Lisa Vanderpump: Get The Hell Off My Back


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to fire back at the other women after part 2 of the RHOBH reunion aired Monday night. Lisa, who is clearly still unhappy with her co-stars, talks about her fight with Kim Richards, her estranged friendship with Brandi and tells her “friends” to get the hell off her back.

Lisa writes, “And we are back. I thank you in advance for your comments, which I always read. I take the time to blog, and I respect that you take the time to comment.

So we are now returning to the second part of this intriguing trilogy, where it appears to me everybody is searching for something.

This could be the biggest game of Trivial Pursuit in history, to witness the endless trivial matters that they continue to pursue is exhausting.

Yes, I was in Missouri and went to dinner on the way home. . .I have explained this, and sent a gift. I had marched with the children for miles, with children that have real challenges, where Giggy can be a comfort as he brings some sort of levity to the situation. We then travelled back to Los Angeles. Why is it such a problem? Most of her family wasn’t even there. I hardly know her daughter. Why on earth do I keep having to justify this? It beggars belief.

Also why would Yolanda join in? Surely, true friends defend each other. Maybe Hollywood friends don’t, or do they or at least ask — “How was the charity?”

Also she says closing the door when she is pulling down her underwear is dismissive. In my mind, it is is akin to taking a bottle away. Protect your friends. We have no idea what is edited, but I am sure that would not be their proudest moments.

I ponder the fact that apparently it is OK to sit in an interview and mock me fainting. Can we imagine if, God forbid, I reenacted scenarios of Kim drunk?

I apologized to Kyle for my flippant remark which was a response to when Yolanda stated Kyle had no friends. Oh but no, Kyle wouldn’t point that out. I wonder why not? The same as the praying incident. Brandi had said Kim was losing her mind, but that too is ignored. Very strange.

Am I held to a higher standard? Why does nobody apologize to me for hurting my feelings when they mocked my fainting?

Or to say that I have more attitude than Beyonce? That was the most ironic statement coming from Yolanda.

My God, many things have been said that I am sure warrant an apology, but I won’t wait with bated breath — as I am sure it would be a long time coming.

Brandi, at first I admit, I had sympathy for her situation. She didn’t have a job and was a pariah within this group. But now, as we embraced her financially, she has gone from strength to strength and the victim card has been played out. So I understood Joyce’s sentiment.

For Kim to attempt to undermine my husband, who has always been supportive, was rather irritating to say the least. He apologizes next week for questioning whether she had been drinking, as if that had been responsible for her aggression aimed at him. I am adamant in the fact that Ken should not have suggested whether she had been drinking, but, likewise he is (as am I) mystified by much of her behavior. But we are definitely supportive in her quest for sobriety. Actually in retrospect, when I realize I have no chance of guarding her old socks — that is a comfort if our relationship ever went forward.

So my friends, if I am ever remiss in closing the bathroom door when millions could be watching, please close it for me.

Please don’t feel pressured to come to an event for my children. If you are participating in a charity, on the other side of the country, and have no idea what time you are returning, a gift is more than sufficient.

Please snatch the bottle from my hand if I am inebriated and potentially making a fool of myself in front of the world.

Additionally, feel free to mock my illness, my accent, or state I have never been to a grocery store or that I have more attitude than a superstar, when I spend 80 percent of my time working my ass off. Don’t worry as I will not take offense or call you on it.

Also please check my blog, Kyle, dated Feb. 4 where I only stated that “When Kyle once again raises the subject of NippleGate I know where this is going.” Oh dear what a cardinal sin to have ever written that.

And there we have it, a ridiculously complicated scenario, conjured up out of diddly squat.

Oh and one more request, please, dearest “friends” on the reunion couch. Do me the honor and — get the hell off my back.”

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28 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump: Get The Hell Off My Back”

  1. ~ Dear Lisa,
    Always the lady and always making more sense than any of the other “ladies”.
    I tune in to watch you and see the progress of your incredible life … and I have a secret crush on Ken and RumpyPumpy. ~ Keep on keeping on, we love you and some of the cast needs to get a reality check! ~ <3 ~

  2. Lisa, Lisa, are always the classiest of classiest!! I just adore you and your sense of humor!! It seems to me that these “ladies” are digging DEEP for drama with you!! In the first season the “ladies” got your sense of humor and took it at face value and now….oh my, can you say jelous, jelous, jelous!! You keep your head up, keep being you and keep it moving. You are so much better than the other “ladies”!!

  3. Well said too much drama from Kim, if you didn’t go to her party, whats the big deal, it was your choice, and Brandi is just a ungrateful bitch, she forgot when she was broke and you helped her.

  4. The audience sees what is going on…. they are jealous of your success… and Brandi… it’s all for attention cuz deep down she must realize she is a lousy drunk…

  5. A real lady …Lisa I love seeing you and Ken on RHOBH …but I have not been able to watch for 6 weeks now…I can’t watch a bunch of grown women act like teenagers,no preschoolers ….sad to watch …you and Ken stay strong you are very respected out here in the real world …thanks for being a real true blue lady and Ken a real man that we all see respects all ladies even the ones he proubley should not

  6. lisa, you are the only one sho makes sense. As for Drunken stoned addict Kim, she is crazy. Her sister said so. and no more breath should be wasted on that shitfaced loser. i really hope Bravo gets rid of her and kyle and brandi. bring on women who genuianly like each other. brandi is a shit stirrer and a person who has mental problems.
    jeep on keeping these two year olds in line lisa.
    they are jealous.

  7. Sorry, Lisa. I’m sure you have some legitimate points here. However, you reap what you sow. I’ve watched since the beginning; you used to be my favorite. Then you turned into a mean girl. You’ve dished it out for the last couple years. Now it’s your turn to take it.

    1. Thank you Ceebee! The only one who sees through Lisa’s victim act. If you’re gonna dish it better be able to take it!!

  8. Lisa–truly this is the best blog yet! It addresses all the “errors of your ways”, “crimes & sins” you committed against these humans (couldn’t call them ladies, they are not–except for Joyce).

    BRAVO–take NOTE–pu-LEASE!

  9. At the end of the day, Lisa has never really done anything so wrong to warrant the attacking behavior from any of these women. She really has always remained true to her character since day one. And she’s consistent.

    She does have that morose sense of humor that can wear on one with serious esteem issues, and therein lies the problem, in my opinion. Some of these women secretly suffer from really low opinions of themselves at their core, (yes Brandi – it’s why she continuously does self demoralizing acts and I feel genuinely sad for anyone like her who loathes themselves so much) – and so therefore they can’t take Lisa’s tongue in cheek remarks, it hurts to their core. So they lash back big time.

    And also, Lisa is human. I’ve noticed some inaccuracies in some of her cover stories and her statements and comments, and sometimes she has admitted little blunders on her part and sometimes she will deny to the death. I think she has a perfectionist mentality and it’s hard for her to admit to her part in something. More of a personality flaw than a moral one, you know?

  10. LISA!

    It’s horrible how you have been treated! But really, who cares what Kim thinks, or says! She doesn’t even have a man to take up for her. Most of the viewers want her off the air, anyway. Kim has wasted so much tv time. Please, Lisa, just look at the votes…YOU! YOU are our favorite Housewife! Those women, other than Joyce, Carlton and Kyle (Kyle is stuck between you and her sister.) are so jealous of you. You have never done or said anything as mean as what those women have done to you. They’ve been so ugly to you. And making fun of you fainting, was just sick. It was sick! But, you did look beautiful! :)Keep your head up! You have many fans who love you and your family. You’re lucky to have Ken there for you!

  11. Wow, I see Lisa from an entirely differently point of view. After a few seasons I grew tired of her bitchy comments she calls humor. I especially did not like the way she tried to hurt Mauricio’s business at last year’s reunion and again at the tea party. He mentioning the chatting rumors in front of their daughter is disgusting. To Kyle, she says she defended her about the tabloids, yet when talking with Ken she says she didn’t know if mauricio cheated or not. She messed with Kyles family and Mauricio’s business – she would be screaming if anyone did that to her. Btw I am not a Kyle fan, but I felt sorry for her with the cheating rumors.

  12. Good gosh, can’t stand watching these morons bash Lisa every time they open their pieholes, and what is with yolymes interjecting her opinion into everyone’s conversation.
    It is very evident that these women along with bravo play and manipulate the viewer’s and each season there is a “target”. But this time bravo, brandi, yodalanda, the twit sisters did not realize that the viewer’s are not as stupid as they think and we can see what’s been going down—it’s played out in each HW show each season–and it’s tired and old……And it’s losing viewership…
    bravo needs to change this stupidity and axe andy too………

  13. I agree, these women are all Idiots, every single one of ’em! Lisa and her heartless humor full of shade is tiresome, the others too. Not one of these ladies are genuine. B itch, b itch, b itch, its all they do. Blah!!!!

  14. I didn’t think I could like Lisa less and after watching this I do. She is the type of person that must “win” at all costs. She tried to be queen bee and cut Kyle off at the knees. Unfortunately it backfired on her and now she is playing the victim. If she’d admit she made some mistakes and reach out to a couple of the women like Kyle and Yolanda she’d come out of this situation much better. Her mistake is she misjudged Yolanda and Brandi and now is stuck having to suck up and be fake friends with low level second tier housewives such as Carlton and that other girl from Puerto Rico.

  15. I can’t believe that Lisa V gets away with being the biggest racist in reality tv. I can’t know watch the RHONY because of her superior attitude toward everyone. She is a bad representation of the station and the way up promote white racist in a way you don’t support other.

  16. Lisa, Andy, anyone, just come out and say the truth—–when it comes to Lisa V., they are looking for “tits on an ant”, and they will never find them……..


  18. Lisa, I’m English like yourself and I have to say you make me proud. I understand you’re humour but I can also understand that our friends from across the pond don’t always ‘get it’. You have been a true lady and Ken the perfect gent. Brandi I used to feel sorry for but not any more. With all the arguments that have gone on the past couple of seasons, there seems to now be one common denominator… Brandi. Keep going Lisa, we are all behind you.

  19. Lisa, your account of the reunion was spot on! I’ve never seen so much made of so little. Their grievances don’t even rise to the level of petty. It is amazing they can remember such trivial exchanges for so many months. Of course, I guess when you’re repeating the same “boo-hoo’s” ad nauseam, it must just become like a tick! Keep up the good work. Love to you and your darling Ken. Hugs for Giggy!

  20. What a terrible portrayal of the victim act. Lisa has been terrible to Adrienne Taylor Kyle Kim and almost all the ladies! She must always befriend the underdog to make herself look better. She has a huge ego that is out of control. She is finally reaping what she has sewn for 4 seasons and can’t handle it. I feel like she is not a good person and everyone is fooled by the diamonds and darlings and her fabulous lifestyle. To me she sounds like a huge bitch in this blog..

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