Lisa Vanderpump Dishes On Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky Cheating Allegations!


Reports have surfaced that while filming RHOBH Season 4, Kyle Richards is being bullied by her cast mates over her husband’s infidelities, and Lisa Vanderpump is speaking out about the allegations! Lisa says the claims that Mauricio is unfaithful are “utter bulls#*!”

“Of course, on reality shows you end up talking about everything, but I don’t like when they get things so inaccurate,” Lisa tells E!. “It’s vicious and that’s not true.”

Reports have stated Lisa and Kyle are currently not speaking, but Lisa adds, “It’s all utter bulls–t and I don’t mind you quoting me saying that.”

Ms. Vanderpump didn’t hold back when it came to Adrienne Maloof either. “I’m glad she’s gone,” she tells E!. “I know they had an amazing time when they were on [the show],” Lisa says of Adrienne badmouthing RHOBH. “Maybe some things didn’t play as they wanted, but the truth is, if you’re going to do a reality show and got something to hide, don’t do it.”

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  • Deborah Brenner

    I couldn’t believe that article that said Lisa and the girls were “bullying” Kyle about her husband cheating, and it looks like I was right. It’s just not their MO.

  • YU

    I won’t believe this until I see it on TV for myself, until then, I will hold judgment.

  • Yvette Stewart

    Lisa is so fake. She and Brandi deserve each other. The truth will come to light. Brandi is very hateful and refuses to apologize for HER mistakes.

    • TruthBeTold

      And Kyle and Kim are not? What show are you watching?

  • Selena

    Lisa doesn’t bully anyone. I believe Lisa 100%. Kyle is devious and would plant a false story to make Lisa look bad. Brava to Lisa for squelching Kyles attempt to deceive the public. Kyle and Kim need to be fired. They are the most pathetic housewives of any city because of these sad maneuvers.

  • There is nothing “fake” about Lisa! Yolands and Lisa are there only reason I watch the show.

  • Stanton

    Love Lisa!

  • Karen

    I think it is so low down what Lisa and Brandi and last brown nose b…. Yolanda !! With friends like that who needs enemies !!! If Lisa wants to go so low and pick a slut (Brandi) & a woman u can’t understand and has the biggest brown spot on and around her face (Yolanda) let her go Kyla u have more class in your pinky than they have. I used to like Lisa but now I thank she is LOW LOW CLASS!!!! Just wait she is going to shit on them, just like she has done u, and she does not deserve a loyal friend like u Kylie !!!! All u did is try to stay out of it because like any other person would do when 2 of your closes friend don’t agree on something. She was lucky she had a friend like u!!! She will see that one day…..

    • Santos

      Lol, I think Karen IS Kyle.

  • Frick

    I love Lisa, but I still think Mauricio is a cheater. Only time will tell.

  • Cam

    I love love LOVE Lisa, and Brandi however I have to take Kyle, and Kim’s side on this fight. Brandi, and Lisa are some of my favorite housewives but I don’t like their ways of fighting back. They fight a little dirty. Also, nothing against anyone but I don’t understand how people can be on Brandi’s side of the Brandi vs. Adrienne fight… Brandi revealed some really personal stuff that could have been left alone.

  • Chrissi

    Brandi has no right exploiting people the way she does, she goes way too far. I use to be on Brandi and Lisa’s side, but they seem to be partners in crime and just keep going after people. If it had stopped at Adrianne they might have a leg to stand on, but they don’t stop, that is how everyone knows they truly do “go after” other cast mates. I can’t wait to see what happens when they turn on each other, the way Brandi is, you know it will happen. Brandi is the biggest problem on that show, has been since her first episode.

  • TruthBeTold

    Do you actually think Mauricio would admit that he cheats? Hell no!

  • munkiiee

    Brandi is a snake and I loved lisa but she’s teaming up with brandi is making me dislike her.Brandi used to be awesome but she’s going over the top with everything and makes me wonder did she cheat on eddie ..hell yeah ..and wasn’t adrienne the one that vvouched for her no matter the others thought about her….who gives her the frikkin right to dish that personal info out ..I would be devasted if I found out something like that from ssomeone other then my parents… I don’t think maurico cheated personally its a attack on kyle that was started by that alican dubois women and it hurt kyle the most so they are using it !!!