How did Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley Become Friends?

Did you ever wonder how Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley become friends?

Well here is the story:

Lisa shares, “I met Dorit at a wedding of a very good friend’s daughter’s.”

Doris adds, “She walked into the bathroom, I was having my hair done and I turned around and she [Lisa] said, ‘Darling we’re on an island you don’t have your hair done.’ I said, ‘Lisa this is what I do, I have my hair done, my make-up done, I always like to look nice.’ Lisa followed by saying, ‘Bless you. You can do it on your own, I need to have it done.'”

Lisa continues, “Dorit is fun, she has a lot of energy. It’s hard sometimes to get a word in edgewise. I just wait for her to take a breath and I jump in. She has got the lavish lifestyle, she really has a heart of gold, I absolutely adore her.”

“Lisa Vanderpump and I ended up having an incredible weekend full of laughs and I kind of quietly fall in love with her at that moment,” Dorit laughs.

“She is very forthright, she’s opinionated, she has got a good sense of humor and laughs at herself,” Vanderpump added.

“She is even more gorgeous than I thought she was, she had the eyelashes, and she just came off the plane and looked very glam,” Dorit said of her friend turned co-star. “She had this real air about her that funny enough as superior as she can be to most people around her, she is very down to earth. She is simple, and she is fun and she is real.”

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11 Replies to “How did Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley Become Friends?”

  1. The clothing from the 1800’s are my absolute dream favorite. The dresses of Ashton and Brett in the movie “North and South” were spectacular. Elizabeth Taylor’s appearance in the movie shows her in an exquisite black dress. The dresses that Brett, Ashton and Virgillia wore were nothing short of the most stunning gowns I can ever think of wearing. The workmanship that went into some of Ashton’s clothing in particular was just of the highest order.
    Lisa in her interview dress reminded me of that era, and she is the one lady who could and did carry off that dress. God she looked amazing.
    I did like Erika’s BD party dress also, and she looks great for any age. She does not look plastic, and she has a lovely smile. Kyle looked great, as did Dorit and many others there. Rinna looked, as usual IMO, ridiculous. She looks downright emaciated, and I never really notice Eileen much no matter what she’s wearing. She kinda fades into the background. I guess she’s been a soap star so long, she’s not capable of being true in the form of a human. I zipped Rinna speaking as it gags me ( for real ) to see her mouth. Otherwise it was an OK start to the season, especially since Kim wasn’t there.

  2. I think maybe it is a requirement where they live perhaps…to show that cleavage. Lisa V has always said hers were her own and not implants too.
    Others pay for theirs and want to show them off even more.
    Now if we lived in BH, would we have our faces injected and our boobs sticking out…and wear Loubotins and have Berkin bags, etc. Oh, and our closets/wardrobes have to be bigger than most people’s kitchens too and filled. Oh, what a life. I would go the more natural route…and just find my own island and veg there…and then another island…etc. 🙂

    1. No I’m not into needles so I wouldn’t, maybe if I could have it as surgery then maybe. I quite like going under when having an op! I still wouldn’t have my boobies hanging out at that age.

  3. I love that LVP is down to earth. She’s smart, beautiful, & very accomplished. She has great love and care for humans & animals.

    1. Now THESE are the things that I love about LVP…and I like her sense of humor when it’s not under the guise of harming others as she tends to do quite often, which is why the other half of the time I’m turned off by her (going back to season 2). She has a long checklist of doing dirt that makes me give her the side eye, and her ego is increasing with each new season which…well, a head can only swell so much before it eventually explodes.

  4. That’s fine and well, but the woman is obviously on the show because everyone else is tired of Lisa’s dictator antics and she needs a grooms woman come foot soldier.

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