evidently wearing a director’s hat, orchestrating discussions to be brought to the forefront, discussions of subjects that had transpired many months ago. I was naive as I had no idea until now how aggressively the soap actress pursued her mouthpiece…Shameful, but I suppose she is that kind of woman. She won’t stop until she gets what she wants…Boom.

When LR came to the house with the intention of meeting the ponies, then brought out her phone, which took Kyle and I by surprise as she voiced the Munchausen verbage. If I had been “thrilled at her exposing the Munchausen comment,” why would I have said, “We shouldn’t be talking about this…”? She would’ve responded, so no, she was on her own in that decision. I don’t appreciate her spinning something. She said it, she should own it. We know it is being documented for all to see. It was a conscious decision that she made. I tried to diffuse the situation in my confessionals in her defense, saying she repeated something rather than manifested it.

As she relayed the diagnosis, she said, “We have all been talking about this,” and I remember thinking “Oh geez…where is this going?”

She then says as she left that I said to her, “Why don’t you drag Kyle into it?”

I absolutely remember thinking, oh no, she is going to drag all of us into it, but especially Kyle, as they had more interaction by text (lighthearted banter from Kyle that had sometimes been forwarded to me).

We never supported the theory of Munchausen’s, because although her actions were strange–her constant sick selfies and endless treatments–she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I believed Munchausen to be when you manufacture an illness.

I do remember saying to LR outside, as she was overexcited, one should speak from their own perspective. She agreed with me and admits that in Dubai that doesn’t correlate with, “Why don’t you drag Kyle into it?”

Kyle was in my house, 30 feet away as I said goodbye to LR, so as if I would say, “Hey,I think you should drag Kyle into this hot mess, yes excellent idea, she is right over there…” Anyway, I went back inside, still reeling from the conversations that afternoon. Kyle and I discussed what had transpired, as we were still aghast at LR’s statement regarding Munchausen. I then told Kyle I THOUGHT LR was going to drag her into it…and told her as much. I would not have told Kyle that if I had just suggested to LR to include her.

Doesn’t make sense. I love Kyle, and I don’t understand why she would say that I said to her, “I just told LR to drag you into it.” It was a contentious issue, and if I had stated that to Kyle, it would’ve been a problem for sure.

Two words can drastically change the meaning of a statement…”I thought” and “Why don’t ” make a huge difference, but in retrospect, not a lot does with LR. She seems to have rage and regret syndrome–gets easily carried away then thinks later.

How does one come to a conclusion about an issue a year ago regarding Amsterdam or a conversation months ago that had never been discussed since…?

I think somebody, rather than something, seems to be the genesis of her actions. Watch closely, then you decide. I thank many of you for your continual support, which I have embraced, but I can’t seem to erase the memories of those few days. It was deplorable actions of grown women behaving in a way that I taught my children not to, bullying mean girl mentality.”

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  1. I do know that LVP can be manipulative but this is ridiculous who would I sooner believe Lhee or LR. I don’t need to answer that Rinna is absolutely crackers. That’s all I’m saying for now.

        1. I just want to send my blessings to you and your family. I’ve never really closely read comments that weren’t related to the blog header so I didn’t know you were dealing with the big C. As much as I have fun bantering and bickering here about the wives’ so-called “reality,”you are dealing with some real sh**! So I wish you well and I hope that you are blessed with the miracle of a longer and lovelier life than anyone could ever imagine. Xoxo Suze.

          1. Duffs thank you so much, I had promised to tell people here so that’s why, since I started I have made some really good friends here, some who I am friends with away from here as well, even from all the way across the pond. It’s an amazing site, none others like it! I won’t go on about it all the time but I will put updates on now and again. I will also try not to be too crabbit especially in the mornings! Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Ok where the do I put this I said I would let the people who care, so here it goes, it’s terminal! I don’t know how long but I don’t want to dwell on it on here it’s too depressing for a blog and a certain someone might complain! Slurpy kisses JJ xo I just want to carry on having fun. Xoxoxoxxo slurpy kisses to many many friends I have made here, I will be here for some time!’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. I’m with you. I will be one of many here who will hold you up and love you and be strong with you. You are not alone in this, Susan. I love you, lassie. Please know that. ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

          1. My sentiments exactly. Suze, I am here for you. You are not alone. So many love you. Through thick or thin, we will get through this together. Sisters from the heart. Love you.
            ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❌❌❌⭕️⭕️⭕️

        2. I’m so sorry Suze!! I have no words. You know you have many friends here who love you very much and care about you and look forward to reading your comments everyday. I know this is not the place to go into details but if you are ever wanting to talk in whatever shape or form, I’d be more than happy to do so. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        3. Oh Sue, so sorry. i asked how are you when i read the first comment. So sorry for seeming insensitive. I should have read through all the comments before asking.

          1. It’s ok! Tough news but I will get it into my head then fight as much as I can to prolong it! You weren’t insensitive at all! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️

            1. You have your husband to care for and are someone I have always admired! More than often agreed with. Luv you Gigicat xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

        4. Oh Suze, my heart, my thoughts, my prayers are for & with you. I believe in miracles & wont stop praying for that miracle. You’re much loved here as you know, & we’re all here for you. Enough from me. XOXOXOXOXO

            1. Ohhhh how I miss those good ole days way back then of simple harmless recreational pleasure. Give me a good piece of blotter and I could see heavenly colors and wax poetic….dreamy carefree times.

                1. Miss M we love you just the way you are whether right left front or back or the middle xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

          1. Love you to Starr xoxoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        5. Much love, prayers and hope to you. There is power in prayer and we all wish the best for you during this time so I hope you can catch some good feelings while going through this terrible time.

          1. Thank you I have always got good feelings from here! Love most of you xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️

        6. I will always be here for you Suze, sending you slurpy kisses, I think your awesome, I don’t care what anyone else thinks they can go to another blog if they don’t like it.XOXO

          1. Many slurpy kisses to you Naynay! I don’t care about any of the miseries either. Too bad! It’s their loss! Love you xoxoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          2. Right, since after all it’s your blog and rightfully taken over with your topics. Wait, no it’s not and that’s rude.

            1. JJ please i ask respectfully, go suck eggs! It isn’t your blog either, and as I said before if you aren’t happy contact the blog owner! Well maybe it wasn’t respectful as you have never been to me! Two way streets here!

              1. Just hit the ignore button Suze. Do not stress over this. In the scheme of things it just isn’t worth it. Yes it is the imaginary button unless we get real ignore buttons here. 😉

                1. No one here will stress me out Sandy, I promise! Xo Just I would have ignored but now I will also say my bit! If JJ can so can I. Xo❤️

              1. Just because it suits her to be. To pretend to be something she isn’t hence her choice of name! Xoxo

                1. I’m sorry that somebody feels the need to make a nasty comment but most of us here love and care about you, we’re on your side, I just wish I could do something for you!! I’ll just keep sending slurpy kisses!

                  1. Slurpy kisses are just lovely, ask my dog she loves them! Lol. I couldn’t give a toss about JJ she has always been a miserable woman! It’s her loss not to interact with such awesome people here!

            2. JJ just bc you prefer to keep a wall up doesn’t mean Suze or anyone else here should be obliged to follow your lead. As you can see with the outpouring of love & support you are in the minority. And given the nature of the news Suze shared with us you are also the only “rude” one here, although that term is insufficient. For someone who is fixated on the karma of home wreckers I believe you should focus more on your own karma. There are opportunities every day to be a better person- hopefully you won’t continue to pass them by merely bc you’re anonymous.

            3. I replied to you in a manner the other day that I was not proud of. It bothered me for a long while because I’ve never cussed at another on these boards, I’m sorry for that.
              JJ, you don’t have to like or get along with anyone if that’s how you feel. But you have to know that on this little board here what you say and how you say it is going to be responded to with gusto by these women who have formed friendships over time. And they’ve held their hands out to you, I’ve seen it. But you continue in your harsh manner, what do you expect. You either try to get along by keeping to the subject at hand and stop getting personal with a poster or you…..that’s really your only option. These ladies aren’t going anywhere.

              And with regards to Suze? You show some respect and compassion from here on out for very obvious reason or your stint here will be revoked. I’ll personally make sure of it.

              Be kind. Play fair. Keep the sand in the box. Have a see the glass half full day, JJ.

              1. Shoot! I will answer here to all of above, you are all awesome. Don’t worry about JJ, she is very much into Karma as around Christmas she told me it was Karma that I had my very own stalker and another poster who was being rude to me. She seemed to think it was my own fault as I was such a horrible person. So perhaps karma will get to her too. I am not talking about health as I would never wish this on any person. However rude that person is. So I’m just trying to say anything She says goes straight over my head. I have no interest in her and haven’t for some time. She is a rude bitter woman! There I have said my bit now! I’m done and will ignore once more! Love you all xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                1. I’m ignoring her with you. No useless worries for any of us. And especially you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Xoxo

            4. You FINALLY understand. WE own the bog, WE own the content, WE get to say what’s ok and not ok, WE, well, if I could just figure out who WE is, I could continue with all the stuff WE hold the power to. ( Sorry Niki, sarcasm ) It will be lost on the intended recipient tho, so not to worry.

          1. I will, slurpy kisses to you Kt! I hope you managed to get some sleep the other day! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. Sleep…what’s that? I have had insomnia for years, but I manage, sometimes it just makes me speak my mind. LOL
              Now…back to the show…
              LVP is busted, in my opinion – has anyone else noticed – when the little minions (LR and BG) she tries to manipulate figure it out, she’s what…what…no…! Kyle is still under her web (and boring this season). LR is cra cra!!! That woman needs a therapist. Erika is still my fav, she wants to have fun and leave the BS alone. I loved it when she told LR, Kim and BG are gone, get to know us!!!

              1. I think Rinna is EXACTLY like Brandy. She hates Brandy, and many others she says she “has ISSUES with” and the reason is she sees herself in Brandy and Kim and hates herself. She has done exactly what Brandy did. Divide the ladies for reasons only she sees, and ruins every F***ing event they go to. I can’t believe she RUINED the vacation of a lifetime. What a bore. Always saying “I am a GOOD person” “I am a KIND person” She is neither of those things. Who is she trying to convince?

          1. It’s a complicated cancer that they are doing a special test for. I don’t know how long yet but hopefully I will still be annoying you all for sometime to come! NJ doesn’t start till June! I need to be here for that! (Groans from many). Slurpy kisses for you Barbara xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. Oh Suze, I’m so sorry and shocked. You have always been the one whose comments I have enjoyed the most. We don’t always agree on the folks we comment on but your comments have always been thoughtful, respectful and funny! I know there is nothing I or anyone here can do for you, but know you will be in my prayers nightly. Love you much, much!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        7. Suze, I don’t even know what to say. I posted something earlier, not sure it got posted here. But you just stay strong girl. Miracles happen ALL THE TIME, we just don’t pay attention. Meanwhile, you and all of us here dealing with medical problems are going in my War Room. It’s a great movie. Did anyone ever see it? It was so good, I made my own War Room and use it EVERY DAY!!

          1. That’s just what I will do! I replied to your earlier comment. I have so much support from friends and family it’s unbelievable. My friend drove straight down from Edinburgh as soon as I told her. 130miles round trip. It’s amazing people either run or they are there for you, you must have felt this. I replied to your earlier comment. Xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        8. Suze I want to cry!! i am with everyone who believes miracles happen every day. I’ll continue praying for you!!! No wonder you’re tired of hearing about the journey :(((((( I understand now. Suze I don’t even know what to say. I’m just sending you all the love I can ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. DeeDee, thanks sweetie! Slurpy kisses to you too! I don’t have much time for Yo these days, you are right about that! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

        9. I’ve been a silent reader up until now but I couldn’t read your post and not comment. I’m praying for peace and comfort for you as I can only imagine how difficult it is to try to cope with news like this. I hope you always know you are cared about…even by a fellow Housewives fan that just happens to be a stranger.

          1. Please comment, not on me lol but on housewives. Contrary to some people the majority here welcome all new posters. Thank you xoxoxo

        10. Suze, I am crushed. I can only imagine the confusion, anxiety and sadness you may be feelings. As you can see, so many of us here are praying for you. Please share with uswhat you want when you want regardless of who likes or dislikes it. Please let us know if any of us can do anything to help. & remember I’m trained in combat so jjust point out who’s giving you a hard time & I’ll kick some a$$. 😉 You are lifted up in prayers.

          1. Roxanne, LOLOLOL what is it called, I haven’t seen enough mob shows, oh yes a contract! I will give you the names and you can despatch!! just let me know your price! LOLOL Seriously thanks sweetie it’s been a shock but we will get through it! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Thank you I appreciate it xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        11. Sally my darling. I love you so much, I cant explain how much I do and felt so drawn to you from the beginning. We need to talk. I am here for you. I want to be with you through this. And I am asking God for a miracle for you. They happen every day. Sending a warm embrace and so much love all the way across the pond to my precious friend.

          1. Lisa, you know I Love you my friend. I did put it on once before but on FB request Sue Mack, the picture is two ducks one looking up the other ones backside saying I can see your quack! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            1. There is also a picture of my dog a black spaniel in a red roll neck jumper sitting on an animal print cushion!

                    1. I wish we all used the same terms it would be much easier! Same as in Oz thongs are flip flops, thongs for us are un comfy knickers! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

                    2. I call call flip flops flip flops. Thongs to me are undies (knickers?) or swimsuit bottoms where the cheeks are exposed. They were fine to wear under clingy exercise bottoms, so there are no panty lines. Thongs can be flip flops too.., but here they are flip flops where I live, for the most part. 😉

                    3. Rain, pants to me are versions of Bridget Jones in my case these days or slightly smaller for best! Trousers I only own one pair for evenings and daytime I was in jeans now leggings as they are the only thing I can wear. I have a couple of dresses for occasions and in the summer I live in cropped trousers or knee length shorts. I think I spent so many years in Office wear which had to be smart, suits mainly when I retired I gave them all to my SIL and am casual 99% of the time now.

                    4. Suze, I know. Here a bonnet is a pretty hat some may wear for special events…or it was once called an Easter bonnet…Not a term used much now. For you it is the hood of a car. Hood here…bonnet there…I think. The back of the car that opens for storage is the trunk here…boot there. A baby wears a diaper here…nappy there..We put gas in the car, you call it petrol. Flashlight=torch, elevator=Lift. Cans=tins. The end of a pencil is called an eraser=rubber. Enough for now…need my coffee, ❌⭕️

              1. OK Darling. I hadnt been there but will go and find my sweet Sue. Your attitude is awesome. You are amazing. No wonder I love you! xoxo

    1. How you feeling today, Suze. I agree with you totally that LVP can be manipulative but Eileen is a MASTER at manipulating Rinna and Rinna is too stupid to see that. Andy loves LVP so if anybody goes it will be the soap actresses and, hopefully, Yolanda.

    2. Totally agree, and rinna (ALWAYS) needs to get something off her chest, some faux outrage—-rinna is quite the meddling fool and her equally ignorant sidekick (whiney eileen) just need to stop, they look like idiots……..

  2. I have restless leg! whaaaaaaa drives me frickin buggery. Hold tight Bonnie lass waiting is the worst. Xoxo

    I think plain and simply it all boils down to power struggle. These ladies can split hairs till the cows come home and no one will win till one of them concedes and says f it, it ain’t worth it. And I can promise you it ain’t gonna be Pinky.

    1. It is funny how they were friends for 26 years, and it took this show to destroy it in less than 2. Rinna is using the show as her private therapy couch, and I, for one, am sick of it. First Kimmy and BG, then Yolanda, then Kathryn with the hearing aids, all which would have been fine if Rinna hadn’t brought Yolanda up every effing moment. She is obsessed with others. Funny, too, how she is all about everyone else, I mean in their very personal business and every little word that was spoken, yet we never see anything ABOUT her personal life. Little boring scenes with her daughters who are dolls, but nothing deep. She only wants to be deep in OTHERS business. All YEAR last year with Kim, all YEAR this year with Yolanda. Please, Bravo, not another YEAR. Why does she always need to ruin every beautiful thing with ” getting it off her chest?” Leave it on your chest and glue your ugly lips together.

        1. Don’t do that! Lots of us had her wrong! When the news broke yesterday about Tom G on another blog the best comment I read was so Lisa has next years story line.

        2. Well, I was on her side with the Kimmy stuff. Still kind of am as far as Rinna trying to apologize on the plane to Amsterdam.
          Rinna feels the need to always say “I am a good person. ” “I am a kind person.” “My higher self is a well intentioned person” Well, here’s an idea, go live with your higher self so we don’t have to see your ugly face anymore.

      1. Totally agree—–note to rinna (shut up already)- you look like a lunatic. I find it funny that she is always talking / gossiping about someone (else’s) problem but never talks about her own? Seems like rinna deflects alot and is not happy in her life which is why she meddles so much into everyone else’s business. Someone needs to tell her to mind her business and get a life or a hobby (other than ass waxing on dirty carpets-ewww), cannot unsee that TMI moment…….rinna & eileen act so classless, they are a real let-down, very unbecoming for women their age ( 50 +)…

      2. You said it all for me!! LR has always been upfront about how she will do anything (think diapers) to stay current!

      3. so true three ds forever…also rinna was judging Erika about her expressing sexuality and rinna herself was in playboy twice…she is a f’in biotch and sucks and I too am sick and tired of her constantly spouting off psychobabble. she sucks – I wouldn’t want her anywhere near me cause anyone who doesn’t fit in her ‘box’ she gets ‘enraged’ by – wtf? she is definitely mentally unhinged, unbalanced, emotionally sick, whatever u call it, psychologically disturbed etc. I have an invisible illness, fibromyalgia, and there are times when symptoms wax and wane, during a flare unable to do much, but if symptom-free can – the last thing I need is a ‘friend’ who judges me. I ran into this before with so-called friends and co-workers – I realize some of these women are only that to each other, co-workers – and I just told them flat out, I know it’s confusing because it’s invisible but this is my reality and believe me I wish it wasn’t. I don’t relish dealing with chronic pain, sleep deprivation, an immune system gone awry so I get sick more often than used to, memory and concentration issues, digestive issues, some anxiety and depression, the list goes on and it can be a vicious cycle. other times, can be fine. stress can aggravate it – both physical and emotional – as can environmental changes, such as weather and/or chemical stuff. so guess what, if you can’t relate, SUCK IT. be compassionate. I don’t know enough about Lyme to comment much about Yolanda but I know enough about being human compassionate and invisible illness to tell lipsa to SUCK it. same with how she was with brandi and kim, none of her business. she is crazy, sending kim threatening texts and sending group texts that are aggressive about what Yolanda is able to do or not do. rinna shouldn’t be anywhere near a tv set, she needs a loooong stay in a psych ward but as she would say ‘that’s just my opinion’ guess what I have an opinion too and she does not deserve this show and she can be Eileen’s puppet somewhere else, f them both

    2. Oh Gosh. I had restless legs for all the years I dealt 21. Sometimes I thought it would drive me NUTS. Some here think it DID. I would kick the covers like Whoopi Goldburg did in “Ghost” when he was singing or whatever. NOTHING helped. Finally, and I am not kidding, someone told me to take a TBSP. of organic red cider vinegar at night! It still works for me. My problem was too much acid in my system, not enough alkaline!

      1. Wow that’s amZing!!! I heard about the miracles of alkaline water and I buy it from Trader Joes but the pack ! I try to have a 1 liter bottle a day , in addition to regular water . You need a ph of 9.5 or higher

        1. I read that the high levels of acid in humans is from all of the protein in the modern diet. When I read all the information about it, it was so interesting to think of the diet of a person, say, 200 years ago. The daily diet was mostly grains, veggies and fruit whenever those were in season or canned, and very little meat, meat of any kind. If they lived near a water source, fish. If they lived near a forest, game etc. But they very doubtfully were gluttonous in their eating habits. They would preserve, can, salt or smoke meats in whatever way they could for future meals. It was a fascinating lesson.

  3. Lisa Vanderpump is claiming everyone who has ever said (which is basically everyone) she attempts to influence and manipulate from behind the scenes and off camera is either crazy…and/or trying to take her down. Nope…doesn’t pan out…there is a consistency here that says there must be some truth in their claims….I think LVP did what both Kyle and Rinna said she did.

    1. I hate to I hate to I hate to but I have to. I agree, apple. Yes Ms. VP has a little problem with admission.

      1. Cannot agree with that, the only problem LVP has is that she is ALWAYS singled out and held to a different standand than the other jealous wannabee’s……

        1. Dear Prudence, I hardly think Lisa V is being singled out or held to a different standard. The standard on all of these shows is to put another lady on blast or to ‘get read’ at least a time or two. That’s the standard. I’d say Lisa V has actually been fairly lucky up until a couple seasons ago. The women in THEIR estimation not necessarily mine – are simply joining forces to try and make her accountable for what they perceive is her part played in some of the games being played out. I don’t see it as they’re trying to take her down or ultra humiliate her unnecessarily or any other evil unfair act. They simply want to feel a genuine apology, as her dear friend Kyle even asked for on the reunion show 2 years ago, “can you just admit just once that you’ve done something wrong, just ONCE?” And in some instances I honestly don’t think that Lisa V has needed to, but this is how THEY feel, and in their minds if she truly cares about their feelings she might put her stuff to the side and give them that honest heartfelt and sincere look you in the eyes I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to offend you apology. And let it be done with. And the trouble with Lisa V is that in some instances she never goes that extra yard. She will skirt around it or make excuses by saying it’s her way, maybe it’s a culture thing, maybe it’s her British sarcastic humor. And when she’s pushed a little too far it’s her MO to run away and feel so injured by someone and then potentially cut out of her life. This is a pattern with this dear lady. This is her pushed button. Her weak spot. On a deeper level there is something so painful or disgraceful happening within her psyche that she would rather run from than confront. And I feel badly for any 55 year old adult person that can’t deal with a proper give and take in life. I think that no one really knows how to deal with Lisa V regarding this issue. And shaming her on national tv ain’t gonna work. If they hope for any kind of resolution it’s going to have to be behind the scenes. It really is a delicate matter for this lady.

          And you don’t have to agree with my opinion. It’s only an opinion. 🙂

          1. That is the best description I have ever seen about this. I also don’t think anyone, minus maybe Yolanda, wants to “take her down” Even Kyle, who was friends with her for years BEFORE the show says she has trouble apologizing. But Kyle loves her anyway and has learned that certain faults that we all have are just here to stay. I believe that is what is truly meant by phrases like “Accept others for who they are.” “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” “Live and let live.” Whatever it is that Lisa holds deeply in her memory might never be free. And people like Rinna need to quit believing that EVERY fu****g feeling needs to be recognized, talked to death and agreed on by every single person in the world. Sheeshe, it’s EXHAUSTING being around someone like her.

            1. I’m no Lisa R fan but I also starting to think that production are feeding her storylines to generate drama, since this season has been atrocious. So maybe she’s playing along with production, with the guarantee of s definite contract renewal. This is just my theory ,nothing to back it up

            2. (((((3D’s))))) ❣ precisely. Those phrases hold real value for me as well in my real life. I do let so much go, I give a lot of freedom and leeway in my relationships and understand that we all have our humanness and prefer to look at the best part of a person and let a lot of the quirks go for the sake of that love. I’m so not into power struggles. But these poor women are caught between a reality show and real life with these issues I feel. It’s new territory so learning how to maneuver these issues is many times much more difficult. I would never want to be on one of these shows, talk about a mind f***.

              1. I also believe that a lot of what Rinna gets so angry about are HER pussy reactions to things when they happen. She ponders and stews on them until she figures out a way ( for MONTHS! ) to make it someone else’s responsibility to have understood her well enough to not say or do it in the first place. It is unfathomable to me that MONTHS after one little thing is said, and whatever it was she might have mis heard, or misread, or not, is now of a sudden a crucial enough part in something she holds in her own head, ( God, I’d hate to be in her head even for a moment! ) to bring to the forefront and analyze it to death. It wasn’t even about HER !! It was inconsequential. There would have been no consequence had everyone even heard it, FGSakes. Kyle handled what she saw it as that day. It was nothing worth worrying over.
                I dont know about you all, but I have no idea what Rinna meant when she said “Kyle just left me out there to dry” In the moment, how was she even to know Lisa might have said anything to Rinna that day? ( I was incorrect when I said previously that I thought Kyle heard her say whatever Lisa said to Rinna on the bridge. ) What possible difference would any of it made. Was Kyle supposed to go straight to Rinna and say “OMG, Lisa said to me she thought you were going to bring me into this?” What? Letting her hang out to dry must mean to her that if others don’t do what she always does and go straight to the next woman to repeat anything that was said that could cause a rift? Rinna has herself so entangled in minutia that she can’t find her way out into the light.

            3. totally agree about the “yes we need to hash this out to DEATH,” she and Eileen are the same with that whole thing…and insisting on “resolution” w/every little thing, hello not everyone moves at that kind of speed, and you cannot force reconciliations…remember when Eileen tried to “direct” rinna and Yolanda “making up and hugging it out” at Erika’s BBQ – they weren’t ready – having either of those two as friends, let alone both, would absolutely be waaay too exhausting for me, it wears me out just to watch them – they are ridiculous. I can understand vince better with the “don’t attack me” thing now, because he has probably had to hear the same things over and over about every little time she felt miffed ad nauseum, Harry too – and remember when Rinna actually asked Harry if she had arranged the flowers right? Strange…they never show them together either…

      2. Her apology to Eileen was worse than the rude questions she was asking. Who apologizes and then smirks while they’re apologizing? Shame on LVP. That was disgusting. She needs to own her sh%t.

        1. I see that, PJ. And this is at the heart of the ladies beef with her. It has more to do with her delivery than it does the offense. They’re pisses off by her devil may care attitude. I love Lisa V for many reasons but this isn’t one of them.

          1. I’ve always been a fan on LVP, but this crap is beneath her. Notice, she turns nasty when she hangs with Kyle. I’m telling you, all trouble stems from that one. The two of them are always making nasty remarks about the others and then laughing their a$$es off. Grow up.

            1. Yeah I feel the same. They get together and feed off each other’s energy, whatever that might be and wherever it takes them. Pity.

    2. Kyle said LVP was ‘Planting seeds”. Rinna said she was being manipulated/directed by LVP without Rinna really knowing it was happening. Both of those statements in my opinion are ridiculous. My impression of LVP is that she is a very busy woman; she has neither the time nor the inclination to do what she is being accused of. She has nothing to gain by it, and if Rinna feels that LVP is subliminally “directing” her to open her mouth and say things that she normally wouldn’t say, well you be the judge – who is the logical one here? LVP is not perfect, no one is. I believe what bugs these overpampered oversensitized women is that LVP is a little rougher around the edges with her comments. She’s not negative or hurtful, she just doesn’t have the need for constant resolution to the nth degree, hugging everything out, etc.

      1. Boy, you said it. What Rinna said and did was hurtful, to every single person on the show. Kyle was told she is up Lisa’s a**, Lisa is told she is a liar, Eileen is allowed to do whatever it is she does, Erika looks like a watch dog for being loyal to her FRIEND, and, Erika is now successfully turned against Lisa because Lipsa’s vomit, Kathryn, ehh, and Yolanda is hurt by things she never would have known about had Rinna not decided she has issues. God, she has issues with everyone, I wonder if you accidentally bumped her in line at Neiman Marcus would she need to get it off her chest? In life, everything is NEVER resolved all the way to our satisfaction, never. She is so self involved she can’t see out of her own asshole since her head is in it.
        And all of it while in this beautiful city. Wow, if I spent a few hundred thousand dollars to go on vacation, I would be pretty pissed off if Rinna was anywhere near me. She said “fiends don’t hold on to secrets and use them later.” I guess that means everyone but her.

        1. Agree 3D! What doesn’t make sense to me with regard to Rinna and Erika is that Rinna is the one who has talked so much smack about Yo, and even got into it with Erika on this last episode about something, but somehow, Erika is on better terms with Rinna?? I think the smoke effects from her shows is going to her head.

          And I don’t know if it’s just me but has anyone ever noticed that when Erika does her interviews, she speaks like she has her jaw wired shut? Or teeth clenched? IDK….

          1. I hate to say this since it is a downer, but that is a symptom of cocaine use, or being under the influence of speed. The jaw thing. This opinion is solely based on my personal experience with drugs, and with others who take them. It is the culture I grew up in, more than that really, it is the life I lived. At a time when if a 14 year old girl told the doctor she wanted to lose 10 pounds, he would prescribe “diet pills” which were Dexedrine. Then, when the girl couldn’t sleep because of the diet pills, something for sleep would be subscribed, like Seconal. When the girl might be diagnosed with Endometriosis, Oxycodone would be handed out like candy. And it begins. I won’t bore you with the age I was when my brother gave me a hit of Orange Osley for my birthday. It was around my friends, and in my Mom’s own dresser drawer. Her doctor was my doctor.
            I have read other places that Erika uses cocaine. I truly hope it is a rumor, and if she does that it is recreational, if at all. It rots your brain out of your head, after it rots your teeth, your hair, your skin and your muscles, including your heart muscle. Many would think and say Erika eats and isn’t skinny, which is a reasonable thought. A lot of cocaine and speed users are not skinny. Many, many different prescription medicines can make a person seemingly perfectly normal for a lifetime actually. As long as the usage doesn’t rise to an exorbitant amount. And in the life where there is lots and lots of money, power, parties and everything is bigger, shinier, more, more, more, it isn’t in the least bit odd.

  4. LR is ridiculous. …none of the ladies said the (M)word…Lisa R did and only her. Yes everyone questioned her and how sick she was but only Lisa R said the (M),she is know feeling the heat and so start dragging people with her…

    Ellen needs to get over herself. .Lisa v said sorry so many times..get over it already. .you had the affair and thats how you have your husband. ..can’t be embarrassed did it already and the milk is spilled . Take ownership of your actions. ..Getting upset that Lisa or anyone asking about it is part of it…Get over your self. …

    1. Eileen brought up her affair last season. That’s when Brandi threw wine in her face. I was appalled when Brandi did that but now i think way to go Brandi. God, never thought I’d say that about Brandi.

      1. Totally off topic, but has anyone noticed that rinna has the same hair-do since the 1990’s (circa melrose place)? When brandi brought it up at the last reunion (lipsa looked stunned)——instead of meddling in everyone else’s business maybe rinna could get a new hairstyle? Just saying

  5. Eileen, when you help break up a home with children, that follows you and that’s nobody’s fault but yours so shut up.

    Lisa R., sorry but when you open your weirdly inflated lips and use the words “Munchausen Syndrome” in connection with someone’s name that’s nobody’s fault but yours so shut up.

    These two need to go back to soap operas if they want to turn every little thing into high drama. It’s just not interesting. LVP has far more important things to do.

  6. Totally agree, Judge Judy, ana, and Janelle. It is becoming apparent that Lisa R has emotional problems. Whatever is going on with ppl around her, if she has an issue with it, she really takes it personally, like she really takes stuff on. Beyond opinionated and nosy type. She seems to feed off from others’ drama. Last year she targeted Kim and Brandi – because her husband had only been sober for several months, had two or three brothers die from alcoholism, and a sister die from an overdose. This year out of the gate she had an issue with Erika’s expression of her sexuality, even though she posed for Playboy twice. Then she jumps on the M bandwagon with her hairdresser and tries to share the guilt from that with Lisa and Kyle, then goes over to Erika’s house and tells her all about it before she even tells Yolanda what happened. Then she develops a theory that Yolanda is manipulative, and starts having huge issues with Yolanda participating in some events in her life and not others. Example, she sends an aggressive group txt about Yo going to Lyme gala but not her daughters’ fashion shows, then says she was “enraged” by a photo on social media of Yo with Brandi and Kim for lunch the same day as Erika’s dinner party which she didn’t go to…I mean, it’s just not normal to get so worked up about other people’s lives…then she starts on the “Lisa V is manipulative bandwagon” from Eileen and becomes Eileen’s puppet. I think subconsciously she is actually really pissed off at herself for “allowing herself to be manipulated” by Eileen, but takes it out on Lisa V. – wrong target. Both LR and ED have lost me. They need to go.

  7. Here’s how I feel about the mess, I really loved and admired ED as an actress & was thrilled when she joined RHOB but I can’t stand Her anymore, all LVP did was mention the affair in passing & it’s the truth why should ED be so offended and hurt by the comment LVP made in the Hamptons,? Get over it already! The truth is she did have an affair on her spouse at that time & LVP has apologized over and over. ED could have come up with something more relevant this season. As for LR everything about her is phony & I can’t stand her eithetr.

    Sorry about my grammar

  8. Lisa Rinna and Eileen want everybody to conform to what they think they should be. Lisa VP is not like them emotionally – and that’s her business. If Lisa Rinna and Eileen are so worried about their “feelings” the should talk it over with a therapists – not bring it up again and again over weeks!

    1. It’s not about feelings anymore, it’s about beng accountable. LVP told Rinna to go forward with the Munchausen discussion on camera… and it’s wrong, Rinna knows it now, she just wants LVP to own it, and to Kyle to say that they did make fun of/question Yolanda too, (which she did last episode)

      1. Oh good gosh, really—-If LVP told rinna to jump off a cliff are you saying rinna would do it, these are grown ass women, no one (makes them do anything). Rinna went ahead with the munchausen’s because that’s what she does, she attacks and deflects everything off herself, she is a bitter aging mean girl…..We saw her come unglued in Amsterdam at the mere mention of (harry), she broke the glass on the table, put her hand around kim’s neck and then went on to send threatening texts, she is really unhinged………

  9. Ugh. VanderDump only has enemies in life , and one friend: Martin lol. She has hollywood friends, people that don’t know her. Once you get to know her, you can’t wait to expose the vile attitude and ways about her. We’ve seen it over the years. Disgusting.

      1. It seems Jake has gotten to know her too. Well, I don’t know her personally, and as a character on a RH show, I have grown to like her for a lot. Is she perfect? No. Who is? Is she throwing shade at times? Yes, and she is damn good at it. Are others jealous of her? Yes, so many are IMO. She has it all except her youth. She has a devoted husband, wealth, a beautiful home or homes, loving children and she has several very successful businesses and has lived around the world. It seems to me a lot of them are jealous of her. Lisa does love animals and she is very vocal for their humane treatment and for LGBT as well as other humanitarian charity. I know Eileen is having a hard tiime with LVP, of her own doing IMO and Rinna is having a hard time being a person who can get along with others without starting trouble. She is way too nosy for her own good. Eileen, I am very disappointed with and I never have liked Yolanda and have grown to now despise a lot of what she seems to represent which is an unkind individual who always has bad days and makes the world suffer for them. It is not her sickness that makes her this way. She is not a nice person IMO. Okay, I said it. Kyle needs to stop trying to be the popular girl and stick up for her friends. I felt sorry for Lisa in Dubai. If I was her, I would have hopped on the next jet out of there, but she stuck it out. If only Ken was there! 😉

        1. He couldn’t be there he was with me building my swing’
          Apart from that I totally agree with everything you have said.❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxoxox

          1. I guess you have pink bows on your swing and it is surrounded by flowers too…Has to be, if it was from Ken! 🙂 If Lisa reads this stuff, she is probably giggling to herself and saying, You can have Ken…just on loan anyway! She loves him but also loves to poke fun at him and about him. We can find out if her ex DWTS dance partner is available for her to take her mind off Ken while he is on loan to you, perhaps? 😉 XO

            1. Good idea Glebb will be here from September for strictly so she will have to get in quickonlynamfew months left! Xoxoxoxxo

              1. Silly me. I forgot about your color preference. I knew it was blue…then I just thought of Lisa’s swing. Of course blue with white polka dots! 😉

        2. I agree with most of what you said Sandy. But I’m surprised that you made the comment that she doesn’t have her youth anymore. I’m 20 years younger than she is and I don’t consider her to be old. A little past middle aged, but I don’t agree at all that she’s lost her youth. JMO.

          1. I am just being a realist here. The only thing the others have over her is that they are a little bit younger on average. They would not be jealous of her youth is what I should have said, because they are all a bit younger than her. They may be jealous of everything else. I am not calling her old. She is the oldest of the bunch but not old. The oldest of all is Ramona Singer on NY. She is almost 60 now. I think she looks great too, still able to wear a bikini, but she is quite bizarre to put it mildly.

            1. Eileen is 56 – 2 years older than Lisa. She may look younger because she has the time that Lisa doesn’t to spend hours every day at the gym. Rinna is 52 – 2 years younger than LVP, IMO that’s about the same age. The rest of them are in their mid to late forties…no so far from 54. And Kathryn is 51. so no big disparities with regard to age on this franchise.

              1. Janelle, they are not at all jealous of her age if they are older or if they are not much younger. They may be jealous of everything else Lisa V has. I did not realize Eileen’s age, but I knew the others were not much behind her except Erika and Kyle. Still, when I say she does not have her youth any more, she does not. She is not young. She is not an old bag either. She is gorgeous and takes amazing care of herself. I don’t know how that came off as calling her old. Youth has escaped most of us here. I don’t call a 54 or 52 or fifty anything middle age either. That would imply we were all going to live until 100. It may be the new middle age, but I don’t call it middle age. You are as young as you feel. Some 50ish people look 30 something and feel it and others feel 90 and look 70, so I am not an ageist. I was merely talking about the only thing Lisa does not have is her youth…youth is a young person. I am sure she wishes she did. We all do. She has everything else. You read into it and here I am defending what I should not have to defend. I am older than Lisa. I looked damn good at her age when I worked out daily and was kickboxing, dancing, and looking my best. No one thought I was over 40 anything then. When illness struck, things changed. Lisa looks great and is very active. I love her the most out of all of them and have said so before. She is my favorite on BH and probably of all the HWs. If she leaves, I will not watch BH.

                1. Sandy, I wasn’t implying that LVP was still wet behind the ears, just that she has not lost her youth. Maybe we view that term differently and that’s ok. I look at youth as how you live your life and what you put into it. I’m 34 with twin girls not yet in school I could easily be friends with people like Kyle or LVP except I don’t have the time except for certain days when I allow myself a bit of freetime (girls at the babysitters). which is why I’m posting a lot. I have friends a decade younger, my age and a decade older. It’s all about what you relate to. That’s all. I wasn’t being critical of your comment, just a bit surprised by it. xoxo .And maybe when I’m older I will understand more where you’re coming from even though I have no idea how old YOU are :)…..

                  1. Janelle Sandy is ancient! At least 89 possibly 90 now! I am joking Sandy is a little younger than me but only a little bit!

                  2. Still, you don’t get it. All I was saying is that the others are most likely jealous of Lisa VP. She has it all. The only thing she does not have is youth…being a young person like yourself. The others cannot envy her for that. They are either younger or older but not by much for most of them. That was all I was saying. Also, we can have friends of all ages. It is not an ageist comment, yet you still seem to see it that way a bit. I am sorry if it came off that way in the original comment because it was not intended that way. The truth is, you are still young and not middle aged yet. What you will find out, is that most of the time your mind is still working quite well and deep down you are the same person you always were except a little older and maybe a little wiser. I have had friends of all ages as well. I don’t see the age number as a way of weeding out old from young, but I am a realist. Many people are jealous of what people may have materially, maybe their great marriage, and maybe other things as well. Some people just see those things and don’t give someone a chance to become a friend. I was treated badly when I was young because I drove a very nice but older car…with lots of mileage on it. I was judged by my car, and it was a play group for my 2 year old son at the time. They shunned me and my little boy, thinking I was rich…and I was not. My “new” car was a lemon and I traded it for a used older car of a better make..before lemon laws. Well, not to go there, but I know what jealousy is, ignorance is, and just plain people not being able to be with anyone who has more than them, and I never was or will be as wealthy as Lisa VP. She does have it all, and she looks great too. I wish her well. I admire happy people who earned everything they have.

                  3. Awww. 34. 34 was part of a GREAT time in my life. I don’t do that where only the past is good, just that the past was great. I have had a happy life up until certain tragedies happened. Then I got knocked to my knees and stayed there until recently. But memories are what my heart is made of so I will never think anything but that they are mine. My kids were 8, 10 ad 12. My S-kids ( who I claim with everything minus the words since their Mom is their Mom and wouldn’t appreciate it if I said they were mine in that way ) being that we are friends, but they were 13 and 15. Life was beautiful. Life is beautiful. Twin Daughters!!! How lovely. Thanks for sharing that.

                    1. Hi 3D’s, I’m just now seeing your posts when I just wrote off commenting any longer about RHOBH. Too much of the same old same old, you know? But your post, and the one above it were heartfelt from you and I just wanted to say thanks for that. I wish I would have seen these posts sooner! Have a great day 🙂

                    2. And I’m sorry for whatever it was that happened to you…glad that you’re enjoying life again <3

              2. What cracks me up, Janelle, is that Eileen, as Ashley, is still given parts where men half her age are attracted to her. Not that it doesn’t, or shouldn’t happen, but that is a very common part for her to play. I don’t watch Y&R, but I see snippets enough to know this part. I wish they would give her some other parts, maybe she would act her age then. You know, like an adult.

    1. Jake, this is a TV show. Most, not all, but most of these women didn’t really know each other before RHOBH ever started. Do you really believe that any of these ladies closest friends are the ones that are on this show?. That they didn’t have a life before RHOBH? It’s a big statement to say one only has enemies in life when I’m fairly certain you’ve never met her. Right now her “enemies” if you will are a few women who don’t know what else to do with themselves but create drama in their lives by dragging others including LVP into it.

    2. You refer to her as vile and disgusting? Taking a page from Rinna’s handbook when she talks about Kim? LOL.
      And I could tick off a list of people that she considers friends on camera (Mohamed, Shiva, Kyle, Joyce, the list of celebs that come into her restaurant, etc.) but the people closest to her neither one of us knows about because they are probably not in the public eye. Get real Jake.

  10. LVP, me thinks thou dost protest too much…and deflect too much. I believe Lisa R. and even Kyle backs up Lisa R. with Kyle’s version of the story. LVP got tagged and once again cannot accept responsibility for her actions. She is not perfect, she is human and makes mistakes. What sets us apart is how we handle those mistakes…and LVP is not boding well in this instance. I am not crazy about LVP right now because of all this nonsense. Having said that, I still think Eileen is a nut and needs to accept LVP’s apology such as it was and move on! I frankly don’t even think LVP owed Eileen an apology. Eileen herself admitted on camera that it is public knowledge about her private life…so why on earth would she be so angry with LVP for asking? What annoyed me is that Eileen thinks she is so fascinating and famous that everyone on the planet already knows about her private life…perhaps that is what annoyed Eileen when LVP asked questions; LVP was not being genuine in her interest but just trying to get a rise out of Eileen? Well, news flash, Eileen…I had no idea about your private life and I am betting millions of people watching the show also knew nothing about you. I was interested when LVP started asking questions but I have long ago lost interest in your petty neediness. Ridiculous…but I can’t wait to see the next episode!!

    1. ITA agree, Simone…the thing is…none of the things LVP has been accused of are all that terrible…if she would just admit she does this kind of thing… many of us would laugh and move on.

      1. That is the problem with a fault. Faults we have usually remain faults even if we are aware of them. I think Rinna is actually sick or something. She has now ruined the entire trip for everyone, including the viewers. After 26 years of being friends with Lisa, handling any tiff off camera, she should continue to do that. I find her to be disgusting. She just now figured out Lisa is shrewd? Wow. She must have her head even farther up up her own ass than I originally thought. Maybe that’s why she is so willing and delighted to have it waxed on camera. Gag. And then her talk of porn and dildos? Gag. But Erika Jayne’s video is too much for her virgin eyes. Fucking hypocrite and I honestly think she is just like Brandy. At least Brandy was pretty to look at when she was being vile.

  11. Love LVP and Kyle. I do not understand why Lisa R and ED cannot let go. Live and let live ladies. The soap queens need to stop drama and let go of the past. Who is trying to control who?

    1. These women are bored. LVP is working from sunup either overseeing one of her restaurants, until recently on camera for VPR which she is producer of, or working with one of her many charities. As previously said, Rinna is having her ass waxed on a dirty carpet and talking about dildos with Jenny, and ED is wondering where things went wrong with Vinnie.

      1. Then she has the balls to say she is insulted by Erika’s video. After saying for 2 years she loves porn. Loves dildos. And she doesn’t want her 2 darling teen age daughters to see Erika’s video? It’s ok to talk about what their DAD likes in bed. It’s ok to talk pussy and dildo’s!!! Wow. Her DAUGHTERS see that. She is an effing hypocrite and she is so ugly I can’t stand to look at her spewing her “issues” God she has “issues” with everyone. When they were at Kathryn’s San Diego house she actually COULD NOT STOP herself from speaking about Kim. I mean she had an exchange with her that was weird, true. But the weird got nasty really fast and I am ashamed I ever thought she wanted to apologize to Kim Richards. The fact that Kim is a total bitch has nothing to do with her. It has no impact on her life whatsoever. She sat there, KNOWING Kyle was almost in tears and said it ANYWAY. And people call Kyle a mean girl. Is Kyle a cry baby, yep. But everyone has faults and I believe her when she says she forgives others. I would be the one running if I was near Rinna, like she said on the beach about Yolanda. RUN AWAY. She is despicable. I would actually be a little frightened. Boy, BG was right! About Rinna, nothing else.

  12. So did she (LVP) or didn’t she say, “Why don’t you drag Kyle into it?” Was it on camera and shown on the show?

    Whatever. The endless pettiness, bickering and childishness bore me. Let’s focus on real issues.

    1. In answer to your question Martie, no, it was an off camera comment – so basically she said, she said. And the minutia of it is so tiresome, but yet it consumes Rinna and ED like I’ve never seen. I agree about Southern Charm – never thought I would like it, but it grows on you! :). RHONY I like sometimes, sometimes not. I don’t know the history of that show except for maybe the last season. I really do like Millionaire Listing NY. I’ve bought some of Derek’s artwork (Fredriks husband) and love it!

      1. I just read about their (Fredrik and Derek) surrogate miscarrying twins. I did not realize that happened. The last I read about it, they were preparing for children. I think Fredrik’s husband Derek is very handsome. I had read a rumour that Fredrik was axed for asking for too much salary and being a diva a while back, but that was all false. Now his publicist says he may even get his own show at some point. He is more than a little nuts, but he sells billions in real estate in NY and that does not count his Swedish office and others around the globe. I never took a close look at Derek’s art, but I do love art. 😉

        1. It was sad. I gave him my condolences when talking about the art I wanted to purchase and he seemed genuine and personable. And handsome is not the word for Derek. There are no words – he is off the charts beautiful 🙂

          1. Yes, Derek is like a work of art himself! I agree. At first I was not so sure if he loved Fredrik as much as Fredrik clearly loved him, especially when he said he did not want children after the marriage but seemed to want to and said so just before he was married. Then it seemed like he warmed up to the idea. Fredrik wears his heart on his sleeve in his relationship with Derek.
            It is nice that you bought the artwork from Derek. Enjoy. 🙂 (Too bad Derek did not come with..)

            1. I didn’t realize that Derek already has a son, Kai. I have not kept up, but he has a five year old son from a former relationship, and the boy lives with his mother. That was a surprise, but you probably knew that too. 😉

              1. Kai became public knowledge when the MDLNY became so popular. There are a lot of cute pics of them online. Derek is the father, but Kai primarily lives with his 2 Moms.

                1. I missed that bit about his son with two moms. It is nice that he gets to see him. Now he has two moms and two dads. 🙂

      1. CLF, isn’t that sit down with the group where Thomas lectures them on how to live their lives well and not make the mistakes he did a rerun from season one? I just caught a glimpse of it but it is sooo similar…My favorite girl is Cameran – she is authentically beautiful – just hate that she uses the word t*rd all the time. :). I can’t help but like shep, he’s cute, but no motivation and a trust fund baby.

      2. If a business is successful it has a branch in Dubai, there isn’t one I can think of that’s not there from US and UK.

  13. The starving for attention twins, Rinna and Eileen, have only succeeded in making themselves look like complete idiots.

    Here’s a news flash for you -> NOBODY CARES!

    Not bad enough that every season LVP is attacked by villains, but now they team up and twist and turn every instance, on and off camera, to attack her. Perhaps they should have reviewed the current status of previous LVP attackers before putting so much effort into it.

    LVP is, always has been, and forever will be the Queen of RHOBH


  14. Lisa Rinna is nuts. I do hope we see and hear more about the texts Lisa Rinna sent LVP and Kyle on how angry she is about Yolanda’s New York trip and not going to her daughter’s fashion show. Why should she care. Eileen stop making Rinna your puppet. You need to go back to your soap opera. I use to like you but now I can even watch you anymore.

  15. JUST MY 2 CENTS WORTH………………………..

    LVP= Not someone I like very much. Insisting that Brandi put the magazine in her case….saying to Kyle, “I thought she was going to throw you under the bus”…..saying to LR, “Why didn’t you mention Kyle?”…..deliberately using the word “affair” to ED = manipulative
    ED = I like very much. Is she taking this a bit far? Yeah she is but she wants what LVP can’t give and will never give.
    LR= Shit disturber and naïve and is really quite gullible hence the reason LVP can manipulate her so easily
    YH=I like her…there I said it! I believe she may use her illness to her advantage sometimes when she really hasn’t got the energy or the brain power to deal with the ladies. Let’s face it, you need all senses working properly to deal with them.
    KR=She’s dealing with a lot right now. She is not one of my favourites but right now I have sympathy for her. So she gets a pass this season
    Kathryn (Last name?)= not so much.
    EG=LOVE, LOVE she’s a girl after my heart in every single way.

    Did I miss anyone?

    1. Brandi was the only one who claimed that LVP put the magazines in the suitcase. Even Carlton, Brandi’s friend at the time refuted what Brandi said. Whatever was said to Kyle was off camera, so no one can say 100% what was said.
      ED – can’t stand as most can’t. she is unhappy and misery loves company.
      Rinna – agreed she is batshit crazy.
      Yolanda – tiresome, so over her and her constant need for attention.
      Kyle – Like most of the time, sometimes I wonder….
      Kathryn – she made mistakes, it was her first year, I think she’s a good person, but not much to bring to the show.
      Erica J/G – cheap, fake, talentless Barbie hack. controlled by her husband. she’s more like a child to him than a wife. Should go back to the 70’s under a disco ball where she belongs. Not impressed.

      1. You nailed it. Eileen and Rinna are ruining the show. LisaRinna is the worst friend ever. Get them off the show. Erika is trashy and showed up with an antiLVP agenda.

  16. Here we are once again going into a reunion with an attempt to make LVP the villain. I think these woman think it will inure their importance to the show to square off with her. I didn’t quite understand what Kyle was saying that LVP did. I do think she has a bad case of disingenuousness, and mouths whatever she thinks whoever she’s with with like. When confronted in front of both sides she dissolves into tears to avoid taking ownership of what she’s said.

  17. I really wish that Andy would silence all the women except the one that is speaking. It is so tiring trying to hear them all at once.

    1. I agree it annoys me as well when they are all shouting at each other and they won’t let the other one speak! Hurts my ears!

        1. Great idea, personally I think Andy should give them all a shock if they are misbehaving! Just press a button and we could all have some fun!

          1. Good one! Maybe if they go over time or say certain words, they can be zapped a bit…just a tiny bit. Certain words will not be allowed. Munchanything will be eliminated. Journey…zapped. We could go on and on. Oh, we just can’t have the word affair in it at all either. 😉

              1. You can have that job all by yourself Suze. I will enjoy watching you too! 😉 I might help make the list of no no words though. I will enlist 3D’s for that list too. 😉

    2. Andy did say that the worst part of his job is being the moderator at the reunions. I think her is a bit biased toward people he likes/dislikes. Season 4 he let Yolanda take over the whole thing. I have a feeling that next season he may delegate that position to someone else. Just a guess, but I think it would be best. He’s got a lot on his plate. Maybe he could turn it over to Waka? 🙂

      1. Again great idea, I said that if they all brought a dog on it would be more interesting! Eileen could just stick a lead on Rinna, I would enjoy that!

            1. They make hundreds of beautiful rolls, I saw them in Michael’s with April. 2 inches wide should do it. I didn’t even know what they were and when she said duct tape I was so surprised. Super pretty designs and colors. I do still wonder why they have all those designs though? Anyone know? This is awful but I wouldn’t mind being the one ripping it off and suggesting a plastic surgeon to fix her revolting lips once and for all.

  18. I agree with you Lisa – They are bullies, what I can’t figure out is why? Have they all taken it to far where they fear of looking stupid if they back down. Ellen has turned into a real piece of work! They are all a bunch of bitches that don’t know how to chill and just enjoy each others company. Your right when you said on TV you can’t say or do anything right because they won’t let you freaking breath…. for the love of god! If I were you I’d tell them to hit the road Bitches!

    1. Your comment made me think of the ladies tag lines. Lisa said she adores dogs but hates bitches. I think those lines were written after the series filmed.

  19. LR and ED are desperate to be relevant . They are just looking stupid with their school yard antics. I do hope neither of them will be back next year. They are just desperate and need to be pitied WTG Lisa P Love you lady and respect your dignity.

  20. ,The time has come for Lisa R to really sit & eat her words slowly. She started the Manchausen talk, now, being advised by Eileen, who seems to have major insecurities & major anger issues toward LVP, Lisa R, who trusts Eileen, failed to see that her good friend was pushing her to do the wrong thing in order for ED to get yet another chance to dig into LVP. She, Eileen did not care what the outcome would be like, she did not care what a fool her friend made of herself & what confusion would be created. All she wanted was to get her satisfaction. I had already turned the corner with Eileen from the moment she went to Yo’s side. But Lisa R? am so disappointed..

    1. I really do think that Eileen believes conversations can be written like scripts. Not being sarcastic. Like when Mauricio had the ladies for the Thank You dinner for Habitat for Humanity. Eileen starts in about how she can’t go to the march. Then she brings up that she told Rinna, who told Lisa that she, Eileen, said Lisa was manipulative. So, the conversation starts, and it goes to a few totally weird, out of left field things Rinna has said and done that Lisa had nothing to do with. Eileen starts in talking head saying “How did the talk go from Lisa being manipulative, to what Rinna said to Kim in Amsterdam?” Well, for an answer, because Amsterdam was brought up. Then, AGAIN, she tries to bring it back to Lisa’s manipulations. And once again, as conversations often do, people actually SAY what they are THINKING. Not what was written in only HER HEAD, or her script, as the case may be. In the luggage store, Eileen actually TELLS Rinna what Lisa and Kyle MEANT when they spoke at the dinner. Wow. No wonder she can’t stand “unresolved” feelings. She reads not only minds, but hearts and intentions! What a burden that must be.

      1. Precisely, she doesn’t know where her soap ends and BH starts! It’s all just one poor acting gig to her and Rinna, worst casting by Bravo ever! Both!

  21. Love LVP. She is my favorite housewife of all time. LVP & Kyle’s banter cracks me up. Can’t stand Yo,Erika, Eileen, & LR. I hope they are all gone next season.

  22. LVP is not a soap actress, therefore she doesn’t overdramatize everything, so she’s called cold hearted. Vilene and Lipsinna drag every thing out, just like they do on soaps. It’s supposed to be reality and they are trying to write the show. Now, compare LVP’s manipulation with ed’s and you see a drastic difference. If a fried gives you their opinion or advice, and you choose to follow that path, they didn’t manipulate you! It’s not that dramatic. There is no way LVP told lips to drag Kyle in it cause Kyle was already there! Makes no sense along with lips telling wineleen at the beach that both lvp and Kyle started the whole thing so who’s rewriting history. Lisa asking about babyleene affair was old news and she asked inquisitive questions that could have been immediately shut down, Brandi called Ed a homewrecker and that was let go with a completely half ass apology and Brandy called yolymes daughter and alcoholic and that wasn’t even addressed. The ONLY thing I agree with LR about is the double standard. Vileen has instigated and stirred up so much but everyone says lvp is the manipulator… Girl please.

    1. I do agree but I also think miss journey is sitting in the background pulling ED’s strings and then she is being more manipulative than Lisa ever has been in one season with Rinna, Maybe Rinna is hoping for a part back on the silly soap opera she is in?

      1. Miss journey is vacationing in Bora Bora, apparently now that the season and reunion are over , filming is done, she is all better , she’s able to be far away from her Dr.’s..hmmmm..I wonder if she’ll be sick and in her robe when filming starts again…she’ll probably be on her hands and knees crawling on the floor to make it to her bed complaining about how she hasn’t walked or left the house in 20 years!! Oh wait a minute?…she’s in Bora Bora!!

        1. Yes, I saw that she was in Bora Bora but never read the article. It seems the kind of place you would go to with a special someone…unless maybe she followed her daughter to a modeling shoot or something…or whatever. I always said she looked fine for any of her vacations. She must have had some sort of remission of her ailments every time…right.

            1. Or Daisy. It’s almost magical how quickly she was cured and travel over 4000 miles away from her doctors. I guess the surgery to remove that disgusting white robe was a success.

              1. Daisy…maybe. Actually I think Yo is cured now…rid of David and suddenly much, much better, but that is just my opinion, before the Yolovers attack me for that. I am entitled to my opinion. I wonder if she will write it off as a tax deduction under medical expenses. This journey is an around the world vacation. Knowing her…she probably already did that with the last trips if they were that over the top with expenses and qualified for the percentage of income necessary.

                1. Yeah I’m with you. Yolanda is probably for the most part better and is maybe celebrating with an around the world trip….who knows why and I don’t really care. She has the money for it so good for her. She’s been sick and gone through a divorce.

                  1. I agree 🙂 go have fun Yo and bang some young island man . I think it’s ok to argue her condition reasonably like RealSandy and others do, but the vitriol and hatred towards her has gone too far. She’s damned if she stays in bed and damned is she goes out LOL. Let her be , let Kim be, let Faye be …etc etc ❤️

                    1. That goes both ways too. She should look for love more than $$$$ first. But I am through talking about her now. 😮

                  1. No, you haven’t but maybe you are now…a wee bit. It is my opinion, and you took offense. I said that Yolovers will come at me and attack, but I did not say all Yolovers. I did not mean you. You are also entitled to your opinions. I respect that. I am not attacking you or the Yolovers. They usually are the ones who take offense to my opinion. I do not like Yolanda or anything about her. I do not wish her harm or anything either, so I don’t hate her or anyone. I think she can do whatever she wishes. She certainly can afford to do anything she likes. If she wants to go half way around the world to an exotic place away from it all by herself, she can do that. I still find it hard to believe she was alone, however, and that is also my opinion. It is a place for honeymooners and young lovers for the most part and others who like solitude I imagine. She also brought the cameras there and posed for them it seems, so she wants David to know about it maybe…just my opinion. She is a sick woman IMO and not physically for the most part.
                    Rain, I respect you and your struggle with illness and loss, as well as you as a person in general. You are amazing. I know we do not agree about everyone, and that is just fine. I am honestly so sick and tired of Yolanda, I don’t know why I wasted my time even commenting about her. I will refrain from doing so as much as possible from now on. I just missed the end of YR now…Oh well. I am not on any team for anyone. I do like some, but I can change my mind about anyone too.

                    1. You completely misread that RealSandy and I’m being honest ! I do NOT take these things seriously and process them negatively. I simply said I disagree with you and many others about Yolanda but I never attached any of you or called anyone bullies or any such thing . It’s just a blog . I disagree with Suze and 3D and sidewinder and still love all of you and don’t think you’re horrible people 🙂 that’s the truth and I have no reason to lie to you . It’s a comment I made as a way of saying we agree to disagree but there’s still ❤️ There . I hope you can see that now

                    2. Rain Rain go away, come again another day…not! I was kidding with that just now! It was raining here on and off today, though. 😉 You are like a rainbow more than rain, even if you may like Yo and I don’t. Maybe I am on a team; team YO NO. 😮 Nooooooo mo’ Yo.
                      We agree to disagree. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

                    3. I’ve been singled you out and complimented you for being reasonable in your approach to Yolanda and having a fact based approach vs just blind dislike for her. That doesn’t sound like me dissing yiu , but rather respecting and appreciating your logical approach

                    4. Gee Rain, now that you’ve written that, I feel that I should say something intelligent, but I just sent something that was just okay. I respect you and admire you.
                      😀 xo

                    5. Oh yes go away ,,, are you referring to the Terence Trent Darby song ‘rain’..because that’s exactly how the lyrics go . :). Awesome song ❤️

                    6. Rain, that actually came from a tune from the mid 19th century and versions of it date back to the 17th century and a rapper heard the words somewhere but they are far from new. My mother used to sing that little song to me when I was young.

                    7. I have only one thing to say to you too, get a room! LOLOLOLOL Love you both even if you don’t agree with ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxoxoxox

                    8. Suze, it’s okay. Remember, I walked Eric instead of Corey…almost, anyway. 😉

                    9. Well Sandy, you should YouTube the song by Terence Trent Darby and he says that in the chorus ! Now I know where he got it from lol, and Suze , YOU should get a room , what with all your slurpy kisses ❤️❤️❤️❤️ There is so much slurp, you’ve created your own lady pool :). Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️

                    10. Sandy, that was so funny to me walking Eric! My hubby often calls Meg to go to golf but calls her Sue! She looks confused then looks at me!

                    11. That’s funny. Meg knows her name and yours. I imagine her expression! Here he is called puppy wuppy, little boy, little man, habanero, and everything else. I do call him by his name, but the spouse rarely does. I have to remind him that he will not know his name by doing that!

                    12. No reply button under the correct comment, but my kitties know their own names, each others names and Daddy and Mama. I know for sure because I have done experiments that leave no room for doubt. Animals are so smart. And animals are sentient, which is why they can have their feelings hurt and why I love anyone who fights for them.
                      Also, Sandy, I love you and always have.

                    13. Sandy and 3D we know you have I won’t say get a room but it’s made me all warm and fuzzy! Xoxoxoxo

                    14. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️

                  2. You made me laugh. I’m not dipping into the lady pool! One per family is more than enough! Slurpys are quite innocent! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

                  3. She has enough money to live comfortably for life. If anything teaches us the difference between what is important, and what is simply necessary to live, like money, it is illness. I genuinely hope for her that she finds peace, love and health. I hope for her all the wonders of a happy life and that she is able to forget the pain and heartache she suffered throughout her ordeal. Whether anyone understands or agrees with the way in which she shared her suffering, she deserves to find happiness.

  23. Can someone tell me why they are all wearing the black scarves on their heads. Nobody wears them out there! Sun hats yes but not those unless you are an Arab. I know you need to keep the sand out of your hair as it gets everywhere especially during a sand storm. The worst is inside your nose and eyes and knickers! Sometimes tourists take it way too far and it’s looking like these ladies have! When we lived there you could always tell the newbies for this reason. Same as in Scotland when you see the English walking around with plus fours on! Anyway as I skimmed through it as Eileen and Lisa R totally ruined Dubai for me I missed the why! Xo

    1. Losa V asked the man of there were any other colors and he said only black. They handed them out to the women for the ride in the desert from what I saw.

        1. When we were there it was just to keep the sand out but we wouldn’t have been seen dead in those! We had sun hats and a scarf for very windy days

        1. Oh, the sun hat, you mean? Still, for me, the hat would bug me. Even when I should be wearing it it bugs me, I can’t see peripherally with it on. And it is so windy in an open jeep or dune buggy the bill of the hat, even if tied down well would blow enough to bug me. But like Donese said since she was little, “It’s buggy Mama”

            1. Ahhh, Maybe they make them better in countries where is is necessary like that. Probably, now that I think of it. Mine is called an Australian Hat, and it even has a flap that goes under the back of my shirt, but in a jeep, even expertly tied on it would be useless. Now I want to go more than before. I really, really want to go to Dubai. We would most definitely have way, way more fun than they did. What an absolute waste.
              I have travelled a bit, not first class either, but the experiences were huge and cherished. My sister and I got in one little 2 minute tiff which we both immediately realized was from being overly tired and irritable. We went and had dinner with wine for her and beer for me. Along with just daily life changing moments, I saw all of the famous Gaudi buildings, with “La Sagrada Familia” lit at night being the most spectacular cathedral I have ever seen including St Peter’s in Rome. The Iron Gate at “El Drac de Gaudi at Finca Guell” is something to behold.
              I woud NEVER have allowed anything, even something important to totally ruin those exceptional once-in-a-lifetime moments. What a simpleton Rinna is.

  24. whiney eileen & lunatic lipsa seriously need to get a life or at least a hobby—–Someone needs to tell them (NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOLYMES AND HER FAKE ILLNESS’S)—- in the big scheme of things, this ranks right up there with (NOTHING important). Please stop trying to make a lame story happen and move on to better things in life……..Really, no one cares about what LVP said 5 months prior–scheeezz, this is not earth shattering people………

  25. Interesting poll on another website, asking who is the most manipulative
    1. Yo 348 votes
    2. Eileen 217
    3. LVP 183 the order of these three sound about right.
    THen the others with Ksthryn last. Obviously.

    1. I thought it was about right, puppet master in bathrobe in background pulling strings, then Eileen who has been far worse than LVP has ever been in one season. I know we both agree that LVP can be manipulative what I don’t get is why the others let her get away with it. Same as Rinna with Eileen!

  26. 1. I’m also a silent reader as well, who rarely comments. But usually when I do, it’s usually to correct the grammar within the article. (Sorry, I can’t help myself!)

    2. Suze, I’m so sorry to hear about your condition! (I follow your comments, and find you hilarious!) Prayers are definitely going your way!

    3. I don’t think ED is manipulative. I just think LR has a hard time articulating her thoughts (which is why she comes off cray cray most of the time). ED and LR are true friends which is why ED feels like she can accurately convey how LR is feeling, and speaks on her behalf sometimes. I’ll be the first to say that LR puts her foot in her mouth (with her overly expressive language, etc.) but I don’t think her intentions are bad. And ED’s intentions are obviously only to help her true friend LR get the point across, and to call LVP out on her bullshit. Which brings me to…

    4. LVP is a master of manipulation. SHE’S A F*UCKING EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF ONE OF THE MOST VOLATILE REALITY SHOWS ON TV (Pump Rules). She knows how to make good TV and has been stirring the pot since day one. Her cute English, proper, tea time bullshit helps her skate by, but she knows exactly what she’s doing, and if anyone calls her out (Taylor, Faye, Eileen, Kim, Kyle, Brandi, Yo, and now LR) then she goes on the defensive, and tries to spin the issue to make you look crazy. Manipulation at its finest. Do I think LR is completely innocent of questioning Yo? No. Do I think LVP tried to concoct more drama by encouraging LR to talk about Yo on camera and get Kyle involved? Absolutely. Now shes’ being called on it, and like she’s done for 6 seasons, she’s playing victim because *sarcastic English accent* poor little puppy-loving Lisa never does anything wrong…

    5. As far as JJ and LVP go: In the words of Kristen Doute…”SUCK A DICK!”

    1. Spot on, exactly what I was thinking, although I don’t watch Pump. Ironic, at the start of the season LVP was a mean girl, now she’s being called out its poor LVP.

    2. Screw you bravozac!! 🙂 in the nicest possible way!!! Why are you a silent reader when you could’ve helped us out here ❤️❤️❤️ By that I mean the very few who support Yolanda and Eileen, Erika and who think LVP is a puppet master!! I’m so happy you posted today and I hope you continue to do so !! I love all my sisters here who have different opinions, but it does get quite lonely , hearing how anyone other than LVP is just a horrible atrocious woman LOL so pleeeeeese post some more . Xoxo

      1. Rain I agree that LVP is manipulative absolutely!! But I love her anyway! As for Erika I like her when she’s not being Yo’s bodyguard, I would like to see Erika come back without Yo! That makes me a wee bit on your side 😀

        1. I see Erika more as a good Friend than a guard dog 🙂 all these women are always talking about loyalty and being ‘betrayed’ etc , so here’s a woman who’s being true to her friend through everything. Friends believe each other and defend each other , and I think it’s admirable. I equally admire Kyle for being a good friend to Kyle. I don’t like women who just flip on their friends becuause others don’t like them ❤️❤️❤️

        2. And naynay I’m not whining at all 🙂 things are what they are and its ok . I’m eccentric anyway so never really had many people on my side on any issue LOL . But you’re so sweet my friend ❤️❤️❤️

      2. First off, Suze, I don’t know you at all nor have I read many of your posts since I’m quite new. But having seen a few posts about your diagnosis, I am sad. I don’t wish that disease on my worst enemy. I’ve lost too many to that monster. Stay strong and fight for the loved ones. It will be very hard for them to breathe without you.

        On another note, I too am glad to see that not everyone is enchanted by LVP. I did like her the first season or maybe even two, but it slowly eroded away. I also refused to watch Pump Rules because after watching a few episodes of the first season, I knew it was only about making “exciting TV” in a deliberate kind of way and not something I knew I would enjoy.

        1. Michelle, thank you so much!
          I will ignore your comments on Lisa because she is British like me! Seriously I’m not into VPR either it reminds me too much of TOWIE and I’m just past watching these shows.

          1. It’s funny you mentioned TOWIE since those are the first Britts that I thought could do battle with the Housewives. My British family, friends and husband all make polite fun of me because I absolutely LOVE that show. I’m addicted! (PS….I don’t always understand them though and some of the slang but I eventually get it )

            1. Is it the Vajazzle you get stuck with? Lol they certainly could with with VPR!
              My favourite is MIC, I love Made in Chelsea, xo

              1. Ha ha no, the vajazzle I get its the every day slang words I have a problem with. I can’t think of one right now but when I do I’ll be sure to ask you what it means. Do you mean Mick Norcross? I actually don’t like any of them (except him. He’s a cutie), but I love watching the train wreck.

                I also love made in Chelsea. Actually Chelsea is our stomping ground and all the bars and restaurants they go to, we go to also. I always expect to see someone from that show but alas. Not yet!

                Hey do you watch Ladies of London? One of the ladies and her husband owns Bumpkin. I think they have 3 in London. It’s one of my favourite restaurants. If you’re down that way any time, be sure to visit. Everything is fab but leave room for the best sticky toffee pudding. Yum! Yum!

                  1. PJ, you aren’t butting in its a forum for all. They haven’t announced yet whether there will be another season I hope so, I really enjoy it! We will see fingers crossed! ❤️

                    1. I haven’t seen or heard anything yet but I hope so too. I can’t imagine it’s cancelled, right?

              2. I was born in London, Richmond, so yes I know all the places, it is Marissa isn’t it who owns them? I lived in the south for 53 years and moved up here ten years ago. My kids are still down there in London. They both work in London and would never move up here but love coming up for holidays. Not enough going on around here. I liked the old cast of Towie, most, but not so much the new ones. Although I do like Lydia, she is cute! MIC I like Mark Francis, he makes me laugh! Not so keen on Spencer, naughty boy! Ladies of London I love more than the RH!

      3. No! no! no! no! we don’t need any more like you!
        Apart from your views we really should have lots like you Rain, I hope you are feeling a little better today! Xoxoxoxoxoxox

        1. Yes a little better today thank you , I hope you are too ❤️ My twin boys are visiting with their girlfriend, one has a black girlfriend and the other one and a Persian girlfriend. Omg, I want to see how gorgeous my grandkids wil be with all these lovely mixes. Talking of ‘manipulative’ , I keep hinting in a NOT so subtle way about when my grandbabies are coming. I’m hair atrocious I know 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Im glad even if it’s a little! Your grand babies would be stunning. Before my daughter ‘turned’ she had a three year relationship with a beautiful Asian boy. They would have had stunning babies. But the thought of having to move in with his mother for the rest of her life had my daughter running for the hills! Other than him, think of a nationality and she went out with someone! All very effeminate though! Figures now!

            1. Suze gay women now have babies all the time 😉 they find a donor and impregnate and voila!! So your daughter may still give you a wee bairn ❤️❤️❤️

              1. She has a friend from the Philippines, she went out with him briefly, he is beautiful but it didn’t work out, they are better friends than partners, he was too butch for her, he has offered and has a turkey baster as well! Xoxoxoxox

                1. No wayyyyyy!!!! Ok as soon as my kids leave I am going to hibernate! Thanks Sandy ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Bravozac, we don’t want any more like you who agree with Rain! LOLOLOLOL
      THank you for your kind comments, I really appreciate everyone’s! Totally disagree with you on everything else of course. Is LVP manipulative of course she is always has been but to me that says more about the people allowing her to get away with it! Please comment I might have to ignore some but that’s ok you can ignore mine as well! I thought the poll on line said a lot but only because it was the same as my thoughts, if not I would have ignored it. LOLOLOL sorry I’m laughing a lot this afternoon I have just had a wee sleep! Xoxxo❤️❤️

      1. ❤️❤️❤️ Suze !! I’m glad your laughing a have a good afternoon! I hope you have many many laughs . Don’t worry about bravozac, there’s still way more many LVP fans than not, so your queen is safe 🙂 we will just wait for next season when a new HW accuses her of being manipulative and it will be deja vu 😉 ❤️❤️❤️ Love u Suze . Has your daughter gotten you the ‘stuff’ ?

        1. I face timed both today as my son is on his own, so she decided to spend the day with him. I will ask her tonight. My sons future wife is on a hen weekend woke up in her room in Bath being spooned by a strange woman with her best friend the other side! It must be catching after all! LOLOLOL
          I Just wish I had the stuff!!!

          1. What a funny story lol. When I was a loosey goosey woman before my husband made a decent woman out of me, I’ve woken you next to 2 men quite a few times LOL! Good times !!! Ganja and dick!!! ❤️❤️❤️

              1. Oh you should totally share your past ❤️❤️ And the panties you left or forgot on those Scottish meadows LOLOL

                1. No in those days it would be in the middle of London! LOLOL! I can’t think who you are thinking about?? Hmmm no… Whoever it is has ceased to exist to me here!

                  1. True lol!! That’s why there is nothing romantic about sex on the beach , you just get a cooch full of sand lol

        2. I forgot to add she is accused of it each season but still comes up smiling! Xoxoxxo
          Yes I know she is never denied it!

            1. I’m not sure what I meant to say on that last line maybe it will come to me but not that weird! I think the euphoria of an afternoon sleep has worn off now! Yes she did deny it, she shouldn’t she should just say so what, whoever is allowing me to get away with it.

    4. I disagree totally on Rinnas intent. Everything she said this entire season hurt people. Whether or not Lisa suggested she go public about the Munchies “chatter” it was Rinna’s mouth that said the words. After 26 years she should know by now how to have a back bone. The ONLY result of Rinna trying to bring the others, especially Kyle and Lisa into the illness talk was hurt them all. First of all, it was done privately, the supposed laughing about instagram pics. Many times when there is an onslaught of conflicting information and someone’s personal struggle made public for so long and with such oddity, friends of that person might surely laugh and joke. It harms no one, since it was done in PRIVATE. Perfect example of what Rinna herself stated, and her total hypocrisy in saying something a friend should never do which is “store secrets for later use.” Which is EXACTLY what she did telling the world. That hurt, let’s see. Yolanda most of all. With all of her ENDLESS talk of Yolanda, Yolanda’s illness, Yolanda’s pictures, Yolanda’s intentions, Yolanda’s friends, Yolanda’s choices………… all of which have exactly NOTHING to do with Rinna, she then decides everyone, who she has supposedly thought of as FRIENDS, including Yolanda, need to know what hurtful things have been said and done? None of which would be known if it wasn’t for her big, fat, revolting mouth. All because she has now been ridiculed for her obtuse explanation of “engaging in chatter” ( psychobabble ).
      So, bravozac, you think she doesn’t have bad intentions? I think her ONLY intentions are “bad.” She can not help herself from saying the cruelest things. No matter what the hell comes to her mind, she regurgitates it out without giving a damn who it lands on. I do not see her as eccentric, but common, I see her as not kind, but cruel.
      Something that happened on Lisa’s bridge, months ago, that might or might not have been said, and might or might not have meant what she thought it meant, bothers her enough, even though it has NOTHING to do with her, nothing, she has no trouble whatsoever ruining an entire vacation to DUBAI over it?
      When my children were TEN they wouldn’t have been that easy, or led at all actually, as she seems to be with everyone around her. She makes me sick. She is exactly like Brandy, someone she can’t stand. She is just as vulgar, just as horrid, just as socially inept as Brandy. And, just as cruel. She ruins every event she is present at, just like Brandy. And her lips, UGLY. Get a good surgeon lady. They could fix that I promise.

      1. I liked Lisa R last season though the whole Kim thing bothered me. It smacked a bit of insincerity. Now here it is again this season and here again Lisa R is in the middle of it. I can’t help feel the insincerity thing again. Is it about trying to be relevant? Whatever it is, it’s not coming across well or real.

      2. I’m more than in agreement with you 3 D’s, on everything you touched on. And to think I was one of her biggest supporters.. Still must say, Eileen pushed & pushed LR to do what she did just so she, Eileen could once more attack LVP ONCE AGAIN. She certainly did not agree with LR at the beach in reference to Yo, but she wants to bring LVP down to her disgusting level & the only way to do that was through big lips.

  27. On a blind site there is mention of a model dining with friends in NYC and she mentioned that neither her parents or siblings have a certain ‘fashionable’ disease. I know who I immediately thought of.

  28. Rain…I have a feeling we are going to get along! For some reason, I find LR and ED to be very genuine on a reality show where sometimes the people don’t act so real.

    Suze…Of course we can agree to disagree on LVP 🙂 I do have to admit that I find her charming albeit manipulative af. LOL. I couldn’t help but notice that you might get your hands on some natural medication 😉 If you think you’ve been laughing a lot today, just wait till you get your hands on the ganj!! Best of luck! Also your kids sound like a helluva time! I’ll have to look you up next time I’m in the UK.

        1. Oh wow! We are about 200 miles south of Imverness, in fact we are the borders so only just in Scotland but love it. I’m half Scottish, through my father and my Hubbie is Scottish.

                1. Hahahaha! Ok you do I will give you that one! It’s scary for me to see my mother! My sister who is 17 years older than me says the same about herself! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

                  1. My sister who is 13 years older says I look like my mom every time she sees me now that I am older. I am not mom’s clone, but there is a resemblance…different eyes…same shape face. She looks nothing like her but sounds like her…same expressions and speech patterns.

                    1. It’s funny with looks in a family, my daughter is all her fathers side except my shaped face. My son is the image of my brother and sounds like him on the phone! Yet he is a skinflint just like his accountant father! Lol xoxo❤️❤️❤️

          1. Small world, eh? Unfortunately we’re going back this time to take his mum’s ashes back to be buried with his dad. We go back all the time but my husband’s sisters don’t make it back often. So with everyone and all the families going back this year and the family there, it’s going to be a really nice family reunion. We’re all quite excited and it’s exactly what his mum wanted..UGH I’m crying already. It’s not all sad. It’s actually mainly fab!

            Question: the UK is behind on all these HW shows. Do you watch it on line?

            1. Yes I have to! It is on cable right now about three or four weeks behind but we needed a new box so cancelled and are starting it again next week. I will catch up its different on a big screen rather than my iPad! It’s sad and I’m sorry you are taking your MIL’s ashes back but I guess that’s where she would want to be. I want mine scattered on Arran an Island off the west coast, my favourite place in the world! Take care zoxoxoxoxo

              1. On the big screen and HD is very important. My TV is 80″. There’s not a wrinkle or saggy bit I don’t see and enjoy.

  29. I feel sorry for Lisa V as you can tell she was traumatized by the last gang-up on her in Puerto Rico .Why do they have to bring up stupid stuff that happens MONTHS PRIOR in a beautiful locale at the end of the season?

  30. Two things, thank you to all for your really kind wishes it does mean a lot! I won’t keep mentioning it on every thread, just every other one! No seriously I won’t, this has made me cry too much. Which brings me on to my last point.
    For the few who say we are cliquie and don’t welcome newbies. Just look above at this thread! Lots of new people have posted for the first time and each one has had a warm welcome! Even when they don’t agree with me I have welcomed them as have others! It is only when people are rude first they then don’t get a warm welcome! So for those that think that way they can go suck hard boiled eggs!

    1. Suze, just want to thank you for that comment. I received a very warm welcome when I entered this site. It’s a great place for me. When I told you that you are inspiring it’s because of your attitude, sense of humor and kindness. I’m 78 and my husband of 58 years passed away in January and I’m missing him. I was on the pity pot for two months.I hope to be friends with you all. No more pity. We had a wonderful marriage and have been blessed with a large family. I’m trying to sleep but can’t. Anyway thank you from my heart. ❤ xoxoxo

      1. Granny, you are a joy to read! I am so sorry about your husband it’s not surprising you miss him. It’s a very long time you were married! Off hand Starr is the only other one I can think of that has been married that long. 36 years for me. You are really welcome here by myself and many others. I can’t think of a site like this one. Take care and keep posting xoxoxoxoxoxo

      2. granny, how sad. Almost 51 years for us, & it seems like just yesterday we got married. Where does time go?
        We love having you here. As you can tell, we ALL rate Suze our #1

        1. Get away with you !!! Now I am embarrassed! There are far far better people here than me, too many for me to list but you my dear friend Starr are way way up on the list far above myself! Xoxoxoxoxox

        2. 51 years together is a long time, congratulations! You seem happy and in love. The time flew by. Make the most of your time together. How large is your family? You truly are a star. ❄❤❤

      3. Oh, granny in pink! ( Pink from the link ) I am deeply grieved for your huge loss. I came here at a bad time in my life also. Some of the folks here actually saved me from the pits of hell.
        There are no words sufficient to console a person with such an immeasurable loss. But, know that although I do not see you or hear your speaking voice, that I feel the bond that connects us as human beings and I have knowledge of a few who are now in God’s hands who will watch after him and you. Welcome again to the board.♥︎

        1. 3D I have said this before and no doubt I will say it again many times. If some of the people here had survived the things you have they wouldn’t last two minutes! Yes I know there are others as well like Rain, but my friend I am proud to call you my friend and always will be! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Thank you Suze. 3D I have to admire you as I do everyone on here. When I was younger I could handle most things with no problem. I’m not in that position but you, Suze, R Sandy, Aunt Bee, Starr, Rain and so many more have gotten my mind off other things. We’ve all been through difficult times I’m happy to be with strong, intelligent awesome people on this site. Love you all. My name is Joanna but everyone calls me Granny. Good news I’ll be 79 on the 15th!
            Thank all you beautiful ladies!! ❤❤❤XOXOXO

                  1. Isn’t it nice to have someone new slot right in with the rest of us? You are amazing Rain even if we disagree on LVP! I can handle that, just !

                    1. I know you’ve been hoping to convert me to you LVP ways! :). You’re the amazing one Suze ❤️❤️❤️

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