Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards Fight At RHOBH Reunion!

Kyle & Lisa VP

We reported EXCLUSIVE details inside The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion, and now Radar has new information about what went down at the taping! “Lisa has been furious with Kyle all season for never defending her when the other ladies tore into her, and it all came out on Friday!” a source tells Radar. “They exchanged some very, very angry words but Lisa managed to keep it in check so she didn’t come across as a catty bitch.”

Lisa and Kyle weren’t the only Housewives that fought. “Yolanda and Taylor also went at it, but it seemed totally forced, like they were playing it up for the cameras. There was also a great deal of talk about Adrienne Maloof, who wasn’t at the taping so couldn’t defend herself at all. Paul Nassif had plenty to say though! He had pre-recorded an interview that was played to all the ladies,” the insider adds.

So who did Brandi fight with? “Strangely, Brandi Glanville, who’s usually the most outspoken of all the Housewives, was extremely calm, quiet and totally kept it together. I think she’s sick of always being portrayed on camera as the crazy one,” the source concludes.

This goes hand in hand with the EXCLUSIVE we shared this weekend! I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting Reunion!

Are YOU ready to watch the RHOBH Reunion?

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28 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards Fight At RHOBH Reunion!”

  1. On OC Lisa is my favorite ,But i do like Kyle and Mauricio to.i hope those 2 can mend there friendship.Time will tell.alexis,she is my very favorite HW.Look what Gretchen did last season.True friendships will work out.We will see.

  2. Brandi tells it like it is so therefore they all ready know where she stands. They can’t say anything about her. Brandi is who she is and they know she will take them down should she need to. Brandi is the star once again! She’s real!

  3. None of this surprising. Kyle is very fake and talks out of both sides of her mouth! Here’s hoping Lisa put Kyle in her place and shut her up once and all! So tired of Kyle endless whining.

    1. Ditto for Brandi! The only thing Lisa did at the reunion was look like the liar she is. Shame on her for going along with Brandi’s lies all season!

  4. I love both of them I hope that they can work it out its such a shame because they were friends for I think 7 years. But Kyle says alot of stuff and I think she got caught up into what Adrienne was telling her. I think they both bring it up quite alot and I know that Lisa is holding a bit of a grudge against Kyle but at the same time I would to!! I mean Kyle did go behind her back and maybe wasn’t so in the whole scheme of the ladies taking Lisa down but she knew about it and said nothig and didn’t defend her friend and if I was Lisa I would feel the same but I hope they can work it out cuz their friendship has always been cute

  5. Brandi days on the show are numbered it she does not attack someone, fight , put someone down, or use vulgar language. She really does not have big money so she has to be the “villain”. The “victim routine” has become real old for Brandi so I think she will be in trouble next season if she does not engage in any fights with the other housewives. Brandi is no star. I will really miss Adrienne and Camille. I really liked the show before Brandi came on it. I highly doubt I am the only one with those feelings. Aren’t the ratings for RHOBH down this season anyway?

  6. @kellie, TRANdi has completely ruined rhbh…she has no relevance to show, the lifestyle, or the cast. She’s the type that will punch you in the face, then blame it on you, and say that your face hurt her hand. She is nobody’s friend, not even her own.

    I used to love lisa, but, jeez, i am seeing what a calculating, snide, and horrible friend she really is. Kyle was right about her and TRANdi is lisa’s new cedric.

    I too will miss camille and adrienne (despite her horrible taste).

    And if i were adrienne, brnadi would have to physically stay away from me for having the audacity to out such a family seceret…who the hell is brandi to decide when adrienne wants to tell HER children her experience. Karma is the biggest B, and brandi will get what she deserves, someday.

  7. So Kellie, if it takes big money to be on this show why is Taylor still on? And for my money she is one of the STARS of this show! And Kossak, if you have secrets you want to keep, stay off Reality Shows, or at the very least, do not go after others and cry when they go back after you! Pay back is tough. And Kyle is finding out what happens to people who pretend to be friends one minute and stab you in the back the next. She even did it to her sister. And lastly, say what you will about Brandi, but the girl tells no LIES!


  8. @kossak mmmh i was not comparing it to other shows =/ and that was only one episode. i was talking about the season in general comparing it to its last seasons as season 2 with 24 episodes it was at 2,172,208 overall average of views and season 3 with 16 episodes and the seasons not even done yet at 2,005,250 so overall it looks like this season is doing very well especially cuz its not even done yet and we still have the reunion.

  9. @barbara s, slow your roll…”bg tells no lies”?! i want some of what ur drinking. last i checked, bg is/was human, therefore she is not perfect.

    however, agreed: if you have secrets, no need to be on RT, but shows like rhobh are not ” real” pre se, still there’s no excuse for trandi running her mouth and making a choice for adrienne, and her children, that was not her place to make. As a mother, she should know better and be more responsible w her mouth. Trandi could have blasted adrienne for some other crap, and would have gotten the same screen time

  10. @deonn ratings are comparative by nature. You claimed this season was higher than any other season which is still, incorrect. Season 2 was highest.

  11. @kossak im not arguing with you about this im just letting u know how it is plus the season hasnt ended yet and by the look of those ratings it looks like season 3 will up it by a bit. and i only claimed that it was higher because of the fact that we are at episode 16 and thats what the ratings are and at 24 episodes of season the ratings are at that. at the end of the day i dont work for bravo so really im not arguing with you over ratings its not like i get a paycheck from them lol

  12. Kossak, I’m drinking just plain water from a bottle. I never said Brandi was perfect but where have you caught her in a lie about the other girls? And I’m sure you refer to Brandi as Trandi is some kind of put down, but I don’t get it. No one is saying Brandi speaks appropiately all the times, who does? But Adrienne tried to get her fired from Bravo which threatens her children! And unlike Adrienne, she doesn’t have family money or another income ie. husband to help out financiaily. So unfortunately for your buddy Adrienne, all’s fair in the world of fake reality TV. Oh, and Brandi is no COWARD! Team Brandi!

    1. Yes, she is. Only a coward would make a remark that would hurt innocent children! She will say and do anything to ensure she stays “friends” with Vanderplump. Brandi’s lack of a husband and family is not Adrienne’s problem. There is a reason why people do not want to be around Brandi.

  13. Everyone has secrets. Brandi may not tell lies, but she runs her mouth. She’ll run it about someone someday that wont take it. Personally she is like Faye and I cringe everytime they open their mouths. Who will she take on next season? I dont like to lie, however I do know when to shut up. Brandi says the most hurtful things, true or not, but some things are not her truths to tell. And then to get away with it by saying oops me and my big mouth, Im sorry. is so high school. Brandi was hired to stir up trouble and did. But as a friend, I’d run from her.

  14. @deonn, fair enough 😉

    @barbara, bg looke like a transvestite to me; an honest observation. Trandi stretches the truth…and she lied/lies about being “poor”…just look at all he chanel she carries…i like my designer duds, but i dont even have that much chanel, LV luggage, multiple stels mccartney bags, etc., she maybe poor by BH standards, but that’s it.

    @leah, right on.

  15. @ Kossak how in the hell can you like Adrienne. Everyone on RHOBH have said this season that Adrienne has been caught in so many lies. It think its funny how you say Brandi looks like a tranny. Have you looked at Adrienne lately? Seriously I think Brandi is a beautiful girl and I love how she just speaks her mind. It’s ok for Adrienne and her loser chef to drag Brandi’s name through the dirt but Brandi can’t stick up for herself. You can’t say that you’ve never said something about someone who either put you down or put lies out about you. Adriennes stupid chef does her dirty work. Adrienne tried to get the other ladies to gang up on Lisa at the last reunion and denied she did it even though everyone said she did it. I like how open and honest Brandi is. She always speaks the truth even if its something negative about herself. Adrienne is a scared bitch to even go to the reunion. She lied and said she never had anything sent to Brandi even though some of the other ladies saw it. Adrienne can’t say she couldn’t do the reunion cause of her divorce agreement cause Paul did a taped interview with Andy for the reunion. She’s just a scared, ugly, lying,horrible, backstabbing little bitch. I hope Adriennd gets what’s coming to her. She’s to pussy to say anything to peoples faces. I wish Brandi would’ve knocked Adrienne and ugly ass shit starting Faye. Adrienne and Faye need to get new plastic surgeons cause there faces are fucked up looking. Adrienne can’t blame anyone but herself for her marriage falling apart. She was such a cunt to Paul. She always put him down. You never heard him say she was ugly or fake looking. She needs to stop with the bronzed or spray tan. She’s Orange. It’s not a good look. I’m glad they are keeping Brandi and fired Adriennes dumb ass. You can’t go on a reality show and bitch about what it shows. It showed Adrienne thought she was more important than anyone else because her family had money. She lied about owning the casino in Vegas. She just lies about everything. She’s definitely ugly on the outside and for sure the inside. Hopefully they will get rid of “always in the middle of drama” Kyle, Kim, and hopefully never see that ugly creature Faye. I love Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda.

    Team Brandi, Lisa, and Yolanda

    1. Gag!! Faye was right on with everything she said about Brandi! There is nothing REAL about Brandi, from her weave, to her fake vag!

  16. @kristina, just by your usage of words, i can see why love trandi. When did i say i like adrienne? As a mom, tandi was wrong for bringing children into the situation–no excuse for it.

  17. Brandi’s became my least favorite housewife when she LIED all through the season about the lawsuit! Adrienne did not sue her, it is public knowledge now. Her sidekicks Lisa and Ken supported the lies all season. Lisa used Brandi to get revenge on Adrienne and should be ashamed of herself. The viewers got a look at the REAL Lisa this season.

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