Lisa Vanderpump Explains DWTS Fainting, Not Surprised Richards Sisters Mocked Her


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain what led to her fainting on Dancing With The Stars. Lisa reveals she suffers from chronic anemia and dizziness and has sought medical treatment for it. She also says she is not amused by the Richards sisters mocking her fainting, but that she isn’t surprised.

Lisa writes, “As you saw I was in the middle (and still am) of creating my new restaurant. I admit that trying to accomplish everything was probably an insurmountable task, but it was an exciting project. Unfortunately due to the city and many permit problems it taken much, much longer than we expected. For that coupled with work commitments and everything else. . .I was stretched in all directions.

Dancing with the Stars was an unbelievable experience and, no, not as Kyle has said, I hadn’t wanted to do it for ages. They had always said they would never have a housewife and it was ABC, the competitive network to NBC, who owns Bravo, so I never gave it a second thought. . .Also the last time I danced was 35 years ago! But it was an honor to be asked and I loved it. . .But yes it was, at 52, extremely challenging. Also, I had many other commitments — my restaurants, two other shows (RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules) but it was too exciting to turn down! I was happy that they all came to see my third dance, the Viennese Waltz. As you saw, this was the first they came to support me — when they were filmed in the audience. I certainly felt the pressure, as I hadn’t heard or even seen a tweet in support since I started and trust me I could have done with it. Until then, Brandi was the only one who had come to support me or Tweeted.

I hate the fact that I feel the need to explain myself.

Over the last few years my health has been checkered with anemia and dizziness and a few fainting spells. I have had a brain scan, two blood transfusions due to collapsing, EKGs and significant attempts to bring my blood pressure to a normal level, to no avail. I am fit, as I workout, everyday but chronic anemia and dizziness has been an issue. . .

That week after the Monday and Tuesday on DWTS, which in itself was exhausting, I did all the press line (normally a couple of hours) then took the red eye with Gleb to New York. Whatever your schedule on DWTS your partner goes everywhere with you, as you only have a very limited time to get the dance down. We arrived having missed a night’s sleep and had to go straight to a six hour rehearsal, then had to attend a party for Bravo and finished work at almost midnight. Time for a few hours sleep and up at 5:30 for another live show, dancing for Kelly and Michael, as I had to stand in for Wynonna who had just been voted off. . .Tired, but had to go for another six hour rehearsal in NY right after, as time is of the essence in that show. Then back to LA, both of us trying to ward off a virus knowing we had such little time to accomplish what we needed.

The next day I was feeling wobbly. I had been instructed to drink protein shakes for the last week, as I had dropped eleven pounds and was definitely struggling. Yes I fainted. We went to the doctor (unfortunately with the cameras) and he diagnosed a plethora of problems: low blood pressure, swollen glands, fever, and exhaustion. We begged ABC to cut it out and they wouldn’t. It was my reality. I felt it was a sign of weakness — one that I didn’t want to share with the world. I am probably wrong in that misconception, but to me it’s like crying. I always strive to hold it together, alas I am also unsuccessful in that endeavor this season too.

I ultimately did five dances and three weeks rehearsal, a total of eight weeks. I adored the cast and my partner; it was an incredible experience and I don’t regret a second of it.

Now how do I feel when I see the Richards sisters mock me? Not great but sadly. . .I don’t expect anything less.”

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  • DebBrenn

    Kyle and Kim looked like childish, mean spirited fools making fun of her. And Kyle wonders why Lisa doesn’t trust her as a friend?

  • Tana Elia

    Lisa shouldn’t feel surprised at all because I have never seen two sisters that have more skeletons in their closet then a cemetery go after one person each season. Yes, go back to Season 1 of RHOBH and who started with Camille in her commentary portion, yes, crap stirrer, Kyle. Then it was off to Brandi, Lisa and the way they act with no self made careers other than a few child acting movies is starting to explain why they still act like children as adults. If you look on where viewers stand on Kim, she is only 1% for fans and Kyle is right behind her with 2% of fans. I am not interested in watching these sisters, either relapse again or here about Kyles’s wonderful, beautiful daughters while her husband Mauricio, quoted by NY times that he left his Black American Express at a bar with a sultry blonde and according to patrons of the place, he certainly wasn’t making any real estate transactions. These sisters should certainly believe in KARMA because they have it coming big time. (Remember hiding Brandi’s crutches), Oh, grown up that is, I am actually laughing at them and not with them.