Lisa Vanderpump: My Friendship With Brandi Is Over


Lisa Vanderpump is revealing that her friendship with Brandi Glanville is completely over and has been for quite some time. “Too many things, too many nasty things, were said,” Lisa tells Life & Style. “Brandi has created so many lies. [Our friendship] is done. It was done six months ago.” Lisa and Brandi’s most recent feud happened when Brandi alleged Lisa and her husband Ken filed for bankruptcy and had once lived in The Valley.

Their next biggest beef was Lisa’s friendship with her employee, Scheana Marie, who also slept with Brandi’s husband while she was pregnant. But Scheana insists Lisa didn’t know of her affair with Eddie. “I don’t float information to my boss, like, ‘Five years ago I slept with this guy. Thought you should know,'” she said last month. “Brandi just sounds like an idiotic, petty person.”

Are you sad LIsa and Brandi are no longer friends?

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26 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump: My Friendship With Brandi Is Over”

  1. Lisa, I used to enjoy watching your glamorous lifestyle and humor on the show. Now it has become very evident that you are a mean mean woman. If you can dish it out to Adrienne Taylor Kyle and whoever else you used to be friends with you should realize that your the common denominator in the situations. I see right through you…

    Check your ego girl, you aren’t as fabulous as you think..

    1. I agree, Nicole, though we’re outnumbered here, I think! But I also think that Brandi was never a friend to Lisa, either. She turned on Lisa in a way that real friends would never do.

  2. Love ya, LISA!!! Glad you completely rid yourself from the trash named Brandi. If only Bravo did the same, then us viewer could enjoy the show for its original purpose–daily lives of wealthy, fabulous housewives!

    1. Agree with you there One Rotten Egg; Lisa is a must on the Beverly Hills Housewives but I would not be sorry to see Brandi go….

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write that you agree! Our opinions are definitely outnumbered. pS: I love this site too 😀

    1. So you think Lisa is perfect like everyone else does? Yes Brandi is trashy but what about all of Lisa’s friendships that have suddenly ended because someone wasn’t kissing her ass?

      1. You know what I don’t understand? It’s why people think that because we don’t like Lisa, they automatically assume that we like Brandi. That is certainly not the case for me. I don’t like either one.

        You’ve heard that saying about a pig in lipstick? It’s still a pig. Lisa’s a little more dressed up than Brandi, but she’s no different.

  3. I can’t imagine Lisa ever being friends with Brandi ever again. I certainly would not. I honestly do not understand why Brandi started this whole mess. If I’m upset with a friend, I say something to their face, not go around spreading hate towards that person. If Brandi ever truly wanted to salvage this friendship, she wouldn’t have done that. It makes no sense. Who would be friends with you after something like that. Then she says that she loves Lisa, blah, blah. WTF??? Very strange person.

  4. I love Lisa and I can see where she would not want to be Brandi’s friend simply on the merits of her character. I had never read the “pop-ups” of Brandi’s 30 most outrageous statements. I’m sorry she’s despicable and not suitable for polite society. To make light of : rape, child molestation, and the drug ” rufie” is someone who is the equivalent of a cancerous tumor It needs to be cut out and steps taken so there is no chance it can grow back.

  5. Hey, if I were to compare Lisa and Brandi side by side, I’d take Lisa, hands down. LV is not perfect, but she is has a hell of a lot more integrity and credibility. BG is just horrific. Her need to live her life on Twitter and get approval from her army, screams INSECURE to me. I have a feeling that most people in BG’s life will, sooner or later, dump her — and I wouldn’t blame them a bit. Having said all that, Joyce is my fave.

    1. Unfortunately Brandi is good at destroying the friendships she does have…maybe she speaks before she thinks, but the insults towards Joyce is crazy, and then of course working herself up on an attack on Lisa – absolutely nutty.

  6. It is truly astonishing how many people would rather side with the accomplished liar and professional sloppy drunk fame seeking, Brandi over a Sophisticated, hard working & quite witty Woman and a True Lady, Lisa..
    Perhaps many of you Yanks just detest Lisa because she has an English dry sense of humor or you like Kyle because she is unsophisticated and quite pedestrian.
    Whatever, the case may be. I am team Lisa.
    She was ambushed and quite hurt.
    If Lisa leaves you will be stuck with Kingsley storylines and be treated to the Beverly hills edition of the Jerry Springer show..
    Team Lisa & if you don’t like it, sod off!

    1. Well said! This yank loves Lisa and her wit. You are so right about how unsophisticated Kyle is. Her most recent display of her lack of sophistication was at the Beverly Hills birthday party.

    2. Who are you referencing “yanks” to? Sounds like a foreigner commenting on an American TV show…then why watch?

  7. Lisa is soo much more a lady than Brandi, who self destructed the great relationship she built up with Lisa – Brandi can be her own worst enemy….once loyalty is once lost, it is lost forever and Lisa is doing the right thing by finishing her friendship with Brandi – Lisa and Ken are best to keep her at a distance from here on in…

  8. At the end of the day, Liza eats & sh its just like the rest, yes, I loathe Brandi and I am team Lisa, but come on folks, Lisa isn’t above the fray, she stirs the pot, her English sense of humor is dry and true blue. Either you like her or not, Lisa isn’t above the nastiness, Brandi just happens to be a dumba$$ while Lisa is savvy doing so. Same sh it, same outcome difference only in apperance/ delivery. Blah blah blah.

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