Lisa Vanderpump Explains Why She Was At SUR And Not Kimberly’s Graduation Party, Says She’s Shocked By Brandi’s Choice Of Words


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain once and for all why she didn’t attend Kim Richards’ daughter’s graduation. Lisa admits she stopped by SUR after she got back into town, had dinner with her husband and then went home. Lisa is peeved for having to explain herself, because she says she did the proper thing and RSVP’d. Lisa also reveals she is shocked by what Brandi said to Joyce.

Lisa writes, “It’s hard to understand why somebody would search for a problem when really there isn’t one. I had made everyone well aware in advance that I had committed that weekend to National Alopecia Areata Foundation in St Louis.

As many of you know I support various charities, speaking on their behalf, turning up at events where help is needed — the American Humane Association, GLAAD in support of the LGBT community, and feeding the homeless every Monday for the last six years. But that’s me.

Now Giggy is a personality in his own right, so I needed a charity that would fit his profile — and children with alopecia was a perfect match. Now can I compare Giggy’s hair loss with that of a child’s? Of course not, but I knew that Giggy could make a difference, bring some levity to what otherwise can be a somber affair. When Giggy appears and we talk with the children and teenagers — many of whom watch him every week, many had just seen him on Dancing With the Stars — the message is clear. Should alopecia stop you being the very best you can be? We asked the children if they thought he would be cuter with his fur. They unanimously answered no he was perfect, so then I gently remind them that is the way people feel about them.

So he has been invited to events, and because I speak on his behalf we were asked to support that weekend. It was a long way for two days, but they wanted me to draw awareness to NAAF and film a PSA and wondered if we would lead the march.
I am not sitting at Beverly Hills lunches, but being proactive. I have little time and I admit I rarely go to things I am invited to socially as we have businesses that are open in the evening and it’s hard to juggle everything. However, I find it irritating that I have to justify myself, but clearly I do.

I arrived back after leaving St. Louis that afternoon and stopped off rather late to check on SUR my business — which on a Saturday night is at its busiest. We had something to eat and went home exhausted from marching and traveling

So later that week I spoke with a young lady who needed help with dresses for girls in foster care, a situation close to my heart as I explained we adopted our son Max from foster care 22 years ago. So I invited the ladies over and asked them to bring whatever they had. As I rooted through my closet with Rosia, who is the same size and normally lucks out, it struck me just how much superfluous stuff we all have that would be appreciated by others.

Then suddenly I am questioned by Kim. It was a few days later and it took me by surprise.

Apparently Kim’s hairdresser told Kim she saw me and that’s what transpired. I had said we were out of town, and I sent her a Tiffany pen as a gift, of which we never even had an acknowledgement, let alone a thank you letter almost as if were penalized for not being present.

Doesn’t social etiquette allow you to politely refuse an invitation and inform the host that you have prior plans? Without being confronted and accused of lying? I don’t know I give up I really do. Ken then said there many events Kim hadn’t shown up for, true, I have heard an endless litany of excuses over the years — even having an empty seat at my daughters wedding where she was a no show. But that’s not really the point, if anybody informs me prior that they can’t attend, then that’s good enough for me.

I was astounded that Kyle brought her dog that had recently eaten Portia’s rabbit!

Anyway I encouraged Kyle not to get involved with Joyce and Brandi, I actually preferred not to even listen at that point. It had all been too complicated, and it was preferable to give this conversation a wide berth. I cannot even fathom how another woman can use the terminology “I would knock your f—in teeth out,” but there you have it.”

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  • Notsoplainjane

    You didn’t even have to give an explanation to Kim.. You RSVP’d and declined..Kim makes a big deal out of nothing ALL the time. I thought it was tacky for her to bring it up. And especially tacky to not say thank you for the gift! Really over her on the show.. She still appears to be on some kind of drugs. Always looks spacey.

  • Aunt Bee

    I agree. There is something not quite right about Kim. All those years of substance abuse have made her “spacey” and extremely childlike. I love animals but can see why Lisa would be concerned about Kyles dog and Giggy.
    I certainly hope little Portia didn’t witness the death of her bunny.

  • Noel

    Lisa completely misspelled her housekeeper’s name. Isn’t it Rocio, not Rosia. lol

  • yaya

    Lisa, Kyle is entitled to bring her mat-looking dog to your home just as you carry that bald-looking dog to Everyone’s home, and to top that off, your bald dog drinks out of other people’s personal dishware! How dare you even complain!?!

    Kim, stop your tacky a$$ complaining as to why Lisa & Ken didn’t attend your daughter’s graduation!! You sound so ridiculous!!!! You don’t even like Lisa!! The first poster above said it right, You Should Have Thanked the Vanderpumps’ instead if complain and get messy with them! Girl, if you’re truly sober, you need start talking and acting like it, you Do seem intoxicated in every talking-head segment!! Its embarrassing, really.

    • Geeze… do you read stuff you post or are you just angry ass?… not gonna comment your “that bald-looking dog”, because her dog has alopecia so… he is freaking bald…

      but to compare a small dog drinking water out of a glass, with a big dog eating a family rabbit… it’s just beyond me… you can actually clean the glass (as you would after people drink from it), while you can not put together a dead rabbit…

  • Lou

    Kim needs to create drama to appear somehow relevant. She was rude to Ken and he handled it perfectly. It’s an example of Class (Ken) vs. No Class (Kim). I do not believe Kim is sober and I am sure many others realize that. Who does she think she is kidding? Or is it a act….to remain relevant…

  • Judy

    Don’t blame you, Lisa! I had rather be at SUR instead of Kim’s!

  • yaya

    Kyle’s matty looking dog should have eaten bald dog, serves Lisa and Ken valuable lesson, Don’t Take Personal Family Pets Where They Are Not Invited. Kyle next time you visit Lisa, bring your dog only without the leech! lmao