Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna Come Face To Face

During the season seven premiere of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we caught up with Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erika Girardi and new Housewife, Dorit Kemsley.

The ladies were all recovering from the tension from last season over Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna’s feud. Lisa Rinna announced that her father had passed away, while Eileen later announced that her mother died just before filming last year’s reunion.

“When my dad died, it just changed my outlook on every single thing that goes on in my life,” Rinna shared. “I don’t have time to worry about what happened with Vanderpump. Like, are you kidding me? I should get a free pass right now for just about everything! I do a darn good job with having to have the life that I have and do what I do and keep calm raising two teenage girls.”

“It’s all about having a good time in my life,” she added. “I feel like last year was so negative in so many levels. And I just want joy.”

Eileen explained why she didn’t tell anyone about her mother’s death, and said she didn’t want it to affect anything at the reunion.

“Losing my mother has taught me that certain things in life just don’t really matter — they’re not that important,” Davidson said. “I suppose in that way, it’s affected how I feel about Lisa Vanderpump and all that happened because it’s not that important. It’s trivial.”

“We all know what happened — can’t change that,” Lisa Rinna told the cameras of what happened last year. “But you can change how you react to it … How she reacts, that’s her thing … All I can do is do what I want. I’d rather be better than bitter. That’s my new motto.”

It was pretty clear that Lisa Vanderpump was still hurt over what happened last year, and she introduced her new friend Dorit and husband PK to Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio.

Kyle Richards hoped that Lisa Vanderpump would be able to move on from last year. “I’m sure they’re going to be okay eventually,” Richards said. “I know Lisa so well, and she does hold on to things for a long time. I don’t think she’s losing any sleep over Lisa Rinna and Eileen.”

Erika Girardi was gearing up to celebrate her 45th birthday with a lavish Studio 54 themed party at her home, while her husband Tom spoiled her with Cartier rings and expensive paintings.

When the ladies all gathered to celebrate Erika, it was clear there was tension. Lisa Rinna said hello to Vanderpump, who remained rather icy and made a joke about pulling Rinna’s wig off. While, Eileen and Lisa barely said hello.

“I had a really miserable time in Dubai,” Vanderpump confessed. “Rinna kept going on at me saying I told her to say something about Yolanda’s health, which wasn’t true. Rinna was just unusually aggressive. And Eileen was just backing her up. Eileen also kept going on at my about mentioning the word ‘affair,’ which she had had. It was just a nightmare.”

“I think maybe Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna would probably be thrilled if I wasn’t part of this circle of friends,” Lisa told the cameras. “But no… I’m coming back. And I’m coming back stronger than ever.”

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