Lisa Vanderpump Looks Fabulous At 50 In A Bikini!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Vanderpump shows off her hot bikini bod in Bora Bora! The reality star is in her early 50’s, and posing in a picture with her hubby of 30 years, Ken Todd! The couple is on vacation celebrating their wedding anniversary. Awww!

Lisa and Ken have been staying at a luxury resort and are expected to return to LA this weekend. They have to be missing Giggy!

“amazing week at 4 seasons bora bora…hate to leave this paradise with @KenToddBH ..missing Gigster though,”Lisa tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

The cute couple not only celebrated their wedding anniversary in beautiful Bora Bora, but they also had a top secret vow renewal at their mansion in Beverly Hills in July!

We can’t wait for RHOBH to return!

Do you think Lisa looks good in her red bikini?

Photo Credit: Radar



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  • Leah LaVoie

    That’s what some “WORK” can do on all of us!! She is beautiful. They ALL have “WORK” done on them!!! Not so “REAL” huh!

  • bj

    lisa is not 50 .. she’s lied about her age repeatedly on the show.. pay close attention.. go back and watch the show where they visited paris and the older son/grandson.. pay close attention to things mentioned like she says her age, then how old the son is, then how long she’s been married etc.. it does not add up

    she’s probably closer to 53.. if that young.. i think she’s really closer to 59 but we’ll never know..

  • kathy

    bj, who cares? the point of the article is how fabulous she looks. so if she is older, more compliments to her. are you jealous? why else would you make that comment? and to leah, same thing. go get your own work done if you are so envious of her beauty. i don’t think she’d had much work done to tell the truth.