Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna Come Face To Face

During the season seven premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we caught up with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi and new Housewife, Dorit Kemsley.

The ladies were all recovering from the tension from last season over Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna’s feud. Lisa Rinna announced that her father had passed away, while Eileen later announced that her mother died just before filming last year’s reunion.

“When my dad died, it just changed my outlook on every single thing that goes on in my life,” Rinna shared. “I don’t have time to worry about what happened with Vanderpump. Like, are you kidding me? I should get a free pass right now for just about everything! I do a darn good job with having to have the life that I have and do what I do and keep calm raising two teenage girls.”

“It’s all about having a good time in my life,” she added. “I feel like last year was so negative in so many levels. And I just want joy.”

Eileen explained why she didn’t tell anyone about her mother’s death, and said she didn’t want it to affect anything at the reunion.

“Losing my mother has taught me that certain things in life just don’t really matter — they’re not that important,” Davidson said. “I suppose in that way, it’s affected how I feel about Lisa Vanderpump and all that happened because it’s not that important. It’s trivial.”

“We all know what happened — can’t change that,” Lisa Rinna told the cameras of what happened last year. “But you can change how you react to it … How she reacts, that’s her thing … All I can do is do what I want. I’d rather be better than bitter. That’s my new motto.”

It was pretty clear that Lisa Vanderpump was still hurt over what happened last year, and she introduced her new friend Dorit and husband PK to Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio.

Kyle Richards hoped that Lisa Vanderpump would be able to move on from last year. “I’m sure they’re going to be okay eventually,” Richards said. “I know Lisa so well, and she does hold on to things for a long time. I don’t think she’s losing any sleep over Lisa Rinna and Eileen.”

Erika Girardi was gearing up to celebrate her 45th birthday with a lavish Studio 54 themed party at her home, while her husband Tom spoiled her with Cartier rings and expensive paintings.

When the ladies all gathered to celebrate Erika, it was clear there was tension. Lisa Rinna said hello to Vanderpump, who remained rather icy and made a joke about pulling Rinna’s wig off. While, Eileen and Lisa barely said hello.

“I had a really miserable time in Dubai,” Vanderpump confessed. “Rinna kept going on at me saying I told her to say something about Yolanda’s health, which wasn’t true. Rinna was just unusually aggressive. And Eileen was just backing her up. Eileen also kept going on at my about mentioning the word ‘affair,’ which she had had. It was just a nightmare.”

“I think maybe Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna would probably be thrilled if I wasn’t part of this circle of friends,” Lisa told the cameras. “But no… I’m coming back. And I’m coming back stronger than ever.”

What did you think of the season premiere?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I haven’t seen it yet hopefully this morning. But why should Lisa just decide because Rinna thinks she should that it’s all finished and Rinna is the cutest thing ever. I wouldn’t want anyone in my life like her or Eileen. I did read that when they were filming they had all decided to put it behind them so maybe Lisa does forgive but I doubt it, I have cut all negative people out of my life so why shouldn’t she! Sometimes they just aren’t worth bothering about! I will watch it then comment again!

LVP will forgive and move on but never forget. Look at last season when LVP mentioned what had happened between her and Yolanda in season 4. She said that she had moved on from it but would never forget it. I love LVP but that’s how she is. Same with Adrienne, Lisa forgave her in season 3 but you could tell she was still very unhappy with her.

Yes, I agree she does hold on to things but so do some of the others it’s just never brought up. I like Lisa a lot but I’m not a fan who thinks she is perfect, she has her faults same as they all do.

Same here Suze. She is not perfect, and does sometimes act bossy or holds a grudge, but she is still a lady, a great business woman and animal lover, so she is ok in my book. Suze, do you watch Vanderpump rules? If so, you would have been very turned on by Ken and his sticking up for Lisa against James 😀 Ken was ready to throw down to defend her honor.

I must watch it I had forgotten Sandy told me about it. This thing I have downloaded doesn’t have the current series on so will have to see if I can find it on YouTube.

Oh, ok. It was only a few minutes of a scene, but you would have been proud of your man. He was telling drunken James, that he was going to beat the crap out of him for disrespecting Lisa. He’s still got it 😀

I will try and find it somewhere! We will get it eventually we have had all the previously seasons.

Yea, ken told James if he heard him disrespect Lisa he’d knock his spark out! Love ken

ITA! I think LVP has great character & will move on. If I were her I would never forget.

As a Brit, one thing about Kyle that annoys me intensely is when she thinks she is being clever/funny taking the mickey out of Lisa’s accent. She doesn’t even sound like that, there are people who do but Lisa isn’t one of them she just sounds like a lot of Londoners do, mixing her accents when she talks. So that’s me off my soapbox now. I like Kyle but not when she is doing that! I lived in London and Surrey for 53 years now my accent is a mix of London/Scottish!

Suze you’re so sweet my Scottish hottie ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t know if I want to be sweet! Maybe sexy would be good! Xxxxxx

I think you’re sexy already xoxo ❤️❤️

That’s ok then! It’s better than sweet! Xxxxx I think you are lucious! Xxxxx

You can be sweet, sexy and luscious. That’s all of us and more…xoxo


I know Suze…two times when I cringe the most on the housewife franchises..When Kyle tries to imitate Lisa with a British accent, and crazy Jac’s trying to mimic Theresa’s voice…

Glad I’m not the only one! It does make me cringe! Xxxx

Oh, I cannot stand Kyle’s faux accent. She is ridiculous, and she does not realize that she is poking fun at everyone with accents when she does such a thing. Then again, I think Kyle is a bit immature and always has been. It may be her upbringing, perhaps, since it seems like her mother was not much in the way of mothering, and from what she is saying about going to Studio 54 at 10 years old, etc.,and she met Andy Warhol there, well, it makes you wonder. She was just a child. She maybe had to raise herself… Read more »

Suze, I know what you mean. It really pisses me off royally when an American thinks they’re replicating my Canadian accent by saying “oot and aboot” rather than “out and about”. We do NOT say “oot and aboot” and I think it lessens the intelligence of those who think they are speaking with our accent.

Yes skeptic I have heard people say that and it’s rude. Also making fun of Southerners by saying ‘y’all’ etc

Rain, I agree totally except for “y’all”; it’s a very Maritime thing here in Canada while in Newfoundland they use “ye” as a singular or plural. I’d ask “what are y’all doing” and a Newfoundlander would ask “what are ye doing”.

I didn’t even know that Canadians had a cersion of y all 🙂

Oot and aboot sounds more Scottish that’s what we say, so they are far out from a Canadian accent!

I liked the episode 🙂 coming off the OC , anything is an upgrade My main impression of episode 1 is that I didn’t like Dorit . I know it’s early still and I’m giving her a lot of latitude but that’s my opinion of her so far. Something about her I don’t like , including the way she talks . I thought it was interesting how she ‘liked’ Eileen so quickly , in spite of LVP warnings about her. Are we going to have a Kelly scenario where your friend becomes friends with your enemy lol???? I am so… Read more »
Good Morning Rain…how’s the San Fran Hottie today. I didn’t understand that part about LVP saying to Dorit not to speak to Eileen. I’m glad she didn’t listen and will form her own opinion. I thought it was very kind of her to invite them to her birthday party. LOL…I never realized that fact about gay parties, OMG. I think the only thing ever served is cheese/crackers or maybe crudité. It’s usually all about the booze and music. LVP’s new dog Harrison. Big fluffy poof of love. I just wish they would treat them like dogs. Four paws on the… Read more »
What the you’re so sweet ❤️❤️❤️ Who needs therapy when you guys are sound ? Xoxo my friends here are so kind. Well it’s 45 here and I’m freezing lol. To me that’s VERY COLD , so I’m on my bed having my morning tea with my kitty Paisley on my lap. She has this habit now of spending the whole night between my thighs. Never had a cat before so don’t know if this is normal lol Yes I think it’s great that dorit appears to be her own person. I’m just becoming attuned to these Bravo plot lines… Read more »
It’s about the same in Boston today, snowed earlier now it’s turned to rain, just yucky. I’m having a good hair day, though. Paisley is a love. Yes, cats love to snuggle and sleeping on you, next to you, on your pillow, typical kitty antics. My last cat, Kitty, used to sleep all spread out with his back legs out behind him and his front paws out, completely on my legs. I used to flip him in my sleep when I needed to turn and I would wake up to hear this kaboom as the poor thing would hit the… Read more »

You’re describing Paisey to a T 🙂 after we lost our dogs , we decided against more dogs because I’m hard for me to walk them 3 times a day , we have no outdoor space. All my life I heard cats were aloof , distant etc but she is so adorable. She picked me before I picked her lol and here we are ❤️❤️❤️

Enjoy your good hair day lol. Everyday is a good hair when you have a lovely scarf LOL

My cat used to sleep between us with her back against my stomach and her legs on my hubbies back. Then we got a second cat and she never did it again!

I guess no second cat for me then lol

I lost Prudence when Victoria came into her life! She still would cuddle up to me on the settee at night but on her terms, I usually had one around my neck and one between my legs. I wouldn’t have got Victoria if I had known! Xxxxx

Morning Rain! I’m not sure about Dorit like you my initial impression isn’t good. Xo

Hi Suze. Okay, you too with Dorit. I liked her. Does she come off phony? I’m just curious, but I’ll keep my radar up on her.

Not sure if it’s phony or maybe just ‘light weight’ . Again it’s all soon so I’ll give her time xoxo

Like Rain it’s too soon to say but there was just something I didn’t like. Who knows by next week I might think she is the bees knees! I didn’t like Erika at first now I think She is great.

I’m reserving judgement on Didn’t cause I’m not sure either…too eager to please maybe. Her husband though…too focused on jokingly making sure everyone knew how great the sex life is…gave me the willies. And imo lvp aloofness at Eileen and digs at rinna seemed contrived and a bit scripted. Kyle jumping from one group to another ready to stir the pot. I’m not sure I can keep watching.

Dorit…not didn’t…sorry…fat fingers

I will give it a few more before getting totally fed up with it. I like Kyle but she drove me mad! Ridiculous woman at times. People say LVP hangs on to things and won’t let them go but Eileen last season hang up to that apology for grim death! I wish both her and Rinna would go back to their soaps and leave BH alone.

Dorit…is another one with a strange accent. She seems to turn it on and off, but then again she has lived in Europe. It reminds me of Madonna, and I could not stand when she was with Guy Ritchie and spoke with an English accent all the time. It made no sense. It is one thing if a word or two takes on an accent when you live in a country for a long time, but when it is on purpose, it seems strange. I am not a fan of Dorit so far either. We shall see. She and her… Read more »

I’m glad you agree with me about Dorit, at least so far . We may change our mind as we know her better. For now, she sounds affected and very much a name dropper lol

Hello All. I thought this was a great episode. Finally! Jewelry, paintings, gowns, parties, talking which private jet to buy, Masseratis, Lamborghinis and everyone having a good time. This episode oozed Beverly Hills, loved it. LVP needs to get over herself. I don’t like her. She is manipulative and because she got caught, she doesn’t like it. Oh, well, then change your ways. Sorry to hear about LR’s dad’s passing and ED’s mom’s passing. It’s hard losing a parent and it does change your outlook. So far, I like the new girl. She has a LOT of help, but it’s… Read more »

Peace and love to you too What The ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . Great comment about the dogs lol. I was overwhelmed with all the other gorgeousness , I forgot about them lol xoxoxo

20 degrees out…. have my coffee and getting ready to watch last nights episode…

We will await your input Cin xoxo

I’ve just watched it, look forward to reading your thoughts! Xo

Looks like it could be a great season. Still love Lisa V. and Giggy. Eileen & Lisa R – two peas in a pod. I think Eileen thinks her shi.. doesn’t stink – but everyone’s does!! Erika rocks – she looked fabulous at her party! Hopefully this season I will get a different opinion of her husband – I didn’t like how he shut her up last season. Kyle .. she looks great .. I’m still lusting after her husband. Happy to NOT see Kim, Yolanda & Camille (so far). Although Camille doesn’t come off as bad as she did… Read more »

Oh, I have to say one more thing. Did Erika have a party with absolutely no food and a fake cake? What was that about? All of those people and no food at all? Was that some mistake or what? I wonder.

She kept asking why wasn’t the food out lol! Big faux pas for sure

My friends would never let me forget it if I didn’t feed them after inviting them to a party! Bizarre, everyone apart from Erika does food don’t they? (I always do too much!)

always have food if you are serving drinks…. I go to parties looking forward to what the munchies are going to be!!!!!

Me too! Best part of the evening! One friend of mine is Chinese Malaysian and her food is out of this world! When we moved up to Scotland I missed her parties! Xoxox

It seems as though last night picked up where last season ended. I didn’t like Dorit. She came off as another BH housewife, and I use that word lightly as none of these women are housewives by my description, who feels the need to flaunt her lifestyle to new acquaintances. But then again all the cast members do to some degree I suppose. The only person I truly like is Erika. She’s always come across as a straight shooter, take no prisoners kind of woman. She always has fun no matter what the situation. LVPand KR I find to be… Read more »

Yes Dorit bragging about her lifestyle, nannies, etc., came of as Camilla part deux.

It was so PRETENTIOUS to say to her assistant ‘cancel the meeting with Andrea Bocelli’ !!! Really bitch lol???

That’s right LVP come back stronger! You are the one that makes the show.

Without LVP, show would be cancelled. As for Rinna & Eileen’s comments, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Does anyone know what happens between LVP and Eileen – they showed a preview of LVP actually attempting to apologize again, but then Eileen laughed and I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or what? Man I felt like halfway through last season LVP more than apologized for that – a person should never feel like they have to apologize more than once…and this thing with Rinna saying she should get a free pass for everything right now = uh, that doesn’t fly…I too lost my dad this past year and I was soooo fortunate to have him as… Read more »