Lisa Vanderpump Dreading The RHOBH Reunion Taping


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump is reportedly dreading filming this season’s reunion, because according to RadarOnline, she is feuding with everyone in the cast. “The reunion show is scheduled to tape after the holidays, early January,” a show insider tells the site. “Lisa has told producers she is absolutely dreading it because she feels that all of the ladies are going to attack her. She has always managed to stay above all the drama, but this year has been very different.”

“Lisa had enjoyed being the most popular cast member and she is afraid that will be in jeopardy after the reunion show airs,” the insider reveals. “It will be fantastic television, but Lisa truly believes the entire cast is just going to gang up on her.” Vanderpump just “doesn’t have any friends left on the show. She doesn’t know why the ladies have all turned on her,” the insider added.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Vanessa_H

    Pure jealously !

  • yaya

    Lisa is afraid of brandis wrath and truth @ the reunion. I hope Brandi calls her a big fat pig and everyone else laughs. I hope Brandi tells her to try (go f. yourself) and all the ladies laugh. See, now the table has turned and it isn’t in Lisa’s favor. I am disgusted by Brandi racial comment in tonight’s episode and equally disgusted by Yolanda’s agreeance to enable Brandi’s bad behavior, Lisa too. Lisa should really be ashamed of herself. Carlton is irrevelent at this point, every remark she makes against Kyle is childish and is tit for tat so freaking elementary, surely she has creditable reasons for disliking Kyle, if not, she should really look internal for what’s lacking in her life, no one should walk around with such distain most especially because she has daughters. Things tend to pay back with the ones you love.

    Brandi you can apologize all you want for your drunkness and racial remarks, I’m done with you. God bless your boys, though, they are innocent in all this madness.

  • deonn

    first i have to say she looks beautiful in this pic. i actually believe that this season is in lisas favor. because we are all starting to see how floppy brandi is. and again starting to see that kyle and kim have created an army against lisa. to take her down. yolanda is going to stay very calm and neutral because they do still talk and carlton and lisa are friends. i dont believe lisa is scared for anything especially since the reunion when they blindsed her.