Lisa Vanderpump Feels Like A “Bloody Moron” For Defending Brandi Glanville


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump guest-hosted E! News on Tuesday and she spilled some show secrets. Lisa answered viewer questions like how her life has changed since being on the show and whether she regrets defending Brandi Glanville. “We’ve all changed a bit because our lives have changed so much,” Lisa said when asked if she believes she has changed from reality TV fame. “I’d say all of us have had to just put yourself out there. It’s a life-changing experience.”

“Oh god, every week I do, yes, absolutely!” she admitted when asked if she ever has I-can’t-believe-I-said-that-moments. “But they shoot so much and then you see it six months later, so sometimes it can be difficult. But it’s also been a incredible experience for me, I wouldn’t be sitting here now [if not for the show], it’s given me so many opportunities and to do incredible things.”

And as far as her friendship with Brandi Glanville, Lisa regrets defends Brandi. “I feel a complete idiot, a bloody moron, but thank you anyway” for asking, she laughed.

Photo Credit: Bravo