Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Wanted To Fix Her Friendship With Kyle Richards


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to explain to viewers why she decided to forgive Kyle Richards and not Brandi Glanville. Lisa explains that she and Kyle have always had a bond and have been friends for many years.

Lisa writes, “Well, here we are once more. Welcome to the fifth leg of this tumultuous journey we are navigating together.

It was quite a surprise to find myself immersed into the middle of this group after the torment of last season, but time is quite a healer, and as the saying goes, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up that counts. Courage in the face of adversity will serve you well. It had been a demanding few months with the opening of Pump, and I had enjoyed the respite of being away from the group and had time to lick my wounds, but I was happy and fulfilled working away.

Many months had passed, Kyle reached out, and after much discussion, I decided to go into the ring once more. Kyle had invited me to dinner, and I skipped out without informing Ken, as he would have discouraged me from entertaining any notion that I could be with these women again.

Kyle and I have always had a bond and many have tried to sever that, trying to divide and conquer. We have had a multitude of shenanigans and giggles late into the night, always sparring and enjoying each other’s company, but things have sometimes been more complicated and often resulted in many misunderstandings.

She had invited us to her yearly White Party, so I accepted, only too well aware that the possibility of encountering Miss Glanville and her minions was rather likely, but never mind. I knew this was an inevitable situation and one I was prepared to deal with, but in the most dismissive way I could, without being offensive.To acknowledge her was all I was willing to offer, really. The relationship with her had been an experience that I could never forget and would never comprehend, so to be civil in a group setting was all I could muster.

Yolanda and I had lunch a few days prior. Kim had called me, and I had spoken to her after so many months had passed, and I felt that all were eager to cleanse ourselves of the negativity and start afresh. If only we could rewrite history, pull the pages from the book that had ended so horribly, I am sure we would, but life isn’t that generous. We have to live with our choices and enter into the next chapter forewarned and forearmed.

So here we go, off to the races, and trust me it is an exciting ride, abundant with complicated dynamics, but most definitely sprinkled with laughter and the rebirth of old friendships and then, unfortunately, the dissolution of existing ones. I do believe you will really enjoy getting to know our two new cast members Lisa and Eileen. Lisa I have known for some years, and Eileen I have only recently met, but I welcome them to what can be an incredible experience, albeit at times a challenging one. So on that note I thank you for the huge amount of support I have received, the constructive comments, and most importantly, the love that so many of you have been so vocal in sharing.

I had a wonderful season that I doubted and resisted, and I look forward to sharing it with you.”

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10 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Wanted To Fix Her Friendship With Kyle Richards”

  1. 1. I think Brandi expecting Lisa to sever ties with Sheana for Brandi’s convenience and comfort is unreasonable and impractical. After all Sheana has been in Lisa’s employment for many years before Lisa even met Brandi. Brandi’s marriage has ended for sometime now and Sheana made a youthful mistake. Brandi childishly hangs on to things indefinitely and it makes it hard for her to heal and grow.
    2. If Brandi feels that Lisa was manipulating her (Lisa is manipulative) and especially when she feels, as she has said, that Lisa was distancing herself from Brandi, she should have allowed the friend to fade/change and not reveal secrets they shared. That was very childish and petty.
    3. Lisa tried to hurt Kyle – I do believe that. Lisa would have been quite happy if everyone had ganged up on Kyle. I don’t think Lisa genuinely cares about anyone. Friendships for her is about who or what situation is beneficial to her in the moment.
    4. Lisa lacks the ability to exercise self reflection instead she makes excuses, rationalizes and sadly lie.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. People forget that Lisa chose Brandi over Kyle in the years past and refused to acknowledge that Brandi was the cause of Kyle and Lisa’s problems. Tired of people beating up on Kyle. She tried to be a good friend to Lisa, but Lisa always had a put down or sarcastic comment to make. I like Lisa, but she never owns up to her mistakes. Hopefully this season she will learn to not be so judgmental, when she has done the same thing to her friends that she claims they have.

      1. During the first season Brandi appeared, she was made fun of and critized. Lisa just stood up for that underdog…unfortunately brandi turned out to be just a dog (aka b&tch).

  2. I’m so over lisa she’s more critical and sticking her nose in everyone’s business as 4 kyle she will friend whoever best suites her a at the time Brandi is just Brandi loud she drinks doesn’t watch what she says but she back up what she says unlike the other’s they have become so directed and produced

    1. Kyle has always loved Lisa. It was Brandy that tried and failed to ruin their friendship. Brandy actually does not know how to befriend someone or repair a damaged friendship. She only thinks to destroy what others have to get closer to her goal. Lisa used her too IMO, to get back at Kyle for hurting her feelings and it just snowballed out of control. She just doesn’t belong with polite society. Water seeks it’s own level and sediment sinks to the bottom and sticks together. Kim and Brandy are the sediment.

  3. Lisa has the most dignity of any of these women. Do you not remember how cozy Kyle was to Lisa’s face all the time she was making snide comments about her to each of the others? Who among you would trust the kissing up after seeing that? Before even meeting Brandi Kyle and the others snickered in a corner about her. Lisa befriended Brandi because she saw she was odd man out, even though Brandi was so rough around the edges and embarrassing. All of them: Kyle, Kim, Yolanda, and Brandi have said horrible things about Lisa impugning her character, but they’ve each gotten in a hot huff and went after Lisa over a couple of little jokes she has made. Ridiculous. And Scheana is on the Bravo payroll. If Brandi has a beef with filming with her she needs to talk to them about it, not Lisa. She just can’t be sure if Bravo has to choose between them she’ll be the one left standing.

    1. Oh come on! Lisa wasn’t innocent in all of that. She absolutely used Brandy to get back at Kyle. Hurt people hurt but Kyle genuinely loves Lisa and Lisa genuinely loves Kyle. Their friendship prevailed because after being thrown in to something so different and not always handling it well, they came out the other side with their friendship in tact. Neither did the unforgivable things Kim and Brandy do. Kim is just a sociopath who is cruel and a horrible sister and person. Brandy is in a zanax/wine fog and sees and hears things incorrectly and repeats that incorrect memory until she hits her target. She just doesn’t belong in polite society. It’s one thing to get angry and say hurtful things, it’s another to destroy everything in your path and then believe that the feeling you have when you’re drunk are the most important ones. Brandy and Kim don’t sincerely apologize for what they say and do because they don’t think they are ever wrong. Kyle never threw insults around like Kim and Brandy and Yolanda BTW, toward Ken. That was the deal breaker. I have watched every episode in order and never once did Kyle or Lisa say something absolutely unforgivable like B and K have no problem doing. Water seeks it’s own level and sediment always sinks to the bottom and sticks together.

  4. I can’t even read this cry baby’s blog. (Or watch the show) She is one sad sack. Get lost Lisa so I can enjoy the show again.

  5. I think Lisa truly loves Kyle and Kyle loves her. The public perception aside, I think we all have to accept people’s faults with their qualities. Both of them have a lot of character and class and have done things they regret. Put a lot a lot of pressure on a friendship and some ugly will squeeze out, but all the good will stay in. People with class rise to the top and the sediment ALWAYS sinks to the bottom and sticks together. Simple as that.

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