Lisa Vanderpump Defends Her Conversation With Eileen Davidson

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Lisa Vanderpump’s white party in the Hamptons seemed to be all diamonds and rose, but when cameras were rolling on the table a dark cloud seem to fall upon. There was a conversation between Lisa and Eileen Davidson with Lisa asking Eileen about her relationship with husband Vincent Van Patten. It is public knowledge that the two met while they were married on the set of The Young and the Restless, but to Eileen Lisa seemed to get too personal on the matter. Lisa is now discussing the matter with Bravo’s Daily Dish.

“I’m very open. After doing 200 episodes of reality [TV], you’re just an open book. I was just asking her. I didn’t expose anything that hadn’t been talked about before. And then two days later, she says, ‘I was uncomfortable.’ And, to me, if you’re uncomfortable with anything being said — I mean the cameras are around us all — just say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.’ But she actually volunteered some information about herself. And then the next day I said verbatim, because I never remember exactly what I said, but when I looked at the trailer and I said, ‘I apologize if I said something that made you feel uncomfortable.’ And then she goes on and on about it for another 10 weeks.”

Though some may say she was overbearing, Vanderpump claims she was just trying to get to know her friend better.

“I’d rather talk about somebody else than talk about myself. That’s who I am. And also, we are bringing two women into a show, Kathryn [Edwards] and Erika [Girardi], and we don’t know Eileen that well on the show, I also feel like it gives them a chance to talk about themselves. Everyone knows me so well on the show. I feel in some way it’s being selfless giving them a chance to open up to the audience.”

Who’s side are you on-Eileen or Lisa? Sound off in the comment section below!

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27 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Defends Her Conversation With Eileen Davidson”

  1. I’m on Lisa’s side.

    I’d think long and hard about befriending an opportunistic cheater because I believe that it shows character rather than likely being a fluke one time thing.

    The way Eileen still accepts no responsibility for the serious, permanent damage she helped cause to a mother and her children speaks volumes.

    Eileen is quite entitled and I would not turn my back on her in friendship or business because she’s shown she takes what she wants whether it’s her right or not.

    1. From the way you tell it the ex never recovered, and that just isn’t true. She is a successful, popular woman with a family and a life. Her and Eileen are friends. If I remained angry for every slight ever made even by strangers, I would be going back to the way I felt when I woke up from a coma.

      1. Again, you keep assuming that the exes and the children are very pleased and didn’t suffer and have no ill effects. As I said on another section, WHERE is your proof of that? Just because she has other things going for her and didn’t stop breathing is no indication whatsoever that she wasn’t seriously and permanently harmed by the underhanded, abusive treatment she received. I doubt ANYONE has that happen to them and merely skips off unscathed. Perhaps you have no experience with divorce or cheating as a child or an adult to so breezily wave it off. No, it’s quite serious, permanent damage to innocent people. This was no high school romance! Also, your statement about if you were hurt by anything done to you by strangers is ridiculous and again, simply not wanting to get it that what Eileen and Vince did was very serious and no little thing. That outlook is very naïve or else denial as far as I’m concerned. That’s NOT how it goes at all.

        1. I googled it, how else would anyone know anything about any of this. I didn’t even remain as angry as BG or anyone else is about my own husband cheating on ME. That’s all.
          You know the old saying “We all have faults?” “We all have our flaws?” Well, we all say that, or a lot of us. But whenever an actual fault is pointed out I hear myself and others saying, “Oh I am never petty or spiteful” Or something like that. Well, when I am COMPLETELY HONEST with myself, sometimes I do get spiteful and petty. I believe my character comes in and shows when I don’t allow it to last. I never wanted my children to be ashamed after the apology was accepted. If I walk around being angry at others for every mistake, calling it out forever, no matter how big, then it follows I would need to be ashamed forever for every mistake and fault I personally have. I simply refuse to live with that kind of anger or guilt. I do have those things I get the stab for, and that is how I learned not to do that again.

      2. Regardless of the relationship these women have today, does not negate the nastiness of what eileen did (not only to her own marriage, but to another’s also)—which speaks volumes about her lack of character…

    2. It takes two to cheat. Why all the hatred towards only Eileen? You always condemn her but write nothing about the role Vince played.

      1. No, I said she “HELPED” break up a home, clearly indicating Vince was involved. Anyway, we are not talking about him, we are talking about Lisa V. and Eileen.

        It’s not really “hatred” or “condemning” her either, just saying that when you do something like that, you are not a victim when it inevitably follows you.

    3. AGREE 100%, eileen is butt hurt because now all the viewer’s know that she is a ho, and was in a marriage, slept with another married man and then hooked up—that speaks volume’s about her lack of character……

  2. Here we go again!!! Yes Lisa was wrong but tries to do these things for reality TV. To me she is getting to be like Jill Zarin who admitted to creating Drama just for the programme. Lisa your time is up please come in! I hope ŵe aren’t going to have a day talking about Eileen as a home wrecker 15 years ago! If so I’m taking up macrame or somehing similar! I might need to google it first!

    1. Again, I do not think there’s a time limit because to be honest, people who I have known personally who feel entitled enough to help break up a home with children are not having any small oopsie moment. That is their character and that is the type of person they are and that will come out again and again. A one-way entitled person, in my opinion, does not likely change and is no one you’d probably want as a friend or business partner.

    1. I don’t appreciate little personal comments like this just for discussing an opinion that doesn’t happen to agree with the majority. Joining in on a group ankle biting is very junior high.

  3. Lisa never should have gone there with the affair comments. It was not just that it was in a public place, but it was on camera for all of us to see. She put Eileen on the spot when she should not have been, and Lisa knew exactly what she is doing. This season Lisa has been the worst and generally I enjoy her. Eileen has children, one with Vince and then her stepchildren. She is an actress on a soap and a great one. I am sure she never planned to fall in love with a fellow actor after an onscreen kiss, but it happened. She knew it was not right and left her husband. Yes, Vince was married, and maybe Eileen should have fought those feelings, but Vince was not fighting them so much, or he would not have left his wife for Eileen. Either way, the marriage is working out for more than a few years. Yes, they can both be seen as homewreckers, only she had no children with her ex and maybe it was easier for her. I think that Lisa should have thought maybe about Eileen’s children. She wants their respect, and also they should not be picked on by their peers (she has a young son) because of something that ended up creating a child who is loved and adored by his parents. Some things are for a resason. The children are innocent. I do not think Lisa woild want Max to know that perhaps his birth mom was a hooker or whatever if Lisa herself might have known all along.She would want to protect him. What is the point now anyway. Lisa was wrong.

  4. I think Lisa did intend to take a jab at Eileen and feigning innocence when Eileen confronted her was disappointing. I don’t believe she was just trying to be friendly or whatever her excuse was. But what I wonder is why she wanted to take a jab at Eileen. I don’t recall the two of them ever having an issue.

  5. First, can we please just read each other’s comments without getting snarky? Can you imagine the back and forth we’d have if we gave our political opinions? Meanwhile, as I stated in the earlier post, LVP doesn’t owe that Eileen anything. If you google “Eileen Davidson affair with Vince Van Patten” you’ll find articles from years ago about how they both “snuck” off to Vegas wearing disguises (Why? If everything was out in the open, what was the need for disguising themselves?) for the weekend while they were both married. I’m sure they got separate hotel rooms… (sarcasm). She’s no angel, she’s got quite the past, this one. I’ll take LVP over Eileen ANY DAY. Eileen has zero sense of humor. She had an affair with a married man while she herself was married. In my book, she’s disgusting and always will be disgusting. No morals, not ethics, just another “ALL ABOUT ME” type who thinks her acting chops are comparable to Katherine Hepburn or Cate Blanchett. Sorry Eileen. Never gonna happen.

  6. Bottom line is this; eileen is acting like a twit, getting on a reality t.v. show and not expecting her drama to be called out is not only stupid but naive, eileen does not seem to have a problem reaching for that bravo paycheck, just speaking the truth about her past (which she’d like to go away)—sorry twit, but you can’t have it both ways, you got called out for being a ho—own it, and deal with it…..

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