Lisa Vanderpump Devastated Over Footage Of Kyle And Brandi, Doesn’t Understand Why Kyle Wouldn’t Defend Her


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa explains why she wanted to try and mend things between Kyle and Carlton and says she believed Carlton was wrong. Lisa also shares that she has been devastated watching the footage of Brandi and Kyle’s conversation about her and doesn’t understand why Kyle wouldn’t defend her.

Lisa writes, “I arrived at Stockcross impressed by what was a wonderful party. There was much of it you didn’t see. . .I met Carlton’s family — a father-in-law that adored her, a mother in law to whom she is very close. That speaks volumes about a woman that I don’t think the audience has had a chance to see.

It seemed to me that a situation had escalated rather rapidly between Kyle and Carlton and I understood Carlton being upset at the negative label that was thrown at her, it was totally unwarranted. However, I had to defend Kyle at that moment as I felt Carlton had called it wrong. Carlton is is adamant she has Kyle’s number, that she has her reasons for her intense dislike of her. You yourselves will have to decide.

I don’t think Yolanda quite understood the situation. Yes, Kyle and I had words last reunion about our house being sold. . .but that is the purpose of that day — to hash things out, explore feelings and come to a resolution so that you can move forward.

Ken’s birthday, July 20th, fell on a Saturday. Kyle and I had spoken that week and I relayed that to her. She then mentioned that Mauricio’s birthday had passed without celebration so, as they have always liked each other, we decided to host a joint party. So of course the 20th was the day we wanted to celebrate, not postpone our celebration because David’s daughter (who we really don’t know) was getting married. We weren’t invited, nor should we have been, and had no idea of the timing of the event. However, I of course extended the invitation to Mohamed as he is one of my closest friends. I don’t understand the need for the negative comment. . .once more.

On a lighter note I absolutely loved the cover shoot it was a wonderful day. The photographs were beautiful. I had a brilliant team and photoshop to thank for that! But yes, it was a light reprieve from the mundanity of work, and it’s moments like this that are captured that remind me of why I signed up for this in the first place. Not all this constant negative B.S.

So when I witness Brandi talking to Kyle I find it so upsetting. I wish Kyle had questioned Brandi’s motive for that conversation or even uttered a word in my defense. It is pretty devastating to view this person that we have loved and trusted trying to malign me.

When I witness Brandi talking to Kyle I find it so upsetting. I wish Kyle had questioned Brandi’s motive for that conversation, or even uttered a word in my defense. It is pretty devastating to view this person that we have loved and trusted trying to malign me.

And on it goes. . .I give up I really do. It has been devastating and it gets increasingly hard to watch. I have tried to be a friend to all. I thank you for your support and comments until next week.”

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  • TOA

    I’m sorry but why would Kyle defend her?

    They clearly aren’t good friends any more and it was only a few episodes back that Lisa was sitting around a table at Yolanda’s or her’s (? -I cant remember) bitching about Kyle and Mo with the same low blow that she brought out at the reunion – not forget what she tried to pull in front of Kyle’s daughter. Also, Kyle’s silence didn’t mean she was agreeing with or buying what Brandi was selling but just that she didn’t want to antagonise Brandi but instead just spoke her truth and her feelings.

    The only reason Lisa defended Kyle to Carlton was to try and get Carlton to see sense acting crazy, almost like giving her a lifeline, because Lisa knew it would look ridiculous but Carlton was too dumb to take it.

    Lastly, you’re in your 50’s Lisa, no one needs to defend you at that age and neither should you expect them to.

    • Lisa is not always friends with the other housewives. One time she’s Brandi’s friend, next Carlton, etc. She acts superior to everyone else on the show. I cannot understand why she thought Stassi was go great, she is one of the meanest people on the show. I am so glad she is gone and I hope Brandi will be gone also, so the other people get along better.

      • DebBrenn

        Have you not noticed Lisa SAVES people? She let that mooch live in her house forever, hoping he’d get on his feet and off her lounge chairs. She tried forever to teach Stassi to be nice, and gives her other servers chance after chance to quit screwing up. She did the same for Brandi. It’s certainly no perk for her, but it is a testament to her caring nature.

      • Sunny

        I think a lot of what I hear from viewers comments against Lisa is that she acts superior. I really think they misunderstand her British personality. Unless you keep this in mind you will never understand Lisa. She isn’t acting superior she just holds a lot of her feelings inside and her humor and reaction to situations can be quite different than we Americans. You’ve probably heard the British saying…”keep a stiff upper lip” ? in other words, Keep your emotions in check. They aren’t normally the type to let their hair down and cry at the drop of a hat. If they feel uncomfortable they walk away rather than confront, they make light of situations that make them feel awkward. It’s not superiority it’s what she does and it comes from her British background. It’s kind of like when shy people are misunderstood as being stuck up. They aren’t always stuck up they just don’t react the way YOU want. It’s not a put down. It’s the same with Lisa and Ken.

  • DebBrenn

    I’ve never seen Lisa do anything that merits the viciousness of the other women. I only hope that the support of the viewers is enough to counteract the hurt of her castmates.

  • Varonte

    Lisa has to take responsibility for her recent behaviour. I like her, but can absolutely believe that it’s either her way or the highway. You can see it with Ken and with her businesses. He is just there as a sad grey appendage to say “yes, dear” for every one of her decisions. Her friends have to echo each and every sentiment – or else! Why did she find it so necessary to nag Brandi to go to the doctor, to tell her she doesn’t know what’s good for her, to do this, to do that – incessantly being over-the-top about it? For crissakes, woman, she’s not your pet project, so even though I think Brandi shouldn’t even be on the show, give it a rest! As for the wedding, you must have known Mohammed would be invited, so why ask him to your silly birthday party in the first place? Yolanda was being a bitch, but you should call her up on it, and not just say “oh well!” Kyle had some valid points, even though I don’t care for her, but just saying to Carlton “I think you called that wrong” wasn’t enough. Carlton clearly was disgusted with the idea that the star of david would be on her neck, so why didn’t you ask her “why were you so disgusted by the possibility of it, if you are not anti-Semitic?” And why didn’t you tell her directly what a bitch she was to have ruined your very expensive birthday party with her petty rant with Kyle? There is a time and a place, and for Carlton to constantly spew about others and then turn around and go postal at a dinner party, was the epitome of trash. Her father in law is probably shit-scared of her, and her mother-in-law probably can’t believe how her good little Italian catholic son got tangled up with a psycho wiccan who eyes bulge out of her head – so she too is probably shit scared of her.

    • DebBrenn

      Veronte, I think Ken is enjoying semi-retirement, and is happy his wife takes over the majority of the responsibilities of the businesses. They have a very symbiotic relationship in which she is a dynamo and he’s content. What’s your problem with that? As for nagging her friend to see a doctor, she was right! Brandi’s hand was broken, and she needed to see a doctor before it healed deformed. As for the wedding invitation to Mohammed: C’mon! I’ll bet if you had Lisa’s schedule you’d be overwhelmed enough without having to commit to memory all your friends’ social calendars. You’re annoyed with her for not calling out Kyle, and instead letting it pass, and you’re annoyed she didn’t jump on the bandwagon and accuse Carlton of Anti-Semitism and call her a bitch during a party? And YOU think Lisa’s behavior is bad? As much as you dislike Carlton’s manner, you sound like you have the same angry approach to social situations.

    • Sunny

      Maybe everyone’s shit scared of her; including Lisa! I wouldn’t want to go against her when obviously she’s gone off the deep end on this “star of david” remark. It’s really incredibly sad to watch her try to build a case against Kyle which is not there. The way she treated Kyle with the necklace was shocking. Her reactions are erratic and over the top and you never know when she’s going to go to the dark side. It makes me think Bravo may want to have their candidates for future Real HW shows get a psychiatric examination before they are allowed to speak under the Bravo name. And…this has nothing to do with her religious affiliation at all. I think Lisa handled it the best way she could.

  • Chris

    Lisa darling, u know the old saying, “A leopard can’t change it’s spots “. Case in point Kyle. She has done this sort of thing over and over and u continue to befriend her. This was the exact tiff you had with her last year, face it, she goes with whoever she is not to be trusted nor is she a friend. She really needs to get her dictionary out and look up the words. Friend, and loylalty.

  • Anonymous

    Varonte, you said it! Lisa is my favorite HWBH. However, she does have an insensitive streak in her. Kyle loves Lisa, inspite of her ways. That’s what real friends do. She may not have taken up for you, but she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.

    • bkisses

      if thats love from kyle i hate to see when shes really angry at her

  • Fair IS Fair

    I agree, Lisa keeps insisting on Kyle defending her, why?!? Lisa wasn’t defending Kyle and Mauricio when the rumors were rampant on Mauricio cheating! Lisa kept insistening that ” you can’t trust husbands bcuz we, women aren’t around them 24/7″, Ken came to Mauricio’s defense! Not Lisa! Lisa acted pretty Shi try towards Kyle early on this season, Kyle isn’t defending Lisa AT ALL ANYMORE. Lisa, like the other poster mentioned, you’re a grown a$$ woman, no one needs to defend you BUT YOURSELF. Kyle should keep clear away from Brandi bcuz Brandi will repeat same douche behavior to Kyle as she did to Lisa and Adrienne. Brandi is NOT LOYAL to anyone.

    • bkisses

      brandi is a snake in the grass. its all about ME ME ME poor little ME

  • DebAnn

    I think that BOTH Kyle and Lisa are so overly sensitive to everything the other does, that it’s just getting ridiculous beyond belief! I’m getting tired of all these people complaining about how hurt they are by other cast members’ words, actions or Inactions! When it comes to Yolanda, Brandi, or Carlton, I could care less. These 3 women are all vicious in their own ways, and I can’t decide in what order either. Brandi is crazy and needs psychological help, and she is extremely mean spirited. How could anyone EVER call that woman a friend? She doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Brandi only cares about Brandi.
    Yolanda is sneaky, dishonest, haughty and I just can’t listen to her talk period.
    She butts her nose into everyone’s business, and causes trouble for everyone. In that way, Yolanda is JUST like Brandi- untrustworthy and totally self serving.
    She has remained loyal to NOONE on this show, just like Brandi. Carlton is a very disturbed, angry and nasty woman. I can’t watch her constantly beat up on Kyle for the most ridiculous things. It is painful to see. Kim has her issues, but she is not a mean, sneaky person. She doesn’t go out of her way to hurt others. Lisa & Kyle DO care for each other, and I do not believe either of those two plot to harm or destroy others like Carlton, Yolanda and Brandi. Those three each have a very dark agenda for their own selfish purposes. Not so (IMO) for Kyle, Kim, Joyce, or Lisa. I don’t care how many times Joyce flips her hair!! Good grief in the realm of ugliness we are talking about here, who cares? Mainly Lisa & Kyle need to make up and shut up, or just shut up!
    I think the problem with those two is that they haven’t really made up officially, and may never do so. Ditto to the person who said “why should Kyle defend Lisa when she talked about the Mauricio thing & why should Lisa defend Kyle due to this or that? They have not let bygones be bygones. And a big high five to whomever it was that said Lisa should stop expecting everyone to defend her! You are not in high school & Kyle doesn’t completely trust you anymore , nor you her. You both burned each other. I did not see that Kyle said anything in her conversation with Brandi that was so awful! I was, however,
    absolutely shocked at Lisa’s total passivity towards Carlton’s horrible and disgusting behavior at Lisa’s own party! You sure didn’t stick up for Kyle when she was being so senselessly attacked! None of those women said a word! Lisa…. Wow, your guest was just attacked mercilessly at your dinner party. Again, painful to watch! You did NOTHING!!! In fact you ran off after Carlton when she was leaving. That is inexcusable hostess behavior! Inexcusable! This tells me that ALL of you women are afraid of Carlton! Where was Ken’s sense of right and wrong, of defending a wronged person at that party? You should have very promptly had Carlton escorted out! You should not tolerate any guest behaving in such a manner to another guest period. MAJOR social faux pas on your part Lisa. YOU owe KYLE a hundred apologies for that, and your other guests too! I’m very disappointed in LIsa’s failure to do the right thing that night. Frankly, I would be devastated by THAT if I was Kyle and I’m sure she is. Lisa totally failed to defend or protect Kyle as well as other guests that evening. Sorry Lisa, but your behavior there was SO MUCH more unacceptable & just plain wrong than Kyle’s failure to “defend” you in her conversation with Brandi!! No comparison whatsoever between the two, so own it! As the all powerful and knowing, and superior Yolanda would say”don’t tell me you’re my friend….SHOW ME.” Even if Yolanda is too dumb to understand the real meaning of many of the words she speaks, we all know that LIsa is not!

  • jessica hbentz

    I personally agree with Lisa on this one. I read a comment that said she was in her 50’s why should anyone stand up for her?? Well my rebuttal to that is, it doesn’t matter your age. If your friends or frenemies, you stand up for those people. Especially when those people have already told you, being loyal and standing up for, is important. So let’s just tell the truth and say Kyle always assumes the worse when it comes to even the smallest things.
    Kyle and Lisa have history, and that history should be respected. Brandi and Kyle sitting there, saying really hurtful things was way out of line. Problem is if you can’t. Say it to that person’s face, take responsibility, own what you say and how you behave, and finally stick up for your friends. When someone stands up for you, then you know they will be there for the good and bad. When your standing up for thise you love, in a healthy way, then your always living with a loving heart. You can never go wrong.