Lisa Vanderpump On Why She Didn’t Invite The Ladies To The PUMP Opening, Says Love Is A Big Word


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her blog this week to explain why she didn’t invite her RHOBH co-stars to the opening of PUMP and why Yolanda Foster’s comments hurt her. Lisa also says that that love is a big word, especially when it comes to Brandi Glanville.

Lisa writes, “So as you know, when I was invited to “The housewarming party,” my gut reaction was to avoid it like the plague. I had commented to Brandi at Kyle’s house I wasn’t even interested in warming her slippers at this point.

When I first met Brandi and she was desperate to join the group of women, nobody but me embraced her. She was worried about her financial situation, now regardless of what has transpired between us, I am happy for her to have better opportunities for her and her boys.

I decided to go to the party as I knew–and from seeing this footage of the group–that if I didn’t, I would be the topic of conversation, so arriving with a bottle of champagne stops it in its tracks. Now the conversation with Brandi’s parents I thought was sweet–the way they were obviously aware that our relationship was no longer a positive one. Her mother, who I had invited to join us at dinner previously, a sweet woman, gently tried to explain how Brandi works, hurting feelings and then apologizing. It’s just unfortunate at this time. I am not interested. The friendship was not deep enough to weather that kind of storm. In regard to Brandi’s generous offer at my clothing event as she abused my beautiful olive tree, was supposed to shock, but no it was harmless. Words are just that. It didn’t offend me, but as usual, it was a classless example of somebody trying to garner attention.

I would say contrary to the little bitchy comments about holding a grudge, I would like to explain my sentiments. I believe if someone truly hurts you, unintentionally of course, you can forgive them, but if somebody calculatedly tries everything In their power to destroy your reputation, I would say forgiveness is not an option. One would be foolish to embrace them into your life again. It is not a grudge, it is knowledge, as long as you don’t hold onto the anger, which would breed bitterness, and that has no place in your life. That is why I can interact, even playfully tease. There is nothing at stake anymore. Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is better. Forewarned is forearmed.

Deciding to invite everybody to the clothing drive was a positive move. We had so many beautiful dresses, gorgeous donations to send to the foster home. I know the girls loved them, and I thank all of the women for doing that. It’s simple, but it’s greatly appreciated.

Yolanda mentions yet again that I failed to invite her to another important event in my life, the opening of PUMP, and that if we were friends, I would’ve done so. Correct. At that time, to invite all those women could not have been furthest from my mind. Also the whole Vanderpump Rules group would be there, which, as you know, Scheana was part of, bearing in mind that she was working for me for years before I was friends with Brandi, before anyone was aware that there was a connection. So knowing that, even if I was closer to any of them, I would not put myself in that position again. I would never question why I was not invited somewhere. I wouldn’t want to go to a party that I wasn’t invited to.

Some people dwell on the negative, especially when they are looking for something. I would be happier if after what has gone down between us all, some would just say, “Well I am glad we are here now, and yes, I can see how hard you must have worked to open this place. I now understand why last year maybe you couldn’t make some events…” Now that would be a move in the right direction.

Yes, love is a big word, and that hurt to see that. I don’t use it flippantly. I love Mohammed and Yolanda’s children. Of that, I am sure. Many,many weekends and lunches with them and Mohamed have created that bond. I have always been hopeful that Yolanda would be included in that equation.

I hadn’t seen any of these women, and I am sure since Puerto Rico and the final party, there had been many events. I had not heard from them, and I was fine about that. When I see once again the attempt to suggest that Scheana Marie–a waitress, friend of Pandora’s, and a member of Vanderpump Rules–is my best friend is ludicrous, but I understand where they are going with it…Not patronizing anybody, but I move in different social circles and don’t need to be best friends with somebody 30 years younger than me. She is one of my employees for six years, who is close with my daughter, but knowing her, she is a lovely young woman who made a mistake, but categorically not my best friend.

I appreciated the fact that Lisa and Eileen were kind enough not to be dragged into the negativity. I have enjoyed getting to know Eileen for sure. I do feel there is a divide between women who are fulfilled and happy in their lives, stimulated by their careers or the demands of motherhood and are not searching for something negative. That is a woman I bond with for sure.
Anyway, until next week, I send you love and positivity as we ring in the New Year. A silent prayer for all the families grieving the loss and uncertainty of their loved ones on that missing flight. Life is so unpredictable. We always must try to remember what is important.”

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41 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump On Why She Didn’t Invite The Ladies To The PUMP Opening, Says Love Is A Big Word”

  1. Oh Lisa…you perpetual victim you. Brandi is obviously classless and yet you selflessly befriended her. Yolanda, we’ll doesn’t she understand how close you are to her ex?
    This episode you even feel your superiority so why not put Brandi’s parents in their place?! Lisa V is one passive aggressive beyotch who thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink.
    Sorry Vanderpumpsky but you are just like your reality costars = tacky, attention wh*res who film each & every trivial thing in their lives. You are just the same as the rest imo. My only ? is….if you are as wealthy as you claim..why remain on this humiliating show? You LOVE the attention! Ken is clearly miserable yet you DO NOT care. Filming must occur even for that other slagfest program….Vanderpumpsky rules. Poor, poor Lisa. Of course you aren’t friends with that icky (yet soooo sweeeet )Scheana. I call bull s*T ON EVERYTHING YOU’VE WRITTEN. I see you are exactly the same as your costars..certainly NO better, let alone CLASSIER than the others.

    1. I totally agree with you Twinkle…I also do not drink from the Vanderpump fountain of cr*p! Geez Lisa needs to get down off that pedestal she put herself on. She is such a hypocrite! She only befriended Brandi because she needed Brandi to do her dirty work. I am sure her worshipers will chastise both of us for our opinions because God forbid we have our own opinions which is not the same as theirs.

    2. You said it girl. She is passive agresssive and very mean. She’s probably one of the worst kinds of friends I’ve seen on a real housewives. Notice how she calls Brandi desperate and poor. Lol. What a little bitch. Interesting how she’s always trying to be close with the men but doesn’t cut the ladies any slack. If she kisses their ass the way she kissed the men’s ass, they’d all be besties. She isn’t a nice person and honestly thinks she’s better than people. Kyle is the only TRULY nice one of the group. The rest are bitchy but noooo one as COMPLACENT as Lisa. What an old brat. Everyone just needs to let her be and stop trying to get all up in her world. She’s old af and to be honest I don’t see her with many other friends so she can’t be that great. All the money in the world can’t hide those wrinkles or buy her youth. Also can’t buy her humility. Lisa is hilarious.

  2. is Brandi going under the name is twinkle now. This seems like the crass comments she would make. Lisa stick to what you are doing the show would be nothing without you. Get real twinkle/ Brandi or one of Brandis friends perhaps?

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Well said Lisa! And I come to exactly the same conclusion after watching these ladies operate season after season. You have always operated on a level, considered and pretty fair playing field. I also agree, it is so very obvious who in the cast are constantly searching for the negative in others, and who are the fulfilled, positive and classy ladies on the show. And I was gob-smacked when Brandi tried to paint Scheana as your BFF and not one of those ladies contradicted her bold faced lie!
    By the way kudos to you for A.) braving the lions den and going to Brandi’s BBQ and B.) Hosting the Charity Event at SUR and the Charity Event at PUMP – it’s great that you give back to the community and C.) You and Giggy were GREAT on ENews as Guest Hosts! And Kudos to Ken for standing steadfastly strong in your corner against all those who wished you harm.

  4. You GO Lisa!! You are my FAV on RHOBH!! I very much appreciate your support of the LGBT community. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RHOBH needs more women like you!!

  5. So much for Kyle having Lisa’s back, per the luncheon conversation that had in the beginning of this season. Seems like kyle is a flip flopped. So much for YOYO being classy–how she still shows her jelly belly by taking digs to and about Lisa.

    Lastly–I love Lisa but she did come across as bi$chy and a little ungracious with Brandi–she doesn’t ha to like her andr why would she, but Lisa did harp about things instead of walking away from that trash box.

    Oh yeah–Adrianne was the first who brought Brandi to the group and showed her kindness, not Lisa. Sorry Lisa.

    Lisa–I LOVE you! And it is a big word to me.

  6. LVP is absolutely right. Once someone lies and tries to convince your friends you deliberately tried to hurt them by slipping tabloids into your bag, you know better than to befriend them again. That isn’t holding a gruge, that is simply being smart. Sorry Drunki, like the Countess says, money can’t buy you class.

  7. Brandi…. again what is bravo thinking… women don’t like women like Brandi. The disgusting comment to Lisa about eating her……y. I always wonder what her boys think and also what the parents of their friends think… I truly believe that Brandi has probably limited her sons friends by her actions. Lisa is a class act.

  8. I def noticed last night how Kyle totally flip flopped when with Brandi and Yolanda. I have heard that later in the season Brandi does something horrible to kyle that causes kyle to do interviews and shows talking about how she’ll never be friends with Brandi again. So while she is being brandi’s best friend right now, she soon sees it for herself. And when she does, I hope Lisa says I told u so and walks away from her and leaves her alone this time. Yolanda is constantly looking for a reason to confront Lisa with anything. A pump opening?? Wasn’t that opening when they all turned on Lisa? And after last nights episode Yolanda is going on twitter kinda talking about her untrue friends blah blah. Lisa ur brilliant, u are this show. We all know Sheanna isn’t ur bff but an employee….big difference.

  9. I wish LVP would see that Kyle is NO better than Brandi. That girl has said nasty things about LVP since the show started. Stop “moving forward” with Kyle as she is clearly the one who is “holding a grudge”. How long did it take from that sit down lunch, where Kyle and LVP both agreed to not talk about each other and stand up for each other, for Kyle to trash her AGAIN? I do love LVP but c’mon!

    1. I agree- in fact in a way Kyle is worse, because Kyle is sneaky and shady. Brandi I’d all out there in your face do what you see is what you get.

  10. Team Lisa 100%. Sumack I think you are absolutely right about who Twinkle really is and I hope that Lisa R and Eileen give Lisa V a chance to explain the Brandi relationship since they heard Brandi’s take on it.

  11. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m NOT one of the reality housewives just a Utah clinician with an occasional love of trash tv. That being said, you do realize that these women are “characters” that have been developed by BRAVO network ?
    IMO (30+ yrs but feel free to ignore me)Vanderpump appears to have the most to lose by appearing on such drivel. It therefore calls into question her own narcissism (extreme imo)not to mention her true wealth. I’m speaking real wealth vs someone whose “just” rich. I feel her elderly husband is more likely embarrassed & trying to keep this younger wife happy which is no easy task. Lisa feels superior to her costars hence her written words : “I wouldn’t want to go where I wasn’t invited”. These are passive aggressive statements intended to hurt yet allow the viewer to believe she’s “above the fray”.
    In the few times I’ve watched this pink princess in action (hear my own passive aggressivity?)she is more than capable of sexual innuendo & plenty of swearing. If it comes with a British accent it’s still tacky friends.
    Regarding the much maligned Brandi deemed the classless, vulgar member of this franchise. She is clinically speaking the healthiest and at least the most “honest” of the two.
    I’m sorry to say this but…..a woman such as Vanderpump would NEVER deem anyone on this site worthy of her time. TRUE narcissist are users which is why I enjoy the time Andy Cohen spends with this “elegant” woman.
    Having signed up for RHBH vanderpump gave away her ambition = fame….period. That puts her in the exact same league as the rest. If you doubt me simply look at her older hubby whose in obvious misery. With all that money, why do this (the tacky dinners, constant fighting, ridiculous trips)to him? She is NOT a nice person & she will never consider anyone her equal let alone her friend…even that poor, poor, man who had the misfortune of marrying her.

    1. Bravo Twinkle, great observations…I wonder why Lisa’s followers think it is ok when Lisa jokes about her “pink p*ssy” at a dinner table, or whether or not she has a Brazilian on her “pink p*ssy” but they are flabbergasted when Brandi says the word. Double standard. I see all these ladies as you do…they love the fame and they all throw shade at each other. Fans say they love Lisa or they love Kyle or they love so -n -so…really you love someone you have never met and is on a trashy “reality” tv show? I don’t get that, it is only meant for entertainment and it is scripted and edited for viewers to see what Bravo wants us to see. Why get on the blog and call others name because we have different opinions? A friend once said opinons are like a-holes everyone is entitled to have one, but not be one. That being said I am off to my real job in the real world. Have a lovely day everyone and Happy New Year!

    2. Bwha haha- ” the much maligned Brandi” like Brandi did not earn her reputation? Like she didn’t write two books exploiting her trashy reputation? That she doesn’t advertise HERSELF as a train wreck? Her own mother has to try and defend her mouth and she had a strained relationship with her dad because of it- but I digress- it’s all a “character”, a role, they play, even a mom and pops, right?

    1. Cin, totally agree with you. I love Lisa she is true and honest. Brandi Yolanda and Scratch you eyes out Kyle are horrible human beings.

  12. It’s easy to understand why the other ladies weren’t invited. There was no need for an explanation. You’re my favorite housewife, Lisa! Happy New Year!

  13. pixy… it’s one thing to talk about our own ”stuff”… it’s what Brandi said..or actually the question she asked…. it was gross. Hope her kids and kids friends don’t watch the show.

    1. I keep coming back to her kids….. as a Mom – I find her ”tv” behavior damaging to her children… what Mother would let their kids go over to her house and play??!!!

      1. BTW- on her Podcast she called one of her sons a Asshole. That wasn’t on the show, so twinkle can’t pass that off as “acting” – and what kind of mother would do that for money anyway? But I guess fans like twinkle and PixandTrix admire that kind of a Housewife. Kinda speaks volumes.

  14. You’re childish. Learn how to discern jealousy. Jealousy is when a person makes mean comments at another without any real reason. Twinkle listed tons of reasons as to why she feels the way she does about Lisa and you are so biased that you call jealousy. If you were smart you’d speak facts, not opinions. What in Twinkles comment was true or not true. Facts. Not opinions. You know it’s all true but you’re a Lisa fan which is fine! 🙂 she’s still a passive aggressive, sneaky, hypocritical, narcissist and you’d be very surprised by how she’d muzzle and squelch someone like YOU in real life. All these women have money, class, and haven’t really done anything to her. She’s done everything to them! Yet, none of them are good enough for her or on her level. She’d treat you like a peasant…all while smiling in your face and being fake gracious to your lowliness. I’m sure people are jealous of her, but people who are jealous don’t give reasons they give insults. Learn the difference.

  15. Lisa plays a “role” as do each of the other women. It’s perfectly fine to love her or like her or be “team Lisa”. Clinically speaking, it becomes suspect when a fan attacks (calls another opinion gross, dumb, etc)a person they have never even personally met. Why do people become so invested in these characters? Usually it’s masking ones own alienation or hurt.
    I simply wanted to point out that the character of vanderpump was basically the same as the others and I continue to stand by this opinion. The only difference is how she “wraps” it all up ie a pink, pretty now & an accent.
    Let’s not delve to these women’s level and call each other names.

    1. Well, if you believe all these ladies are all just playing roles and all -ALL- this is fake and pretty much scripted then what is the point of the rants and raves you are writing to the different “characters”? I mean do you write to TV Shows Grey’s Anatomy and bitch aT Meredith for bring to whiney?

  16. Lisa expects thinks from people she can’t provide. She’s not a good friend and she’s the worst, so fake and obnoxious. She needs to get ober herself.

    1. also… since both of you are new to the blog and haven’t commented before on any of the RHOBH blogs before and your comments on this particular one are so defensive – it was an easy guess to believe you could actually be Brandi…

  17. I hope, not all we see on the housewives shows, are fake. My take on RHOBH might change and i will have a different view next week. Lisa was the first to make a difference in Brandie’s life on this show,. Adrinane brought Brandi to the show, but i feel that they were never friends and it was just to introduce her to the group.. Camille befriended Brandi, Taylor did not like Brandi. Of course, we witnessed the game night. Kim and Kyle did not have a positive reaction to Brandi. Lisa did not go to game night and was debriefed by Kyle and they had a laugh or 2 about Winston Churchill. Lisa’s first impression of Brandi was clouded by Kyle. In Hawaii lisa formed her own opinion about Brandi, as she said she had. Lisa and Ken took her under their wing. They helped her with opportunities to increase her income. They protected her. And, they had many good laughs. I think the viewers liked Brandi’s friendship with Lisa and Ken It was fun. I remember Lisa saying that she tried hard not to like Brandi, but after spending the time in Hawaii, she changed her mind. She did like her. My opinion of Lisa is that she takes things front on. There was a rumor, and later we found out not to be true, that Brandi was a friend of Cedric. At a party Lisa and Lisa’s friend (Martin had a conversation asked Brandi about her friendship with Cedric and other things, where she lived and such. it was a conversation that would be expected at an event. People making conversation. Lisa had conversations with others at that event,. Lisa was not confrontational with Brandi, she just wanted to understand Brandi’s relationship with Cedric. Behind the three Maricio was fluttering around trying to head off any problems, i threw that in because it was funny to watch him. My opinion of Lisa was shaped from that conversation. The other women were laughing about Brandi’s cast. Time after time, Lisa wants to know someone’s personality or situation for her own, In order to shape her opinion of a person or situation. Of course, she was wrong about Brandi. She and ken put so much time and effort to help Brandi. They treated her almost like family. amd they wanted to help her. I believe Lisa when she says had the conversation with Brandi when Brandi was worried about money. Lisa, on her own, had a conversation with Joyce and also Carlton to get to know them better and she liked them. I personally don’t beleive that it was a set up whith Brandi and Sheanna at her restaurant. For Brandi to be so upset about this woman., She would have found out where Sheanna worked. She would know where she worked. Last season was hard for me to watch. The way I saw it on tv, brandi kyle, yolanda, kim all four ganged up on Lisa at the same time. Yolanda’s grief was that Lisa didn;t make an effort to spend more time with her, because Yolanda likes to make rules. Lisa did not make it for arts and crafts day, and she called to cancel in short notice. If Yolanda was a real friend, she would have given Lisa a break That was so petty. Kyle’s was that :Lisa brought up a rumor in front of porsha. portia didn’t know what Lisa was talking aboutl. By the way, where I live, there was not articles aobut maurico. And i only saw one article on line, about years ago, 2 women were at a bar, and maurico flirted with them. That’s all. it was ridiculous. kim’s was that Lisa didn’t attend Kim’s daughters graduation, Brandi grief differed depended on who she was talking to, It was Brandi who’ benified from Lisa and Ken relationship.. If this were their story line, the choices fell flat. I belive Lisa when she says that she put all the negative feeling aside, and because she had been stabbed in the back last season, she just wants to move forward in her own way. she wants to know where the wind is blowing. I truely believe that. Maybe Lisa is giving Brandis words back to her. Again Yolanda wants to make the rules about what Lisa should have done, such as invite her to a few events. To bad Yolanda. I think Kyle is a flip flopper. Did anyone notice that Yolanda was invited for part of Kyle and maurico’s vacation. Maybe Yolanda is selling a house and would want to buy another. wow, so very long post It’s true Lisa does make her own digs. She’s not perfect, and can be passive agressive, if she feels the need or if she needs a laugh. Make no mistake Lisa can laugh at herself, and make depricating jokes.

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