Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards: Is Kyle Jealous Of Brandi Glanville? Has Brandi Replaced Kyle?

Lisa VP Kyle Richards

On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the women pick back up in Paris. In the preview below we see Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump talking about the status of their friendship, which has been tumultuous on the show this Season. In a previous episode we saw Lisa and Kyle having tea at Lisa’s house and they seemed to clear up their issues about Kyle not defending Lisa and Lisa holding a grudge about Kyle, but in this clip the two friends seem to be having the same issues. Kyle seems concerned that Lisa said something to Kim about her friendship with Kyle. Lisa admits she told Kim, “My relationship with Kyle has changed,” and she tells Kyle, “It has…”

Lisa tells Kyle that Kyle wants their friendship to be the same as it used to be, but Kyle keeps saying things about Lisa, like “you’re manipulative, you hold a grudge, you do this you do that.” Lisa explains their friendship isn’t like it used to be.

Kyle explains to Lisa she’s not accusing her of anything, she thinks she should be able to express to Lisa how she is feeling, and she tells Lisa she feels like Lisa now “only has room for Brandi.” Kyle says Lisa and Brandi seem like a “mismatched pair,” and that she has “been replaced.”

Watch the video below.

Do YOU think Lisa has replaced Kyle with Brandi?

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8 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards: Is Kyle Jealous Of Brandi Glanville? Has Brandi Replaced Kyle?”

  1. Kyle FIRST replaced Lisa with Taylor. Then Kyle replaced Lisa with Adrianne. So Lisa has become good friends with Brandi. Thank Goodness. Brandi appears very loyal and a friend who will always have your back and NOT throw you inder the bus out of pure jealousy and for the chase of money – commisions – opportunity to use others for hubby’s financial gain. I would certainly replace Kyle with anyone who would treat me like a true friend. Kyle belongs with Faye, someone she truely has everything in common with. And Kyle’s ass implants, her bedroom furniture – everything is a copy of Lisa. It crushes Kyle that Lisa is the popular girl. Something Kyle really thought she would be on this show – she resents the fact that Lisa and even Brandi are much more liked by viewers when Kyle thought she would be the star of this show.

  2. Kyle, get your jealous head out of your ass. Of course Lisa and BrNdi are closer than you and lisa ever were bc heres the difference, Brandi is a true friend unlike you. You really do think that you are the end all to be all. I got news for you kyle your not!!! You go withwhomever shows you a better time. Your very condese ding. Your not a real friend. Im so happy Lisa will never take you back as a friend. Learn how to be loyal without judgement of everhthing. You are the shit stirrer of the show, and you have no class. You treat others like they r veneath you and it is all comi g fukl circle now. You hurt your own sister. You have no morales!

  3. Yes, Lisa is closer to Brandi now, but who can blame her. Brandi has been a much better friend to Lisa in the short time they have known each other, than Kyle has been with all the yrs between them. Replacing Kyle is easy. Like getting rid of a head-ache. Oh, and by the way, didn’t Kyle do the same thing to Lisa with Taylor?

  4. I’m Not Understanding Lisa Myself These Days. She’s Like Brandis Mom Not Friend. Lisa Will Get Sick Of Babysitting Brandis Classless Behavior And Move On Soon..I So Hope. Who Would Ever Wanna Be Friends With Someone Who Your Never Sure What Nasty Thing Might Come Out Of Their Mouth To The Wrong Person At The Wrong Time. I’m Sure Brandis Behavior Will Become Tiring And They Can All Move On From Her..Im So Hoping It’s Soon.

  5. Kyle jumped on Adrienne’s wagon because she and Paul will need to sell their house and buy at least two new ones. Brandi replaced Cedric.

  6. Kyle only sees the world through her egocentric eyes! She expects Lisa to respond to “telling her how she’s feeling”, but Kyle does not allow or recognize Lisa doing the same. Kyle is a child.

  7. Kyle has an odd idea of what friemdship is. Kyle is an opportunist as is Mr. Kyle. Where was Kyle’s loyalty for her friend Lisa when accusations were being hurled at Lisa by Adrienne? I never saw Kyle stand up for Lisa against those lies. Kyle picked the wrong horse in the race and now she’s pretending as if Lisa’s friendship ever meant anything to her. Kyle and her panty wearing husband are a major downer. It’s obvious that they are no good people.

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