Lisa Vanderpump On Her Emotional Reaction To Her Son Max’s Adoption Story

Lisa Vanderpump is reacting to this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In her blog, Lisa reacts to her emotions about son Max’s adoption. Vanderpump also has some very strong opinions about Lisa Rinna’s conversation with Eden Sassoon about Kim Richards’ sobriety and Rinna calling Kyle an enabler.

“Well once again, Eileen raises the issue of another woman being manipulated by my good self. I find it rather amusing that she would perpetually, backhandedly compliments me, just by virtue of the fact that I have these extraordinary powers, but also patronizes other women by insinuating that they are guilty of being feeble-minded weaklings with no opinions of their own.

Now if another intelligent woman comes to the same conclusions as I did, maybe that assertion might be validated, and as this season plays out, that validation might just prove factual. Dorit, who you will come to know, is a strong woman that is totally capable of forming her own opinions, as you will see.

I was vociferous in my defense of Kim and to Kyle later, that LR’s intent to humiliate Kim at her “game night” was unacceptable. To constantly initiate subjects referring to Kim’s struggles is not necessary. So not having witnessed first-hand the extraordinary comments regarding Kim’s sobriety to Eden, I was aghast at her assertions when I viewed them shopping. It seemed retaliatory because where, when and how could she profess to have any knowledge of Kim’s well being? Her state of mind? She had spent little, if any, time with her whatsoever in the last year or so. I don’t believe anyone has the right or authority in a public forum to contest somebody’s sobriety without good reason.

And then the extraordinary statement that Kyle is an enabler. Now what the f— does that mean?

The expression “enabler” when it comes to alcoholism conjures up somebody pouring an alcoholic a drink, permitting them to do so. In my experience, and I believe I am a thousand percent more qualified to comment than LR, I have never seen anything but a supportive, albeit strained at times, relationship, and it beggars belief that LR doesn’t have a modicum of loyalty to that reality.

The interesting fact here is last season I was castigated by Eileen, who droned on and on for months, about an inadvertent clumsy statement, but when it comes to LR’s vitriol she stays silent…

As a friend, I would reprimand her, for being so unduly judgmental in regard to Kim. What was the word she used regarding our conversation in the Hamptons one long year ago? …Icky…Yes that’s it. Well this was super “icky,” if that is a word at all.

And on we move…

As we know Max, my son, has initiated conversations with me in the last couple of years regarding his background. As an adoptive mother in his younger years, I felt threatened at the prospect of him searching for his biological family, wondering if a bloodline might usurp his feelings of the familial bond that we had created. But now as he is older, I feel more secure and support his curiosity.

Unfortunately my emotions got the better of me. Just the paperwork and memories so deeply etched in my mind of all those years ago sent a ripple of fear and apprehension through me.

I have been accused in the past of not being as vulnerable as some of the other women, as I have remained stoic in my attitude when under attack, but when it comes to things concerning matters of the heart (my children and many issues I support wholeheartedly), well tears, I suppose, are just a blink away.

We tracked down the lawyer, and they brought up the paperwork, and as I read the profile of the man that had fathered Max (even that terminology is hard to write…I am a useless idiot when it comes to this lol…), I had to leave and regroup.

Anyway, as the nation prepares for the the next 1,460 days, change is imminent.

We must always stay steadfast in our resolve to be courageous and, most importantly, stand up for what we believe in.

I was privileged and honored to have a page in Time Magazine predicting 2017. I think in light of what has transpired, we can safely live by the old adage “expect the unexpected!” That also applies to this season.”

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18 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump On Her Emotional Reaction To Her Son Max’s Adoption Story”

  1. I don’t even remember ED speaking of LVP?! These women just do not let things go! It’s insane! I do believe she – LVP – is defending her little friend way too much! If she’s such a strong woman, why would she need LVP to back her up?! Dorit talks WAY too much – she’s on and on and on…and on!
    Rinna needs to shut her f@#$(# mouth!!! I’m so sick and tired of hearing her judge others…those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! She’s vile and evil! Eden is strange..who does she think she is to jump on Kyle? And, my gosh Rinna let the Kim thing GO, it’s none – NONE of your business.
    Speaking of Kyle, I notice LVP didn’t say anything of Kyle and Erica’s trip?! They are having FUN together, something the other ladies should be doing!!
    As an adopted child, I can say, finding a birth parent is NOT about the lack of love, attention, parenting from the parent. Rather it’s questioning who do I look or act like? Do I have any biological siblings? And of course, what’s the reason I was placed for adoption. What’s my heritage….heck you can’t hardly turn on TV without ancestry . com commercials. I feel more adopted children are now questioning this than before. The most – lack of better word – stupid thing a few people have done to me is try and guess my heritage – here’s your clue – I DON’T CARE! LVP is being a little too sensitive IMO – I understand it/her – just a little too much about her and not her son. I would have to ask…why is so afraid he will ‘run’ to them?
    This season is choppy – I feel like conversations are being spliced together. It’s also, once again, boring…it has turned about Kim’s sobriety, Rinna stirring the pot, LVP’s dogs….the only highlights are Erika and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Kyle!!!! (and the house they visited – LOVE!!! If I ever have a spare 200mil, it’s mine and you’re all invited!!

  2. Rain…Rain…I love it when you come out to play!! I am wonderful…how are YOU?
    I want to go to Greece! I trust Erika’s instincts when she’s talking about Kyle. And for ONCE (3D’s will be shocked) am enjoying Kyle! There are times she’s a little prissy but I am loving her fun personality. Having an addict as a family member and the drama involved with that addict is very draining, Kim and Kyle both need healing. Dorito is obnoxious…and why tF do I care if her nanny irons her kids clothes and she pays attention to details. She ought to pay attention to her kids speech. A child will grow more from love and nurturing rather than a wrinkle free shirt. Why LVP thinks she is so wonderful – I will never ever understand.
    I don’t understand why they are even discussing Kim – Rinna hasn’t seen her in over a year – she’s just evil. UGH, I guess small favors we aren’t having to watch the butt wax. Here’s the thing, I like Eileen when Rinna isn’t around – I wish they would take Rinna off and leave Eileen.
    I have not actively searched for my biological family, out of respect for biological mother. My hope, as is most adopted kids, is that she moved forward, had more children and living life to it’s fullest; and I would not want to disrupt. I have papers – yes that’s been a long running joke – I have papers, I’m not a mutt – LMAO – that have information regarding her, her parents and my “alleged” biological father (who’s your daddy? – hehehehe). I could easily find them. My sister’s bio family did find her, my mom was not threatened in anyway – matter of fact I call my sis half brother, my brother. Both of my parents are deceased, I admit my curiosity is peaked a little more, but still out of respect for bio family, I do not actively seek.
    I will try harder to see from LVP perspective, I guess I base it on me and my kiddos, cause they have a stepmom and I realize that although they have a relationship – there is NOone is this world who can fill MY shoes. I can certainly see why that scene got to you…and how wonderful of you…I just fell more in love with you! There is no logic to what happened – none!!! Love is Love, it doesn’t see colors! You are amazing!!!! XOXOX

    1. To both you and Rain, first, wonderfully surprised, kt, that you are seeing what I see in Kyle. Also, thanks for sharing the fact that you are adopted. I have a short story ( shock of all shocks ) My Mom had a child when she was 16, a CLOSED adoption. She never looked or wished to look for the child. One day when she was 52, she gets a caller who says, “Hi, I am your daughter!” No intermediary person to check and see if my Mom wanted to be found, which was obvious anyway, or through the many years, she would have. My Mom never did make any further contact with the woman, who had had a wonderful life and family, as we found out through my Mom’s Mom, who decided she did want to know her. That hurt my Mom very much. Nana and my Mom had been close throughout the years. Anyway, I have so much further respect for you for allowing the bio parents to have their reasons, whatever they might be. That takes guts, IMO. You are just a gutsy girl. BTW, did you ever see the post where I realized I had misspoke when saying “I don’t care if you feel like shit?” Or some such words? I told you then what I am now repeating. I proof my posts many times, as I am not a typist at all, but I am very much interested in the English language being spoken and written properly. Ironic that Rain is one of the women in this convo, because she had said way back then that I was very harsh which caused me to re-read my post several times, and I read what I thought I had said again and again. I don’t know if that has ever happened to you, where you see what you think you saw the first time. Anyway, I, honest to God, meant to say “You shouldn’t care if (whoever the topic HW was) feels like shit.” I can’t now find the page, but I was looking for something one day months ago, and came across that post, I was so ashamed when I re-read it properly. I’m sorry that was said at all, whether intentional or not.
      Anyway, I cried with Lisa when they were in the lawyer’s office. I am a cry baby too, as Kyle is often accused of being. When something is emotional for me, the tears are right there and I can not stop them. But then, my dad was a very harsh man, and mocked me when I cried as a child, no matter what the reason. He would say demeaning, hurtful things to me, which made me feel humiliated. So, on we go with why we are who we are.
      Rain, thank you too for telling us the story about the adoption effort. I have heard of that kind of bigotry before, as I see it as bigotry. But I have strong opinions, shock, and I am pleased to know you were able to have your own children, whether they are adopted or bio.
      It has started…… where Rinna at the end of the conversation between her, Eileen and Dorit at the lunch about taking a valium, and Dorit asking if she could have one too. Then, in the trailer, she says she has ground a Xanax in her drink. I’m thinking those of us who said she was the one with whom concern becomes part of the story this season about dependence on Xanax is becoming more likely. It is so very common for an addict who has successfully hidden their dependence to speak about others who have been open or outed about theirs. She really is evil. It was 2 SEASONS ago FGSakes. Why is any “healing” necessary? She speaks of it as though a loved one was shot down in a restaurant in front of them all. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say about her own Xanax usage.
      I loved the house in Greece too. Kyle and Erika are real friends, which I think is so wonderful. I wish Kim would GO AWAY. I wish her well, I just wish her to be well ELSEWHERE.

      1. I’ve had many obstacles in my life – being adopted isn’t one of them. I have a nephew who is adopted, he is of mix race – and if anyone says he doesn’t belong to our family I will personally kick their @$$! I know several people who have placed babies for adoption, if my bio mom is half of who they are, I’m as good as gold. I cannot imagine picking up the phone and saying “oh hi…I’m your daughter” – but basically that is how my sister’s bio half brother did – but then again…what would you say or how would you say it? I’m sorry that happened to your mother, I would say a third party should be involved. It’s crazy, the description of my ‘alleged’ father is a description of my youngest son. I get chills just thinking of the irony.
        I do remember you mentioning that…and please don’t worry…I don’t hold onto much, life is simply too short! I understand you meant something totally different. And if the English language is your thing, my posts must drive you crazy – I do not pay attention…I just type.
        I know….know…know…you don’ t like Kim….while I’ve always had a soft spot – I remember wanting to look like her in Escape from Witch Mountain – now that I understand Kyle a little more, I see how important Kim is to her, I doubt Kyle would want her elsewhere. Soft spot or not – I wish she was not on the show!!!

        1. Thank you, kt. I know it was a long time ago for you, but when I saw it later, it was just one of those jab in the gut things. It isn’t my M.O. to talk to posters like that, even ones I don’t like, which isn’t you, unless they start it about someone or even me. I was glad you mentioned it, Rain, otherwise when I had to go back to look for whatever it was I went way back for, I wouldn’t have re-read it again and therefore never known. One of those things that bugs me if I feel like I have been mean, on purpose or not. xoxox Now I can forget it, love you girls for real.

  3. I think the reason that some people do not trust LVP is her reluctance to show painful emotions to others, as we saw when she was overhwhelmed by the information being shared with Max and she ran off camera. It is a very American thing to have more trust in those who wear their emotions on her sleeve. I personally found that whole exchange quite touching and very telling of LVP’s character, and wish her family all the best on this new journey.
    As for the rest of the foolery she commented upon this week, I say right on!

    1. I think it depends on the American – for me people who ‘wear their emotions’ can be a little erratic or unstable. I found her recollection of handing Max to her daughter quite warming and gentle. I have a feeling LVP holds a lot in and when she lets it out…it comes OUT…and she isn’t like others that can pretty cry.
      I honestly believe any and all celebrities should not become involved in politics in any way shape or form. I stopped reading when she mentioned.

      1. Those were real emotional tears. It actually is more about her than him anyway. He had no idea when he was an infant that he had been chosen to be their son. It is not emotional for him because she never made it a chaotic part of his life. It shows what a good Mum she is and was. You simply don’t understand.

    2. I’m confused. LVP was living in London when she adopted Max and I recall her saying something about he wasn’t the cutest one there but she loved him straightaway. How would an American lawyer be involved or have that info? Plus in America at that time you didn’t get to pick and choose- you got what you got when your # was called.

  4. For the most part I think she’s bang on (I don’t recall an Eileen manipulation comment….did I miss something?) I think Lisa’s big mouth is going to get her into some serious trouble. Again! She’s making it pretty hard to like her. Eden. She needs to butt out. Well meaning or not. And as a recovering alcoholic doesn’t she know that you can’t tell an alcoholic what they should do and feel? I come from a very long line of alcoholics. No talking there, sober or otherwise. When THEY are ready they will hear, but not before then. I know a successful recovered alcoholic and for the first 10-15 years still blamed her husband for enabling her because he should have pushed her to recovery. Hmmmmmm………

    I wish Kim had never come back to the show. I still believe she needs to take care of herself minus a camera crew and drama. Kyle has always said that she keeps everything in especially secrets so she is still not easy with her sister’s bad habits airing out on TV. I don’t believe she enables Kim. Kim enables Kim!

    Dorit and PK…….Lordy!! They aggravate me those two.

    As far as the Iron Lady breaking down……why is that always thought of as a weakness? I think it’s a true emotion and if you feel like crying, well you cry! Okay I’m a crier so I have a different view. Of-course it would have brought back huge memories and emotions. It did suit her though.

    1. Kim is doing quite well. I should think she would come back PT just to show the world she’s sober. Her world is acting and while Hollywood is very forgiving that way, they need to see a person is clean.
      ITA w you on Eden. Not only was she out of line, she was absolutely wrong. Sober women are not alive to bring love & peace. I LOL when she said that it was so stupid. Poor Kim had just been humiliated and smacked by an evil rinna I think she was grateful for a little change. While Eden was successful in lowering the temp and got a phony apology fr rinna, putting bs out there is not helpful.
      And LVP, not only was rinna’s comment unnecessary, it was totally out of line, vindictive and just plain evil on rinna’s part. I think its time to talk about harry

  5. I think Rinna needs to drop her constant harrassment on Kim. she had mentioned her concerns about Kim’s addiction last year so drop it now. at the end of the day it’s really none of Rinna’s business as she and Kim are not friends so keep out of her life. I felt LVP pain. no mother wants to feel that another woman can take their place as Mommy even though Max is an adult now. best of luck to Max.

    1. Thats th epoint tho 80’s, rinna could care less about Kim. THe phony concern is just that-phony. SHe’s using Kim 4 a storyline so her real life is not shown. Same with her sidekick eileen. Someone pls tell her to put a sock in it. I personally would not be able to take being around either one.

  6. I told my husband the story of Moses and it brought tears to his eyes, a rare thing. He loves kids and animals, or I wouldn’t adore him. He gets tears when we privately speak about how much we always wanted a Grandchild. With 5 kids, you would assume….but none for us. It is the one really sad thing for me going forward, not back. My younger Daughter mentioned it last week, we never speak of it, she always wanted kids, really wanted them, but it isn’t to be. She mentioned how she knew Daddy and I wanted just one Grandchild, and we had a little cry for each other. xoxo

  7. 3D’s that’s really sad and horrible about your father. I bet we can share a lot of “jerk dad” stories. And yes the memories……Oh Lordy! And I can bring ’em back in a snap and bawl like a baby! I don’t really drink alcohol and I always get asked why and my answer is that I believe I am an alcoholic just in sleeper mode right now.

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