Lisa Vanderpump Doesn’t Believe Lisa Rinna’s Apology To Kim Richards Was Sincere

Lisa Vanderpump is sharing her thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOBH. In her blog, Vanderpump writes that the interaction between Rinna and Kim Richards at game night became very aggressive and unnecessary. Lisa also states that she doesn’t believe Rinna’s apology to Kim is sincere and defends Dorit against Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

“And here we are once more. As I sit here on vacation, a brief respite from the daily bustle I live in, I ponder and reflect as to how on earth I can make sense of this convoluted scenario.

So many different inconclusive conversations, driven by LR And ED…

The crux of the matter in regard to knicker gate was the fact that Dorit perpetuated a faux pas by discussing it with all but Erika. But cast our minds back, although I fear being repetitive, the sentiment, albeit perhaps misguided, was to bring levity, to jest about what had transpired…If there was even a hint ,a minuscule drop of discouragement displayed from Kyle, LR and ED in regard to Dorit’s plan, maybe she would’ve been reticent to follow through.

But to the contrary, there was encouragement, so when Eileen states at Game Night that she was being protective of Erika, as she rubbed her arm, mmm let me explain how being protective works…

One, you could perhaps call Erika and say that the knickers were coming down so to speak, so be prepared, or you might say, “Dorit, Erika might not be amused” or “Are you sure this is a good idea?” not “Oh we have to be there” or “Yippee this will be an interesting conversation!” What was the term Eileen used? Oh yes, “The Crotch Chronicles,” yes that was it. So it’s understandable that Dorit has trouble computing all the chatter about Erika being humiliated and blindsided, as that was not the plan at all.

The other dilemma is as to the sentiment displayed by PK and Dorit at their dinner.

Dorit had asked me repeatedly what had ensued between the group last year. I urged her to discover that for herself if she needed to, it was documented it wasn’t that difficult, but I was reluctant to give her the lowdown for fear of being accused of exactly what Eileen has stated. No, I wanted Dorit to draw her own conclusions.

I believe in an effort to diminish the importance of what had transpired between us, Dorit and PK naively stated that maybe it was a result of the emotional turmoil they were both experiencing that resulted in the negativity towards me…Not so.

The timing was wrong, unbeknownst to them, but I knew for sure that was not a catalyst in what had erupted between us.

I remember sending flowers to LR a while after Dubai, not as a peace offering, but as a reminder that condolences would always supersede any histrionics they had been leveled against me. It was a sad time in her life but long after our situation.

Dorit is a rookie and unused to the wherewithal one might need to, shall we say, circumvent altercations in this group.

Her recollections have been slightly inaccurate, but to no great extent.

Kyle agreed that Erika might have unresolved feelings for sure. She just didn’t initiate that statement; Dorit did.

At game night the interaction between LR and Kim became unduly aggressive. Raising Kim’s incident with the law was designed to humiliate and embarrass her. Also the prickly subject of Mr. Hamlin reared its ugly head once more. The jabs were still as pointed as the shards of glass that shattered that night on the table.

When LR states that she meant to hurt Kim and now she was truly sorry…

Being truly sorry means you have regret, you are remorseful and desire to heal the wound, you display contrition. The only way she can do that would be to stop commenting, stop contesting in a public forum Kim’s sobriety and be happy for her situation now. So we will see the validity of this apology as we proceed down this path. I know what lies ahead, but you don’t, and that is why I encourage you all to keeeeeeeep watching.

Now let me have another sip of my margarita before I jump onto a plane and head back to my very own reality.”

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  • Starr

    Great post from LVP & my sentiments exactly.
    Last night’s episode once more proved without a doubt to me what a slimy snake like trouble making hypocrite Eileen is. Like my darling father would’ve said ‘THAT IS THE HEIGHT OF RASCALITY’ (He had his own version of the dictionary somehow).
    As for Rinna, Nasty minded vixen with hypocrite in capitals is what comes to mind.
    That pair are definitely the authors & creators of confusion.
    I hope they are brought to their knees by the time the reunion rolls around, they need to be.

    • bluebell

      I agree! Love LVP’s post. Can’t stand ED, LR, or EG.

    • noladiva

      100% SPOT ON.

  • suze

    I agree with Lisa about Rinna’s apology it was so fake! But more so bringing up the thefts was nasty and typical Rinna, I cannot stand that woman!

    • Starr

      Oh Suze. been thinking of you. I of course agree that Rinna’s apology was so fake (also her words to LVP were fake as well.) To bring up the arrest was to me the lowest. Dont know what I ever saw in both Eileen & herself the 1st season.

    • bluebell

      I agree. I can’t stand LR, ED, or EG. LR’s attack on Kim just goes to show you she holds grudges.

  • Aunt Bee

    I am sad that LVP doesn’t see the true Dorit. This newbe doesn’t know when to shut up and although I can’t stand ED I was glad when she told Dorit to do it.

    • Jay

      she’s lvp puppet, she’s encouraging her to bash eileen right now, it’s pretty clear, dorito is using exactly the same words and saying the same things abour eileen. LVP is loving it.

  • barbara

    I doubt there is much left about Lisa V that’s sincere either.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    The irony of LVP lecturing on the art of a sincere apology, lol

    • Denise Parent

      So true! Can’t stand LVP! I think LR and ED are great and funny together!

      • MaryBoston

        I wish LVP would go away from this show and just do the one about her restaurants. I don’t like her, don’t trust her. I don’t know what’s up with Rinna this season. She seems out of sorts and very mean. Maybe trying too hard of not being a people pleaser and not be manipulated. Don’t know. I really like ED; though she can take a subject and beat it to death. She needs to let this whole thing with Dorito go.

      • Jay

        She’s the worst. She doesn’t even hide the fact that she manipulates people now, she’s out in broad day light laughing about it. Then she uses Dorito’s words against eileen to bring us back to last year. Haha, anyone who doesn’t see this was all planned and dorito is her puppet is clearly still not watching the same show we are

    • MaryBoston


  • MaryBoston

    Hi Rain, I’ve been thinking about you in San Fran. Hope you are safe/sound and on high ground. Crazy weather.
    Yup, great point. That irony was not lost on me. I really don’t like LVP at all; and dear goodness, take your phony fake Dorito out the door with you.
    Have a great day, my friend. Peace and love.

  • Jay

    LVP has never been sincere in her whole life so she should probably shut up…

  • CA from LA

    Go away Lisa ! !

  • Karen Chumley

    Not even remotely.. Lisa Rinna has to go.. she is such a low down, despicable witch.. can’t stand seeing her on here.. she needs to go.. not a nice person.. old story line.. get a new hair style

  • Michael

    No, she’s not an expert nor does she claim to be. Rinna apologizes on the dour if the moment. If you’ll notice, her instant apologies are all the same. And what is up with her repeating everything three times? It’s weird. Also, WHAT has happened to her complexion since last season? It’s scary up close now. She’s a beautiful woman, but something is up with her skin now.