Lisa Vanderpump: Eden Shouldn’t Have Relied On Information From an Unreliable Source

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog to explain why she jumped to defend Kyle and Kim Richards in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump believes Eden shouldn’t have relied on information from an unreliable source and shares that’s why she lunged into defense mode.

“Hello once more. As you can see, I wasn’t really present this week as I was having a blissful few days away from the bustle of life. So this could be the shortest blog in history…

I couldn’t resist surprising Kyle, which clearly I didn’t, as she expected it. Maybe my unpredictability has become predictable… The party and property were gorgeous, and I knew Kyle wanted me there, so I begged Ken to cut our stay short.

The flamboyancy of the flapper era was an era I would have thrived in. The sheer glamour was a sight to behold on that evening, and I was glad I made the effort to go. Everybody was resplendent in their costumes, a visual feast for all.

I had heard mutterings of Eden inserting herself between the siblings, and I immediately lunged into defense mode. Eden had stated at my house something about Kyle enabling Kim, and I thought I set her straight. Apparently not.

I absolutely understand her obsession with sobriety as her life has been overwhelmed by it. However, until you have an accurate assessment of a situation, perhaps it is best to stay silent.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that Eden was repeating LR’s opinion, and we see Eden’s frustration at the barbecue as LR Scuttles away…

Maybe the lesson worth learning is that before you confront and challenge somebody, have your own experience to draw from, and it would be wiser to not rely on an unreliable opinion. As I stated before, LR has not spent any time with Kim in many months.

So my little warning to Eden was a hint that I didn’t support her stance.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Lisa is a good friend to defend Kyle… Too bad Kyle doesn’t do the same – remember the past two seasons?

Exactly!! Here’s hoping Kyle truly understands that Lisa is a really good friend and deserves the same loyalty in return.

Love LVP! She is a good friend to Kyle. Loved it when she said, “my other foot will be up are arse, if you come for my girl Kyle.”

Although I believe Lisa loves Kyle, she is doing a little tiny bit of repair for last year. I still love her and Kyle, my 2 favorite housewives ever. They seem to have repaired, once again, sigh, their friendship. Both Lisa and Kyle have done hurtful things to one another. They had no idea what this show would become, and how it would test their friendship. I bet they know now though. Good for them. I hope they can keep the petty pesky flies away from themselves and always give one another the benefit of the doubt BEFORE striking back.… Read more »
I guess memory is different for us all. I have been watching old seasons and recall a few seasons of Lisa saying the most horrible, demeaning things about Kyle. So, I am sure they have, together, made their friendship right. Like last year, oh well, anyway, Eden is about as sober as the guy who sits at the end of the little ( symbolic ) bar from quitting time till closing time. Her drug of choice is simply not booze right now, it’s pills. She should keep her mouth shut and go away. she is easy to zip, she always… Read more »
yes I feel Eden is not sober either. She always looks and talks like she is high on something and if that’s the case then tsk tsk even more for putting your nose in Kim’s business. if she approaches Kim or Kyle anymore about Kim’s sobriety, I am going to scream. OMG I laughed so hard when Kyle hugged her dog to show us how long and awkward Edens hugs are. I do feel a bit of compassion for her though. she seems very sad. her life hasn’t been easy. I’m sure she and Kim could have been good friends… Read more »

LVP & Kyle have their own special friendship. Yes, they’ve sliced each other in many areas, but they kiss & make up as they seem to always have each others best interest at heart. They sincerely love each other.