Lisa Vanderpump Hated Seeing Scheana Upset


Lisa Vanderpump is to her blog to share her thoughts on this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. Lisa says she hated seeing Scheana upset over her marriage, but gives encouraging words by saying that sometimes the first year of marriage can be the hardest. See what else Lisa had to say about the episode below.

“I think it’s more important to the other girls what Lala is doing than it is to me. I just want to remind some of my veteran staff that they’ve all been there before. They were all “the new girl” at one time and sometimes it’s not easy, so be a little kinder and a little more welcoming should we say.

Lala taking a selfie on a boat does not make you a model.

I could see right off the bat with Lala that she’s not as tough as she wants people to think. I can see under all that bravado is a very soft interior.

Hanky is doing so much better now, but he really was struggling. And the nurse and the vet thought that there was not much that hope for him. But with force feeding and antibiotics he seems to be doing much better.

Schwartzy listen up, if you work 20-30 shifts at Pump on a busy night, you would be paying cash for that ring right now.

Oh that’s rich coming from Jax. He cheated with Kristen and encouraged Kristen to stay with Tom.

Oh Jax is friendly alright. Such an ever supporting friend. But trust me, that friendship comes with benefits.

Five pills a day? I mean five Vicodin or whatever prescription drugs? I mean if I take one it knocks me sideways.

I really hated seeing Scheana break down because she really worships Shay. And that’s one relationship in this company that I thought was rock solid. Scheana so much wants to fix this problem that she’s taking it on herself, she’s blaming herself like it’s her fault. And it’s not her fault. I hate to see Scheana struggling, but she doesn’t understand… I’ve been married 33 years and sometimes the first year can be the hardest.”

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  • RealSandy

    I wish them well, though I have to say, it is too early in the marriage for this, and honestly, I do not see it lasting, though Lisa and Ken certainly know how to make a marriage work. It is a partnership with both parties respecting each other and being there for one another. I admire Ken and Lisa’s marriage.

    • RealSandy

      Oh and Shay, I do hope you never let anything or anyone push you over the edge. I hope Shay is well and sober. He and Sheana both deserve happiness with or without each other, if the marriage is not salvageable. It cannot be easy for him seeing all of this on TV. Sheana is okay with pouring it all out there for all to see, and I hope they both see the light and do what is right for their own personal health and well being.

  • This is not the popular majority BUT I think Lisa is a FAKE period

  • Donovan

    Violets View Lisa is the realest and most straightforward of all Maybe you’re fake I mean takes one to know one.. You must not have the qualities that she has

    • Well as you know opinions are like AZZ holes we all have one God Bless

    • Michelle

      I couldn’t agree more, Donovan! Out of all of the housewives (including the ones from other shows) Lisa strikes me as the LEAST fake person in the whole franchise!!!! She gives her opinion straight forward, doesn’t hold back and it truly comes from a place of kindness. (When that is her intention) Some folks wouldn’t know a real person if they walked up and kicked them in the shins with her Pradas or Christian Louboutins!

  • sheana is too stupid to function, don’t feel sorry for her at all, she slept with a married man, tried to be the next brittany spears, hooked shay and uses him as other’s use a purse—she is sooo self absorbed and doesn’t exist in reality. look at her bedroom, it looks like a 12 year old’s room.

    • Michelle

      #1 How rude of you to call someone stupid when you don’t even KNOW that person?! #2 She didn’t know he was married until WAY after she started dating him! He admitted to lying to her about his marital status. Don’t try to claim “Well, he’s a famous baseball player excuse” either. I’m A LOT older and much more cynical than she is and if I had run into that man on the street, I wouldn’t have recognized him if my life depended on it. For someone with “Duchess in their SN, one would think that you would have a little more class and compassion you displayed here today. You also might want to consider Scheena’s age when she met Eddie. She’s just turned 30 this season and she probably was SUPER young when she originally met him. So, instead of hurling insults at a stranger…..have a little compassion for someone going through a rough time.

  • Donovan

    Hahahah you guys are so degrading it’s ridiculous

  • patricia

    Love Lisa: she is till my favorite housewife of all time. Smart, beautiful, sexy, & a good heart!