Lisa Vanderpump Insists Faye Resnick Was NOT Invited To Her Tea Party!

Lisa VP

Lisa Vanderpump is speaking out about Faye Resnick attending her tea party with the women on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa insists she did NOT invite Faye to her home, after Kyle Richards tweeted that Faye would never attend a party she wasn’t invited to. After the episode aired, Kyle wrote, “A) I would never bring a guest w/out asking B) Faye wouldn’t go to an event unless invited C) There was a place setting for her. Do the math.” It appears Lisa and Kyle’s friendship is still in a rocky state, because she replied, writing, “No I never invited her…I don’t lie.”

Now, Lisa is now speaking to RumorFix about the situation. Lisa tells the site “she’s not a friend of mine and I wouldn’t invite her because she was antagonistic toward Brandi [Glanville].” Production was arranging the car services for the women, and Lisa found out about Faye’s attendance. “I immediately put the brakes on it,” Lisa says. “I wasn’t happy about that one ioata.”

“If it were a much larger event I would have included her, because technically Faye is a ‘friend of the Housewives’ and is often on the show,” Lisa adds. “I heard a rumor that Faye may be coming — I’m not happy about this as I didn’t invite her. I assumed that Faye heard that she wasn’t invited and that she would stay home.”

“I didn’t want Faye there because of the altercation she had with Brandi earlier in the season and I didn’t want to be put in that position. But Faye showed up anyway. And, this is edited out — maybe it will be in the ‘Lost Tapes’ episode — she confronts me on camera upset that she was uninvited and says ‘You owe me a phone call.’ I said, ‘Why do I owe you a phone call? I didn’t uninvite you, because you were never invited in the first place.’”

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  • Team Dina

    Good for Lisa. Faye is nasty, I put her on the same level as Dennis Rodman.

  • MysteryGal

    Ooh juicy… I really want Lisa to cuss Kyle out! Somebody needs to!

  • Pinky

    Lol guess Kyle got caught lying on twitter the stupid moron. Gheez – Faye on full time? Andy, go ahead and completely ruin the last franchise that had a small chance of surviving. Just because you phase out Trashy Taylor doesn’t mean you have to replace her with TRASH Faye! Find someone in BevHills that isn’t a skank please. Oh and that means – NO friends of Kyle. Thank you.

  • doeen

    everyone knows faye wasn’t invited. kyle is the one who is behind all the drama. get rid of them. kyle,kim,and mostly faye

  • Anita

    It was my understanding that Kyle is a producer on the RHOBH and that is why Kim is still on the show even when she brings absolutely no value to the show and her friends are the ones that get on the show.

  • JaniceP

    Please everyone knows Lisa would never invite Faye. We are talking class (Lisa) and no class (Faye). Adrienne. Faye and Kyle cooked that whole scheme up. The three of them are sneaks. The show would be so much better without them. Plus they can take Kim and Camille with them. Kim adds nothing and Camille has a split personality. The nasty personality is coming out again.

  • LizzieLou

    Um… Maybe there was a place setting for Faye because Kim (who was invited) did not show up… Duh Kyle – you do the math!

  • Pinky, well said! This the only Housewives Show that I truly enjoy. Bring Faye on and I’m done!

  • Oh, by the way, I believe Lisa!

  • Deborah Brenner

    I’d love to see an added cast member that’s friends with Lisa. It’s great to have friction, but every actor knows that even the villain needs some redeeming features. Hannibal Lector was more endearing than Fay.

  • Real Sandy ⛱

    I saw this…years later and just want to say, go Lisa…even now. Faye is trouble. She may be a friend of the Housewives but she only seems friends with one in reality, if that. She was supposedly a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson too…right…sure.