Lisa Vanderpump: Eileen Is Like a Dog With a Bone, Not Willing to Let It Go


Lisa Vanderpump is seen to be the hot topic of conversation within the past few episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Newcomer Erika Girardi made her thoughts public while sharing them with Kathryn Edwards, saying that Lisa can be manipulative. This later bit Erika in the butt as Kathryn then shared what Erika said in confidence to her. Along with that side of gossip, Eileen Davidson has had some issues with Lisa as she publicly was asking her questions about her marriage back at their Hamptons visit. With all of this chit-chat displayed on the TV screen Lisa has taken her Bravo Blog to give her responses and side of the story.

“Hello, a pretty negative week and experience watching this episode, for sure. Very disappointing.

The strangest part of this whole experience is the false sense of security as you invest in new friendships…the friendships that start to prosper and develop (albeit riddled with hurdles as we navigate the complicated route that reality television entails), friendships you believe have some sort of longevity, only to see them shattered as you witness the vicious statements in the confessionals and the unseen footage that enlightens you now, that all was not as you thought. I had not a clue that I was the primary subject of discussion between some of the women.

As I viewed this, I was disappointed to see some keep initiating negativity regarding my character. Eileen seemed to be like a dog with a bone, not willing to let it go.

I absolutely had not embraced Erika’s husband’s veiled insult. I believed it to be playful. It was his first time with any of the group, and I didn’t want to cause a problem, but contrary to what Erika states in the park, that I enjoy that label…I don’t.

I will always confront things head on, as I preferred to do at the dinner that was organized by Yolanda, to speak to Erika face to face, gently asking why on earth she would speak of me like that to Kathryn. I think too much has been made of Kathryn making the web comment, but now I view the footage I realize that she protected me, only giving me an inkling of what had been said, gently giving me the heads up that all was not as I believed. Of course I would’ve learned about this later, but as a friend she was enlightening me now but minimizing the backstabbing statements, not like Erika who totally exaggerated something as she repeated it to Yolanda regarding me and the children.
It was an innocuous question to Erika: How long had she known Yolanda? How sinister is that? When Kathryn was introduced, it was understood immediately the length of time she had known Rinna. I understand that to be a basic question when meeting somebody for the first time through a mutual friend.

I went straight to Erika, to her face (hardly a sniper’s tactic). I also went directly to Yolanda, reassuring her there was no negativity regarding her children, and I asked Eileen, “Are we good?” I was not huddling in a group at the end of the table or meeting later in the park to speak detrimentally about them.

Where is the manipulation? I viewed Rinna speaking in my defense. Eileen obviously wasn’t happy with her response, so we will see what transpires in relation to that.

I didn’t go after Rinna when I believed she had told Yolanda, as Yolanda led me to believe, I didn’t go after Erika when we learned it was her, I didn’t berate ED when she just left without a word in the Hamptons. Oh they were all easy targets.

My tendency is to take people at face value, to believe what they show you until proven otherwise.

Anyway, at least we witnessed the installation of the pretty horsey house that belongs in Villa Rosa. Diamonds and Rosè love it!

Life isn’t about looking for problems, it’s about honest conversations and, I hope, mostly coupled with humor.

This is the start of an emotionally draining experience that has resonated for sure.

Have a good week, all of you. Thank you for watching …As always Love Lisa.”

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118 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump: Eileen Is Like a Dog With a Bone, Not Willing to Let It Go”

  1. I still think, and won’t change, that it’s a posse after Lisa instigated by Yolanda. They criticise the length of time Kathryn has known her but I would like to know how long Yo has known Erika! Now to be clear I don’t think Lisa is an innocent bystander but I would take her any day rather than Yo, Erika ( who I liked in the start) Eileen, who is coming off the same as she complains Lisa is! So a few comments from me today but as I am off at lunchtime maybe no more until Sunday! I also don’t like Kathryn much!
    An amusing dream for 3D, I was asked to tutor a friends neighbours daughter in maths. I knocked on the farm door and who opened it? Kyle with Portia! So funny! I thought you would appreciate it. Lol!
    If Gigica is on today, you my dear are a gnat! This isn’t to Gigicat!

        1. Morning 3D! I responded to your response on Erikas thread 🙂 ! Hmmm dream about 3D? Anything you ladies would like to share with the group lol? Xoxo

      1. Just waiting for dinner only wifi in hotel reception areas sitting look g at a red sky overlooking the Isle of Pladda, heaven! I didn’t dream of 3D, lol, Kyle! Xo

          1. Bee, the sun is shining and there is still snow on Goatfell I could be in heaven here! Everything right with the world! Xoxoxo I wish I could post photos here but have had to just use FBxo

      2. Rain, I wish you could see the photos we have taken today. It was 16c and the sun out all day! The sea was silver and sparkly. I have been coming here for 34 years my SIL for 61 years and we never tire of saying, ooh look at that!!! At least we both get each other. Happy memories of getting drunk at lunch time and a walk that took us less than 15 mins to get to the distillery took us 90 mins to get home, we were laughing so much! And had to clamber over sheep who were sunning themselves in the road! That was a few years ago now!!! Love my time with her! Home tomorrow! Xoxo

        1. I can’t believe the irony sometimes. I just posted about sheep on the old Yolanda page, and here you are falling over them! I had a similar experience in Barcelona with a glass of beer. Man, that glass must have been a quart of beer. Because the Olympics were coming to Barcelona that coming Summer, there were police and Feds everywhere. We were laughing so hard we almost couldn’t make it back to the pensione’. My sister got a little worried that one of them would stop us, but they just smiled.

      1. It seemed so real, maybe because I have done maths tuition in the past but it made me laugh and think of you xo

    1. I can agree as Brandy failed last season…but why because Lisa is friends and respected by her ex husbands which now includes DF?

      What is up with Kyle, she too was manipulated by Lisa, lol. Has she forgiven Lisa or is she going with Yo’s posse?

      I hate when people blame others for their own actions.

    2. Sally, i agree that the lynch mob is led by Yolanda. I, too, am curious how long Yolanda has ‘known’ Erotica. Remember early in the season Yolanda wanted David to write a song that EJ could sing in front of the Pope. My God, the Pope would have thought EJ possessed if she sang and writhed in front of him. He would have performed an exorcism! Clearly Yolanda has no clue how EJ performs.

      1. skeptic, this confirms to me how very sick Yolanda is. How could she have entertained such a thing?. Erika J singing for our Holy Father? The good man would’ve suffered an instant heart attack. Who in heck’s name does she think she is?

      2. Skeptic For some reason we have internet in our hotel room, so I can answer now. I just wonder how long it is, a very short time I should think. I liked Erika at first and thought she would get on with Lisa both have a bawdy sense of humour! (Much like myself at times.) But then she lied and went on the attack so it became obvious miss high and mighty didn’t want to do her own dirty work in case it didn’t work! Anyway that’s how I think. Take care xo

  2. Lisa V. is just a higher quality person all around than some of the other housewives.

    She’s more intelligent and is busy running several real, very successful businesses as opposed to doing nothing but mediocre acting on a silly soap opera for twenty years like Homewrecker Eileen, gyrating around like a fifty-year old ho on Grandpa’s money like Gold Digger Erika, or sitting around all day thinking about a tiny slight possibly done to her like Double Gold Digger Yolanda. They mistake Lisa’s true superiority as some kind of intentional slight to them because they are nitwits.

    1. I love Lisa V too but she isn’t perfect. I can’t get with justifying everything she says and does just cause she’s my fave on rhobh. Plus, she loses cool points for trusting Kyle. Makes me wonder…

  3. If Eileen didn’t want to be asked about helping break up a home with children, she shouldn’t have done it.

    1. Oh yes please!!! So much drama on VPR! I’m keeping it all inside with no where to vent lol! The scene with Stassi and Kaite was just terrific

      1. I know, I got choked up. I wish Kristen and everyone else would give Arianna the same year now, to get over it, that she gave Kristen to rag on her. I think Sheana is a little shit, too big for her britches. I also believe she is on speed, I really do. No one can drink like that, and be as unreasonable as her. Did she forget she has been talking crap about her professed “BFF” all season? Because Arianna took the high road at many events for over a year, and now she is expected to get over it the very 1st moment Kristen gives her half assed sorry? I mean I like Kristen and I love the 3 of them back together. But she needs to own up to what she did for so long to get my respect completely. And James, I want to reach in and slap him, little twit jerk off wanker. God he makes me gag. And Jaxx, seriously? Saying “I am the main guy” wow, he has never had a successful relationship or anything successful in his entire LIFE and he goes around giving advice, saying how people change. YES, THEY CHANGE, called growing up that little wh**e. He has been endearing twice from my POV. When he was talking to Vail out for coffee, and when he was with John after dinner at the bachelor/bachelorette party. Those 2 times he almost seemed like he has a brain and a soul. Anyway, I am going to email Nicki and ask her to make VPR part of this blog.

  4. I like LVP and agree with her assessment of everything save Kathryn. I don’t think Kathryn was being a ‘friend’ by repeating what Erika had just told her in confidence…Kathryn is quite the opposite, obviously….a very very bad friend to be avoided.

    1. Agreed. I almost choked on Lisa defending Katherine. When Katherine turns around and does it to Lisa I’m gonna laugh when Lisa goes into “how dare you” mode.

  5. LVP is right on every count. She did not point a single finger at anyone & certainly is un, deserving of what Yolanda is singlehandedly trying to do, turning all against her with dirty lies that she fabricated in her lemon, defunct, useless black brain.
    As for Eileen D, Enough is Enough with her dribel & blaming LVP when in fact, she should blame herself. If she did not like the questions, she should’ve said so. What?!, is she that wimpy? Wrap it up Eileen, you bore us.

  6. Lisa is so vivacious and witty she doesn’t need anyone to rally behind her, with her place on the show or in the hearts of her fans. I must be missing something, because that little interaction at dinner in the Hampton’s CAN NOT POSSIBLY be what this weeks long grudge match Eileen has is all about. Can it? And why shouldn’t Lisa trust Kyle. I agree Kyle should have stood up to Adrienne at that reunion where Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories. But on the other hand, if we are fair, Lisa should then have stood up to Camille when Kyle was being blasted and the whole thing with Kim and Taylor started too. Any friendship that can withstand the pressures of this show I say yay. My 2 faves of all time. Team Kyle and Lisa.

  7. I find it odd how angry Eileen is at Lisa, but I think it has to do with Yolanda she has got Eileen and Erika going after Lisa. When the ladies were at the dinner when that idiot Kathryn did her tattle-tale thats when Eileen brought up the Hamptons again, which made no sense at the time, but then in Erika’s talking head she also brought up what Lisa said to Eileen in the Hamptons. It seems to me Erika and Eileen must of had a conversation about it probably with Yolanda, I wouldn’t be surprised if Yolanda filled Eileen’s head with bulls%#t so she would have Eileen against Lisa to. We’ll see what else is to come, I just wish Yolanda would STFU.

  8. Ei-Scream (Eileen) reminds me of one of those dogs you play rag with that won’t let go. You shake the rag and she bares her teeth and just hangs on, shaking her head back and forth. You drop the rag and she picks it up and chases after you. She’s pathetic. She’s been acting on those cheesy soaps so long she cannot separate reality from one of her storylines. I can’t even believe people watch soaps anymore anyway so I’m not sure why she thinks she’s all that. Maybe if she had a husband who seems to care about her, in any way whatsoever, she might be more content but as it appears, he is distant, cold and seems to tolerate her. So she broke up a marriage for this guy and he treats her like crap actually. Then she joins the cast and thinks everyone will feel for her. Sorry Ei-Scream, we are onto you.

  9. Love LVP! I like Kathryn; she is a straight shooter. I agree with Kathryn, “if you don’t say it’s just between us, that’s on you.” I’m glad she told LVP especially after her blog let us know that LVP thought they had a great dinner with Erika & Tom (only to find out the backstabbers were at it).

  10. I agree that Lisa V was not manipulative and the others really seem to be reaching. They are doing the things they accuse her of, and I smell a gang up coming on. Probably due to jealousy and it seems instigated by Yolanda and Erika with Eileen chiming in. I felt sorry for Lisa V at her house dinner the day after her bday, first they are making fun of her, then Kathryn says “Erika said to watch out for your web” then Eileen started hammering her. Hello Lisa V needs friends too. And not just Kyle…

    1. ITA! Love LVP. Yo, Erika, & Eileen seem to be doing the exact same thing they are accusing LVP of doing. I’m sick of the story with Yo, sick of Erika, & sick of Eileen carrying on & on over & over about the same thing. For God’s sake women, get a life.

  11. Agree with Lisa Vanderpump. eileen is making something of nothing. eileen is angry at herself for not telling Lisa V. in the first place that she felt uncomfortable and now she is projecting that anger on Lisa V.
    These stupid women with waaaayyy too much time on their hands reach for any slight to attack Lisa and hold her to a different standard. I mean how rude were they? They showed up at Lisa V’s. home for dinner, and did not even bring a gift for her belated, and then eileen goes on the attack—-I think eileen was dropped on her head as a child and we all thought she was great in the soap opera (but it was because she was reading a script). She doesn’t seem to be able to manage her life well for a 50 something year old…. Just saying…

  12. (Uggg) eileen STFU already. And lymebrain needs to quit trying to take Lisa V. down out of jealousy. We’ve watched vyle with her unsucessful attempts for 3 seasons, and the more they attack Lisa V., the more fans she gets. Viewer’s are not as dumb as these BH’s idiots think we are……..

      1. God you are a child. Since way back when rh_dude was here you haven’t grown up at all. What are you like 14, just going into puberty. I mean seriously in an entire year you are the same insulting juvenile little twit as you were then.
        Either that or you are Brandy herself. W***e to the stars and living in the gutter. You and Jaxx should really team up as the two biggest douches in reality tv., of all time. Calling everyone C U Next Tuesdays because either you have never had any or it’s all you have, the only part of your body that works, and soon that won’t either, it’ll dry up and shrivel like you face with all of that unprotected sex. But I am thinking no, it’s that you have never had any.

  13. Yolanda had better watch out around LVP. LVP has known Mohamed a very, very long time. I am sure that LVP has a lot of dirt on Yo in her “vault” and if Yo gets too dirty with LVP some of Yo’s past may come back to haunt her. i wouldn’t be surprised if Yo was an escort and that’s how she met Mr. Moneybags.

    1. lol, you pulling that crap out of your a** doesn’t make it true! You’re pathetic lmao #letscreaterumors.
      I heard you were a highschool friend of Yolanda’s who was really bitter and jealous she succeeded in the modeling world and you didn’t! How sad for you

  14. Peeps, I wanted to get this out of the way as I know I won’t be on today to see any replies and that will make it easier but 3D, Bee and Sandy already know I have been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and am in the wait stage to find out when treatment etc will start. This is really hard for me as lots of you know my family history with cancer but I will get there I am determined! I want to see my son married and my daughter….well whatever she decides she wants to do. I don’t want sympathy just maybe a kick up the backside if I get too crabbitt! I wonder if Kim Z B will lend me a long blond wig? Lol xoxoxoxo

    1. I only want to say first, there is a lot of LOVE for you here. And, please keep us informed on the stage you are found to be in etc. I can’t think of one intelligent thing to say. Godspeed, Sally. ❤️☮❌⭕️⚛

      1. And you said it so perfect, 3D❣. Sally, there is ALOT of love and affection and care here for you I can see it and feel it. And sweetheart, though I do not ‘know’ you in the normal sense of the word, I do know what I ‘feel’. And I feel love and affection and deep care for you as a sister on this earth. And I’m going to go up to bed now and say my prayers like I do every night and I’m going to have a talk with Him. I’ve done some silly things in my life but I’ve done my fair amount of good too. And He knows it and owes me at least one special favor and it has your name on it. Sleep well, sweet Sally. Sending courage, strength & faith.
        We all love you. Miss Moneypenny ❣⭕️❌⭕️☂

        1. OMG!!! Miss M, now you have made me cry! This blog is fricken amazing and the people on it. I love you all! (Well 99% of you).
          We all have done stupid things in our lives, me especially, now I am a model citizen! Lol! Crumbs I could write a book on my teen years it wouldn’t be 50 shades but more like 10 shades!!! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Sally I’m so so sorry!!!!! That’s the first I’m hearing of this! You have my love and prayers as well as everyone on this forum. You are a strong feisty woman San yo WILL conquer this There are simply no words so I won’t attempt . Sending you lots of love and warm hugs xoxoxo

          1. Oooh that’s a hard one! I’ll give you a choice, don’t laugh, artist Rod Stewart or Adele anything of latest albums, groups Coldplay, Roxy Music, anything I lurve Brian Ferry, let’s stick together or Status Quo, rockin all over the world! Now I did say don’t laugh! I could have said Placido Domingo!!!!!

                1. I had a feeling you’d say that…consider it done! Every time I hear them I’ll think of you and send good thoughts!! Xoxoxo

                    1. Music is very powerful!!!! Now you have a song stuck in my head, You Make Me Smile, by Uncle Kracker.

                  1. That would be my dream concert! Trouble is Brian Ferry is so much taller than Rod! I always think of Brian Ferry when he sang wearing that airforce uniform! Woohoo!!!! Rod of course is Scottish ish!! Xoxo (I just googled Rods height and it says 5’10” I don’t believe that!)

                    1. But Rod is married to a giant and with heels she is about six inches taller than him, so it makes him appear shorter..,but he might be lying.

                    2. He has always gone for tall blondes, so I’m 5’3″ (almost) with reddish hair! I don’t think I would stand much of a chance! Penny Lancaster is 6’1″ then heels make her another give inches taller! Xo

                    3. Sally, you need a pair of stilts then to tower over Rod. That’s all. 😉
                      (Oddly my first bf told me many years later that every time he hears Rod Stewart he thinks of me, because I played Rod a lot when I was 16.( My record collection was very limited) My first albums were all from The Monkees. 😀

                    4. Rod was one of my favorite concerts I went to over 30 years ago , still listening to all his old hits!!!

                    5. Naynay, I tried to get tickets a few months ago to see him at Rugby Park, Kilmarnocks football ground but they sold our within the first 30mins! I was so upset, so am very jealous that you have seen him in concert! I love love his music!

                    6. Sandy, have I told you lately is a good song but there aren’t many I don’t like.

            1. Well Sally! I’ll think you whenever I hear my fav Rod Stewart song ‘Baby Jane’ and my fav FErry song ‘Slave to love’!! Hmm, I’m listening right now xoxo

              1. Yum! they can sing anything for me! My SIL gave me the latest Rod Stewart CD and I love it! Glad you will think of me xoxo

                1. Rod Stewart, the older mature Rod Stewart is swoon worthy. ❣ If We Fall in Love … It will beeee forever……

    3. Sally: I don’t know you, but I pray the Lord will heal you of all cancer & that it will be a testimony for you & your family for generations to come!

    4. Oh Sally, I’m so sorry…judging by your posts your one very strong and positive broad!! You’ll get through it and you can be as crabbit as you want!! I am on your side and wishing you the best!!!!

    5. Sally, keep the faith. You will see your children married & your grand-kids. You’re a woman to be admired & here, you’re surrounded by our prayers, hugs & love. I know you don’t want sympathy because you’re not that way, but we’re concerned, so will you keep us posted? Bunches of love & prayers.

        1. A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman were in a bar and had just started on a new round when a fly landed in each glass of beer. The Englishman took his out on the blade of his Swiss Army knife. The Irishman blew his away in a cloud of froth. The Scotsman lifted his one up carefully by the wings and held it above his glass. “Go on, spit it out, ye wee devil,” he growled.

          When Sandy MacGillivray came back from his first trip to London, everyone in the village was keen to find out how he had got on.
          ” Did you like it?”
          ” Oh, it was no’ bad.”
          ” As good as that, Was it?”
          ” Well, there was just the one thing wrong. The other guests in my hotel just would not go to their beds. They were in the corridor ouside my room shouting and banging on my door untill three o’clock in the morning.” So what did you do, Sandy?”
          ” Och, I just kept on playing my bagpipes.”

    6. Sally. OMG I hate hearing this. Don’t even know you other than this blog which has cemented a lot of us…. and I’m choked up. Listen, I’m getting on my knees tonight and praying for you and putting you on prayer list at church. None of us go through life unscathed but it seems some more than others. I am so sorry and if I can help in anyway I can give you my email address. We know all the best Drs in the states and if you want a recommendation for the best near you I’ll be more than happy to get one . fucking cancer. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. And you just be as snarky as you want! Hugs and prayers your way.

      1. Gigicat, Miss Moneypenny has just made me cry and now you! We have a brilliant cancer hospital in Edinburgh so that’s where I will be going but if I’m not happy I will go back down to my sons and go to the Marsden which is the best in the UK. Thank You Thank You Thank You! Coming from you going through this with your husband it makes it extra special. This really is an amazing blog. Allthings should be proud of themselves!! Xoxoxo

  15. Sally, all my prayers for you…please keep us posted. I was watching reruns today of RHOBH and it really seems to be a pattern lately of these biotches wanting to take Lisa V down again and it is exhausting, don’t get it at all, must be motivated by jealousy as there is no other justification for it .

  16. You know I don’t care what Yo did to meet Mo. If she was a paid escort or not, or she was a model or she was on a dating site for whatever, even S and M. I just do not care how she met Mohamed. They were married and had three beautiful children. Their marriage did not work. Do I respect either of them? Well, actually it isn’t about what I think aboit her relationships with men, or should I say with extremely wealthy men. I just don’t really care. What really concerns me is the way she portrays her illness on TV, and the bizarre treatments she receives. I think she sends the wrong message to the truly ill about Lyme Disease and about what she feels safe about doing that is risky, unproven and not the accepted norm of treatment. I worry about others seeking out practitioners who know little about Lyme but push colonics, cleanses and far worse. I think she is condescending among so many, and she repulses me by her cries for attention no matter where she is, always needing to be the center of attention and desiring everyone’s pity. She is. It a kind woman from what I can see. She also sends many mixed signals as to her true state of health, and frankly, I see her as a pompous sort who thinks she is better than the rest of the world. She has not shown empathy for others who suffer from illness with any real outpouring of support for those who cannot affford treatment, etc. She speaks for Yolanda only.

  17. ((((((((((❣❣❣❣❣)))))))))) my heart hurts for you. My prayers are sent up for you. (((((Bonnie Sal)))))

  18. Just managed to get on wifi in hotel room. Just thanks all! I’m not going to keep mentioning it but grateful for your hugs prayers everything now. If my ten year old son can survive NHL stage 4, a far more aggressive cancer I will beat this! If I’m going to disappear for a few days at a time I will let you know other than that business and snark as normal, We are all so good at snark! Lots of love and kisses Sallyxxxxxx

  19. I don’t know why Lisa V. tries to deny anything. She certainly shouldn’t pretend she doesn’t know what they mean. Although I don’t believe she uses her unmitigated ability in this little group, she most definitely has it. Just ask anyone who loves her, although that might not be the way to find out either. None of them would want to be subjected to the oh so subtle coldness and aloof barrier she surrounds herself with at the onset of her irritation with anyone, including friends and family.

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