Lisa Vanderpump: I Actually Feel Really Bad for Kristen


Former SURver Kristen Doute is known for not seeing eye-to-eye with former boss Lisa Vanderpump, after all she did fire her from the restaurant last season. Even though the two have never really gotten along, Lisa is showing some sympathy for Kristen as viewers watched her get lied to by now ex-boyfriend Jason Kennedy.

Kristen totally caught him cheating with a girl he met at Scheana Shay’s party just by going through his email. In the email she found an Uber receipt  of a ride that left James’ apartment to the girls’ apartment at 6 AM-the morning after Scheana’s bash. When Kristen confronted James about it he lied to her face and dished in his interview that he was “definitely boning” the girl. Yuck. This is what Lisa had to share about this week’s episode and feeling sympathetic for Kristen.

“Lala says, ‘I’m everyone’s type’…I mean who says that? Lala.

I understand that a lot of people have other jobs. I try to accomidate each and every one of them as long as they get their shifts covered. But I would appreciate her being honest.

Jax has to cast the net a little wider should we say. He has to go all the way to Kentucky to find a girl that’s not heard of him. I’m trying to be sweet to Britany, but if shes trying to actually get a job here, and not a job as Jax’s sex kitten, why doesn’t she show up with a resume and take it more seriously?

Oh, so Jax likes feet, huh? He must like my foot because it’s always kicking his ass.

I have no idea in Schwartz’s mind how a perm equals commitment. I mean, it’s just not a great analogy. Am I missing something? Fortunately, Katie good on you because it doesn’t seem like you’re buying it either.

Oh busted! James is such an ***hole. I mean he could teach a class at the ***hole academy. Why am I laughing, he’s such a jerk! I actually feel really bad for Kristen, I think she really loves James and is hurt by this.

This is the first time I think I’ve ever agreed with Kristen. James cheated on her, it’s not her fault. Scheana shouldn’t really be mad at Kristen for getting cheated on.”

What do you think of what Lisa had to say? Do you feel bad for Kristen? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Jody

    Yes, I feel bad for Kristen. Sheanna is annoying as hell. Can’t stand to look at her face. She has nothing to contribute. It’s all about her. Poor self-centered her. Yuck!!

  • Jake

    Please! This storyline is as fake as LVP, no wonder she reacts! bahahaha

    • Lisa is a fake and has but one thing in mind Money Money- I don’t think she treats Ken all that well unless he is Kissing her A**- just as she expects everyone to do – FAke FAke Fake

  • martie13

    Please. Kristen is a pathetic, needy loser. Her psychotic behavior after her breakup with Tom demonstrates how low on the self-esteem meter she values herself. As for James, he was her rebound relationship and was never meant to be a true long-term boyfriend. Kristen needs some serious counseling to find her self-worth so she is able to bring a mentally, emotionally healthy partner to a relationship. In her current state, she is her own worst enemy who will never find true happiness.

  • don’t do it, don’t feel sorry for the psycho cray-cray, it’s called karma for all the evil heaped upon tom & ariana. You reap what you sow….
    BTW, none of this matter’s as it’s all (manufactured drama) to draw in viewer’s…

  • This cray-cray is 30 + years old, time to grow up and get a life (away) from the daily alcohol & faux drama…….

  • Jody

    Yes Lisa is a fake. Even her accent is fake.

  • Melodie

    I don’t feel one single bit sorry for Kristen. She drives men to the point where they cheat because she is constantly throwing around her insecurities. For the love of God Kristen REALLY you LOVE James? he’s 22 years young a kid. He is still a little boy who knows nothing about commitment nor maturity. All he wants is arm candy and someone to Bang! I hate that word can’t they just say to have sex with. Kristen is 32 years and she will never find a man who is going to be faithful to her because she goes through their phones, emails, texts etc. A solid loving mature relationship has trust and no need for all the detective work. She does fit in with James age group because she herself is just a child. Kristen said something at the season 3 reunion she said she has had issues since she was young. I would really like to know a little more about her past. She is just CRAZY. Im curious, I see in the previews that James is hooking up with Lala. I wonder who is going to be Kristen’s next victim.
    I have a hard time with many of these kids (I say kids because Im over 55) Tom uses the word LIKE 20 times in a sentence. Tom Schwartz has no clue about the world and how things work in a social setting. He may be book smart but he is social stupid. Katie still thinking about her….. Ariana she is fine she seems happy with Tom more power to them. i also see Tom is putting his foot down this season by saying he does not want to socialize around Kristen so the dynamics of these relationships is going to change. Jax is a MORON and he is a lunatic. I do feel horrible for Scheana….. this is a VERY difficult subject to deal with in their marriage I think we see more about this next week. I do wish them luck. Addiction is a really bad deal but he can get clean and work on his marriage with Scheana instead of running away.