Lisa Vanderpump Compares Her SUR Staff’s Personalities To Dog Breeds


RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump has made it very clear she’s passionate about dogs, so we found this clip of her comparing her Vanderpump Rules cast to dog breeds to quite interesting.

Lisa was asked, “What kind of dog breeds would each of your SUR staff be?”

“You’ve got those dogs in the pound that nobody takes home, nobody really knows what they are. They’re kind of mutts… they’ve shagged everything in sight. That would be Jax,” Lisa laughed. “Stassi would probably be like a little Chihuahua. They’re kind of ‘yak, yak, yak,’ all the time, but there’s no real bite to her. Tom Sandoval, I think he would be like a Black Afghan, a little loopy, kind of firing on some cylinders, but not all of them. Kristen would be one of those unfortunate dogs [laughs] that maybe doesn’t make it out of the pound.”

Photo Credit: Bravo