Lisa Vanderpump Compares Her SUR Staff’s Personalities To Dog Breeds


RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump has made it very clear she’s passionate about dogs, so we found this clip of her comparing her Vanderpump Rules cast to dog breeds to quite interesting.

Lisa was asked, “What kind of dog breeds would each of your SUR staff be?”

“You’ve got those dogs in the pound that nobody takes home, nobody really knows what they are. They’re kind of mutts… they’ve shagged everything in sight. That would be Jax,” Lisa laughed. “Stassi would probably be like a little Chihuahua. They’re kind of ‘yak, yak, yak,’ all the time, but there’s no real bite to her. Tom Sandoval, I think he would be like a Black Afghan, a little loopy, kind of firing on some cylinders, but not all of them. Kristen would be one of those unfortunate dogs [laughs] that maybe doesn’t make it out of the pound.”

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17 Replies to “Lisa Vanderpump Compares Her SUR Staff’s Personalities To Dog Breeds”

  1. Great assessment, Lisa! What about Lala and James? Lala would be a poodle with rabies maybe? James would be a mini doberman…not as pretty as he thinks and also rabid. (I am not so good at this. Lisa has me beat.) 😉

  2. I would love to hear her do the same for the women on BH! Eileen would def be something like a bull mastiff getting her teeth into something and never letting it go! Rinna would be a mongrel who only loved whoever gave her treats!

  3. Lisa herself is like my auntie Mae´s female poodle, she was about 11 yrs old and still got frisky and behaved as though she was a puppy

  4. Lisa was asked the question, and she answered it. What does her income have to do with it?! There will always be haters and prejudice, sadly.

    1. Yeah you know every time one of these angry souls try to shock… and don’t, because they can’t…they’ve already given their power away by doing so…I just learn to tolerate and send some love. When I do that, they’ve given me the opportunity to grow my heart muscle. See? It’s not so bad in the end after all. Nothing really is. Peace in peace out

      1. You’re way better woman than me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I gave me to my evil twin today with my response lol. It was too early to exercise self control . Love you Miss M xoxxo

  5. Like a Mexican? I guess every blog will have its resident racist or douche. In this case you qualify for both. I’m sure you think you’re cute and funny af . Well you’re not. Just another troll . Fingers crossed foe that Mexican grandchild you’ll have any day now xoxo

  6. Noooooo I’m not any better by far. Rain, if you knew me maybe 15 years ago I would level someone like that with my words it might shock you. I had ‘zero’ tolerance for ignorant hateful behavior. I taught myself self control and read like the devil. It still could pop up very seldom but it’s not pretty I promise if my integrity especially has been messed with.

  7. Well, we can lead by example. I may err along the way even so. We all have our breaking points. Haters are going to hate. Many are just plain jealous.
    In the end, we are all human after all.
    I think dogs can be nicer than people a lot of the time, too.
    Today my little dog is two years old. Happy Birthday to him.
    Have a nice day ladies. 😉

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