Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd Being Sued Over Construction Of Their New West Hollywood Lounge


Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd have found themselves in the middle of another lawsuit, RadarOnline reports. The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being sued for fraud, breach of contract and deceit. The lawsuit seeks to stop the couple from opening a new venue in West Hollywood. According to court documents filed in Superior Court of the State of California on Wednesday, Lisa and Ken are accused of intentional interference with a contract and violation of competition law.

In 2009, it’s claimed, LuLu Restaurant Group and its owners Ryan Carrillo and Andrew Gruver wanted to open a gay sports bar called Bar Varsity in West Hollywood and entered into an agreement with Elie Samaha to open the venue at a property he owned, 8948 Santa Monica Boulevard, which was a defunct coffee house, Java Detour. Elie Samaha agreed to a monthly rent of $4,000 and also agreed to put up $500,000 as an investor, after acquiring all necessary permits and attending council planning meetings.

But earlier this year, “Samaha had represented to Plaintiffs that he would start funding the project so that demolition and renovation could move forward, but he failed to do so,” the documents state. “Instead, Defendants Samaha and Frumkes started to pressure Plaintiffs to obtain investors in Bar Varsity.”

“However, due to the faillure of Samaha to make the initial $500,000 investment as he previously agreed to do, Plaintiffs other potential investors declined to invest in Bar Varsity. Plaintiffs repeatedly attempted to contact and speak with Defendants… but Defendants were evasive and filed to respond to Plaintiffs attempts at communication.”

This February Plaintiffs say they first saw a posting at the location with the name P.U.M.P. Lounge, a venue Lisa Vanderpump would open.

“Plaintiff Carillo received a phone call from Carol Braidy, stating that the Java Detour Location had been leased to Defendants Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd….and indicating that the Vanderpump Defendants were not partners with Samaha.”

Now, the Plaintiffs are seeking millions from Lisa and Ken. And an emergency temporary restraining order and preliminary injuction from “demolishing, remodeling the Java Detour Location as P.U.M.P Lounge, or opening and operating the Java Detour Location as P.U.M.P. Lounge or any other entity other than Bar Varsity.”

Photo Credit: Bravo