Lisa Vanderpump Fuming Over Brandi Glanville’s Betrayal


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is fuming that her former BFF Brandi Glanville is out to get her, RadarOnline reports. Lisa just “can’t believe how Brandi has betrayed their friendship and trust. After Brandi tried to pin the blame on Lisa for confronting fellow housewife Kyle Richards about allegations her husband had cheated on her, it was the end of their once very close friendship,” a show insider told Radar.

“Brandi has made no secret about how jealous she is of Lisa’s over the top lifestyle, beautiful mansion and happy marriage…she is now out to make Lisa look bad in hopes that she will get more camera time. It’s all about Brandi, 24/7, and sadly, Lisa is now recognizing that,” the insider continues.

As we previously reported Brandi claims Lisa used her to get Eddie Cibrian’s mistress publicity. “Brandi knew that viewers were growing tired of her constant moaning about the fact Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes. She was beginning to sound like a broken record. So, Brandi obviously made a decision to try and make Lisa look bad in front of the cameras,” the source claims.

But Lisa “just couldn’t believe that Brandi has gone so public with the troubles in their friendship. Writing a magazine column about it, really? Not very classy. Brandi is a foul-mouthed, low class wannabe,” the source says. “Lisa’s family had warned her about Brandi, but she always sees the good in people, and chose not to listen to them. She has no regrets, but don’t expect to see them being friends ever again. Once you cross Lisa once, you are cut-off from her world. This betrayal offended Brandi, who said that she was hurt by the actions.”

Photo Credit: Bravo