Lisa Vanderpump, “I Have Defended Brandi’s Actions When They Have Been Indefensible”


Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her former BFF, Brandi Glanville’s behavior. Lisa says she has defended Brandi’s behavior when it was indefensible and talks about when she started noticing a change in the dynamic of their friendship. Lisa writes, “This week, when I was talking to Ken in the rose garden (I have to say one of my favorite tasks), I explained to him that I was coming to the slow realization that my chastising Brandi was of no use. It was pretty redundant in its outcome. It was also having ramifications on our relationship. The playful banter had taken a different direction. My life was still juggling many things, running between SUR, Villa Blanca, and all my other demands, especially with the new venue. My time was precious and I didn’t want any conflict with my friends in our downtime.

Palm Springs and Yolanda’s dinner had not gone particularly well. I felt that as a group of women, who were inextricably entwined in a situation for the immediate future, I knew we hadn’t given Joyce a fair chance. I had compromised myself in my attitude towards her out of loyalty to Brandi, laughed at times when Brandi had poked fun at Joyce, trying to diffuse a situation when maybe I shouldn’t have. I was well aware, in my attempt to silence her in Palm Springs, to snatch the bottle from her that it was pretty hopeless. She was taking her own path, making her choices regardless of my input. Honestly I had not warmed to Joyce because of our initial interaction, but I was well aware that the divide was becoming greater and we needed some resolution. So I attempted to mend fences. . .

Inviting my very good friends Martin, Mohammed, and Shiva, was a positive place to start. They had a history with Joyce and spoken well of her and Michael. They weren’t particularly close, but I felt it would be cohesive. They could diffuse any tension that had ensued in the past. I also knew that Joyce would feel more comfortable in the company of such close mutual friends.

I endeavored to gently remind Brandi not to provoke Joyce, and, most importantly, if that she couldn’t call her “Joyce” it was better to call her nothing at all.

I have defended Brandi’s actions when sometimes they have been indefensible. I have no earthly idea why she felt it necessary to throw the first punch. My reaction showed that clearly. Remarking that their mutual friends didn’t speak well of Joyce was an instigative, inflammatory remark that I knew would create further turmoil in these already convoluted relationships.

Joyce reacted vehemently, and, although I understood her reaction, I still hoped that she would take the high road. Not so. It was as if she had reached her limit, so she retaliated. I understood her position, but when nametags like “racist” start being bandied around there will be no easy resolution.

I don’t have delicate ears, however with some of the language that spewed from Brandi’s mouth. . .Well, there has to be a line somewhere, some boundaries of respect between us, otherwise it becomes intolerable to be around. Just an endless litany of expletives!”

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  • SS

    With all you represent is it not time to back away from a destructive so called friend? Who will be next? Your as good as the people you surround yourself with are you not? When BG became your friend (?) your other friendships started having problems.

    • NanNan

      @S S, I agree with you Lisa is suppose to be a classy lady but over the years she and Yolanda laugh and egg Brandi on..

  • Michele

    Lisa I am glad you finally see Brandi for the low life drunk she is….
    She is nothing but a wannabe fame whore…..and I mean that in more ways then one….

    • Joan

      TOTALLY agree.

  • Barbara Treadway

    Brandi is a low-life, filthy mouth, white trash drunk. She is an embarrassment to females of Beverly Hills. No wonder she doesn’t have anyone (man) in her life. It is embarrassing just to watch this type of behavior on TV, much less in person. I dont personally associate with this type of trash and it is even more offensive to hear this kind of language coming from a woman.
    It makes you wonder how was this person raised.

    • Susan

      If you recall, by her own admission, her own father is not speaking to her because of the way she looked in that dress she wrote to the Oscars last year. I think she was raised better, she just chooses to behave poorly.

  • NanNan

    Okay Lisa, you and Yolanda, are suppose to be classy ladies, so why do you always make excuses for Brandi? And If Lisa wanted a calm dinner than why did she ask Brandi to come? Kyle and Kim was not ask to come, so why not leave Brandi out and have a dinner to get to know Joyce and her husband?? And what’s up Yolanda keeps saying she does not like to be around woman that are drunk or drinks to much yet she is always taking Brandi’s side and saying she is a grown woman she can drink if she wants to..

  • Melodie

    I cannot imagine that any of these ladies are friends at any time beyond filming. None of them have anything in common with each other. They are forced together by the show to film and film more and then Bravo edits whatever they want onto the show. Brandi is brandi who cares, all of you who think she drinks everyday don’t understand that the filming is done over almost a years time maybe 6-8 months. put the 5 or 6 events together and you have BRandi drinking every single day of the year. I agree she has the mouth of a truck driver but all of us are watching so there is a reason for that. It’s entertainment. These women dont have to like each other but they do have to produce something to keep all of us interested. If we stop talking about Brandi, Yoyce, Yo and whomever do you think they would still be on the show. By the way tell me what Kyle and Kim bring to the show. What is their story how is it getting everyone on the edge of their seats to watch every week. Oh yes and Yolanda wow now that’s a truly exciting woman. What????? What the hell does she bring to the table? NOTHING!!! Lisa well I give her credit she has the other show which by the way is doing WAYYYY better than the BH franchise. SO what we have left is Carlton going to sex stores with her mother in law and last but not least Brandi and Yoyce Fighting. Will someone tell me what the hell they are fighting about? Did Brandi steal Miss Puerto RIco’s crown? Does Brandi have a secret crush on “Baby” Oh god I hope not. Anyway, can someone explain what it is that makes you sit down at 8pm on Monday’s ready to watch this show. I used to DVR it and fast forward through Kim, Kyle and Yo….. but when I sat down to watch it there was only 5 minutes left. Enough Said…..

  • yaya

    Lastnights episode was very much embarrassing for all parties, the men just sat there except Michael and watched as if this is typical, acceptable behavior from Brandi. I think they’ve become insensitive of the trash this miserable, drunk spews. Michael had to defend his woman, ken has defended Brandi in the past from Mauricio, ken has defended his wife Lisa, too. The other men are pure ridiculous just wanting to appear on TV plain & simple. I think Joyce defended herself pretty dang good.
    Brandi for the love of God, please go to rehab. Do it for your boys, this cannot be good for them and You.

  • Judy

    I agree with the other comments. There’s a reason Brandi’s husband left….probably several. She brings you down Lisa. You’re too classy and Brandi can’t be pulled up that high. Love your taste and style!

  • sugardish

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. You are smart and classy. But for some reason you keep falling for these grifters. First Cedric and now Brandi. I think you and Ken are nice people that try to help but seriously youhave to see that Brandi is a user. And she doesn’t even try to hide it. She used Adrienne, Kyle, Yolanda and you. She doesn’t like any of you and she thinks only of herself. If she thought about her kids first she wouldn’t be putting naked bathtub scenes on the show. At some point her kids school mates will show them to the boys and they’ll be ridiculed. But her getting more attention is worth her kids emotional health. She even asked her mother, father and grandmother to give everybody the finger on instagram. Her parents and grand just want to please her and want her happy, but what person puts their family in such an awkward position to be ridiculed by the community? Someone like Bra ndi. Be happy you’re getting out before the grift goes further. Brandi was a horrible wife, she is a horrible mother, she is a horrible daughter and we see she is a pretend friend.